Like Lazarus Is Lending A Helping Hand To Startups That Desperately Need His Guidance

Luke Lazarus has been working with startups for a good portion of his career, and he always seems to come up with the kinds of solutions that move them forward. He is now serving clients who need all of the help they can get, and his experience with building new companies is exactly what they need.

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Lazarus knows that new companies need to attract investors and venture capitalists who will help them to get their business up and running.

He understands that companies need to put together pitches for investors that will grab their attention quickly. If they don’t, they risk losing any chance of being invested in.

Luke Lazarus is able to help his clients put together branding content that gives their enterprise that extra element they are needing. Companies need to have a clear mission statement, and that mission statement should always be out front where investors can clearly see it.

Instead of appealing to customers and investors on a rational level, Lazarus helps companies appeal to them on an emotional level. Companies should be engaged in something more meaningful than just turning a profit from their customers, and this is part of what he helps startups to uncover.

Luke Lazarus grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and he was a talented entrepreneur by the time he was a child of just 8 years old. He did well in high school and went on to study at the Melbourne Business School where he received his MBA.

After earning his college degree, he went on to build up a number of startups. By the time he reached his mid thirties, he had created enough wealth for himself to never have to work again.

Instead of continuing to do the same thing he had done for years, Lazarus made the decision to change tracks and help others succeed like he had. Making money was no longer his primary focus in life; he wanted to serve others in a more meaningful way.

Luke Lazarus decided to serve startups as a business consultant, and he found success by focusing on analysis and being up front with his clients about their potential.

He knows that it takes a lot more than raw talent to succeed and has encouraged many different business leaders to work hard for what they want.

Many entrepreneurs believe they have everything it takes to be successful in their fields, but they don’t realize they are lacking experience, knowledge, and the skills it takes to succeed. Lazarus knows that many startups fail because the people who lead them don’t understand finance or how to successfully brand an enterprise.

Luke Lazarus is a serial entrepreneur who knows something that most other business leaders don’t. He understands that the majority of startups fail within a few years of being founded.

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Instead of looking at this like it is a bad thing, he has decided to make it his business to help turn these numbers upside down. His expertise and vision are continuing to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create successful enterprises.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant


Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a great cancer treatment company that wants to help people beat their cancer and have the support system they need to get through that hard part of their life. Visit to know more about CTCA.

The company has now named a new CEO to help them continue the legacy that they have started. The new CEO of the company is Dr. Basu who has a huge resume and is more the capable of helping the company to continue what it started. Visit Modern Healthcare to know more about CTCA.

While Dr. Basu doesn’t work with patients on an individual basis anymore his goal is to still help the patients to be treated the way that they should and walk away with the best experience and to be cancer-free. But part of that for the company is making sure that the employees are taken care of. In order to do this, the CTCA pays employees well, gives insurance, and time off this leads to employees that are happy to come in and do their job every day and be that support system for the patients that they see struggling with cancer.



The rise of OSI Group

The meteoric rise of OSI Group is not because of the laziness and unscrupulous behavior of the team. It is because of their efforts and constant support for each other. The Impossible Food Company is a venture that as seen the hand of the OSI Group venture. The two companies deiced to enter into a partnership that will see the impossible burger enter into a large market of retailers. The deal targets to ensure that the burgers are sold in a variety of retail shops that OSI owns.

Besides, they will also attract clients that do not live near the retail ventures as they will also be sold in other food retail shops. The impossible burger is manufactured extraordinarily. First, the entire manufacturing process entails scrutiny by a vast number of scientists.

Food scientists always know what to detail in a product as its ingredient to differentiate it from other ordinary burgers. The rise of the impossible food venture is due to the fame of its burger. The burger has attracted numerous sales in cafes, colleges, restaurants, and hospitals, among other places you may never think of. The burger is a preference for many people. Everyone talks about it. No other company has ever manufactured such burgers and this point out the reason behind its high sales.

Impossible food venture has already returned its investments, and it is currently expanding to bring it to the feet of its clients. The strategy entails partnering with the OSI Group.

The marketing executive of the venture chose to take the collaboration with OSI Group due to its potential. OSI has proven to be a veteran in the food industry due to its long-lasting tenure in the sector. Since 1902 t has not felt any harm from competitors. The two ventures will ensure that people become happier with their best burgers. Besides, there are more plans underway from the two companies to establish another product that will kill most food industries that are not inventive. Firm owners have started to seek the collaboration of the two ventures so they can also acquire their status ad be like them.

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Sergey Petrossov and the JetSmarter Difference


Sergey Petrossov is trying to change the way people fly and, so far, he is a resounding success. He is the founder and CEO of a large private jet travel company called JetSmarter. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and his company has already changed the world of private flying. Furthermore, his business has also gotten the attention of some of the most important investors in the world. People such as Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal Family have taken the time and effort to invest in his company. Now, the company that Sergey Petrossov founded is worth more than $1 billion. This represents a tremendous increase since the company was first founded. All of this is thanks to the revolutionary mind of Sergey Petrossov, who has tried to create a new way for people to fly.

Most people who fly on a regular basis are familiar with the hassle of going commercial. Those who elect to fly with Sergey Petrossov and his company will be treated to a completely different experience. First, when people arrive at the airport, they are going to be greeted by a friendly member of the JetSmarter team. This individual will make sure that everything is perfect and escort the traveler to the plane. This is a stark contrast to the long security lines that people face at commercial airports. Then, the person will help the passenger onto the plane and offer him or her a wide variety of food and drinks. The seats will be spacious and people can kick back and relax for the flight.


If this mode of travel sounds superior to the commercial option, that’s because it is. More people than ever are taking advantage of the service put forth by Sergey Petrossov and the JetSmarter team. As a result, the company has grown by leaps and bounds already and is set to challenge the commercial travel industry.

Marc Beer Discusses the Key Points to Succeeding in Business

As a successful entrepreneur, Marc Beer has significantly spoken of what it takes to achieve success and to maintain the same status for an extended period. One of the major things that upcoming investors should know is that creating a financial plan is one of the key components to succeeding in business. Beer states that it is difficult to succeed in business without having a financial plan because it dictates how one will raise, use, and repay the borrowed funds.


According to Marc Beer, willing to make sacrifices is another recipe for success in the world of business. In this segment, Marc advises upcoming investors to be able to analyze the different investment opportunities available before making the final decision. Marc notes that most of the investors are conflicted about which area they should direct their resources. Any form of indecision is not allowed in investment because it leads to huge losses. Therefore, investors should learn to make sacrifices and choose an opportunity that works.


Remaining logical is another important aspect that investors should include in their investment activities. Marc Beer notes that investment is all about making the right decisions using logic. Without a logical order of thoughts and sacrifices, it is difficult for upcoming investors to make a difference in their investment plans. Marc notes that most of the investors incorporate emotions in their decision-making process, which is a recipe for disaster. Investment heavily relies on facts and data to achieve desired results. Learn more:


Enjoying the entrepreneurial process and focusing on winning are other important metrics that upcoming investors should incorporate. Marc Beer notes that people should focus on enjoying what they are doing. He notes that it is difficult to achieve results if one is not happy and passionate about his activities. Besides being happy, it is important to focus on winning. Investment is all about winning by getting returns on investment. For any business to succeed, it must incorporate a winning mentality in all levels of the organization.


Another important lesson that Marc Beer highlights are that an upcoming investor should learn from failure. Mark notes that the road to success is bumpy and full of surprises. A business will always experience a dip in performance, while external market forces will sometimes have negative impacts on business profits. Experienced and knowledgeable investors take the most painful lessons in their business to learn. Failures help investors to develop resistance and formulate tactics to avoid future business losses.


About Marc Beer


In 1987, Marc Beer graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Miami. As a talented and educated young man, he joined the pharmaceutical industry as a salesperson. He has since moved to the market before becoming an investor in various industries.

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Boris Ivanov: Career and Life

Boris Ivanov is a prolific name that is prominent globally due to his exemplary work. He founded GPB Global Resources BV., a company that has worldwide coverage. It specializes in mineral and petroleum products in Africa and South America. In terms of education, Boris Ivanov holds a degree in International Relations. The Russian businessman worked for Gazprom, where he served as the Director-General. The organization dealt mainly with oil exploration in the overseas market. It is at the firm that he gained proficient skills in the oil realm. He later moved on to GPB Global Resources, where he is the major shareholder.

Before that, Boris Ivanov served at the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was between 1983 and 1993 that he acquired international diplomatic expertise. His station was in Washington DC, where he learned a lot about relations between the US and Russia. Afterward, he returned home and worked as the vice president for the Unibest Bank in Moscow. He financed the major gas and oil industries in his new job until 2000. His career then took another turn to the aviation sector. He got an appointment as the deputy director-general at the Russian Aircraft Corporation. Boris was responsible for identifying new markets and contracts internationally for the company.

Another major milestone for Boris Ivanov was being the advisor to Gazprom. He developed projects and supervised the activities in other countries. His notable accomplishment was sealing a deal worth $1 billion. The funds were used to build a power plant in Namibia that supplied natural gas. He attributes his success in various firms to an effective leadership style. It entails recruiting the right people for the ideal responsibilities. What’s more, he believes that the boss should listen to employees and lead them. Besides work, Boris Ivanov spends time with his family and friends, as well. He also enjoys classical music that touches the soul. Sports-wise, he is a football enthusiast who loves the game. In terms of philanthropic efforts, he contributes generously to Princess Grace Foundation. Moreover, he has a positive energy that has made him successful. Boris insists that everything is possible with a relentless spirit.

U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of gold, silver, and platinum coins, giving clients access to a team of highly-trained professionals and experts. Not only that, the Reserve donates a portion of its sales to over 70 nonprofit organizations.

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They have served over 500,000 individual customers, and have been in business for over a decade. They also have the industry’s only female CEO, Angela Koch, who oversees operations and focuses on teaching her employees how to run the business.

Working for the Reserve, helping clients make smart decisions about gold, silver, and platinum, has been a great experience for Angela. Additionally, her unique, teaching-oriented approach to leadership has blended well with the field of sales, allowing her to teach her salesmen and saleswomen not only how to sell, but also things like how to run a system, company materials, and analyzing and catering to customers’ needs.

This sets the Reserve apart from other sales organizations, which focus only on their employees selling more, rather than teaching how to improve the quality of their service.

Angela believes that the role of CEO includes taking care of her employees, believing that focusing on the growth and happiness of employees could ultimately lead to company success, saying that her employees can “move the needle.”

In teaching employees how to make good business decisions, Angela produces results for the Reserve and facilitates significant personal and developmental improvements in her employees.

Angela became CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve by uncommon means, beginning by dropping out of college. After marrying and having a child, she found herself working to support her family while her husband took classes. It was this struggle that helped Angela decide to work hard and learn as much as she could.

She jumped into two-to-three jobs, and absorbed as much data and skill sets as possible at each company, in a diverse set of industries. She found she could take any job, learn the necessary data, and succeed. As a young person with no degree, it was difficult to find jobs that would accept her, but Angela made it work.

Her work in a Jewish Foundation lead to a position at KLA-Tencor, where she met a mentor who provided her next job certifying his ranch as non-hormone treated cattle.

It was going through this job of defining and implementing processes that turned out to be her calling, as she moved to the U.S. Money Reserve and worked her way to CEO.

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Angela says her essential steps while she expands the Reserve are not looking back, looking at life as a basket that must be balanced, and knowing who she is, especially her strengths. Angela knows that success is mandatory, and will ensure that there are no excuses to getting there.

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Oren Frank: Breaking the Stigma Against Mental Health

Mental health is an important issue, and in the United States, more than 46 million people are diagnosed with a mental condition. However, the stigma attributed to mental health prevents others from seeing a doctor talk about the state of their mind. This changed with the introduction of Talkspace – an application that makes it easier for people to talk to therapists. This app was created by Oren Frank in 2012 and his goal when creating Talkspace was to provide an avenue for the people where they can share what they feel and what goes on inside their mind.

Check out to read full interview of Oren Frank.

Oren Frank said that the idea behind Talkspace was conceived after he spoke to a therapist about the status of his married life. He and his wife are always having problems, and he thought that speaking with a therapist might help. In the end, the therapist provided him with tips on how he can overcome the problems that he is experiencing, and it worked well. Then, an idea came to his mind – he should create an app where the people and the therapists can contact each other to encourage conversation. He launched Talkspace, and it became an instant hit.

The app now caters to more than one million people around the world, and everyone is using the application to contact their therapist and initiate a conversation. The therapists who signed up for Talkspace are happy knowing about so many patients, and they loved talking to people who have different issues. Talkspace has become a bridge that makes it possible for the people and the therapists to speak to one another, even without leaving their homes. This saved a lot of time and money, and the experience is still the same. The feedback from the public that uses Talkspace is also positive – they loved the way that the app works.

Since the app’s launch in 2012, Oren Frank introduced new features that make the conversation more fun. He said that more developments are still planned for the app, and he hopes that these changes will be deployed sooner. He is also planning of promoting the app even more to stop the stigma about mental health. Learn More:

Investment by Dyal Capital Partners Leads to Promotions at HGGC

In March 2019, the private equity firm HGGC (Huntsman Gay Global Capital) announced that ten current employees have received promotions. Additionally, five new names were added to the firm’s payroll. The promotions and addition of new staff are the results of a strategic investment in Huntsman Gay made by Dyal Capital Partners.

The Promotions List

Peter Cozzi was promoted to Senior Associate. Kurt Krieger who sits on the board of multiple HGGC companies has been elevated to Chief Legal Officer. Prior to his promotion to Principal Jay Tabu held the post of Vice President. Previously a Senior Associate Chris Shulze is now a Vice President. Lance Taylor was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Neha Vaidya moved up from Associate to Senior Associate.

The New Partners

An 11-year employee Harv Barenz’s chief responsibility is to guide companies in the HGGC portfolio through acquisitions. Most recently Les Brown served on the Board of Directors of Huntsman Gay’s Fund II. Steven Leistner’s responsibilities at HGGC have included working on the firm’s Fund II and Fund III. 

The Mi9 Merger

In 2018 Huntsman Gay Global Capital merged with Mi9 Retail. John Block who was instrumental in bringing about the merger was among those recently elevated to partner at HGGC. Mi9 produces retail software that is utilized by hundreds of well-known brands including Nike. The merger provides Mi9 with capital for new product development.

About Huntsman Gay Global Capital

HGGC’S primary focus is on investing in technology companies. Currently, the firm’s investment portfolio consists of 130 companies. Those 130 companies represent $4.3 billion in investments. Since its inception in 2007, the total value of Huntsman Gay Global Capital’s investment portfolio has grown to exceed $20 billion.

About Dyal Capital Partners

Through its Business Service Platform (BSP) Dyal Capital offers Capital Strategies and Advisory Services to the financial firms it works with. As an investment firm Dyal operates as a minority investor. A minority investment is less than 50% stake in a company. A multinational company Dyal Capital Partners manages $21 billion in capital commitments.

Maarten de Jeu: Recap

Strategic business advisor Maarten de Jeu is a coach to individuals whose net worth is ultra-high, fortune 100 companies, and technology startups. Retail centers with five or more units, hotels, offices, industrial buildings, and apartments are all types of commercial real estate properties. Wealth can be achieved through these high-income streams by investing in these types of properties. You can diversify your portfolio by investing in commercial real estate. However, there is a risk involved in investing in commercial real estate. According to Maarten de Jeu, maximum rewards and avoiding risks the following tips and information can be used.


Information About Maarten de Jeu


Maarten de Jeu is a graduate of the University of Oxford who obtained an MBA and graduated top of his class. Career success was obtained through his academic education allowing himself to become an expert in financial services, commercial real estate investment, and international business. At Aviva’s office located in London, he held the position of Director of Corporate Development and strategy as well as Manager of International Strategy. Maarten collaborated with top companies such as ING, Heinz, and Sara Lee under TVDK Management Consultants as a consultant. De Jeu started SVM Business Advisory in 2012 in Chicago Illinois. Because of his comprehension of cultural and global institutional settings, industry knowledge, international experience, and technical skills, clients of SVM Business Advisory can acquire benefits from his knowledge. He is also active in various community and business associations. He is multilingual and enjoys family time and playing tennis when he has free time and is also active in business and community associations.


What Are the Benefits of Commercial Real Estate?


Money can be earned in two ways after real estate property is purchased. Through value appreciation of your property over time and rental income. Property can be improved to increase its value even though the demand and value can be influenced by multiple economic forces. Property renovation can lead to a higher selling price in the future as well as increase rental income. there are similarities in residential real estate and commercial real estate but there are key advantages of investing in commercial real estate. Learn more:


  • An increase in owner benefits.
  • Consistent cash flow.
  • Decreased competition.
  • Income with a higher return.


Commercial Real Estate Investing Tips From Maarten de Jeu


  • Networking and relationships are crucial in commercial real estate investing. 
  • A credibility package should be created.
  • The metrics of commercial real estate must be understood.
  • Research must be done.
  • The right people must be hired.
  • Stay involved with your property to ensure a smooth-running business and satisfied customers.


Your portfolio and earning potential can be significant with commercial real estate investing. Investments in commercial real estate can pay off if you are involved in proper planning, in the proper financial position, and understand that there are risks with investing. Those who follow Maarten de Jeu’s coaching tips have successfully been got it through the process. You can achieve great investment returns and the perfect deals by following his tips.

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