Paul Mampilly Left Wall Street to Offer Advice to Everyday Investors Who Badly Need His Help

Paul Mampilly is an investment expert who has found a worthwhile way to reach the people he hopes to help. Within the last few years, he has teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing in order to educate beginning, intermediate, and expert investors, alike. In order to do so, he has started up his own newsletter named Profits Unlimited. His newsletter now has more than 90,000 subscribers who look forward to his 8-page updates. He also writes for the Winning Investor Daily, which is another publication put out by Banyan Hill.

Paul Mampilly was born in India, but he came to the United States in order to live a better life. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting while studying at Montclair State University. He went on to graduate from Fordham Gabelli School of Business, where he earned his MBA. He first went to work for Bankers Trust in 1993 and served with the company as an assistant portfolio manager. He eventually was promoted and worked for the company after as its senior portfolio manager.

Paul Mampilly also worked with Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics Asset Management. He was able to earn billions of dollars for these firms but began to become tired of Wall Street shortly after. Instead of making more money for the ultra wealthy, he began to desire to help out the little guy. He is now semi-retired and chooses to do the work he does today.

Paul Mampilly wants beginning investors to know that one of the biggest mistakes they can make is to risk all of their money on one stock or investment. He has commented in interviews that it is also a mistake to risk a large part of a portfolio on any one investment. Paul Mampilly has seen a lot of changes in the investment world over the years, but the biggest change has to do with how large companies trade. Instead of relying on human analysts and investors like they have done in the past, they now use computers, robots, and trading algorithms. Mampilly wants to even the odds out by helping to educate today’s investors.

Those Opposing Betsy DeVos Will Soon Discover That No One Is More Dedicated To The American Student

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Betsy DeVos. She has been making headlines the last few years as she continues to battle for the educational rights of every American. DeVos became the Secretary of Education for her nation in 2017 and has been working hard to make the changes she hopes to see ever since. She would like every family in the U.S. to have the same educational opportunities as every other family in the country.


Betsy DeVos hopes to accomplish her vision by passing legislation that allows tax dollars to pay for students’ tuition costs for private and charter schools. Her opposition has tried to paint her as a woman who is working against public schools, but she put that to rest when she commented, during her confirmation hearings, that most students in the U.S.A. would continue to attend public schools. DeVos knows something that many Americans, unfortunately, do not. That something is the fact that American public schools are not performing well versus schools in other developed nations.


For Betsy DeVos, her start in Washington D.C. was a rocky one. During her confirmation hearings, many people perceived her as having shaky answers to some of the questions being posed to her. The reason for this most likely had to do with the fact that those asking the questions were opposed to her serving as the Secretary of Education for the country. Even though many people assumed she was embarrassed and upset about what took place during these hearings, she got over it rather quickly, in typical DeVos fashion.


Before Betsy DeVos was confirmed in to serve her nation, she opened up the books on her charitable foundation. This revealed that the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has been donating a large percentage of its overall monetary donations to the educational sector. More specifically, nonprofit educational causes and organizations have received millions of dollars from her foundation.


As time marches on, those who oppose Betsy DeVos will surely discover that she is no pushover. Greg McNeilly, A Republican from the state of Michigan, commented recently that DeVos is the kind of woman who only becomes stronger when facing opposition. This has definitely been true in Michigan, where she is known as a fierce political opponent. In that state, she has helped to get educational choice legislation passed and has also served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.


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InnovaCare Health COO/CAO Penelope Kokkinides interview with Ideamensh

Many successful companies have a clear leadership plan for the future, something that assures them of a place in the marketplace. In an effort to prepare InnovaCare Health to be able to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow effectively, the firm’s leadership recruited Penelope Kokkinides as the new chief administrative officer.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides is a well-respected business leader who came to the company due to the efforts of the CEO Mr. Rick Shinto. Alongside Ms. Penelope, the CEO also recruited Mr. Mike Sortino and Mr. Jonathan Meyers.

The CEO explained that the decision to hire these competent individuals was in accordance with InnovaCare Health’s strategic plan. Dr Richard Shinto is a well known and respected CEO and medical doctor who was recently honored as one of 2018’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare.

After the appointment, Ms. Penelope spoke to Ideamensch. In that interview, the new chief administrative officer provided a glimpse of what her job entails and outlined her approach towards the future. Ideamensch began the conversation by asking her how her typical day is. In her response, Ms. Penelope explained that her typical days are rarely the same since every day brings its unique challenges.

She further explained that her role mainly involves overseeing and helping the firm to overcome the challenges and match ahead. Due to the nature of her job, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has to travel a lot. She spends most her time in planes and ensures that she remains productive by utilizing her devices to carry on her duties as the commutes.

Ms. Penelope also reveals that she always have a good portable charging device to ensure her smartphone and tablet are never out of power while she is traveling. To conclude the interview, Ideamensch asked the COO/CAO to reveal the best way she has ever spent $100.

She responded by saying that she had spent the money on school supplies that would help her godchildren to get better grades.

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans as well as physician practice services. InnovaCare Health boasts of NCQA accreditation and is the only firm in Puerto Rico to have earned a 4.5-star rating. This rating was given by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

David McDonald Raising the Bars high in the Food Production Industry

OSI group has come a long way to emerge the top food production company. David McDonald who has been the president of the company has played a vital role in the company growth. Having been in the company for more than three decades, there is no doubt that he has made significant contributions. The company has the vision to provide its customers with more and high-quality products. On an interview about OSI group, McDonald had a lot to say.

David McDonald believes that the company’s success is attributable to the fact it creates successful partnerships. The partnerships know the OSI group’s business practices. The partners are also close to their customer in their respective regions. When asked how OSI manages to keep the quality standards high, McDonald said they treat their clients like family. Therefore, they will only provide products that they can give their families. If the product cannot be served to families, then it will never be sold to the customers. The world keeps changing and so does the way of doing business also changes.

David McDonald and his team deal with the changing world by adapting to the change. He believes that being able to change with changing times gives them an advantage. He also said that their firm is always ready to change with the consumer preferences. McDonald, when asked about the future of OSI, said they will keep following their previous path. The company will come up with innovative solutions to enable it to remain on top. To know more about him click here.

At times, after doing the same thing for many years, most people tend to get bored. However, that is not the case for David McDonald. He has been in the company for more than 30 years and is still passionate about his job. What keeps him going is to be able to deliver helpful solutions to their customers. He also enjoys watching his team grow and loves the interaction of the team members. The success of his team keeps his passion going. McDonald also said that their customer confidence in their product is a great reward for their company.

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EOS Lip Balm Review- Search and Engage

All lip balms are the same but of different quality. The variety and brands are the only difference in the lip balms. EOS is one of the best product one can buy. The product comes in the shape of an egg, and this shows the difference between EOS and other balms. Most ladies go for the lip balm since it moisturizes the lips and it is also classy. Mostly when it is cold many of us experience dry lips and lip balm works great since it hydrates. The EOS lip balm is not harmful but natural. EOS balm comes in different flavors that one can choose from. In 2006,Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky started the Brand Evolution of smooth. They also established the Kind Group company base in New York. The EOS company has grown to be known and due to its unique shape of the product, many people buy it.

Fewer customers complained about the product, and the company stated that it cannot protect every user from their body reaction.EOS products are not bad, it only happens that some few people are allergic to some products. Before the use of the EOS products, it goes through procedures and numerous test to check whether the product is good. When the procedure takes place the products are taken to the markets. The EOS ingredients used are hypoallergenic, dermatologist -tested and gluten-free. The products used is Shea butter, jojoba oil, and antioxidants. The EOS company does not use their products in animal testing. Some of the EOB lip balms that contain sunscreen protection is Lemon Twist lip balm and the pink grape fruit lip balm. When choosing a lip balm one should consider in buying one that fits your body. When the lip balm is packed, they come in a recognizable way like having a nice grip and a smooth sphere.

OSI Group McDonalds: Partners Of Fortune

Some partnerships are destined to change the world. OSI Group McDonalds have remained partners since 1955. As one company grew, the other grew alongside its partner. Arguably, OSI Group McDonalds wouldn’t be as successful separately. While both companies can stand along today, it wasn’t so when they first joined forces.

Since OSI Group McDonalds teamed up, both companies have expanded the globe. McDonald’s has restaurants all over the world, and OSI Group has 65 facilities in over a dozen countries. While McDonald’s is a household name, OSI’s growth occurred in the shadow of its many clients.

OSI also has the longest history in the United States. Over 100 years ago, OSI began as a little German immigrant’s butcher store. That small store quickly began a major player throughout the Midwest. As its operations moved to a larger community, the company was renamed Otto & Sons.

Otto & Sons passed down to two brothers, Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky. The brothers wanted to grow the business as their father did, but there weren’t many opportunities arising in the Midwest. As they focused on their local clientele, Ray Kroc approached the brothers with a fantastic opportunity.

Ray Kroc was a franchise agent at the time but wanted to do something more with his life. After opening a franchise restaurant for a San Bernardino couple, he expanded upon their original concept. In 1955, the first McDonald’s raised its Golden Arches in Des Plaines, Illinois. From that moment, the Kolschowsky’s family business saw nothing but growth.

Maintaining their relationship with McDonald’s demanded more ground beef. Kroc believed that every customer deserved the best burger, so he needed a constant supply of meat. At first, he worked with hundreds of suppliers, but many struggled to keep up with his demand.

The Kolschowsky brothers invested in flash-freezing technology and began producing high quantities of freshly frozen ground beef patties. As both companies grew exponentially, Otto & Sons became OSI Industries and named a new CEO, Sheldon Lavin.

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Hussain Sajwani the Great Real Estate Businessman

Husain Sajwani is well known through his successful company known as Damac Properties. The company has employed a team of very competent engineers and architects who have always come up with newly designed and also incorporate art in designing wonderful buildings. Because of this, Damac properties has not only gained popularity in Dubai but also in the rest of the world. Many people have appreciated their wonderful works with many describing their buildings as a masterpiece.

The Damac owner exemplary leadership skills and his ability to always meet the company’s goals and objectives are also one of the things that have contributed to the success of the company. Damac properties are well known for the construction of luxurious apartments and villas that have always ensure total comfort to their clients. The company also works to deliver what their clients need. Due to Damac properties success, it has been ranked as one fastest growing companies in the Middle East.

The company has always ensured to create a spectacular experience for its clients by providing nothing but the best to them. One of the greatest projects that the company has ever undertaken was the construction of a golf course which was managed by Donald Trump’s company. The success of this project builds a great reputation for the company. This was a great stepping stone for the company. Later on, the Damac owner went ahead to do other great projects whereby he led the company through the construction of luxurious apartments that were built using the state of the art.

They incorporated themes from great Italian designers such as Versace and Fendi. In addition to that, Damac properties also constructed luxurious villas whereby they incorporated the Bugatti style. The success of this projects built a great reputation for the company as well as Hussain Sajwani and made him appear in the ranks as of the most successful businessmen in the world. Apart from being a successful businessman, he always makes a point to help where he can. The DAMAC owner has assigned funds to charitable organizations which have been responsible for training young Arabs in U.A.E.

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OSI Industries journey of International Growth

In the current globalized world economies, OSI industries is headed to take over the world’s market on the distribution of foods products to restaurant chains. OSI was founded by a German Immigrant in 1909 and they called the business Otto’s Meat Market. It operated as a family enterprise and by 1928 they changed the name to Otto & Sons. By 1975, the business of supplying the meat products was growing rapidly, therefore they named it to OSI Industries. The further expansion of the company’s operations the beyond the USA borders prompted the owners to change its name once again to OSI Group.

One key partnership that has contributed significantly to the growth of OSI is that with McDonald’s. The two companies partnered over sixty years ago when Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonald’s, was opening the first outlet. OSI Industries supplies chicken items, salsa, fish products, hot dogs, among other food products.

OSI Industries management team with the support of its 20,000 employees has worked hard to grow the business operations and to meet the varying needs of its clients. The company has managed to standardize the process of promoting food safety in all the facilities and has successfully maintained consistency in the food products they deliver to clients in the US and abroad.

Apart from perfecting its business operations, OSI Industries has also created lasting relationships with business partners, the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King, among others. It also engages in fostering relationships with communities by supporting causes that create an impact on the community. For instance, its facility in Illinois donates to Northern Illinois Food Bank, which engages in offering food to the poor in the community.

OSI Group is still focused on achieving further growth internationally and the majority of its recent endeavors are growth-oriented. Among these undertaking was buying of Flagship Europe and Baho Food, which are food product companies operating in various parts of Europe. The COO of OSI Group said that the acquisitions will succeed in making the company more popular in the European food industry. It also bought a processing plant in Chicago that was previously under the management of Tyson Food Plant.