Jeremy Goldstein & JLG Associates

Becoming successful in law is one of the longest processes in any industry. Not only does someone have to go to school a very long time for it, but, it’s also extremely competitive in this industry. Put frankly, hard work and dedication will not guarantee success. Having said that, there are some individuals who manage to go through this process and make it look easy. Apart from those people, there are professionals such as Jeremy Goldstein who not only makes his job look easy, he also serves as a model for others to follow. Currently serving as a leader in his own law firm, Jeremy Goldstein has accomplished so much more accolades that only back up his expertise in law. With all of that said, here is more on Jeremy Goldstein, his law firm, and what brought him success in this industry.


JLG Associates

It’s safe to say that if you have your own law firm that bears your namesake, you are regarded as a master of your craft. Well, this is definitely the case for Jeremy Goldstein. At his law firm, JLG Associates, Jeremy has found success by focusing on providing trust and compensation with its clients. In fact, an article on Jeremy & his law firm goes into detail as to how he has found success. As a whole, the article discusses how much Jeremy’s academic background and prior experience prepared him for his role at his law firm.


Prepared By His Past

As a graduate of New York University School Of Law, Jeremy was well-equipped with the knowledge of how to implement what he has learned. In the same breath, the article goes on to explain how nothing prepared him like being able to build strong habits as an attorney at work. By making mistakes along the way, Jeremy was able to learn and adapt to the lifestyle of a successful professional in law. His past, preparing him in becoming as successful as he is now, is one of the main reasons why he is sought after for advice in his profession. Getting to hear from Jeremy Goldstein is definitely a privilege in his industry considering what he has been able to accomplish.


Jeremy Goldstein & The Future

When we take a look at the career of Jeremy, it’s truly impressive. As we’ve seen, it takes a lot to get to a place where Jeremy is now. Because of this, it’s safe to say that Jeremy Goldstein and his law firm will continue to be a model of success in the law industry.


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Meet Greg Blatt: A Successful Businessman and a Leader

Are you planning to hone your leadership skills in the business field? If yes, then you have to take a close look at those who succeeded in the industry. Doing this, will help you know and understand what it takes to create a business that meets the needs of people in this contemporary world. A good example of people who made it in this competitive world is Greg Blatt. He has shown exemplary  performance while at companies such as IAC as well as Tinder.

Greg Blatt’s Professional History

This man, Greg Blatt has made several achievements in the business industry. Looking at his moves keenly can help you known how he succeeded and also what you need to do to get to where he is. He has been in the area of online dating for a relatively long period. Between 2009 and 2017, Blatt occupied top positions at Tinder, and Match Group.

You know what? He worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the aforementioned companies: IAC, Tinder, and Match Group. Occupying this top position at three different companies shows that Greg Blatt is not only talented but also he has the kind of experience required. Also, it shows his capability of sustaining success as well as maintaining flexibility (Business).

Prior to occupying the aforementioned top positions at the companies mentioned above, Greg Blatt also worked as an associate at various law firms between the years 1995 and 1999. This talented man is an alumnus of Colgate University. During his undergraduate studies, he specialized in the English Language. Later, he went to Columbia Law School where he received a Doctor of Law.

One of the reasons why Greg Blatt succeeds in these positions is simply because he has a clear understanding of the law. If you really want to succeed in various leadership positions and business, you need to have a clear understanding of the law. Proper understanding of the law will not only help you make good decisions, but it will also bring a sense of discipline to you. His law degree and several law firms have played an important role in his success.

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Allied Wallet Understands How Merchants and Customers Can Interact Quickly and Safely

In today’s world, e-commerce continues to impact how customers interact with merchants. Allied Wallet provides security of transactions. A large percentage of internet users also purchase products online and need to feel their information is safe. Allied Wallet’s innovative ways of processing payments for online merchants allows businesses of all sizes to easily use payment solutions in state of the art ways in 196 countries and in 164 currencies. Making multi-currency transactions streamlines the process and has kept risk loses at a minimum of under 1%.

In 2018 Dr. Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied was recognized by FinTech as the CEO of the year. Khawaja talked about his company’s growth and success and the latest developments, as well as about how Allied Wallet does not rest on its success but rather is always innovating to offer more. Khawaja credits hard work and dedication to the company’s success as well as a vision of how building never stops. Allied Wallet’s steady growth will challenge many competitors for customer use, and there is even talk of a possible IPO.

Very recently Allied Wallet increased its window on the global market by offering Indonesians new options for payment. Indonesians regularly shop online for products from countries beyond their border, fashion being one of the main interests. Very few Indonesians have credit cards, but now there is a big opportunity for expanding Indonesia’s participation in credit card purchases as e-commerce continues to expand. Merchants will have access to an ever growing market, and through the use of Allied Wallet will be able to safely navigate their new sales areas (AlliedWallet).

Focusing on growth and success through expertise and talent have always been at the core of Allied Wallet’s vision, and making employees feel valued and part of a community is also another way that adds to successful outcomes.

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Everything That Makes Perry Mandera a Man for the Books

When you hear Perry Mandera’s name, philanthropy, success, and dedication are what usually hit the mind of most people. He is the founder of a charitable organization called Custom Cares Charities. An organization that is dedicated to the transportation industry. Perry Mandera is a man that continually strives to help other people live better lives and the youths to have a better future. Mandera is also an entrepreneur, a family-loving man and God-fearing person who faithfully attends the church. Plus, he is a proud member of United States Marines Corps Reserves and an avid sports fan. Mandera serves as the Board of Directors on the Illinois Trucking Association as well.

Perry attended high school in Chicago where he graduated in 1975 and later assigned to the motor pool of the United States Marine Corps Reserves. While working in the motor pool, Perry Mandera learned to drive a truck and returned to civilian life and drove for a couple of transportation companies.

Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. A company he founded to help participate in charity work. In addition to giving, Mandera also encouraged other people to give to the needy in society. Mandera’s dream was to build a workplace culture at The Custom Companies Inc. where people would learn to give. The innovation and skills Perry Mandera exhibited are what helped him, and his company grow to become what it is today. Mandera has a passion for charity so much that he made a branch in his company specifically for this purpose. These are some of the roles that reflect on Mandera’s burning desire to effect change and make the world a better place for everybody.

His work has not gone unnoticed as Perry Mandera have, over the years, received numerous awards and distinctions for his work. His passion for helping disadvantaged children made him be a board member for the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. An organization that hosts numerous fundraisers, holiday giving programs, and events that touch on helping the disadvantaged in society.

Although much of his help is usually financial, Perry is excellent at mentoring children. Also, he even sponsors numerous youth sports teams and served in the children’s basketball as a volunteer coach. He is a man with all the qualities people need in our society today and is more helpful to others, a beacon of hope.

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Passion For His Profession: Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is a man who has been interested in health and nutrition from a young age. He learned the proper way to play sports when he was young and take care of his body at the same time. His relentless pursuit of helping people gain the best out of life through proper nutrition and health habits have fueled his passion. Dr. Dov Rand is the CEO of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. In a couple of interviews, Dr. Dov Rand talked about his passion for his profession and what his life is really like.

Dr. Dov Rand says that his days are pretty busy and never the same. He says that he wakes up early to get a workout in before going to work for the day. When he gets to work he is talking with new patients about health plans and assisting current patients with visits and emails. He makes sure that patients understand exactly what kind of plan works best for them. After work, he goes home to his family and occasionally does more work into the evening hours. Before he retires for the evening he devotes an hour to read for his own enjoyment. It is the perfect way for him to wind down after a long day at work (Menundermicroscope).

When it comes to his business, Dr. Dov advises people to read everything in their chosen field that they can get their hands on. He says it is one of the big keys to success in the business world. Dr. Dov Rand says that being flexible when it comes to treatments for people is due to reading the latest reports or talking to colleagues about the latest technology when it comes to health. He thinks the internet is a good source as well but keeping an open mind when it comes to new studies is crucial to success.

Dr. Dov believes that working with people is the best way to get the most out of life. Helping them on a journey to wellness and setting goals to succeed is worth the time invested by Dr. Dov Rand.

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Former Hedge Fund Manager Paul Mampilly Makes Investment Predictions For 2019

Paul Mampilly was a highly successful hedge fund manager on Wall Street prior to his retirement. Having over 20 years of experience on Wall Street he made some predictions for 2019 that he decided to share with other investors so they could make profitable decisions regarding their portfolios. Here are the things that he thinks investors should keep in mind for the year.

While Big Data has been around for several years it has only been the big corporations that have access to it. Paul Mampilly says 2019 is the year this changes and even small companies will be able to use Big Data. The technology needed to use Big Data is coming down rapidly in cost so even small companies will be able to use it in their marketing and overall business strategy.

While Facebook has gone through numerous scandals in recent years over how they treat people’s data it hasn’t done much to get most people to stop using their website. Paul Mampilly expects that the fight over the research and analysis behind the data that Facebook collects will just get bigger.

In 2019, companies will no longer have to take guesstimates when trying to target certain groups of consumers with their marketing. This will allow them to develop very focused marketing strategies. They will also help them save money by not wasting it on poorly targeted advertising campaigns.

With the current administration trying to deregulate multiple industries, and Republicans still in control of the Senate, Paul Mampilly says that 2019 business conditions will be favorable. He wrote about this in his Profits Unlimited financial newsletter. He sees gridlock in Washington DC due to Democrats taking the House of Representatives. Political gridlock usually helps businesses because nobody can get any meaningful legislation enacted.

Paul Mampilly also sees sustainable investing gathering an even bigger presence in the investment community. People want to invest in sustainable companies which means they take into account a company’s environmental, social, and government factors. About 20% of assets are now invested in this way and he sees this climbing to 40% of assets in 2019.

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Marc Beer Named Chairman of the Board at LumeN XT

Marc Beer has recently been named as Chairman of the Board at a leading healthcare company known as LumeN XT. Beer will be joining a leading company that specializes in developing surgical illumination products. These products will help surgeons and other healthcare professionals more efficiently perform surgical procedures that are minimally invasive. Since being named as the Chairman of the Board at LumeN XT, Marc will bring nearly three decades of experience and expertise to the company. He has spent many years providing solid leadership for healthcare companies as well as participating in the development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment for making diagnostics.


As soon as he was named as Chairman of the Board at LumeN XT, Marc Beer expressed his outlook on his new position. Beer said that he is very proud to be joining a very well run organization. He has said that he will be honored to work with a group of dedicated surgeons and engineers who have established themselves as leading professionals. With their experience in surgical illumination, they will be able to make valuable contributions to the healthcare industry. Along with expressing his satisfaction in being named as the Chairman of LumeN XT, Marc has also said that the company will help increase the number of surgical procedures that are minimally invasive.


With the recent addition of Marc Beer, the co founder of LumeN XT Paul Rhyne also made a statement. He mentioned that Marc is someone who has been able to demonstrate his expertise with healthcare companies. Marc has been able to lead healthcare companies that were in the growth phase. Under his leadership, these companies were able to become more profitable and expand globally. They were also able to introduce valuable solutions to a number of different health issues as well. With Marc’s accomplishments in mind, LumeN XT will be in position to continue to remain as an innovative company in the healthcare sector.


Marc Beer has had a long and successful career in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. Before he was named as the Chairman of the Board at LumeN XT, Beer was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of another successful company called Renovia Incorporated. While he was leading Renovia, Marc helped develop diagnostic devices for women who were suffering from pelvic floor disorders. He was also the founder and chairman of the company known as Minerva Neurosciences. While working at this company, Marc helped develop treatments for the nervous system. This included developing treatments for psychological conditions such as depression, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s Disease.


Throughout his career, Marc Beer has been involved in helping many companies become leading enterprises in the healthcare industry. He has held high level executive positions at other healthcare companies. As well as being involved in managing and directing healthcare companies, Marc Beer has also held key positions in governing boards as he was a member of the Biotechnology Industry Organization Emerging Companies Section Governing Board.

Paul Herdsman- Journey to building NICE Global

Paul Herdsman is the chief operating officer of NICE Global, a customer service company based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The clients for NICE Global are businesses that want to outsource services, but still, have control over the outsourced departments. Outsourcing of customer related services is not a new concept only that now it is being done by many businesses around the world. Many business owners are now recognizing there is a huge difference in leaving such critical departments under the authority of experts like NICE Global. Companies in the United States are also realizing the benefits of outsourcing such services from nearshore companies. The rates are competitive and also give owners of the companies the chance to visit their offices where they can have extensive communication on the process to be or being carried out.

NICE Global has been in operation since 2014. Some of the benefits that clients of NICE Global have gotten include growth, better customer acquisition, and retention. The ideas of Paul Herdsman are incredibly practical in today’s business environment, something that makes him and NICE Global to stand out.

Paul Herdsman developed his skills by taking his tasks with the seriousness deserved while he was working for other organizations. He realized that he was passionate about customer service and would look for the best solutions for clients. He realized this potential and started taking tasks that helped him to improve his capacity to handle such issues. From these experiences; he learned what is need to build a customer service company and has gone ahead to accomplish that mission. It is the same skills that he is now parlaying at NICE Global and helping customers from all over the world to get superior services.

Paul Herdsman is ready and willing to take the operations of the company to as many companies as possible. Every company deserves to have a partner who can offer professional customer service. It is how you treat your customers that will determine how the performance shall look like.

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How Rebel Wilson has Redefined ‘Romantic Comedy’ in the USA

Rebel Wilson — after more than 20 major films and TV shows — is still one of the most gifted actors in the USA. According to her, the consistency is a product of her belief system, hard work, and more importantly — talent. In the last five years, for example, Rebel has been part of the films and TV shows that have redefined the acting industry in the USA.

According to different news outlets, she is the queen of romantic comedy. Even though she has acted in various genres, the majority of people associate her with funny characters and more importantly, her ability to make people laugh.

In 2019 for example, Rebel Wilson is part of the biggest films. In February for instance, she was part of the movie that redefined ‘valentine’s movie scene’ in the USA. The movie received worldwide recognition because of its timing, script and more importantly the cast. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

Being part of ‘Isn’t it Romantic’ for example was important for her career and more importantly in this genre. Last, this year, she will be part of another film that will redefine the musical genre. Even though working these different genres is challenging, Rebel Wilson views the challenge as a chance to grow and more importantly learn more about her abilities.

Apart from being determined, Rebel Wilson understands the beauty of working with a great team. She points out that she is fortunate to work with some of the best talents i9n the film industry. Since Rebel came to the USA, she has worked with some of the best actors, producers, and the best directors.

She believes that acting is a collecting combination of different talents. In the recent past, she has also ventured in the other two positions. Directing for her is fulfilling, and she points out that it is satisfying. On the other hand, Rebel Wilson points out that producing has taught her patience, especially when working with different talents.

In an interview with Ellen, she pointed out that the USA acting industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. However, she is a believer in hard work. Working in this film industry has taught her the value of long working hours and more importantly — pushing the limits as a creative. She is also one of the actors that understand the importance of research.

Although her central role is to memorize scripts, Rebel Wilson points out that doing background research on a subject matter is critical. Her role in CATs, for example, requires her to master the script in order to understand — script expectations.

Although she spends a considerable amount of her time acting, reviewing scripts and working with fellow actors, Rebel Wilson is one of the people that believe in having fun. Her Instagram is a perfect indication of her love for entertainment.

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Becoming a Dominant Female like Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of the company of Jay-Z known as Roc Nation. She is a very discreet and private woman whom you will not see in the news on a daily basis because she is probably busy negotiating for different leading artists in the music industry today. Negotiating is a skill that she is good at, and she uses it as her greatest assets. Recently, a man named Neil Portnow has made a controversial statement about how women in the music industry should be stepping up their game in order to maximize their careers further. Leading female executives and music publishers did not have anything to say regarding the issue at first but they are now letting their voices to be heard by everyone.Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez who is considered as one of the music industry’s most influential women has signed a letter that was written to the board of trustees at the company of Mr. Portnow and she wants to take a stand regarding the issue.

Working for the entertainment industry for almost two decades has made Desiree Perez to strongly believe in women empowerment and her own self. She inspires the youth and women today to not be afraid and to speak up.

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