Turning Passion into Business Success: Bernardo Chua’s Story

For those who keep up with business and marketing news, Bernardo Chua is a popular name. The businessman had made a name for himself in the entrepreneurship sector.

He is not only passionate about what he does, but he is also keep on helping others achieve his kind of success in the marketing sector. Chua has been involved in multi-marketing level since he started his own company, Organo Gold.


For most people who look up to Chua, his business model is impressive. He is also known for his business acumen and charity work. An alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas, Chua always wanted to become a doctor when he grew up.

However, he went on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in the Philippines. It was his passion for living a healthy life which propelled him towards the beverage industry.


When starting off his career, Chua worked for several companies. When he finally established his own company, he decided to use the ideas which he had developed all along.

The ideas included a marketing model that would see the expansion of Organo Gold in many countries in the world. With his marketing strategies, he has not only created jobs for millions of people, but he has also made an impact on communities where the company operates in.


Apart from his businesses, Bernado Chua takes charity very seriously. Not only does he donate to charity, but he also uses his foundation to oversee projects in various areas around the world. His organisation is called the OG Cares Foundation helps the less fortunate. Through employment, Chua also contributes to the general development of communities around him.


Chua attributes his success to his passion for what he loves. His beverage products contain healthy and nutritious components. These are usually derived from herbs and essential oils. One of the main ingredients in the Organo Gold products is ganoderma.

The herb grows in some parts of Asia, and it is associated with good health and general wellness. With his products, Bernardo Chua has reached millions of people, and touched their lives in one way or another.

Fabletics: the new fab style

There are many fashion companies out there, but one emerging line to take note of is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Started by Kate Hudson, it offers for both men and women a variety of workout gear such as pants, leggings, tops, and a great deal more for anything you need to feel both stylish and comfortable while working out. The brand has set itself apart from its many competitors by offering an extensive collection of many sizes and shapes. By offering high compression, sweat wicking fabrics, and sun protection these clothes are ideal for most environments. It is all about allowing everyone to be the best version of themselves they can.


Fabletics has found much of its success by using the reverse showroom technique. This technique is one where, as opposed to the norm of browsing online only to go buy cheaper elsewhere physically, the shoppers are allowed to browse the fabletics merchandise online at an already cheap price, and become satisfied with the one supplier before going to the store. There is no need to scour other shops for less expensive and better; you have already found what you like, and are comfortable to make the purchase. By using online data, fabletics stays current with its customers needs to stock its stores. It is the ideal clothing line, as it changes with the customers interests. It is a more modern take for the shopping experience.


As subscriptions are available for your own monthly collection, this allows the customers favorite brands to always be available and attuned to a personal style. It is convenient, individual, while still a little daring. The customer experience of not having to wait in lines while still receiving the clothes and service you want makes fabletics a great and easy pick.


Kate Hudson’s take on the winning athleisure brand is one of passion and innovative new details. She wanted the brand to succeed simply based on its customers happiness from the products available. By keeping in the know every day, Hudson is aware of what is needed changes, or what could make the customer experience better.


An easy way to see which fabletics style is right for you is to take the quiz on Lifestyle. Find out which look would get you in the mindset to work it out while looking great. Get a stylish, quality outfit while not breaking your wallet with Fabletics.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has Some Big Shoes to Fill After Taking Over from Lazaro Brandao as Bradesco Chairman


Brazil has the most advanced economy in South America. Its financial sector greatly outshines that of its competitors both in participation and size. Among the raft of banks that operate in this sector is Bradesco – the second largest private bank in the country. Bradesco is today worth close to $400 billion and has an extensive branch network of about 5,500 branches. In the coming years, the bank hopes to continue growing become the largest among private lender. However, its ability to do so will be greatly influenced by the actions taken in the next few months. The bank recently experienced a huge leadership shakeup. Its former chairman, Lazaro Brandao was replaced by the current president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. This, in turn, prompted the search for a new president.

Filling Lazaro Brandao’s Big Shoes

Before his resignation a few weeks ago, Lazaro Brandao had been the chairman of Bradesco’s board for the last 27 years. Before that, he had been serving as the bank’s president, having taken over from the founder Amador Aguiar. In total, Lazaro Brandao had spent 74 years at the bank before his departure. That is as old as the bank itself. Understandably, therefore, replacing his influence and presence at the bank will be a tall order to ask of anyone, including the highly decorated Luiz Carlos Trabuco. However, the situation is slightly helped by the fact that Brandao has for the last few years been mentoring Mr. Trabuco. Further, he lent his voice of approval on Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s appointment as his successor soon after it was announced. Consequently, while Mr. Trabuco is a different type of leader to Lazaro Brandao, all signs point to the fact that he is a competent leader and will enjoy an equally successful tenure.

Promoting from Within the Bank

Thus far, Bradesco has only had four presidents in its 74-year existence. In addition to the already mentioned Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Lazaro Brandao, founder Amador Aguiar and Marcio Cypriano have also served in this enviable position. One thing that these four presidents all share is that they were working at Bradesco before their appointment to the position – except for Amador Aguiar who founded the bank. Since Bradesco is famed for its strict adherence to tradition, the fifth president will also certainly be chosen from among the employees at the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Commitment to Excellence

Looking back at the track record Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had thus far at Bradesco; it is easy to understand why the board picked him to succeed Lazaro Brandao. One of the best ways to gauge a leader’s performance is to look through his/her list of individual accolades – Luiz Carlos Trabuco has them in abundance. While working as the president of Bradesco’s insurance subsidiary, Mr. Trabuco was on two separate occasions named the insurance personality of the year. He received the award in 2003 and 2007 as a result of not only growing the insurance company but also growing the Brazilian insurance industry in general. A few years later, while now serving as the president of Bradesco, he was honored as the entrepreneur of the year in the finance category. This award was in recognition of the critical role he had played in engineering the largest acquisition of 2015, despite the year being marked by economic recession. Further, he was as recently as 2016 named among the list of the best chief executive officers in Brazil by Forbes magazine. Should he continue with the same zeal and passion in his new position, there is little doubt that Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue receiving this individual accolades. Visit Luiz Carlos Trabuco on facebook.