Renound Brand Consultant Steve Lesnard Share his 2 principles for a successful product introduction

It is no secret that new social and digital mediums are changing the way we market products. However, these choices, while they do have their benefits, an also cause harm to a company when they are not utilized correctly. One of the most successful tactics used by companies is in placing the needs of the customer at the heart of their promotion. They will highly a clear benefit and reflect the value that the product will have within their lives. Steve Lesnard, one of the most revered and sought-after brand consultants, has shared with us the two principles that he follows when preparing to introduce a new product to the market.

Keep it Simple To Keep it Memorable.

Innovator and visionary Walt Disney always said that the first and most important thing to do is to get the storyline right. This is today seen by the world’s most successful companies such as Apple and Nike. They will always introduce a clear benefit to the consumer while making sure to inform them about why their product is more innovative and therefore the better choice. As stated before, Apple has a history of providing some of the best and most successful campaigns for their product. A great example of this was seen during their introduction of the Apple iPod. The genius behind this campaign was seen in its simplistic all to action and display of a clear benefit to their consumer base.

Bring It To Life

After the clear storyline has been established, Steve Lesnard then advices business owners to make the consumer experience that you want people to have be crystal clear. This can be accomplished by simply asking yourself a series of questions. Steve Lesnard suggest concentrating on how the consumer will look using your product, how they will utilize it within their everyday life and the value it brings to them. A good example of this method in practice can be seen by outdoors company YETI. They will more often than not promote their products through the use of a visual medium such as video to show consumers how they can use their products outdoors as well as how they will look using them.

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Study Reveals 36 People Admitting To Driving While Drunk

A survey was conducted by American Addiction Centers to test and see if people really do drive blackout drunk. The results revealed something that American Addiction Centers was not happy to see. The survey revealed that many people are driving dangerously drunk.

With the Independence Day holiday rapidly approaching, many people plan on drinking. American Addiction Centers released a statement of what their survey revealed. They want all people to be safe, to drive safe and be responsible with alcohol for the holiday. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

Drunk driving is a bigger problem than what some believe. The biggest concern of many people and organizations like American Addiction Centers is the harm and health of people that are threatened with a driver drives drunk. Many lives have ended due to a drunk person getting behind the wheel. The topic of driving drunk never be taken lightly.

Every day at least twenty nine people die due to vehicular crashes that involved an alcohol-impaired person. The seriousness of driving drunk needs to be discussed and people need to take more responsibility when they are getting behind the wheel. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

American Addiction Centers notes that drunk driving is a behavior that may signal an addiction in a person. Addicts tend to make risky decisions. They tend to not make sound decisions. They tend to do things that either risks their life or the life of someone else.

Behavior like this alarms addiction experts of a person who is truly in need of recovery and help to overcome their dangerous addiction. The survey revealed more men were likely to drive drunk than women.

Around three hundred people out of the six hundred people who were in the survey admitted to being in the passenger seat of a car that was being driven by a drunk driver. Even with the rise of ridesharing apps, people still tend to drive drunk although ridesharing apps offer an alternative and safer way for them to get to their destination.

American Addiction Centers is a leading provider of rehab and treatment services to people battling alcohol and substance abuse addiction. Their services and clinics can be found all across the United States. Their mission is to provide the resources and tools needed for people to re-enter society as recovering addicts.

OSI Food Solutions: A Premier Food Provider

OSI Food Solutions has been in business for over 10 decades, and the company is aspiring to be around for 10 more decades. Aurora, Illinois, is where the company is headquartered, but it has advanced facilities in a number of foreign countries. OSI Food Solutions wasn’t always a premier food provider. This food juggernaut started from humble beginnings as a local butcher shop. As the company’s success began to grow, it would relocate from Oak Park to Maywood, Illinois. Food wholesale was the name of the game, and OSI made its mark on society.

As of 2019, this American-based food processor has retained its dominance in food services. Its concept-to-table solutions are among some of the best in the business. The food specialists here are well-educated in a number of culinary fields. You are reading about one of America’s largestprivately held companies that can produce, develop and distribute food products all around the globe. OSI Food Solutions got its start back in the 20th century. During its early days, OSI was basically known as a meat market, and it supplied its immediate area with fresh meats. This company was just one of many companies that were booming in agriculture during the postwar economic expansion. In Chicago, a quarter of the city’s population were composed of German immigrants, and OSI’s founder just so happened to be from Germany.

OSI Food Solutions has exceptional skills in the field of culinary. Having the ability to bring new food concepts to life is what the company does best. OSI is basically a chain of test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary innovation centers. From acquisitions to mergers, this food giant has been able to conquer the field while expanding into untapped markets.

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How Agera Energy is Working for the Community

With the help of the Agera Energy company, you will find that your electric and fuel services are much less expensive than you ever thought possible. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Not only does this save you lots of money long-term, but it can also benefit you because you’re finding that Agera Energy has high-end options available. Follow Agera Energy on

You can find Agera Energy on social media sites like Twitter as well as Facebook, which is essential for learning more about them and reading some reviews that have been written by others. By making use of this as an option, it’s never been easier for you to utilize this service and know that you’re choosing an option that works well for you. Agera Energy has been working with lots of different customers and continually works to help those who would like to switch over and go with a company that they know they will be able to trust.


Gumps Is Reopening Under New Ownership This Holiday Season


Gumps is an icon in both San Francisco, CA and New York City and it was recently acquired by another company. Gumps is one of the oldest luxury brands in the United States and is also one of the most recognizable. It was originally founded in 1861 by Solomon Gump and his family.

They sold gifts and fine jewelry in the store at the time. The San Francisco store was closed in late 2018 but will be relaunching soon under its new ownership. They will also be offering online shopping options as well with the relaunch of the company. Click Here for additional information.

The Executive Vice President of the San Francisco store, Anne Chachas, stated that the company has been impressing them for more than a decade due to the connection that the location has with its clients. She believes that there is a great deal of potential with the store after the relaunch so they will be able to delight even more clients in the future. While Gumps may be under new ownership, they insist that they will be upholding the same values of the family that founded it more than a century ago.

The Gumps store in San Francisco should be opening in time for the winter holiday season in 2019. The store had celebrated 158 Christmases in the past and they are looking forward to celebrating even more in the future under new ownership. Gumps is known for selling luxury products such as luxury furniture and posh home decor along with jewelry.

The new owners will be announcing their plans and keeping clients up to date through their website. The new owners of Gumps are looking forward to greeting their customers this holiday season and they hope to be able to create a luxury shopping experience that will make them want to return.


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The Key to Healthy and Natural Lips-EOS Lip Balm Review

When it comes to lip balm that is natural, affordable, safe, and effective, EOS lip balm products have the full package. One of the company’s most popular lip balm flavors is strawberry sorbet. This certified organic lip balm is not only comprised of healthy ingredients like coconut and seed oil, shea butter, and various natural fruit extracts, but it is also free of harmful ones like paraben preservatives, petrolatum, artificial colors, and gluten.   

EOS lip balm is good for your lips because not only does it enhance one’s lips in a natural way, but it also hydrates and moisturizes them, making for one of the best options for lip balm around.

This small, sphere-like EOS lip balm makes for the perfect solution for dry, chapped lips and can be used on-the-go. This EOS lip balm and its all natural ingredients have also been dermatologist and hypoallergenic tested, ensuring that this product is 100% natural and safe, certainly making it the best lip balm for developing healthy lips.

The strawberry sorbet lip balm is also not tested on animals and is rich in vitamin E, making it all the more appealing to the eye of customers looking for healthy products that are not harmful.

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How Ted Bauman Keeps Focused

The world of business and economics is difficult. It is even more difficult trying to explain it’s workings to others. As a writer Ted Bauman strives hard to explain the realm of economics and business to those who have little exposure to it. His focus is on making the difficult concepts more relatable and understandable for his readers.

The key is to capture the reader’s attention. Doing this takes new and creative ways to explain things. The reader needs to be able to relate concepts to their everday. That is the way to keep them reading and coming back to read more.

As a writer Ted Bauman finds that he needs to do gently update his core base of knowledge. He states that this information has to be found by self, not through others. The information and data must be researched by yourself in order to make it meaningful.

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Keeping well informed is something that Ted Bauman takes very seriously. He has even said that challenging his own core base of beliefs are an important part of that process. Reading something that goes against what you believe can help to enhance knowledge and grow you as a person.

It is like with economics not being a stuff and rigid discipline. Many believe that supporting the rich and corporations is the way that we enhance society. Ted Bauman argues that if we want a thriving societal structure we must also support those at the very bottom of the socio economic ladder.

The one key that Mr. Bauman says is the most important factor in maintaining his focus is time management. He has found the time when he can be most productive e and years his energy to making the most of it. This is the time when he feels he is at his peak performance and can produce the best outcomes.

His advice to others is simpke. Find the best times for your best performance. Focus your energy on making that time productive. When time management is mastered, successes will readily flow. Keep up to date with your information and remain knowledgeable in your field.


Sujit Choudhry on How President Trump is at War with America’s Press

In a recent article by Sujit Choudhry, it’s factual that President Donald Trump has been at war with the press. From the fake news by CNN to failing New York Times, his recent actions confirm that the media has always been cast as the enemy of the people. Nonetheless, President Trump isn’t the only head of state that has voiced objections against the press. Other presidents such as Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, along with Richard Nixon come to mind.

However, Trump’s supporters have taken one step forward and reiterated that the President should be in a position to shut down media. It also needs to be noted that President Donald Trump hasn’t instructed the relevant authority to shut down the media. In a recent poll, it was established that Republicans want President Trump to have the power to shut down the media. Also, 43 percent aspire for President Trump to close down specific outlets.

43 percent of candidates identified as Republicans. They stated that President Trump needs to have the authority to shut down unscrupulous media outlets engaged in terrible behavior. Approximately 36 percent disagreed with this opinion. When asked if Trump should throw CNN, The New York Times, in addition to The Washington Post out, 49 percent agreed.

A few Democrats, as well as Independents, expressed their support for closing down print media. This is to a lesser degree. Regarding the fact that President Trump should have the power to shut down media that engage in bad behavior, 74 percent of Democrats said no.

Sujit Choudhry is not only an educator but an expert in charge of comparative law. He is also the MD of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Mr. Choudhry has also been the first individual from India to become a deal in a top institution in the US. Sujit Choudhry has also been a professor of the Cecelia Goetz Law School in New York.

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Andrey Andreev, The Entrepreneur With Many Talents

Andrey Andreev is one of the most motivated and successful entrepreneurs. He stands today as a representative for using one’s own interests and gifts to the best of their ability. He’s a businessman, an artist, a food lover, a philanthropist. Andrey was born in Moscow, Russia to parents who were both scientists. His father was very fond of technology. He remembers his home being filled with technology-based toys. Maybe this is what caused him to have what it takes to build a radio at just the age of ten! 

Later in his life, he decided to attend the University of Moscow. This is when he later learned that he wanted to travel. Audrey Andreev dropped out of college and later found himself developing his own online business in 1995. He never forgot about his passion for technology (up to the date). The Company’s name was Virus. It sold computers and accompanying accessories (Forbes). 

He sold his company for an unknown price and later established his second online company “SpyLog”. SpyLog helped webmaster monitor the activities and habits of their users. Andrey Andreev later moved on to making more businesses. He continued until he found himself creating a goldmine. In 2004, he created Mamba. Mamba is his first online dating platform. This became on of the most popular online dating sites in the world. 

He later decided to make another company. Badoo was launched in 2006 and sweeped the markets! Both of his  online dating websites are still active and have millions of users. Andreev sees his online dating businesses as his way of creating a unique place for people to communicate. Andrey Andreev´s creation, Badoo, is currently undergoing change for better results! 

They have pronounced a new motto! It states, “date with honestly”. This is Badoo’s approach to encourage users to accept themselves for who they actually are when dating and not their fake representatives. Badoo has also changed their logo. It includes a heart with a smiling face so that it has a voice! We are excited to see how Andrey’s creations will continue to perform and connect real people!


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Barbara Stokes CEO of Green Structure Homes Talks With

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes, a manufacture of modular that specialize in being homes built for disaster relief projects. Stokes and Green Structure Homes have worked with both government and private sector contracts to build houses. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

After Hurricane Harvey, Green Structure Homes was awarded a $28 Million contract to build homes for those displaced by the storm in Alabama. She sat down with and talked about her daily routine, how she comes up with ideas and advice she gives other entrepreneurs.

Stokes remains productive as possible during the day by getting up early and working late into the night. She comes up with new ideas by making sure she hires the right people for the job. An example of this is when she wanted to make her homes safer. Read more at Business Insider.

She hired a new in-house engineering team, and after a little hard work they were able to bring the idea of built in fire suppression to life. Now all GSH homes are equipped with a built in fire suppression system.

As a woman herself, Barbara Stokes is excited to see an increase in woman in business leadership roles and more woman in the STEM field. The best advice she gives other entrepreneurs is to stay ahead of your own business. She believes that entrepreneurs must stay on top of things and focus on growth. She believes that as a business grows, that you should develop a top talent team and providing the proper resources to help them prosper.