New Online Legal Services Available for New York Citizens

If you’ve ever had trouble finding the right lawyer to handle certain criminal matters, you can now rest with ease. New Yorkers will now have a new, convenient way to access a lawyer within their community who has experience to handle many different legal issues. The laywers are experienced and handle cases such as custody issues, landlord problems or other legal problems. The New York State Bar Association has issued a trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), which includes an online portal that will assist in helping those who need legal help. The confidential services are available 24/7 via their website at or they can be reached by telephone.


The New York State Bar association developed the newest online legal help system to aid individuals who are in need of legal advice. They have partnered with, a national provider for the legal industry. They are considered one of the largest associations of lawyers and are proud to be able to provide the services to the citizens of New York.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the trusted lawyers that provide many legal services to citizens who have faced legal trouble. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The law firm is dedicated to advising compensation committees, CEOs, teams of management and corporations. Goldstein has been involved in many large corporate transactions through his years of experience. He is also involved in many different charity events and foundations such as Make-A-Wish-Foundation and the Board of Directors of Fountain House. He is a successful lawyer that has helped many individuals throughout the years. He carries a J.D. from New York University School of Law, and an M.S. from the University of Chicago. He also has a B.A. cum laude with several unique interests in other subjects from Cornell University.

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Jason Hope Consulting

An article by Engadget recently profiled the ideas of futurist Jason Hope. Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with an interest in the advancement of technology for human good. The article, written by author Jesse Boskoff, elucidates some of Hope’s ideas on the controversial Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the term given to devices that are not traditionally used for computing but that have Internet connectivity and the additional features associated with persistent connection. Boskoff describes Hope’s ideas as a “hardline stance” that views the Internet of Things as an ultimately positive force for technology and human advancement.

Advancement could be considered a theme for Jason Hope, whose background in finance and business is decidedly tech-oriented. Hope offers grant funding to individuals or groups with innovative ideas and has pledged a generous sum to he SENS Foundation, a non-profit that is researching age-related illness. Hope’s work in business allows him to consult with companies and his futurist approach pushes those companies forward, keeping them on the cutting edge of their industries.

Hope’s philanthropy and business are manifestations of larger goals. In Boskoff’s Engadget article, it is revealed that Hope believes the Internet of Things will make for a more efficient, less wasteful society that benefits us all. This belief and his work towards actualizing it indicate a man who has great foresight and stands out as a leader in his field.

Doe Deere’s Business Intrigues and her Involvement in Women Empowerment


Critics argue that cosmetics are applied by people who either want to cover up their imperfections or to acquire artificial beauty. But one cosmetics expert, Doe Deere, holds a different opinion: she believes that beauty is more of a feeling than a look. Through her firm, Lime Crime Cosmetics, Deere has been disproving that traditional theory for the last decade. Deere was born in Russia, but her family later relocated to the United States.


Women Empowerment


Deere is an ardent believer of women empowerment through entrepreneurship. Her entrepreneurial journey, starting from scratch to a guru in her sector, is by itself a motivation to many women. She has committed herself to mentoring and supporting women in business, especially through her social media accounts. Deere has also been part of several motivational forums for women, including Stardust Tour by Vegas Nay and PHAMExpo.


Chronology of Lime Crime


Doe Deere sat for an interview with Ideasmesch about two years ago where she discussed his glamorous career in length. Asked to explain the source of her idea to form Lime Crime Cosmetics, she gave the entire chronology of the company. She explained that she used to work as a seamstress and it’s during that time that she developed an undying liking of bright and colored beauty products. This liking metamorphosed with time into an inspiration to start a business in that line. She started her first beauty and fashion business in 2004 where she was the manager, owner, and model artist. Four years later, she got her breakthrough into the beauty and fashion industry by establishing Lime Crime Cosmetics. The name Lime Crime was derived from her Deere’s favorite lime color.


Pace-setting Doe Deere



Doe Deere and her company hit the ground running immediately after inception. In 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics became the pioneer fashion company to embrace e-commerce as a form of marketing. Traditionally, companies in the industry had thought it was impossible to market beauty products such as lipsticks online. The general argument was that clients must shop for lipsticks over the counter so that they can be able to try them on. Deere differed with them and led the revolution that has now led all companies in the industry to go online. This earned her a lot of respect within the industry for being bold enough to set the pace.


Deere’s Business Strategies


Deere holds her staff with high dignity and treats them right. That’s the main strategy that does the magic according to her. Besides being a great team leader, she succeeds for having the guts to try new things and to experiment.


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Alexandre Gama Provides Top Notch Advertising Help

Looking for high quality advising help in Brazil? Want to hire a reputable marketing or ad agency?

Alexandre Gama provides a broad range of essential services to many different types of companies and establishments. If you want to generate more customers and increase your sales, get in touch with Alexandre Gama and his team of professionals.

Alexandre Gama is committed to helping clients achieve significant returns on their investment and he can advise you on how to grow your business and boost revenue.


Alexandre Gama aims to establish ongoing relationships with his clients, and he takes appropriate steps to understand their business goals so he can help them achieve it. Once you agree to hire his ad agency, Alexandre Gama will outline to you what he has to offer you.

Alexandre Gama receives positive reviews and testimonial from numerous satisfied clients due to his top notch advertising solutions.

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Huge Levels Of Philanthropy Finally Revealed By Dick DeVos

I have known about the former President of the AmWay Group, Dick DeVos for a number of years because of his impressive business record that has allowed the business founded by his father, Richard, to flourish in the 21st century. What I was less aware of has been the level of philanthropic giving I read about in an article from MLive that revealed Dick and his Secretary of Education wife, Betsy have given around $139 million to various good causes across the course of their lifetime to become some of the biggest individual philanthropists in the U.S.


I believe it is also impressive that the entire DeVos family have been involved in creating a successful group of philanthropists who have rarely given such a detailed glimpse into their often secretive philanthropic work; I do not know why the DeVos family chooses to keep their philanthropic giving a secret as they have become some of the biggest donors in the world. From a family fortune estimated at $5.3 billion the family as a whole have provided donations totaling an estimated $1.33 billion across their lives. I believe family plays an important role in the philanthropy of the DeVos family and I was happy to read Dick and Betsy have been including their own children in the decision about where the funds provided should be donated; in many ways, Dick DeVos is looking to make sure his philanthropy remains relevant in the 21st century and seeking to encourage his own children to give something back to the people of the world who remain in need.


Most of us were already aware of the work Betsy DeVos has completed as an educational specialist who has pushed for the cause of education reform to become a major part of the international discussion. Within the MLive article I was pleased to read that in 2015 alone Dick and Betsy DeVos had given around $3 million to educational causes to help as many children in the U.S. to get the best possible education available to them. I find myself in agreement with Dick DeVos as he talks about the problems individual family’s face in seeing their children’s educational opportunities limited by their zip code, which can limit access to even the idea of achieving the American dream. My own opinion sits in line with that of Dick DeVos that any criticism of the public educational system should not be seen as a personal criticism of teachers, but should instead be seen as revealing the issues with policy at the highest levels of education governance.


Jim Hunt’s Unique Ideas And How He Generates Them

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is one man you should get to know if you want the latest tips on stock trading or want the word of someone whose made it on his own as an independent investor and financier. No, he doesn’t have the household name of Warren Buffet and he seems to enjoy staying off the mainstream media’s grid, but he does have a YouTube channel where his followers can find tidbits of useful investing information and see how he operates. Ideamensch, an independent business blog that posts books and ideas for entrepreneurial-minded individuals decided to interview Hunt to see how he gets ideas.

For Hunt, his usual day starts with a morning workout followed by his investments and strategies where he executes trades or buys new stocks, and then tends to slow down a little in the afternoons. Jim Hunt VTA Publications gets his ideas from listening to what his own customers want to know about, and then spending time relaxing and letting them come out on their own. Hunt is always researching and likes to stay ahead of the game when it comes to investing trends on LInkedIn, and if it were left up to him to spend $100, it would be spent on research journals with inside information in them.

Jim Hunt also founded VTA Publications, a company he started to help those with the drive to manage their own money and get ahead without the banks. The company has information about retirement planning taken from the bible, learning how to use stock charts and making use of little-known trades, and a list of seminars recorded on DVDs featuring some of the world’s savviest investors and businessmen. Jim Hunt VTA Publications also has access to “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire,” two programs Hunt started to show how simple stock trading can be, and how simple math can be used.

Torchin Stresses The Importance Of Staffing Agencies for Medical Professionals


Brian Torchin, the CEO and founder of HCRC, has once again hinted at the significance of staffing agencies for those who want to be part of the medical profession. Brian uses a unique technique to ensure that every prospective employee including medics acquires the right skills in preparation for the actual job.

According to him, job counseling is an integral part of preparing medics for the real world. Given the broad nature of medical profession, he helps young men and women identify their specialty earlier. Once the clients identify their specialty, he places them on the job immediately an opportunity occurs. Everyone who comes to the company for placement always gets the best places within a short time.

With the increasing incidences of insecurity and fraud cases, Brian Torchin, through his staffing company HCRC, ensures every prospective employee goes through a comprehensive vetting and background check. In the end, he gives his clients credible people devoid of any scandal or criminal charges.

He fully understands how difficult it is to get a job nowadays. That is why he takes his precious time and energy to ensure a client leaves HCRC’s premises satisfied.

About Brian Torching

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torching is the CEO of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. Before he started the company, Brian worked in several staffing companies across the country. Some of the companies he worked with include PTS and MDC. Through hard work and great networking, Brian has managed to attract more than 200 clients consisting of large corporations from different parts of the country. The company is aiming to expand its service portfolio to the whole world in future.

Brian Torchin is known as one of the best recruiters of chiropractors in the whole country. His employees have always shown great qualities at their workplaces. Before he came into the world of entrepreneurship, he was a chiropractor, which is probably why he is good in recruiting this category of medical professions. Brian is currently living in Philadelphia.

One can reach him through the contacts provided on the HCRC’s website. He also has Facebook and Twitter accounts where he interacts with the public on various matters.

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Freedomppp Helps When You Travel And Need Emergency Services Or Gps


According to many individuals, cell phone service is very important and sometimes very hard to afford. The service is usually expensive. The service usually requires contracts and high start-up costs. Freedompop is one of the services that offers free cell service when you purchase a phone. Freedompop Review from PT Money is one of the articles anyone can read online. It explains all the wonderful things about the Freedompop cellular services. It also explains how wonderful the internet service is as well. The phones are high-end phones. If a person goes on the website, they will find flip phones, tablets, iPhones, Blackberries, and Apples. These are 4G compatible and ready to set up. They are not expensive and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


The benefits of purchasing a phone are unlimited. Freedom gives anyone the opportunity to get their own phone so that people can reach them in emergencies. People, such as a boss, will be able to reach you on the phone. This may mean more dependability and more trust for the boss. The phone can lead to a promotion.


Cell phones are great if you are out of town. If your automobile breaks down, you can call a mechanic. If you are in need of directions you have your phone. If you are driving and need directions, you have a phone at your disposal. Most phones have GPS capability. Make sure to check the data usage before you order your phone from the website. Most of the phones offer the capability of using 4G services. The 4G services give a clearer and easier connection online.


The Internet is also available through Freedompop. If you are living in an area that offers 4GLTE, you will be able to purchase a specific type of Hub to receive the internet at home. There is the wifi hotspot as well. The hotspot is only $5 dollars. This gives you the ability to go online and surf for short periods of time. It uses the towers so the connections may be very well most of the time. Internet Hubs and Hotspots help people, that are living on a budget, connect so they can conduct their online business cheaply.


Freedompop has great customer service, great coverage, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Why would you not give it a try? The free cell services give 200 minutes to call people and 500 MB so you can text people. Check online at for all the information about the free cell phone service plans available.

Flavio Maluf Eucatex’s Brilliant CEO

Confidence in the growth of Brazilian industry has fallen steadily since the beginning of 2015. However, as reported by the Brazilian businessman Flavio Maluf, president of the company Eucatex, the executives of the transformation industry showed much more optimistic about the feasibility of an improvement In the sector already in the coming months, which had not happened even in August, since that month the pessimism still remained strong.

This increase in the confidence of entrepreneurs was verified by the ICI (Industry Confidence Index) presented in September, since, in the ninth month of 2016, there was an increase of 2.1 in this index, and in August, this data Had suffered a 1-point retraction. Thus, in September, the ICI reached 88.2 points compared to 86.1 in the previous month. In this sense, Flavio Maluf informs that this was the highest result achieved by the index since July 2014, when he reached 88.8 points.

The ICI data are obtained by analyzing the perspectives of executives on the momentary activities and those for the following six months. For this, the Ibre / FGV (Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation) conducts the Transformation Industry Survey. In September, between 5 and 23, the institute gathered the opinions of leaders of more than 1,120 companies.

Thus, in 12 of the 19 segments analyzed there was an improvement in the perspectives presented by the interviewees, which was not only in relation to the current period, but also on the evaluation for the following six months.

In the division between the periods, the executive Flavio Maluf reports that the IE (Index of Expectations) was the one that reached the highest score, since the increase of 2.5 points made the index reach 89.8 points, the highest number since the 90.3 points reached in June 2014. In relation to the ISA (Current Situation Index), there was an increase of 1.5 points, which led the index to 86.7 points, the best number since the 88.4 points Achieved in the first month of 2015.

Capital Group New Leadership

There is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. After the devastating death of Jim Rothenberg the Capital Group Chairman, the company has succeeded in choosing a chairman and CEO of the company. Tim Armour was the leading candidate and now taken the leadership.

Before becoming the chairman of the company, Timothy Armour was the chairman of the company’s management committee. He was also the deputy of Jim, and this gave him an added advantage. Jim has joined the company in 1970 and propelled the company to great success. Timothy joined the company a little later in 1983 as an associate.

Timothy Armour has over thirty years experience in investment, and his skills will lead the company to greater heights. He will be working in collaboration with the Rob Lovelace who is the Capital Research and Management company president. Phil de Toledo, the Capital Group President, will also join the group to carry out the company’s operations. Rob and Phil joined the company in 1985 and 1986 respectively.

In his position as the deputy chairman, Timothy Armour undertook different projects that have played an important role in the company’s success. He was part of the team that was involved in the in-house research project which was to show the benefits of the active fund. He was also behind the decision to involve the media so as to tell the world what the company does. He is a member of the eight-person management committee that is responsible for the asset management.

Timothy Armour attended the Middlebury College where he did his Bachelor Degree in Economics. Before joining the company, he was working for a global telecommunications company as an Equity Investment Analyst.

About the Company

Capital Group was launched in 1931 in Los Angeles. It is known as the oldest and the largest investment company in the world. With success it has obtained, the company has established itself in other countries including Tokyo, Sydney, and London.

Even though the company is successful with offices in different countries, it is still a privately operated company. This means that they still continue to offer different services. As of December 31st, 2016, the company’s asset under management has been evaluated to be $1.39 trillion. They are a company that serves all; individuals, financial intuitions, consultants among others.

New Business

Capital Group and Samsung Asset Market are now partnering to produce global investments and also asset management for the people of Korea.