Hussain Sajwani the Great Real Estate Businessman

Husain Sajwani is well known through his successful company known as Damac Properties. The company has employed a team of very competent engineers and architects who have always come up with newly designed and also incorporate art in designing wonderful buildings. Because of this, Damac properties has not only gained popularity in Dubai but also in the rest of the world. Many people have appreciated their wonderful works with many describing their buildings as a masterpiece.

The Damac owner exemplary leadership skills and his ability to always meet the company’s goals and objectives are also one of the things that have contributed to the success of the company. Damac properties are well known for the construction of luxurious apartments and villas that have always ensure total comfort to their clients. The company also works to deliver what their clients need. Due to Damac properties success, it has been ranked as one fastest growing companies in the Middle East.

The company has always ensured to create a spectacular experience for its clients by providing nothing but the best to them. One of the greatest projects that the company has ever undertaken was the construction of a golf course which was managed by Donald Trump’s company. The success of this project builds a great reputation for the company. This was a great stepping stone for the company. Later on, the Damac owner went ahead to do other great projects whereby he led the company through the construction of luxurious apartments that were built using the state of the art.

They incorporated themes from great Italian designers such as Versace and Fendi. In addition to that, Damac properties also constructed luxurious villas whereby they incorporated the Bugatti style. The success of this projects built a great reputation for the company as well as Hussain Sajwani and made him appear in the ranks as of the most successful businessmen in the world. Apart from being a successful businessman, he always makes a point to help where he can. The DAMAC owner has assigned funds to charitable organizations which have been responsible for training young Arabs in U.A.E.

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OSI Industries journey of International Growth

In the current globalized world economies, OSI industries is headed to take over the world’s market on the distribution of foods products to restaurant chains. OSI was founded by a German Immigrant in 1909 and they called the business Otto’s Meat Market. It operated as a family enterprise and by 1928 they changed the name to Otto & Sons. By 1975, the business of supplying the meat products was growing rapidly, therefore they named it to OSI Industries. The further expansion of the company’s operations the beyond the USA borders prompted the owners to change its name once again to OSI Group.

One key partnership that has contributed significantly to the growth of OSI is that with McDonald’s. The two companies partnered over sixty years ago when Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonald’s, was opening the first outlet. OSI Industries supplies chicken items, salsa, fish products, hot dogs, among other food products.

OSI Industries management team with the support of its 20,000 employees has worked hard to grow the business operations and to meet the varying needs of its clients. The company has managed to standardize the process of promoting food safety in all the facilities and has successfully maintained consistency in the food products they deliver to clients in the US and abroad.

Apart from perfecting its business operations, OSI Industries has also created lasting relationships with business partners, the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King, among others. It also engages in fostering relationships with communities by supporting causes that create an impact on the community. For instance, its facility in Illinois donates to Northern Illinois Food Bank, which engages in offering food to the poor in the community.

OSI Group is still focused on achieving further growth internationally and the majority of its recent endeavors are growth-oriented. Among these undertaking was buying of Flagship Europe and Baho Food, which are food product companies operating in various parts of Europe. The COO of OSI Group said that the acquisitions will succeed in making the company more popular in the European food industry. It also bought a processing plant in Chicago that was previously under the management of Tyson Food Plant.