How End Citizens United Is Championing Campaign Finance Reform

There has been a quiet battle raging at the highest levels of the American government for the past nearly a decade. The battle has raged on around the concept of campaign financing and the value of money in politics.

The catch phrase that politicians have been using is ‘campaign finance reform‘ but that pretties up the fundamental flaw in the whole situation. The reality is that in 2010 a conservative group named Citizens United essentially opened the floodgates for dark money to sweep into American politics. Since then the United States government has been on a downward slide and it all revolves around this issue. We’ve seen grassroots campaigns come up all over the nation to fight the Citizens United decision and one of those groups is a political action committee named End Citizens United.

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End Citizens United is a special political action committee largely because they have been so much more successful than most and all while throwing off the shackles of big donors and special interests. Throughout the first couple of months of 2017 the PAC was able to tap right into the public’s distrust and anger at Donald Trump and this resulted in historic fundraising for their little committee. The team raised over $4 million in the first quarter while the average donation was just over $12. This momentum alone showed that people were ready to fight back to reclaim their part of America and have their voice heard once again. Still, grassroots campaigns cannot succeed without help from legislators in the government.

In order to try and render real and actual change at the highest levels of government the team at End Citizens United has begun to endorse legitimate candidates who believe in ending Citizens United. Most recently End Citizens United backed Democratic Senate nominee Doug Jones who is competing in Alabama against Republican Roy Moore. Jones has become popular among progressives for his willingness to get vocal about important matters like campaign finance reform. Jones is a former US Attorney who was instrumental in helping to lock up KKK members who were responsible for bombing a Baptist Church which ended up killing four young girls.

End Citizens United knows that in order to actually take a swing at campaign finance reform they will need help from people like Doug Jones. Jones has been vocal in going after his opponent, Roy Moore, after getting prominent endorsements. It was pointed out repeatedly how Roy Moore has become a mouth piece and an extension of Donald Trump’s brash, racist, and ego-driven rhetoric. Moore also has become victim to the corruption of special interests which makes him a devout follower of the original Citizens United decision that has been tearing the USA apart for years.

DeVos Family Helps Kennedy Center Reach Its Goal

The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts relies on donations to keep its doors open. Each year, a certain fundraising goal is set to help with a variety of projects including expansions. This past year, the center has surpassed its $50 million goal by several million. With all of the funds rolling in, the approvals for building a riverfront pavilion and pedestrian bridge has been given a green light.


Some of the wealthiest philanthropists and businessmen in the world give annually to the Kennedy Center. Each year, fundraising efforts reach new levels. Beginning in 2013 David Rubenstein’s Carlyle Group set the bar with a $50 million donation. While no one has matched that number, the money continues to flow in. Aside from Rubenstein, some of the highest donations were from:



  • The Boeing Co. $20 million
  • Jacqueline Mars, Stephen and Christine Schwarzmann $10 million
  • Natalie and Herb Kohler, Michael and Noemi Niedorff, Suzanne Niedland and The Centene Charitable Foundation
  • The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation $1 million


Richard “Dick DeVos,” son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos Sr., heads one of the wealthiest families in the state of Michigan. He and his family are longtime philanthropists, who believe in giving back. Their foundation has given millions of dollars toward the arts, education and expansion projects throughout country. The DeVos Foundation has given money towards the building of several charter schools. It has also provided scholarship money to many students, who don’t have the financial means to go to college.


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Lacey And Larkin Are For The People

There is a need for programs that are made to protect human, civil and migrant rights for the people of the country. Without these types of programs, many people would be treated unfairly. Since the protections that are in place are needed, people will stick up for them in order to keep things working smoothly.


Knowing The Constitution Of The United States Is Important


The United States Constitution was made to give the people a way to voice their opinions and protect their rights. Without it, there would be a lot of injustices that would occur in all different sectors of society. Since the people from the country know their rights, they want to be protected in many ways. They can be when there are people all over the country that care and there are.


Two People That Really Care Are Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin


There are two people that have become known for what they do. They do not believe in the injustices that occur. Their names are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They do a lot to protect all the people, including themselves.


They Protect The People And Their Rights


Lacey and Larkin are team of two men that were trying to help the people with their human, civil and migrant rights. They were in trouble, and they ended up filing a lawsuit. Since they went through a tremendous amount of injustice, they know what it feels like. They are experts at what they do, and they intend to make sure people have a voice so that they can be protected.


The Frontera Fund And What It Is For


They won the lawsuit, and they received 3.75 million from the settlement. Having access to the funds allows them to do even more for the people.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were journalists that opened a fund. It is called the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They are based in Arizona, and they defend the rights of the people. Since they are knowledgeable, people trust them with what they do.


In the future, there will always be ways that people can find help if they need it. It is part of the country’s way to make sure that people can survive.

Going forward, all people need to know the basis of their rights better. They should read the Constitution of the United States of America so that they understand what their rights are all about.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia


Dr. Mark Holterman, a professor of the surgery and Pediatrics University of Illinois College of medicine in Peoria where he mainly majors in teaching surgery and pediatrics. When he is not at the university teaching, Dr. Mark Holterman is serving as a pediatric surgeon at the advocate Christ children hospital and also the children’s hospital of Illinois. With significant interest in looking for cures for chronic diseases, Dr. Mark Holterman has membership in different medical organizations which include American Diabetes Association, American college of surgeons and American Academy of Pediatrics.


Dr. Mark Holterman went to Yale University and later graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in medicine and immunology. His two main specialties are in pediatric surgery and general surgery. He is also known for his expertise in Liver transplantation, Newborn medicine, short bowel syndrome and biliary atresia. Dr. Mark Holterman is a celebrated medical practitioner with over 29 years of experience. Dr. Mark Holterman’s other major interests include medical research where he mainly focuses on studies that aim at finding cures for chronic diseases especially diabetes.


He also leads research on the use of regenerative and cell therapies to treat children with rare diseases. His love for research work has seen him lead and head other departments which involve medical work such as Mariam Global health which helps bring together science practitioners through a global network. His helping nature has seen him support many non-profit making organizations such as International pediatric specialists Alliance for the children in Vietnam (Vitals). Dr. Mark Holterman was also involved in putting up the Hannah sunshine foundation, and the Alliance for the advancement of cellular therapies which focus on the use advance therapies such as cell and regenerative therapies for rare diseases affecting children.


Due to his involvement in pediatric medicine, Dr. Mark Holterman has been awarded numerous awards such as the innovative research Award from the American Diabetes Association. He has also received awards such as, America’s Top doctors, patients choice awards, on time doctor award, and compassionate doctor recognition. He is affiliated with many hospitals which include advocate Illinois masonic medical center, St Alexius medical center, and Loyola university medical center.

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Glen Wakeman: The Person Giving Life To Others Dreams Through LaunchPad Holdings

Every day, countless people all over the world wake up in the morning thinking that they had a dream of the next best business idea. While most people say follow your dreams, the person who ends up making a name for themselves are the ones who are most awake. Even so, many factors come into play when establishing a good business strategy for one’s self, which is when business advisors come into the picture (Wikipedia). Business consultants are some of an essential people when it comes to companies and how they are set up. They are the people who let business owners know where their ideas are headed and what steps they need to take to ensure that their plans do not fail. Even if the person coming to the business advisor follows all of this to the T, there is still no guarantee that it would work out. One can rely on these advisors, however, to ensure that they get the best possible outcome.


Glen Wakeman is one such person who has been working in the field of business for quite some time. He has been the founder of numerous businesses himself, which he formulated using the strategies that he had implemented. One could say that Glen Wakeman is the business advisor that every business owner needs. When it comes to the subject, he is the person who one can go to to have their problems fixed. For those who don’t know Glen Wakeman personally, getting to him for business advice could be tough, which is why one would need to go to his office at the company known as LaunchPad Holdings. LaunchPad Holdings is one of the biggest business advisory firms in the entire country and is known for providing customers with some of the best financial advice that they could not find elsewhere. The organization works in collaboration with some of the best advisors and analysis to offer their clients nothing short of the very best.


Glen Wakeman is a visionary and believes in only implementing the best when it comes to his ideas, which is why he wanted to supplement the ideas of other large companies through this.

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Securus Technologies Offering Corrections Officers Helping Hand

The job of a corrections officer is far more dangerous than many even realize. There is not a day that goes by when I report to work where an inmate, officer, or visitor is injured at the hands of one of the inmates. Many of these incidents could have been avoided had my team had information to tip us off to the problem, and today we have that ability thanks to Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is a company that manufactures and maintains inmate call monitoring systems, allowing prison staff the ability to listen more closely to what the inmates are saying while using jail phones. In the past me and my team would have to take turns listening in on those calls, taking action if we detected anything that was of a concern. Human error and the inability to listen to every word of every call put us at a disadvantage.

Securus Technologies has installed their inmate call monitoring system in thousands of jails all over the country, and have trained even more officers to be able to use the LBS software to pick up on chatter between inmates and their friends or family. The company is based in Texas, and the CEO says his employees are working towards a single objective, creating a safer world. Now that my team has learned how to operate the monitoring system, we can not live without it.

The system will quickly detect if an inmate is discussing getting drugs to the visitor center, allowing my team to be in position to catch the transfer before anyone gets hurt. Our team has heard inmates talking about making and hiding weapons for other inmates to use to attack rival gangs. Now when we get the alert, we are able to get ahead of any potential problem and maintain a degree of safety and order.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Support Civil, Immigrants and Human Rights organizations

Human, civil and migrants rights organizations play an important civic role of ensuring that the rights of the people are observed. These human right groups ensure that human dignity is respected and that human beings are protected from any injustices. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

Human rights actually are at the core of peaceful coexistence of a people. In fact, most areas that continue to face crisis usually have human rights violations as one cause of conflict. Human beings are normally resistant to discrimination and this is usually a recipe for conflict.

Human, civil and migrants groups have coexisted for a long time. We read in the history books about human rights movements which pioneered in fighting against injustices orchestrated by some people on fellow human beings based on flimsy reasons such as differences in color, race or origin.


Human and civil rights are designed with one aim, which is, promoting peaceful coexistence of human beings. When human beings respect the rights of others there will be less likelihood of conflicts.

It is also upon the justice system to take action against anyone who violates the rights of others. Human and civil rights should apply to all and should not be compromised by anyone for whatever reason. Learn more about Michael Lacey and James Larkin:


Human and civil rights have developed over the years and have become more advanced as time goes by. The hope of human rights movements is to see that everyone in the society continues to enjoy their rights and that one day, all human beings will be equal before the eyes of the law.

The United Nations has played a great role in influencing the observance of human rights in all countries. The UN made a declaration on human rights in 1948. The declaration insisted on having all countries protect the rights of their people.

Since the establishment of this declaration, numerous organizations have come up to foster the rights and freedoms of the people. There were numerous local and regional organizations that were started as a result. One popular organization that was set up is the United States Human Rights Network.


The United States Human Rights Network is made up of more than two hundred groups. All these groups have a common goal. That of promoting human, civil and migrants’ rights.


About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of this fund. Their role in protecting the rights of immigrants in the United States can never be ignored. They started this fund following a settlement they received from the state for unfair arrest and detention.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded $3.75 million which they promised to use in funding the operations of human, civil and migrants’ rights groups in Arizona.


Things You Didn’t Know About Louis Chenevert

The renowned former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) was born in 1958 in Canada. His sudden retirement from UTC came as a surprise to everybody. However, his financial journey speaks volumes with his numerous achievements.

What Was His Career Life Like? 
After acquiring a bachelor’s degree in commerce with a specialization in product management from HEC Montreal, he worked at General Motors for 14 years. It is after this that he joined Pratt & Whitney Canada where he later became the president. He then later proceeded to UTC and became the Chairman as well as the CEO. After retiring from UTC, he became an exclusive adviser at Goldman Sachs in 2015 up to date.

Achievements at UTC
Louis Chenevert’s life at UTC comprised of strategies and identifying mergers that were highly beneficial to the company. UTC is a globally known conglomerate with its headquarters in Connecticut. Its primary operations are manufacturing products with a specialization of aerospace, HVAC, industrial products and so much more.
After his immediate election as the CEO, the US recession was at its peak, and the share price at UTC still managed to rise from $37 to $117. This, in turn, led to an increase in the shareholder value. It also saw attractive dividends issued out.
Louis was able to identify a balance in the various business operations that were aimed at different users. Its product delivery was impeccable as it involved high-quality products which saw high revenue realization.
One remarkable thing about UTC is that, during Louis’s tenure, the company never missed out on the issuance of any dividend payment. He never sacked any employees which is usually inevitable in some companies.
A notable event in UTC is that he was able to lead negotiations towards acquiring Goodrich Company which was in the aerospace company. He firmly believes that a company flourishes more when you invest in your employees. Therefore, he was keen to encourage the employees to take up the Employee Scholar Program provided by the firm.
It is through Chenevert’s efforts that the company formed a foundation for all its achievements. He has indeed contributed towards the success of UTC without a doubt.

Daniel Mark Harrison Leads in Diversifying Portfolio through Monkey Capital

Daniel Mark Harrison boasts of being a trend setter in investment and entrepreneurship. Commanding a lot of respect that roots from the great strides he has achieved, he is definitely a scion of a successful business person. A multi-skilled person, the visionary individual is admired by many. Some of the characters that define him include author, business man, entrepreneur as well as a blockchain facilitator. Perhaps Daniel earns his points in business from his character and commitment. That is why in 2015, he earned positive recognition from Isabella Kaminsa. She described Daniel as a publisher, author, chief editor, and serial entrepreneur, as well as a Bitcoin enthusiast.


Daniel Mark Harrison comes from the famous house of Harrison, a bloodline of money-printing enterprise known as Harrison & Sons. The company was however acquired by FTSE-Listed De Le Rue in 1997. There is definitely proof that Daniel Mark Harrison is a successful entrepreneur.


Education is the main source of knowledge. Daniel Mark Harrison has outstanding academic credentials that sum up to his ability to man various businesses. Daniel majored in theology from the Oxford University. This was from 1998 to 1999. He later joined the BI Norwegian School for business in 2005. Graduating in 2006, Daniel garnered sufficient experience to enable him to manage businesses. Being visionary, Daniel Mark Harrison joined New York University for a degree in business and a specialization in journalism. It is in business school that Daniel Mark Harrison garnered extensive business knowledge and managerial skills to enable him to practice.


Daniel established Daniel Mark Harrison & Company, a limited firm that is managed on the basis of providing asset managerial services. Since the establishment in 2015, Daniel Mark Harrison has been managing the firm by ensuring that client’s assets are managed to yield profits. The company operates on a daily basis and he ensures that clients are attended to. Having offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Bangkok, Daniel is a testimony that business can blossom by expanding its territorial operations. Daniel also manages Monkey Capital. He is the managing partner. This company is a fine technology firm that specializes in block chain management. From March, the company has been booming in the business of decentralizing assets.

Aloha Construction Advises Pet Owners On How to Keep Their Dogs Safe

If you own a dog and you plan on renovating your home, you have to take the right steps to make sure that your dog is safe. If you follow the instructions of Aloha Construction, your dog will be safe and happy.First, you might want to distract your dog, according to Aloha Construction. You can take your dog to the park and play some games there. Exercising together is a great way to bond with your dog. If you can not take your dog to the park, take it to a quiet room and play some games there. Brainy games are a great way to distract your dog and stimulate its mind at the same time.

Also, says Aloha Construction, you need to make sure that it does not get injured in any way. That is why you should keep it as far away from the construction site as possible. There are fumes, chemicals, dust, debris, and various sharp objects and tools that can cause injury to your dog or harm its health. Keep an eye on your dog at all times. Another reason you want to keep your dog away from the construction, according to Aloha Construction, is because all the noises and the strangers at the site will likely spook your dog.

It will not know what is going on and it will become very nervous and anxious.Aloha Construction has a lot of experience with working with pet owners. They know that dogs love routine. You want to keep your dog on its regular routine, or at least as much as possible, according to Aloha Construction. Obviously, some things will be different when you’re working on your home. However, you can still keep its meal times, play times, sleep times, and walking times on their regular schedule. You can play its usual games and give it its usual food.