Trouble Raising Startup Capital? Try Paul Saunders Top 5 Funding Options!

The idea to establish a startup comes naturally for some, but funding almost always seems farfetched. Well, Paul Sanders, an accomplished investment banker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist have some incredible suggestions for emerging startups seeking capital financing. He operates the successful independent investment advisory and commodity trading consulting firm, James River Capital, which he acquired and rebranded in 1995. He assumes leadership as CEO. Mr. Sanders emphasizes the need to explore both creative and conventional sources for capital funding.


What About Venture Capital Investments?

There’s a stigma out there that some business aspirants do not have the dynamism, charisma, and insight to present a compelling pitch. Paul Sanders encourage entrepreneurs to take advantage of any venture capital opportunities to give their business a boost. Venture capitalists have an eye for data, projections, and a coherent business plan that provides achievable statistics, so a startup must produce a well-thought-out proposal.

Need A Loan? Get Local Funding or Borrow Against the Business

Two more options James River Capital CEO finds convenient and effective are local funding and business loans. Startups that have established credit history can qualify for an SMB (small business) loan easily. The market has several loan options for businesses looking to get emergency funding. The SBA (Small Business Administration) also provide solutions for qualifying companies. What is most disagreeable is the lengthy processing time, although it beats getting a standard bank loan. Entrepreneurs should also consider networking to allocate local grants and organize a fundraiser. The local board of trades can help community businesses connect with the right networks for fundraising efforts.

Trade Equity for Capital

Have company assets to trade for financial gain? It’s the oldest method to raise capital investments for a business. What entrepreneurs should keep in mind when going this route is that they’re giving up control and ownership of their business shares to some degree. On a positive note, it allows them to expand their network as the alliance also align the business with potential investors.

Angel Investments: Building the Business

These investors are constantly in the market seeking out the next business to engage for a partnership. The businesses they fund are usually promising young startups or struggling companies that need short-term bailout money. Getting in the race for angel investment funding is a matter of finding the right opportunity. A good place to start is the ACA (Angel Capital Association).

Why Consider Bootstrapping?

Budding entrepreneurs can get the business on the ground right away if the family throws in support or they have enough savings to make a capital investment. How these entrepreneurs source capital funding is entirely their decision; whether they’re using credit cards, contributions from the family trust or personal savings. It is an ideal solution for businesses that need small investments.

Create Crowdfunding Campaigns

How about launching a build the business campaign to raise capital? Today, there’s an influx of crowdfunding platforms that provide services, tools, and a community to help startups realize their business dreams. The campaign creator sets his or her tiers and goals for supporters to pledge.

James River Capital has been in the financial market for over three decades. Former KPC (Kidder, Peabody, and Company) senior partners Kevin Brandt and Paul Sanders bought the investment advisory in 1995. Formerly KP Futures Management Corp, the firm was the alternative investments branch of KPC. It is a CFTC and SEC-registered advisory. The manager focuses on a diverse class of assets, including managed future funds, asset-backed securities, corporate credit, alternative investments, distressed debt, and more.


Seymour Segnit Is Addressing Problems With Charging Electronics With New Invention

The world moves fast and you need your electronic devices to charge quickly with as little complications as possible. Today, one of the main problems that people are facing when it comes to charges is that there are just too many of them and it seems like every device that we have requires something different for it to get the power that it needs. This is something that Seymour Segnit and MAGFAST are addressing.

Everything seems to be going wireless and this also rings true for the chargers that power all of our devices that we use every day. Some of the main things that are being focused on when it comes to chargers are compatibility with multiple devices, magnetic cords, and rapid charging. All of these aspects are important to consumers who just want their devices to work when they want them to.

Seymour Segnit was able to raise money for his MAGFAST invention through the use of crowdfunding. The startup was first founded by Seymour Segnit in 2018 and it has gained a considerable amount of interest on the internet from people who want to try the product to charge their own devices.

Seymour Segnit got the idea for his invention after spending too much time trying to find the chargers for all of his family’s different electronic devices. He just knew that there had to be a better way and he set out to design it.

A few different products are being offered by Seymour Senit and MAGFAST and they all have their own uses during different parts of your life. Whether you need to charge your products at home or on the go, there are options available for you. Go To This Page for related information.

The products are expected to ship near the end of 2019 and the people that helped to fund the startup will be receiving a free gift as well as having a tree planted in their name to help the planet. With the potential positive impact that the MAGFAST system has on our life, you may want to consider checking out their site so you can charge fast and save the planet. View More Information Here.


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Recapping Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Reviews

When it comes to the field of plastic surgery, this industry has thousands of medical professionals that can fill the void. On the other hand, all plastic surgeons aren’t created the same. Dr. Jennifer Walden has raised the bar extremely high in this particular field because she has brought so many positives to the game. Dr. Walden is now a veteran of the field, and she owns two medical-aesthetic practices that can be found in Texas as well as New York. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are used to give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to choose this woman as your plastic surgeon.


“I’d like to start out by saying that I’m 100 percent happy with my Botox treatment. This was my very first medical-aesthetic procedure, and it went better than planned. My fear has been lifted. Dr. Jennifer Walden is heaven sent, and she made me feel completely comfortable even though the treatment was minor. It’s the little things like this that counts in the end,” said an anonymous reviewer.

“Ever since my rhinoplasty procedure, I’ve gotten my fair share of positive compliments. I’ve spent my entire life ashamed of how my nose looked, but I can now enjoy life to the fullest. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the reason being for my new found enjoyment as this woman has certainly changed my life for the better,” said reviewer M on January 21, 2017. “I just want to thank all of the individuals at Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center for making me feel welcome. Dr. Walden has crafted an extraordinary team of professionals,” said reviewer L.

Dr. Walden is the quintessential plastic surgeon of the present and future because she fully understands what her clients are seeking. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews only solidifies her overall greatness.

How ViSalus Is Using Its Success To Give Back


ViSalus is a lifestyle brand that has expanded significantly over the past decade or so. Founded in 2005, the company has grown to have headquarters in both Los Angeles and Italy, with these helping to increase the speed of the firm’s growth further. This growth has primarily been driven by a variety of unique offerings that the company offers, with the most notable being the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.

Started over a decade ago, this became known as the first Challenge marketing platform to be established. As a result, ViSalus saw quite a considerable amount of initial growth. This was enhanced by the fact that the company offers a simple and easy to use platform, as well as effective products and a large amount of support for its customers. Go To This Page for more information.

Much of this could explain why many other firms tried to replicate this success in subsequent years. Since being established, the company has helped over three million people lose weight and transform their bodies, as well as sold over half a billion meal-replacement shakes. As a result, the company has generated close to $2 billion in sales while also giving away over $100 million in free products.

Throughout this time, ViSalus has expanded into 15 countries. Alongside this, ViSalus has been involved in a variety of philanthropic activities, with all of this being under the Vi Cares banner. With the initiative, the company has been involved in a variety of programs and causes, as well as being involved in a considerable number of events.

The majority of this has been driven by the company’s focus on social responsibility, as well as its desire to give back and pay it forward. Because of this, it fosters each of these traits in its employees to create a culture of giving and social awareness. See This Page for related information.

ViSalus, has recently been rebranded as Vi, has donated over five million cups of coffee and partnered with hundreds of charities across the world. Alongside this, it has supported dozens of disaster relief efforts across the United States. These efforts have also led to the firm receiving a Guinness World Record for Baked Goods Donation.


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Smita Shah Succeeded in a Male Dominated Industry and Empowers Other Women to Do the Same

Smita Shaah is one of the most popular engineers and entrepreneurs around the world, and she isn’t bashful about giving tips on how to excel in these male dominated industries. Before women empowerment and feminism even became concepts, Smitah Shaah had already been practicing these movements by kicking butt during her elementary years. Even when she was in pigtails, she already dabbled in math contests, where here primary competitors were all boys.


Since she just loved math and science, she took up engineering and business education in these impressive and prestigious universities: Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University. She moved on to establish SPAA Tech, Inc., in 1998, which to this very day still remains as one of the most in demand and fastest growing engineering companies in the country. This multi-awarded business proves to be a reliable firm that can tackle complex technical problems and scientific issues with ease and grace.


Ms Shah has strongly committed herself to her advocacy of empowering women by cheering them on to get their education, promoting the value of innovation, and encouraging them to dabble in entrepreneurship. She is a strong supporter of small business growth in emergent industries and she strongly believes in the value of promoting community enterprise. Every chance she gets, she is ready to mentor you girls, young professionals, and aspiring future leaders. Learn more:


Shah would like remind everyone that there are over one hundred million businesses owned by females around the globe. This figure may still be outnumbered by men, but it is concrete enough to prove that women can do it if they want to. According to her, all it takes is dedication, hard work, and belief in one’s self. It is true that not every woman will succeed in business, but the same applies to men too.


According to Smita Shah, if women look forward to succeeding they must keep in mind to imbibe and do these things: 

  • It is critical for women to believe in themselves, so they can move with confidence and inspire others to do the same.
  • They must thoroughly assess and examine their abilities and talents, so they are clear on what they can offer the world.
  • They must exert a strong presence in a male dominated world, and they must push forth even if they afraid.
  • It is critical for women to never let anyone else take credit for their work
  • They have to focus on short-term goals to slowly achieve the bigger goals.
  • They must learn to quash feminine stereotypes.
  • Women must never be ashamed to factor in their cultural customs.
  • They must learn to make others respect their position in the company hierarchy.
  • Women must compartmentalize by keeping private and professional lives separate.
  • They must continue to manage their time efficiently.

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Prevagen: Your Body Deserves This

One of the best things you can do for yourself is take care of your body. For a lot of people, they don’t do it until it is too late.

They wish they had done it sooner, as that would have helped prevent a lot of problems they are dealing with right now. Prevagen knows the importance of brain health when it comes to mild memory-loss.

They have been in that industry for over ten years. They started up in 2007, and now they are in over 50,000 stores across the country. In addition to that, over one million people have tried it out.

It is also the number one recommended supplement for mild memory-loss by pharmacists. It is the kind of product that gets the job done in a way that is healthy and effective. It is what they pride themselves on as a company.

Right now, Prevagen wants to make sure that those with mild memory-loss are properly prepared for the upcoming season change. They know that it affects them in a different way than those without memory loss issues.

When it comes to memory loss, even the slightest change can really impact how someone is able to go through his or her day. They need to be properly prepared for the fall, which is only about two weeks away. They talk a lot about sleep and the importance of making sure that an individual with memory loss is getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

By doing this, their body will know when it is time to wake up in the morning on a consistent basis. Consistency is huge when it comes to those suffering from memory loss. Read more: Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens and Prevagan Improves Memory and Regular Strength | CVS

They need something that is constant in their life. When they have that, they are able to do what they need to do in order to get the most out of each and every day. They don’t want their memory loss to stop them in their tracks. It’s a big reason why they need to stay a few steps ahead of it instead of letting it get the best of them.

They also need to make sure they are staying active and having a weekly schedule of what needs to get done each and every week. Now, make no mistake about it, this is not meant to be a rigid schedule. They can allow themselves to be flexible.

It is more about getting into that routine and knowing what needs to get done, so they don’t let anything slip through the cracks. It is important for them to stay busy. It just as important that they know when to relax and take a day or two off as well.

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Media Company Empiricus


The Brazilian media company Empiricus is actually a consulting firm and a media company. They specialize in creating and selling information. They mainly sell information through online media platforms and newsletters. Empricus is owned by the American holding company El Agora. The entrepreneurs who have worked to build Empiricus are Caio Mesquita, Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden. Over one hundred and eighty thousand people have subscribed to this newsletter.

Empiricus has become successful due to its creators defining strategies that has allowed the company to grow amongst readers and viewers of online media. They have used social media ads and search ads like Google to promote their content. Social media marketing and search engine marketing has allowed the company to prosper and gain these one hundred and eighty thousand subscribers. This website or media company is similar to Stansberry Research, an American media research company.

The company has strategically work to direct their ads at Facebook and Google, to attract the right audience who ere interested in the content and information they provide. They produce advertising pieces. They have produced and promoted advertising pieces during important time sin Brazil like during the election season.

The company has other newsletters that do not pertain to politics. Empiricus is known as a media company that produces content related to business, finance and investing. They are a reliable source for their subscribers who seek information and the about the business world. In addition, they also offer free newsletters and paid newsletters with different monthly subscription plans for subscribers.

Empiricus became a part of Agora, the Baltimore based shareholder of the company, decades ago in 1978. Agora operates several various online publication websites and companies. Agora is a grand media and online publication company of several individual websites like Empiricus. Empiricus is one of the these websites. All of their websites function as a whole gathering information and selling this information. They mainly monetize their content, companies and websites through running promotions and advertisements on their website. The parent company and Empricus has grown largely since its inception as a top media company. Read This Article to learn more.


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The career of Chief Operating Officer at Richard Liu

Richard Liu, otherwise known as Liu Qiangdong, is well-known as the founder of one of the largest and successful online retailers to China named

The company is currently valued at 57.6 billion dollars with businessman Richard Liu sitting at a net worth of $11 billion. Even the United States has noticed the brands presence in the world since being traded on NASDAQ. Richard Liu has a sociology degree from the Renmin University of China and spent a lot of his youth sitting behind a computer screen picking up coding skills.

Although he pursued a degree in sociology, he figured out that he wanted to be a businessman and heavily pursued it. His first experience in the business world came working for a company named Japan Life that had both an online and physical presence.

He had worked his way to the director of the business. After some time, Richard Liu decided to become an entrepreneur and opened up his business shops labeled “Jingdong.” His business was slowly gaining traction but a recession had forced it to close its doors. would be his next venture that would become a hit amongst the public in China as they sold many online goods.

The online retailer would then work with Walmart and WeChat with the giant becoming a shareholder of the brand and WeChat purchasing a stake in the company. The retailer also chose to invest in a fashion company named Farfetch that has been successful. Although is available in only some countries in Europe, Richard Liu plans to expand the brands’ presence to the United States as he travels there for business meetings and other accommodations.

The online retailer also made strides in its delivery system that is quick and reliable as they use drones and other electronic cars to deliver items to customers. The biography credits that has been so successful by being innovative and being all about consumers. biography on founder and president Richard Liu

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OSI Food Solutions’ Food Scale In Production

OSI Food Solutions is on top of its game in 2019 and for very good reasons. This exceptional food manufacturer is steadily expanding because company leaders have taken advantage of immediate opportunities. One of the opportunities has come in the form of acquiring stake in one of its competitors’ business. This competitor is Rose Packing, and it produces a variety of meat products, such as ethnic sausage, flavored sausage, beef patties, loins, ribs and other meats. “This acquisition perfectly compliments our platform,” said Kevin Scott, senior executive vice-president of OSI. OSI Food Solutions will retain the CEO and management team of Rose Packing.

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OSI Food Solutions is an extremely large food manufacturer that’s composed of test kitchens, warehouses, farms, culinary innovation centers and pilot plants. Though being headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, this particular food provider has plants on a number of continents, including Asia, South America, Australia and Europe. Some of the actual company locations can be found specifically in Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Ukraine, India and Hungary. More than 20,000 people earn a great living by working for this equal-opportunity employer.

The food industry is evolving yet again thanks to the demand for healthier products. Plant-based products are garnering plenty of attention now days. Meatless burgers are on the menu for millions of people thanks to their tasty and healthy benefits. One of the better meatless burgers of 2019 is the Impossible Burger. The company that developed this plant-based food solution is known as Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods will be using OSI Food Solutions as its meatless burger manufacturer. Over 3,000 restaurants have sold the Impossible Burger in select markets. By bringing OSI into the fold, this number is expected to reach 17,000 by the end of 2019. This is the power of OSI Food Solutions, and the company will make a huge statement in due time.


Improving Your Brain Function With Prevagen

Taking care of your brain to ensure proper cognitive functioning is all about making sure you are eating the right foods, staying active, and using your brain at its fullest potential. As you age and get older, your brain can lose its consistency and functionality if you aren’t caring for your brain the way that you should.

Prevagen is your new go-to solution to ensure you are caring for how your brain operates and improving your memory as you get older. Here’s a few powerful tips you can start trying in your daily life right now to give your brain what it needs to maintain memory and cognitive functioning.

– Consistent Sleep

Getting good sleep every single night can affect how you operate in your day to day life.

Whether it’s being able to remember things at the drop of a hat or having the energy to do everything at your best potential, sleeping at a consistent time every night and getting a minimum of seven hours guarantees you are using your brain at its fullest potential. Read more: Prevagan | Bed Bath and Beyond and Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens

– Get Active

Staying active boosts brain health and your overall fitness. It can allow you to gain more energy throughout your day and improve productivity. Staying active could be done through jogging, sports, hitting the gym, or even doing at-home workouts.

– Brain Games

There are plenty of apps on both iOs and Android that are meant to help users improve how their brain functions. Doing different games can allow the brain to focus more and operate at its best possible functions.

The key is to be organized and play games that are going to help with how your brain thinks and focuses. Simplicity is the biggest key to success. Crossword puzzles and word searches can give you all the guidance you need.

– Be Consistent With A Schedule

The most important part of your daily life is having a schedule that you can rely on. Set up what you plan on doing throughout the week to ensure you know what’s happening ahead of schedule, and you can focus on following this set schedule to the best of your ability.

Prevagen is known for giving users all the required ingredients to improve the brain’s functions. It’s full of Apoaequorin that was once discovered in jellyfish, and this one ingredient is what has been used in many products to help with cognitive brain improvement.

What makes it powerful in Prevagen is how well it is designed with the rest of the product. There is nothing else on the market that can help you focus the same way that this product can. The success stories prove that Prevagen goes above and beyond when used appropriately every day.

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