Paul Mampilly, Admonition To The Hoi Polloi

Paul Mampilly is the investors keeper when it comes down to implementing a strategic money making game changer that will ultimately evolve the life of the person who benefits from the teachings coming from the heart and soul of this man. He has done this numerous times through his extensive work in educating people who want to start the journey of becoming an investor. He has also safely handled the millions upon millions of dollars entrusted to him by other people so that he could be the one who knows how to keep all their funds together without losing any of it. Visit the website to learn more.

This critical knowledge of not losing money followed him in his life and career as an investor when going into the markets for computers around the time of the year 2000. He was engaged in a stock called Dot Com when he received an epiphany concerning the legitimacy of the share he was becoming active in. His friend was also gaining quite the dollar when this cultural paradigm shift was taking place. Paul Mampilly ended up cancelling his active investment due to his research on the platform, plus the too good to be true check list which was very throughly established in his mind at the time. He broke the news to his friend but because everyone was still excited and hungry for the share to continue to skyrocket she refused his position. In just two months she went from having millions to having nothing because a critical indicator that a stock or any investment is about to take a nose dive is when the hype is the reason why people are joining the involvement in massive amounts. It has a good technical analysis and it was internet related, but when Paul Mampilly realized that the people behind the stock were not even selling, marketing, advertising, or distributing goods and services he pulled out because it was not sustainable in the least. Now as Paul Mampilly sees a déjà vu when studying the crypto markets he thinks back on the moments when he made the right decision with Dot Com. Just like the internet related fraud he saved himself from, the crypto markets are not selling, distributing, transporting, marketing, or advertising anything. It is held much like fiat money because it is just based on the people’s opinion of what value the currency should be constituted by, and that number is just not worth keeping dinero in according to financial expert Paul Mampilly.



Louis Chenevert: Remembering How He Ran United Technologies Corporation

Not that long ago, there was a man who led one of the most successful and renowned technologies company in the world. That man was Louis Chenevert, and the company he ran was United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert isn’t a name that most people know, but it should be.

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who started his career following college. He attended the Universite de Montreal Ecole des hautes estudes commerciales, where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree. He later returned to the university and earned an Honorary Doctorate.

With a degree in hand, he started working at General Motors, as a worker. He didn’t like all the hard work he had to do, but he soon viewed it as a learning experience. Before long, he was Production General Manager at the company. In 1993, he left General Motors and took his new experience to Pratt & Whitney.

He stayed with Pratt & Whitney until 2006, but he was President of the company by the time he left. His next job was at United Technologies Corporation, where he stayed until he retired in 2014. He tried to start working again in 2015 at Goldman Sachs but only lasted two years before retiring.

When he worked for United Technologies Corporation, he earned numerous promotions, eventually becoming President, CEO, and Chairman all at the same time. He achieved such greatness at that company; to this day, people still want to talk about his time there.

Like all wise professionals, he’s more than happy to tell people the things he’s learned and things that excite him. One of the most exciting things, according to him, is the speed of technology. He doesn’t mean how fast apps open; he means how fast the world can change because of technology.

When he ran United Technologies Corporation, technology was just starting to take hold of the world. Now, things can move so quickly, and the future is fast approaching.


Ted Bauman was brought up in Washington D.C. He later moved to South Africa where he was awarded his post-graduate degree in Economics and History in the University of Cape Town. Currently, he lives with his family in Atlanta, GA. In the twenty-five years of his career in South Africa, he served in different roles. One of the projects he co-founded, Slum Dwellers International, has helped more than 14 million people in different countries. In 2013, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he currently works as an editor of Alpha stock alert, the Bauman Letter (an investment newsletter) and Plan B Club. He concentrates on international migration issues, asset protection, low-risk management strategies and privacy. He writes weekly on the Banyan Hill free daily newsletter, The Sovereign Investor Daily. Also, he has published a lot of international journals.

Ted has spent a better part of his life trying to keep people in touch with their properties that help them govern their own lives. He helps people avoid corporate greediness. He does this through his research and writings that are mostly based on urban planning, housing, and finance issues. Ted is active on both Twitter and Facebook where he shares his knowledge on investment matters and his work on He has worked with different international housing projects that have made him travel in more than 75 nations. The encounters have made him believe it is possible and safe for one to store their wealth in different countries and make money.

From his interview with Idea Mensch, like many successful people, he admits that he tends to get up in the morning and mostly finds himself working till 5 pm regardless of how early he woke up. He believes in getting the hardest job done in the most productive part of the day. He also says that, like many people, his success story has not been smooth. He has encountered failures. However, his failures are not business related but related to learning some important things that make a specific situation result in success. Ted Bauman says the one thing he would change if he were to start again is his time management. He would adapt time management habits at an early age. View:


Role of Billionaire Peter Briger in Fortress Investment

Peter Briger is among the key executives at the Fortress Investment Group LLC. He is the co-chairman and the principal of the company and hence he is among the key decision makers. He has held the position of the co-chairmanship of the group since 2009. Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest and a leading global investment manager which provides alternative management options to other companies. The Company manages assets which are approximated to be worth over $43 billion. Briger has served as the member of the board of directors of the Fortress Group since 2016. He has also been a member of the Management Committee of the company since 2002. His key responsibility is to manage credit and real estate business at the company.

Peter Briger had a rich experience with other companies prior to joining the Fortress Investment Group. He worked for over sixteen years with the Goldman Sachs & company. in 1996, he became officially the partner of Goldman. He also worked with the Tipping Point which was a nonprofit organization which was based in San Francisco. Briger has also worked with the Caliber Schools as a board member. His rich work experience in the past has therefore played a big role in his status in the Fortress Investment Group. Briger has been working for many years in his career. As a result, the Forbes magazine has ranked him among the billionaires in the business world. He is in position 962 among the World’s billionaires and he is worth $ 1.2 billion. He is among the top 400 business professionals across the globe. At just 44, he has achieved so much.

Peter Briger attended the University of Princeton where he graduated with a degree in Associate Arts. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business for his MBA. Bridger is also a great philanthropist. He has dedicated most of his funds and time to many philanthropic activities across the world. He is a board member of various organizations which are running philanthropic activities. For instance, he is a board member of the Princeton University Investment Company, Hospital for Special Surgery, Global Fund for Children and the Central Park Conservancy. Peter Berger is a great fanatic of mother nature and has spent over $600 millions of his cash in renovation and maintenance of the Central Park in New York. He has also worked with various organizations across the world towards the provision of education and poverty eradication.

Low-Income Student’s Have Greater Opportunity Than In The Past With Rocketship Education Charter Schools

Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools are currently becoming one of the top schooling systems to send children in grade K-5. Starting out in California back in 2007, Rocketship Education has been opening schools each year to help provide more students with a good education. More importantly, students that come from low-income homes are given a higher learning experience at these schools, especially considering more than 85 percent of students come from low-income backgrounds. To date, they have managed to open a couple of schools in different states and will continue to do so as their budget increases, which is fueled by investors and donators.

A great deal of praise has been given to Rocketship Education for their dedication to all students around the educational system and most parents are opting to have their kids go to one of these Rocketship schools. Not only is the education of good quality for children, but parents are able to have an impact on their child’s learning. Parents are able to meet Rocketship teachers before their child takes attendance and the teachers work with them to help their child grow even outside the classroom. According to studies conducted by Stanford University, students whose second language is English as well as those from low-income backgrounds were learning their subjects at faster rates than their public school counterparts. This amounts to a month or two of additional learning for students attending Rocketship Education charter schools.

Rocketship has been using the highest standards for their education since the first school they opened, which is why they don’t use the standard metric for measuring a students growth like most public schools. MAP, or Measures of Academic Progress, help pinpoint problem areas in a students learning and measure their overall growth from start to finish in their learning. Not only can teachers and parents determine how far a student has come, but whether or not they are ready to progress yet. Paying attention to a child’s growth will ensure they do not fall behind to a point where they cannot catch up.