Securus Technologies Offering Award Winning Customer Service in Correctional Sphere

The correctional sphere has been undergoing a massive transformation in the past couple of decades. The modernization in this sector has been happening at a rapid pace, and it is due to the companies like Securus Technologies and the innovation they are brought to the table.

Securus Technologies has helped in ways more than one to ensure that the inmates can communicate with their friends and family members more frequently than before due to their secure and affordable inmate communication services. The new video visitation facility Securus Technologies recently released has made it possible for the inmates and their family members to talk to each other through the video interface on their mobile or tablet. Such innovative technology makes it possible for the inmates to stay connected to the outside world securely.

Securus Technologies focuses heavily on the customer service it provides, and the internet is flooded with positive feedback about their products and services. The customers can be sure that they would be able to reach out to the company any time of the day or night they need an answer through the company’s customer helpline number. Securus Technologies has also received an award for their customer service, the Gold Stevie Award. It is a very highly reputed award in the corporate world, given to the companies that are showcasing excellence in their respective sectors.

The law enforcement officers who have been using the investigative technology offered by the company have found it to be beneficial. It helps in catching the culprits with ease and gives them an upper hand over the criminals. It is, for this reason, many of the law enforcement officers have written e-mails and letters about how these services have proved to be helpful in their profession. Securus Technologies recently published many of their comments from these letters through a press release.

Jeff Yastine of Banyan Publishing Exudes Diligence in Asset Protection

Individuals who have put significant resources into wealth creation understand the value of asset protection. An asset protection plan requires the input of a professional, financial advisor who understands the extensive ropes and terminologies of property acquisition and maintenance. Aside from working directly with asset protection advisors, there are books and articles crafted for the same purpose to provide insight on wealth accumulation. That is where Banyan Hill Publishing comes in, to offer advice on wealth accumulation. Behind the able brains of Banyan, Hill Publishing is a man by the name Jeff L. Yastine. He is the editorial executive of the firm and has been working since 2015. Jeff’s input in the organization borders editorial operates with the purpose of empowering investors across the United States.


Mr. Yastine has also worked for Total Wealth Insider through providing weekly contributions that assist regular investors in understanding the links required in wealth creation and asset protection. Jeff’s experiences have earned him a top spot in Banyan Hill’s Sovereign docket where he was known as a winning investor whose strategies can be trusted to empower others. Jeff has been handy in helping investors to understand the risks of investing in aggressive investment dockets without a backup plan.


A business report indicated that Yastine has been working as an asset advisor for over ten years. He worked from 1994 to 2010. What Yastine majors in is talking to potential investors about the risks involved in putting money in specific dockets. These people are majorly financiers and entrepreneurs. Yastine also reported a couple of investment stories that identified the growth of stocks in small as well as large companies. Read more on  for more info.

Leadership in Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine is also a leader. He manages the editorial teams at Banyan Publishing. That is done through ensuring that the economic reports are not only factual but also fit the demands of the audiences. That is an additional task that describes Jeff Yastine’s success in business and leadership.

Banyan Hill Publishing

At Banyan Hill Publishing, asset protection is of the essence. The firm was established to provide lessons, training and research programs on asset and wealth creation as well as protection from competitive market conditions. With the assistance of an individual like Jeff Yastine, Bayan Hill Publishing has provided step-by-step diligence in blueprint with the aim of protecting wealth. Banyan Hill Publishing identifies the market atmosphere by carrying out extensive research regarding security and growth. The firm also provides economic reports on the same discipline.

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Investing Excerpt Jeff Yastine Finds Value In Amazon’s Competitors

Investing Excerpt Jeff Yastine Finds Value In Amazon’s Competitors

In the world of investing and e-commerce, Amazon has become the 800-pound gorilla in the room. With outsized market gains and a total domination of the e-commerce space, many people would not consider investing in any other online retailer. Investing expert, Jeff Yastine, however actually sees some opportunities in those who do battle with Amazon.

In a recent blog post, Mr. Yastine believes that 2018 is the year that Amazon competitor’s merge in order to compete with the online giant. One company, in particular, is eBay which is seen as a possible takeover target by Google’s parent company Alphabet. Another possible buyout target could be Kroger. Ever since Amazon purchased Whole Foods, online companies are looking for a way to break into the grocery space. And Kroger has a large enough retail presence with 3,000 stores across the United States.


The third takeover target, according to Jeff Yastine, is W.W. Grainger Inc. The industrial supplier may not seem like an obvious choice. However, Mr. Yastine believes that W.W. Grainger’s large network of warehouses can help online companies compete with Amazon’s incredible distribution reach.


Jess Yastine believes that all three companies are attractive takeover targets because they are all profitable, well-run organizations. And Mr. Yastine believes that each of these three companies perfectly fills a need required by Amazon’s top competitors. Mr. Yastine believes that at least one of these companies will be taken over by a large online company, or a company that sees Amazon as a threat, within the next 12 months.


Jeff Yastine is best known as a former anchor as well as a former correspondent for the PBS Nightly Business Report. For almost two decades, Jess Yastine reported on major business and financial news stories from the tech bull run of the 1990s to the housing crisis of 2008. Other major stories covered by Mr. Yastine include the Deep Water Horizon oil spill disaster and the financial fallout from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Today, Mr. Yastine is the editor of the financial and investing newsletter Total Wealth Insider. Published by Banyan Hill, Total Wealth Insider provides weekly insights into the financial and investment markets. In addition to his own newsletter, Mr. Yastine also contributes content to other Banyan Hill published newsletters including Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily.



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Traveling The World Thanks To The Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport is located in Somoa is one of the area’s largest airports. They feature two separate airlines within the airport itself, with one of those airlines being connected to America. This allows travelers to go to America and come from that area as well. Because of its size Fagali’I Airport, has thousands of employees working both day and night to make your traveling experience a good one. Recently owned by the federal and local government, the Fagali’I Airport was bought out by Polynesian Airlines and transformed into what you see today.

The benefits to utilizing the Fagali’I Airport is that the airport allows you to quickly and conveniently book your flights through their website. Their website has been designed to make it easy to book a flight and print out your ticket for future use. Because of this, locals and foreigners are finding the Fagali’I Airport to be a prime spot for booking their destination vacations and making necessary travel plans according to Whether you’re looking to go on holiday or you’re traveling for work, the Fagali’I Airport offers flights at reasonable prices so that you never feel like you are spending a small fortune just to be able to travel both locally and abroad.

Fagali’I Airport has been one of the leading airports in the Somoa area, and it is why it is currently used by millions of people throughout the year. Since its inception over a decade ago, Fagali’I Airport has seen millions of people come and go while traveling. Their helpful staff is available to answer any questions that you might have, making it easy and quick to travel without having to worry that you are not able to get the deals and offers that you need. In fact, the Fagali’I Airport is continually offering deals and specials for frequent travelers to make flying even more affordable than ever before. In order to learn more about what the Fagali’I Airport offer and how to book a flight, you’re going to want to visit their site or on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to obtain more information.

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Dick Devos Recap Article

The story of Dick and Betsy DeVos has been incredibly rooted in community programs, education, and the city of Grand Rapids, their hometown. Dick DeVos has contributed greatly to the success of businesses in his hometown by working with aviation companies and city leaders to create something better.


One incident stands out among the rest in recent years. Grand Rapids was set to build a new sports multi-plex in the heart of downtown. Dick DeVos started to lobby against the idea, not because he did not want to support businesses, but he had seen what happened when the Pistons and Lions left Detroit in the 1970s. That had devastated the city and the Pontiac Superdome had drained the city’s finances.


At the, time DeVos said that he had learned a lesson from those years. He put his efforts into creating other ways for businesses to thrive in Grand Rapids. Another example was the upgrades to the Grand Airports Airport.


By 2018, Grand Rapids will have an entirely new airport design with new terminals and services that will make it a top-class airport. Flights have also been added from Southwest, which purchased AirTran. Much of this can be attributed to the workings of Dick DeVos who called the CEO of AirTran and asked him to help make Grand Rapids one of the best airports in the nation.


AirTran agreed to add new flights for St. Louis, Detroit, and Orlando, and it led to $48 million success story for the company. Dick DeVos has recently been appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council. As the upcoming CEO for Amway and a pilot himself, DeVos seemed to be perfect the role. He also proposed a plan that would take air travel towards a business approach, which was largely lost on the media.


DeVos’ plan has impressed Southwest executives that they held it up as a way for other cities to work with Southwest to get more flights added.


Dick and Betsy DeVos also run a foundation which has given over $187 million to charities and community organization, especially for arts, cultural, community leadership, family services, and education. They continue to work as a team to support communities, particularly in their home state.


During his speech at The Economic Club of Grand Rapids in June 2017, it is clear that Dick DeVos has big plans to help aviation companies and airports reach new heights in 2018. Learn more:

Turning Passion into Business Success: Bernardo Chua’s Story

For those who keep up with business and marketing news, Bernardo Chua is a popular name. The businessman had made a name for himself in the entrepreneurship sector.

He is not only passionate about what he does, but he is also keep on helping others achieve his kind of success in the marketing sector. Chua has been involved in multi-marketing level since he started his own company, Organo Gold.


For most people who look up to Chua, his business model is impressive. He is also known for his business acumen and charity work. An alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas, Chua always wanted to become a doctor when he grew up.

However, he went on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in the Philippines. It was his passion for living a healthy life which propelled him towards the beverage industry.


When starting off his career, Chua worked for several companies. When he finally established his own company, he decided to use the ideas which he had developed all along.

The ideas included a marketing model that would see the expansion of Organo Gold in many countries in the world. With his marketing strategies, he has not only created jobs for millions of people, but he has also made an impact on communities where the company operates in.


Apart from his businesses, Bernado Chua takes charity very seriously. Not only does he donate to charity, but he also uses his foundation to oversee projects in various areas around the world. His organisation is called the OG Cares Foundation helps the less fortunate. Through employment, Chua also contributes to the general development of communities around him.


Chua attributes his success to his passion for what he loves. His beverage products contain healthy and nutritious components. These are usually derived from herbs and essential oils. One of the main ingredients in the Organo Gold products is ganoderma.

The herb grows in some parts of Asia, and it is associated with good health and general wellness. With his products, Bernardo Chua has reached millions of people, and touched their lives in one way or another.

Fabletics: the new fab style

There are many fashion companies out there, but one emerging line to take note of is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Started by Kate Hudson, it offers for both men and women a variety of workout gear such as pants, leggings, tops, and a great deal more for anything you need to feel both stylish and comfortable while working out. The brand has set itself apart from its many competitors by offering an extensive collection of many sizes and shapes. By offering high compression, sweat wicking fabrics, and sun protection these clothes are ideal for most environments. It is all about allowing everyone to be the best version of themselves they can.


Fabletics has found much of its success by using the reverse showroom technique. This technique is one where, as opposed to the norm of browsing online only to go buy cheaper elsewhere physically, the shoppers are allowed to browse the fabletics merchandise online at an already cheap price, and become satisfied with the one supplier before going to the store. There is no need to scour other shops for less expensive and better; you have already found what you like, and are comfortable to make the purchase. By using online data, fabletics stays current with its customers needs to stock its stores. It is the ideal clothing line, as it changes with the customers interests. It is a more modern take for the shopping experience.


As subscriptions are available for your own monthly collection, this allows the customers favorite brands to always be available and attuned to a personal style. It is convenient, individual, while still a little daring. The customer experience of not having to wait in lines while still receiving the clothes and service you want makes fabletics a great and easy pick.


Kate Hudson’s take on the winning athleisure brand is one of passion and innovative new details. She wanted the brand to succeed simply based on its customers happiness from the products available. By keeping in the know every day, Hudson is aware of what is needed changes, or what could make the customer experience better.


An easy way to see which fabletics style is right for you is to take the quiz on Lifestyle. Find out which look would get you in the mindset to work it out while looking great. Get a stylish, quality outfit while not breaking your wallet with Fabletics.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has Some Big Shoes to Fill After Taking Over from Lazaro Brandao as Bradesco Chairman


Brazil has the most advanced economy in South America. Its financial sector greatly outshines that of its competitors both in participation and size. Among the raft of banks that operate in this sector is Bradesco – the second largest private bank in the country. Bradesco is today worth close to $400 billion and has an extensive branch network of about 5,500 branches. In the coming years, the bank hopes to continue growing become the largest among private lender. However, its ability to do so will be greatly influenced by the actions taken in the next few months. The bank recently experienced a huge leadership shakeup. Its former chairman, Lazaro Brandao was replaced by the current president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. This, in turn, prompted the search for a new president.

Filling Lazaro Brandao’s Big Shoes

Before his resignation a few weeks ago, Lazaro Brandao had been the chairman of Bradesco’s board for the last 27 years. Before that, he had been serving as the bank’s president, having taken over from the founder Amador Aguiar. In total, Lazaro Brandao had spent 74 years at the bank before his departure. That is as old as the bank itself. Understandably, therefore, replacing his influence and presence at the bank will be a tall order to ask of anyone, including the highly decorated Luiz Carlos Trabuco. However, the situation is slightly helped by the fact that Brandao has for the last few years been mentoring Mr. Trabuco. Further, he lent his voice of approval on Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s appointment as his successor soon after it was announced. Consequently, while Mr. Trabuco is a different type of leader to Lazaro Brandao, all signs point to the fact that he is a competent leader and will enjoy an equally successful tenure.

Promoting from Within the Bank

Thus far, Bradesco has only had four presidents in its 74-year existence. In addition to the already mentioned Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Lazaro Brandao, founder Amador Aguiar and Marcio Cypriano have also served in this enviable position. One thing that these four presidents all share is that they were working at Bradesco before their appointment to the position – except for Amador Aguiar who founded the bank. Since Bradesco is famed for its strict adherence to tradition, the fifth president will also certainly be chosen from among the employees at the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Commitment to Excellence

Looking back at the track record Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had thus far at Bradesco; it is easy to understand why the board picked him to succeed Lazaro Brandao. One of the best ways to gauge a leader’s performance is to look through his/her list of individual accolades – Luiz Carlos Trabuco has them in abundance. While working as the president of Bradesco’s insurance subsidiary, Mr. Trabuco was on two separate occasions named the insurance personality of the year. He received the award in 2003 and 2007 as a result of not only growing the insurance company but also growing the Brazilian insurance industry in general. A few years later, while now serving as the president of Bradesco, he was honored as the entrepreneur of the year in the finance category. This award was in recognition of the critical role he had played in engineering the largest acquisition of 2015, despite the year being marked by economic recession. Further, he was as recently as 2016 named among the list of the best chief executive officers in Brazil by Forbes magazine. Should he continue with the same zeal and passion in his new position, there is little doubt that Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue receiving this individual accolades. Visit Luiz Carlos Trabuco on facebook.

Larkin and Lacey; the Human Rights Advocates

Over the years, more and more civil and human rights groups have cropped up. This is due to the fact that the world is slowly becoming a global village and people can basically move anywhere in the world now and settle there.

The civil rights groups have lobbied for the rights of natives and immigrants, children, women, veterans, etc. with the immigration of people, civil society groups realized that there lacked rules to protect immigrants and started lobbying to help said immigrants.


Some of the human rights groups include The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) based in California. Founded in 1986, CHIRLA is focused on the creation of an all-inclusive society where everyone, native or immigrant, has full rights and freedoms and enabling participation of immigrants in democracy. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The Amazon Watch is another human rights group based in San Francisco. They work with other environmental organizations to push for the rights of indigenous people e.g. the rights of Red Indians in the United States of America.


The ACLU Immigrant Rights Project is focused on protecting the civil and human rights of immigrants. Through litigation, advocacy and outreach, the group has seen to the legislation of rules of law protecting immigrants at the Supreme Court and district courts.

At the forefront of the global fight for human rights are The Human Rights Advocates. With the help of volunteers and partners, the group has seen to the implementation of an international human rights standard while still enforcing the rule of law.


Following their arrest and $3.75 million settlement, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to use the settlement money to fund organizations that lobby for human rights. Michael and Jim were arrested and jailed after doing a story on the Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

The Phoenix New Times article covered an ongoing dispute between the Maricopa county attorney and the sheriff’s office. The ensuing events saw the two journalists arrested by plainclothes deputy sheriffs and jailed for a while.


When the settlement money got to Larkin and Lacey, the two founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which contributes to organizations that champion for immigrant rights throughout the border city of Arizona.

In March 2008. Larkin and Lacey were named civil libertarians by AZ ACLU. The president of the ACLU Foundation of Arizona, John Hay, while presenting them with the award commended Lacey and Larkin for the civil rights work they have been doing for almost five decades now.


NewsWatch, the Leading Review Show

NewsWatch is a TV show which airs in the morning on AMC network, Ion television, and other broadcasters. The show focuses on consumer news, electronic reviews, celebrity news, mobile apps reviews and government news. The program began airing in 1990 as a financial show and later grew to a TV magazine covering more topics related to the people. Show accommodates for editorial and paid sections for consumers who would like to advertise their brand after being approved by the editor. The forum has a unique way of presenting their information, with each section in a program lasting between at an average of two minutes. The show’s host is Susan Bridges, Michelle Ison, and Andrew Tropeano. The company’s offices are in Fairfax, VA, New York City and Denver, CO.


As technology started growing, news watch developed an interest in 2011 regarding the technology in the market in 2011. The shows helped showcase at least 500 companies including Siemens, Sony, Audi and the Volkswagen team. News watch as part of the program also provided numerous reviews. At the beginning of 2012, Andrew Tropeano began hosting a segment called the AppWatch that featured new mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The show grew a massive following on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube with the later having more than 4 million views as at July this year. A few celebrities have featured in NewsWatch, such as Chris Pratt, Julie Bowen, Paul Sorvino, Julianne Moore, Jerry West, Joe Montana, Jeff Montana and much other more.


NewsWatch recently reviewed Saygus which is an American company that manufactures mobile phones. NewsWatch help to advertise the business which is set to launch its smartphones in Barcelona. The company focuses on consumer experience as per Tim Rush who is in charge of marketing and PR. He recommends news watch due to the professionalism of delivering information to the right consumers and the position of the media. Tim Rush hopes to push the sales of his company through NewsWatch.