Larry Madowo Loves His Defaced Wikipedia Page

Larry Madowo, host of The Trend show on NTV, received a screenshot of his Wikipedia page one morning from one of his viewers, only to discover that the edited version listed him as being born in 1889 and employed as a politician. The edited version went on to describe him as a “Kenyan politician who was the leader of the Kazi Party,” The incorrect information states that he was birthed in Uganda, where his trade was mining copper. In 1919, he aligned himself with the Kenyan workers party, emerging as the leader of the can’t see party in 1921. In an attempt to establish control and power over the girl God movement, he staged a failed attempt to revolt in Kisumu. The page further claims that from 1933 to 1945, Madowo served as the Chancellor of Kenya while simultaneously serving as the leader of the Kazi Kenya party. As the dictator of this organization, it claims his invasion of Poland in September 1939 initiated will award to in Europe and that he played a significant role in the Jewish Holocaust. The report concludes by stating that even though there are suspicions that he could possibly be a vampire, for now Madowo works as news anchor. You can see why when someone decides to edit a Wikipedia page it can be all fun and games or it can be a nightmare for the company.

Occurrences such as this, while rare, are possible since the portal is open to businesses and individuals to monitor or update a Wikipedia page. The problem comes into play when people either input incorrect information that could be viewed as malicious, or the result of someone obtaining information without verifying the accuracy of the information before making Wikipedia revisions. In either case, the end result is incorrect information that must be identified and corrected before it is too late. In some cases, especially when the page is about a celebrity or business, the individual or entity named in the page is not notified of the information quickly, have no knowledge of the inaccuracy of the information, and does not have the available time or detailed knowledge on how to remedy the situation.

For this reason among others, hiring a Wikipedia expert from an editing service Get Your Wiki is a beneficial option for individuals or businesses to create a Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki does more than just create the page. In addition to editing the content and verifying the information for accuracy by providing resources and references, allowing Get Your Wiki to create a Wiki page for you will prevent your page from being flagged or worst deleted. Because Wikipedia does not support self promotion, pages that are submitted by creation companies like Get Your Wiki are often rejected or removed from the database soon after they are uploaded. Instead of wasting time creating something that will not be beneficial in the end, it is easier, faster, simpler, safer and more assuring to have Get Your Wiki make a Wikipedia page for you.

Crystal Hunt Has Proven She Belongs

It can be hard to not only survive but thrive in Hollywood. It is a very competitive field with a lot of talented actors and actresses. A lot of people are competing for the same jobs. However, one actress has stood out and made a positive impression on casting directors and agents. She did it at the age of 17. Crystal Hunt is someone that has always known what she wanted to do. It was her dream to be an actress and when she put her mind to and set out to do it, nothing was going to stop Crystal Hunt. That is one of the many bright spots about Hollywood: dreams do come true.

Her big break came when she appeared on 23 episodes of The Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding. This performance was so good and captivated audiences so well that it earned her an Emmy nomination. Again, one must keep in mind that she was only 17 when she got the part. She didn’t fall down the same pitfalls as other young actresses or actors. She stayed on the straight and narrow. She was a sponge on set and tried to absorb as much information as she could from her co-stars.

She also appeared in the film, The Derby Stallion, with Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron in addition to working alongside Amanda Bynes in Sydney White. These are both two very different mediums but she took on the challenge and embraced it to the fullest. Acting is what she lives for, what she loves, and the best is yet to come for her in the future. She has her head on straight, people remember her for talented acting, and she is fully committed to this. Crystal Hunt doesn’t want to do anything else but act. Her biggest role so far was in the Warner Brothers flick, Magic Mike XXL, which has quite a following of fans.

Online Reputation Management and PR Services

Status Labs was privileged to be named by Inc. magazine in their Inc. 500 List. The List offers an exclusive ranking of private companies in the country that are experiencing accelerated growth. Status Labs was ranked on the 339th position of the record, and its recognition was for its notable growth between 2012 and 2015 with a margin of 1,099%. The firm has established itself as an outstanding digital reputation management and public relations firm, which continues to innovate the marketing and public relations sectors.

The company has seen a significant improvement in the market position under the adept leadership of Darius Fisher, who is the current President and CEO of the firm. The rise in its position is as a result of the company creating new online service offerings as well as building a world-class base of clientele, which includes a lot of Fortune 500 businesses and public figures throughout the world.

Darius Fisher acknowledges the achievement as a testament the growing demand for online reputation management, marketing campaigns, SEO and strategic digital PR. He adds that they were honored with the recognition, and they will continue offering excellent services to keep up with the rising demand. The firm has long-term goals of growing massive and hiring new, capable talent.

Status Labs is one of the greatest independent entrepreneurs of America. The firm has its headquarters in Austin with other offices open in San Paulo and New York. Status Labs is a digital reputation management company, which enables its wide range of clientele to engage their audiences effectively. The company can do this with compelling content that fosters participation and sales.

Status Labs offers creative solutions, which are tailored to the unique needs of individual clients to increase the digital footprint of a brand to image management. The goal of the reputation management firm is to help its customers look their best in relevant search results and substantially grow their sales through effective public relations and digital marketing strategy. Status Labs provides its services to more than 1,500 customers in over 35 countries. Visit Status Labs’ official website,, to learn more about their PR and online reputation management services.

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Securus Video Visitations: Facilitating Hope

I’ve been in the legal field for over 30 years, and I’ve seen programs come and go. Some needed to be shelved, others we would have done well to hold tight to. That being said, I am excited and encouraged by Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation opportunity for my incarcerated clients. Jail, in general, is traumatic. That is true for every person who ends up there, no matter how many times it happens. There are not many comforts I have been able to offer over the years, but when I tell my charges that they have a video visitation option available to them, a little hope creeps into their faces. After a bit, once they’ve experienced a video visitation, they are generally beaming and tend to become even more resolute about doing what is required to get them on the road to returning to those they love. That ray of hope makes my job a tad easier. It’s really no surprise to me that Securus Technologies is the company that has provided the video visitation service. They provide telecommunication technologies thousands of law enforcement professionals, scores of us from civil and criminal law, and well over 1,000,000 incarcerated individuals in the U.S. and Mexico. Securus Technologies is the company that facilitates easier, more efficient filing of inmate paperwork and dependable surveillance. They even make educational pursuits from behind bars a reality. I read over some of the comments from my clients about family just before court, and the lot of them had very positive things to say about using Securus’s video visitation service. I shared what I could in court, illuminating the recurring points that the video visitation was ‘powerful’, ‘personal’, and a ‘real way to see what I’m working to get out for’. I have found that bringing people together in these challenging times, bridging the gap between the offender and those they love most, reduces stress and violence and acts as a reward for acceptable behavior. My clients and the lawyers from my firm have been impressed with the video visitation Securus provides. It will be fascinating to see just what they will do next to improve the lives of those behind bars, and those who have spent our lives serving them.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.