Sergey Petrossov: Everyone can be a Jet Setter

We all deserve to travel stress-free and to book flights in an easy and quick manner. A man named Sergey Petrossov was able to give thousands to millions of people the solution that is exactly what they needed in life. He is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a billion-dollar company known as JetSmarter. He has been notable for the success of his own empire and for being awarded as the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology. Sergey Petrossov is a successful entrepreneur who has been nothing but a good leader and has greatly contributed to the success of JetSmarter.

It all started as an idea years ago and it has now become the world’s biggest and world-class private aviation travel and lifestyle community. Sergey Petrossov grew up in Florida. His primary objective is to transform the entire plan of aviation by building a more accessible and effective platform in our industry today. He wants other people to be able to book private flights in a way where they can actually afford it. The vision of Petrossov is not just about the service and to reach new heights, he aims to prioritize a hospitality-driven and sophisticated experience to everyone. Investors of JetSmarter such as the Saudi royal family and Jay-Z continuously believes in the development of the industry. They have a strong vision for the future of the industry particularly in private aviation and traveling. JetSmarter is known for being the Uber for booking private jets and Sergey Petrossov used his technical knowledge and hands-on experience in order to make it all possible.

It all began when he launched a user-friendly application that travelers instantly found reliable and convenient. He has been allowing travelers to book flights with their transcendent and premium private jet operators who are happy to fly across the globe with them.

Why Greg Blatt is a Far Superior Leader in His Industry

Leadership skills are vital to success in this day and age, and furthermore those who are leaders within large and small companies need to share their insight and be an example to their employees. Those who focus on honing their leadership abilities will be far more successful in their craft.

Greg Blatt suggests that finding someone who works within your area of interest is the best way to learn the right skills. It pays to analyze the skills of those who are in your profession in order to learn more about what made them successful. Examining the accomplishments of someone is okay when you want to learn something from them.

Those who review the work that has been done by Greg Blatt at previous companies and those companies that he is working with now can see that he has worked consistently on his leadership abilities. Some of those companies just to name a few like IAC and Tinder, are two companies that benefit from his knowledge and leadership skills (Business).

Another company that Greg Blatt worked for as a CEO, Match Group, also realized the benefits of his leadership abilities. His success in business is generally noted for his time spent growing the online dating platform. His first success was increasing the number of users, and the second success was his ability to increase revenue.

Due to his success, Greg Blatt has been revered as the ideal individual to model after as a business person. It was because of his efforts that all three organizations were put on the map for this marketplace.

Prior to his time spent with these companies, Greg was working with Martha Stewart and her media companies. Although his time here was in media, he had worked as an associate for a law firm prior to his time with Martha Stewart. Greg Blatt earned degrees in English literature, Law, and Economics.

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Isabel Dos Santos and Her Knack for Empowering Women

46 year old Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa. Forbes puts the firstborn daughter of former Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos at a net worth of two billion US dollars. Investing in companies doing business in her home country helped her to grow her wealth. She is a smart businesswoman who doesn’t shy off from empowering other women. Isabel dos Santos is known to be one of the most influential women in the world. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan to Tatiana Kukanova whom herself was born in Russia.

Isabel went to school in Kent, Cobham Hall in an all-girls boarding school. She did her higher studies at King’s College in London where she studied engineering. It was in London that she met her husband, Sindika Dokolo. Over the years, Isabel dos Santos has been able to build great success in business. She invested in several companies within and beyond her country’s borders (Facebook).

She has investments in various industries including telecommunications, energy, and finance. She also partnered with Portugal Telecom to create a telecommunications company called Unitel. The company also invests in educating and training engineers, technicians, and managers in Angola with a focus on skills and job creation.Despite her achievements in business, Isabel had to overcome sexism in the world of business. She, however, encourages women to maintain their course towards building their success. Isabel is also known for her philanthropy. An example of this is her project in Humpata where she helped to create a strawberry field. This project provided 120 jobs for women giving them financial independence.

Isabel dos Santos believes that empowering women is vital in transforming any society. This belief was evident from her speech at a UN gathering in New York. She would like to instill more confidence in women in a world she believes tends to stigmatize on women. She believes that if more women get access to good education and better job opportunities, then more economic growth can be expected. She also believes that technology is crucial if Africa is to grow economically. She, therefore, encourages more women to make more use of artificial intelligence.

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Why Wes Edens chose to invest in Milwaukee Bucks

When you finally decide to start a business, you need to identify the niche that is likely to work for you. Anyone can start any company, but you have to be sure of what you choose. For Wes Edens, Milwaukee Bucks was the perfect choice for his investment. It is because, after a lot of research, he knew that he had found the right opportunity. Looking back at his journey, there is no doubt that he was right all along and therefore, we need to identify some of the factors that drove him to this choice.

There were undervalued assets

At the time when Wes Edens came on board, Milwaukee Bucks was a struggling team. It was at the bottom of the table, and things seemed like they would get worse. Therefore, nobody attached much value to the team. Everything about t was undervalued because there was almost no hope. However, being the entrepreneur that he has always been, Wes could see that there was an opportunity for the club to bounce back if a good strategy s followed. Therefore, he chose to put his money there and work on improving the club. Today, things have changed, and the club is flying high thanks to the strategy that the investors used. To know more about him click here.

He has a passion for NBA

Apart from identifying an undervalued asset, Wes Edens chose to invest in the Milwaukee Bucks because he loves the games. Since his days as a child, he always followed the best teams and admired the stars that made the game worth supporting. The passion did not fade when he became an adult, and that is how he began looking for investment opportunities in this industry. It was while he was watching one of the games that the idea of taking over this team came to mind. From there, he worked on how to become one of the owners.

If there is an entrepreneur that enjoys his work, it has to be Wes Edens. You will see him at the stadia watching the games not only because he is following his investment, but because he is having a good time too.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Biggest Accomplishment is What He Gives Away

Sometimes success can be measured in more ways than in dollar amounts. Serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkovsky experienced wild success as the CEO of the ever popular website, Groupon, with the company being worth over $1 billion only 16 months after it began. After also introducing Lightbank, an investment organization that provides guidance and funding for groundbreaking technology companies, he realized that monetary success did not have to be his only goal in life. Blessed with more wealth than he could ever need in a lifetime, Lefkovsky used his knowledge for the greater good of humanity.

After a loved one of Lefkovsky’s went through the grueling experience of cancer treatment, Lefkovsky realized just how many gaps there are in our healthcare system when it comes to treating patients. He soon discovered that even the most esteemed treatment centers were not sharing their patients’ data. Treatment options therefore were more generalized based on patients’ type of cancer rather than individual circumstance. Eric Lefkovsky created Tempus Labs in response, which aimed to gather an enormous database of information regarding different types of tumors and cancers and comparing them with patients’ individual DNA. Tempus gives physicians the tools to analyze and edit each individual patient’s data and treatment plan. Tempus has recently partnered up with CancerLinQ, a non-profit heath information platform.

Eric and Liz Lefkovsky also founded the Lefkovsky Family Foundation, which supports many other organizations that do work to better their communities. This foundation donated over $1 million to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University in Chicago to help further research of oncology treatments. The Lefkovsky family foundation also provided a grant that would give free admission to all youth who visit Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The lefkovskys are among the group of the world’s billionaires who have made the pledge through the Bill Gates/Warren Buffet initiative to share at least half of their wealth with other people in need and important causes around the world. They believe that this is their greatest lifetime accomplishment.

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Ways in Which You Can Protect Your Investment from Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is an expert in financial issues with over 20 years of experience in the field. Many factors affect the capability of investors to invest in businesses. He believes that there are equal chances that the stock market will succeed or remain on reduced heights. In the past, we have seen that it is difficult to predict the outcome of the stock market. For example, the famous crashes in the 1930s and 2008. It has been observed that the stock market could have negative or positive outcomes regardless of the predictions made. Therefore, Ted encourages investors to make the best decisions and predictions so that either finding can have the possibility of occurrence over the other, especially the positive one.

According to Ted Bauman, investors should not waste time focusing on past stock market outcomes; instead, they should set strategies that will see that they are protected in case of adverse outcomes. They should conduct substantial research on the existing stock markets so that they can have basic information to use for decision making while making investments. Ted Bauman provides a translation for the placement on stock market language which is practically the information one has on investment but has no idea of how to use it.

An important point to note is that the method one uses to sell the stocks might have either positive or negative results. The two great strategies are the valuation-level sell and the opportunity-cost sell, both of which depends on computer software to decide the most favorable one to use at what circumstance. The other notable point is balancing the individual view on the market at hand. In most cases, investment experts like Ted Bauman usually decide whether to continue with an investment or quit depending on the information they have on the stock market.

Ted Bauman moved from the US to South Africa when he was a young boy. He studied economics as part of his career venture. After his studies, he enrolled in various jobs in African, Europeans and the United Nations as a consultant and financial adviser. He is currently an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, helping his clients and readers in issues related to investments and how to live up to their financial freedom.

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A Background of Serge Belamant and some of his Career Achievements

Most people know him as the patent holder of several blockchain technologies. He is a professional software developer, and his skills have been instrumental in developing several blockchain technologies. He is one of the pioneers of digital currencies. Most of his work has had a significant impact on the banking sector and has facilitated transactions such as depositing, investments, and withdraws between different parties. Serge Belamant was born in France in the year 1953. However, he later relocated to South Africa where he acquired his high school and university education.

Serge Belamant learned how to speak in English in his new country of residence. He enrolled at The Highlands North School and was one of the best athletes during his time. He was appointed as the institution’s head prefect in 1972. Serge was also a house captain. The software developer went to Witwatersrand University and The University of South Africa to advance his education. He got his first job at a company called Matrix. The engineering firm hired Mr. Belamant as he had studied engineering during his university education. Learn more about Serge Belamant at Prabook.

The blockchain technologies expert worked on different sizes of IBM computers earlier in his career. He displayed his skills in developing applications after introducing applications that were useful in measuring water levels in reservoirs throughout the country. Relevant government agencies used the applications to determine the possibility of drought in future. He was hired by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to develop customized computer models. Some of his inventions while working at the body introduced new mapping technologies. Serge Belamant joined engineers at Control Data during a benchmarking exercise against different computer manufacturers and that earned him some extra income.

Serge Belamant was later hired by the company to become part of the application support team. Some of his work at the firm included debugging code and operating different scientific packages. He impressed his employers and was named the analyst of the year in 1980. Serge also worked for the RSA military using his knowledge in linear and non-linear programming. He was also awarded as a system’s analyst of the year in 1982 due to his outstanding skills.


Above The Clouds With Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of JetSmarter. He is based in Miami, Florida. The company was formed initially after Sergey’s frustrating first experience booking a private jet in 2009. Eager to provide a solution, he created the jet service that is similar to a rideshare service such as Lyft or Uber. The platform is not tedious and the process of booking a private jet through the company is simple. This was the main objective for Sergey Petrossov when he created the company. Subscribers and users of the jet service can easily book flights through the JetSmarter technology. The company was an immediate success and has continued to trail-blaze over the last decade.

Always having the entrepreneurial spirit, Sergey Petrossov started his first business while just in high school. After migrating from Russia along with his family, the will to succeed drove him strongly. The University of Florida is where he attained a college degree. This is where he began to intensely study technology and computer science. His new-found passion for the tech world would be the foundation for his career. The entrepreneur would co-found numerous companies before entering the private jet industry with JetSmarter. He established a strong development team along with investors and innovative concepts to introduce the world to JetSmarter in 2013.

The company has over a half million registered users while providing the service of thousands of private jets. Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter have plans in the near future to develop their own brand of aircraft. The company has headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and offices on 5 other countries.

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Vinod Gupta- The importance of education

Vinod Gupta is a successful businessman of Indian origin. He is currently the General Managing Partner of Everest Group, a venture capital firm that helps database technology startups grow. Previously, he was the owner of InfoGroup, a database company he founded in 1972, then named American Business Lists. It was the first database technology company to be established in the United States. From his early life, Vinod Gupta showed unique entrepreneurial skills that saw him create a multi-million dollar business with $100 he had borrowed from a bank. As someone who has gone through the entire process of creating a new company, he is familiar with the challenges that budding entrepreneurs face, and therefore he is in a better position to help them.

Apart from his successes as a businessman, Vinod Gupta is also doing very well as a philanthropist. He recognizes humility and acts of giving back to the fortunate as characteristics that should describe a wealthy person. All monies should not go into extravagancies but do something that will have life-touching impacts on humans. Gupta is particularly interested in the education of women. From a young age, he was taught by his father the importance of education and that why he worked very hard to excel in school. He joined the Indian Institute of Technology and later received sponsorship to study at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Vinod Gupta believes that education has brought him the successes he has recorded so far. He, therefore, believes that other people also stand a chance to benefit from schooling if given that opportunity. Vinod Gupta is emphasizing on the importance of women education. Women in India are still disenfranchised as far as educational opportunities are concerned. He feels that the educational gap between men and women is too large and needs to be closed. To facilitate the process of closing the gap, he has built women schools in India. One is a girl’s school in his rural village, and the other one is polytechnic where women can learn and obtain technicals skills.

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Rebel Wilson: Ready and Willing

One of the most important traits in an actress or an actor is the ability to be ready and willing for whatever Hollywood is going to throw on their plate. They need to have the skills, the chops, and the talent to pull it off.

When an actress or actor has that and it is mixed with hard work, wonderful things blossom out of it. That has been the career of Rebel Wilson in The United States.

She has become a national treasure and one of the most popular actresses working today. Someone knows they have made it when people are going to a movie because a particular actor or actress is in it. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter

Rebel Wilson is in that part of her career right now. People are flocking to the cinema to see what she is going to do next. They did that with her critically acclaimed film, Isn’t It Romantic. She also served as a producer on it as well. It is not easy to gain leading lady status in Hollywood, but she has done it.

Now that she has her first leading role under her belt, more are going to come her way. She’s also co-starring in The Hustle with another great actress in Anne Hathaway, which is a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Needless to say, 2019 has been Rebel Wilson’s year and she has taken full advantage of the movie roles she is being offered at this point in time.

Here is the thing that people have to remember when they think about Rebel Wilson. She is not just taking on any role. She is being very picky and choosy about them. Just because she’s in a lot of movies, it does not mean she is just doing it to add to her IMDB resume.

She’s doing it because she believes in herself and she knows good work when she sees it. It was the same way she knew something was special with the films Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect. She can tell from reading a script when something is going to resonate with audiences out there. She can just feel it.

Now that she’s a producer, she’s even more aware of what’s happening and more involved on set. Audiences can also see Rebel Wilson in The Social Life with Amanda Seyfried, Jojo Rabbit, a remake of Private Benjamin, and also in Cats as Jennyanydots.

Each film role is different and something that will challenge her as an actress. That is important to her, as she doesn’t just want to settle now that she’s achieved A-list status. She wants to keep doing more and more work that will put her to the test and satisfy her creative needs.

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