Sheldon Lavin Leads One Of The Largest Global Corporations In Meat And Food Processing

As far as profiles go, it doesn’t get much higher than Sheldon Lavin in the food processing industry as he operates one of the giants in the field. Sheldon is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board at OSI Group, and he also manages OSI International Foods as President.

Sheldon Lavin started off his career in finances and had no expectancy of becoming a permanent and knowledgable member of a food processing company. In the 1970s, when Sheldon Lavin was hired at Otto & Sons to help with financing as the company expanded, he started building experience in the industry as he became a regular help to the company founders. Sheldon took over the company years later, and Otto & Sons became OSI Group. Sheldon’s commitment and leadership over the past four decades have turned OSI into an international leader in food processing with locations in more than 60 countries.

In February of 2016, Sheldon Lavin was recognized by India’s Vision World Academy and presented with the Global Visionary Award for his accomplishments through OSI Group. Not only was Sheldon able to turn OSI into a global leader, but he has created jobs in communities all over the world, and today, OSI employs more than 20 thousand dedicated workers in more than 65 locations globally.

Turning OSI into one of the most prominent companies in the market is a big achievement, but Sheldon has also taken big steps to spark substantial changes in the industry through accountability and environmental sustainability. Environmental safety is a big concern for Sheldon, and he is an advocate for sustainable approaches to food processing. Through his own efforts to give OSI Group a lighter footprint on the map, Sheldon hopes the next generation of leaders follows in his footsteps to prioritize sustainable practices.

At 87 years old, one might expect Sheldon to retire, but instead, he remains heavily focused on the progress of OSI Group. He is also a dedicated philanthropist and supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

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A Day In The Life of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions, one of the world’s top food providers, is at the top of its game right about now and for good reasons. This particular food juggernaut has raised the bar extremely high as well as set new industry trends. OSI Food Solutions is constantly in motion because the company consists of so many different sectors. This is a full-time job because the demands of the public will never cease to exist. Daily life at OSI can mean a number of things whether it’s shipping products around the globe to the development of new foods. Harvesting foods, applyingsafetyprotocols and strengthening partnerships is a daily occurrence.

At the executive level, Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald have been participating in making business moves in the boardroom. Investing, acquiring stake and managing sustainability are just some of the goals. David McDonald is the president here, and Sheldon Lavin is the CEO. This one-two punch gives the company more than 60 yearsof experience. Joint deals with farms and warehouses are also being maintained because these two entities are a part of the food supply chain. Yes, OSI Food Solutions has an enormous food supply chain that spans across vast oceans and sandy deserts. Thanks to the company’s success, it now has full-access to the world’s food supply chain. At this point, the company can lockdown good prices for many food products. Unlike its competitors, OSI has been able to master the approach of global expansion.

OSI Food Solutions now serves billions of people across the world in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. This is direct contact at its finest because the company has built rock-solid relationships.

OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council

How Does Isabel Dos Santos Plan To Bring Jobs To Africa?

Isabel Dos Santos plans to bring jobs to Africa by investing in companies that she has been partners with for a long time. She wants to be sure that she can grow and build the continent, and she is focused on the economy in a way that most people are not. There are a lot of people who will benefit from what Isabel Dos Santos does, and they will discover that she is trying to make the whole of the continent grow (BBC).

  1. How Does Isabel Dos Santos Invest?

Isabel is an investor in all Africa because she is the continent’s richest woman. She is the daughter of the former president of Angola, and she has an amazing education, an understanding of foreign policy, and has worked with companies for ages. She wants all these companies to bring jobs to the continent by growing things like the engineering field, the energy field, and the plan for the future of every community.

  1. Community Growth 

Isabel is an expert in helping women grow, and she wants to make communities grow because of the investments that she makes. It is very simple for these people to come to Isabel dos Santos for help because she has charities that can support women. This also means that a lot of women will be able to start their own businesses, get away from abusive relationships, and educate their children. 

  1. Investing In New Ideas

Isabel Dos Santos likes working with people who have new ideas, and those ideas often make it possible for more people to go to school. The people that go to school could get good grades because they finally have electricity and Internet. These people can be informed, and they can change their lives for the better. Isabel focuses mainly on welfare and education for women and children in Africa. 

  1. Conclusion 

There are a lot of people who benefit from what Isabel Dos Santos does. She is very good at investing in communities, in changing the world, and in making Africa stronger. She wants to be sure that she can change lives while growing companies that can help the people.

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Jana Lightspeed And Investment Potential

Jana Lightspeed makes certain to play different roles as she is working on her different startups. See, Jana Lightspeed makes certain that she is finding different issues in situations that may occur from innovation.

Such as the different one’s that can be seen in India. See, merchants need a way to create products, sell it and communicate it with customers.

But this creates a disconnect between them and their target market across a plethora of aspects. For instance, they are not able to showcase their products in a way that provides potential customers with access to the whole slew of offerings that are on the table. Managing payments and introducing new products remains a completely different yet equally painful process on their own.

By addressing these problems specifically, Meesho provides a resolution to each one of them, and allows business owners to effectively showcase and sell their products through a vast network of resellers.

Meesho Has Gained Quite Some Traction in the Region

Founded in 2015, Meesho has gained significant traction over the past few years. It currently boasts of a network comprising of over 2 million resellers, which have been using its services actively.

Due to its simple to use solutions that also remain affordable to small business owners in India, Meesho has become the primary solution for many to sell products online.

The company estimates that over 80 percent of its user base comprises of women, who have been able to become resellers with “zero investment” due to the ease of use that Meesho brings to the table.

With Facebook having over 250 million users in the country, its investment in Meesho seems quite logical.

Since the social media giant has been finding ways to set WhatsApp apart from other communication, this seems like a step that would help the firm see the communication app transform into a powerhouse business solution – even if that ability currently remains tied to India.

Kisling Nestico & Redick, The Ohio Law Firm Super-Power

Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick, a highly-reputable Law Firm, founded in 2005 out of Akron Ohio, is well known for offering the services throughout the entire Ohio State’s. Their attorneys specialties include personal injury including car accident, wrongful death, and medical malpractice.

With the combined 400 years of legal experience in handling over 10,000 cases, Kisling Nestico & Redick Law Firm may very well be one of the most renowned law firms in the Mid-East. With that being said, eight of their lawyers were named Super Lawyers in 2019 by Super Lawyer Magazine, an amazing accolade for the tireless efforts.

While eight of the lawyers from Kisling Nestico & Redick law firm were names Super Lawyers, don’t let that deter you away from their large faculty of more than 20 lawyers and 11 locations across the Ohio State.

Kisling Nestico & Redick

They hold strong and well experienced team of trial lawyers who are members and holders of some of the most prestigious lawyer conglomerates and honors such as, The Ohio State Bar Foundation, Top 50 lawyers in Cleveland, and The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Their achievements, honors, and philanthropic efforts are unending and speak for themselves.

However, at the Kisling Nestico & Redick law firm, their service is to the client, which is to ensure you are taken care of at the highest level with the greatest regard your benefit and well-being. This means, as the client you have peace knowing you have competent attorneys working hard for you. Call Kisling Nestico & Redick today.

Felipe Montoro Jens Shares How Privatization Has Improved The Brazilian Economy

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked in the financial industry for the past 25 years. One of the major corporations he has worked for is Enel Group S.P.A. where he was in the finance department and managed project developments. Other companies he has worked for include Luciano NitriGuidolin and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

He is an expert in infrastructure who has received national attention in Brazil. He works as a consultant on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), advising both private companies and businesses on how to structure their contracts. Felipe Montoro Jens graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara and from Oregon University.

The Brazilian economy used to be tightly controlled by the government. The government had monopolies in multiple industries such as aviation, telecommunications, oil and gas, and steel. Since 1990, there has been an ongoing effort to privatize most of these government-owned companies. Felipe Montoro Jens says this has led to a much better economy and far more innovation. Read this article about Montoro Jens at

The government-owned company he used as an example of this privatization is Telebras. This was the government’s telecommunications firm. In 1998, it was split into 12 different holding companies. Each company was then sold to a different bidder in order to prevent a monopoly from forming. This transformed the industry and there is now healthy competition between these different firms.

Felipe Montoro Jens points to the 2004 Public Private Partnerships Act for what made his current career possible. Because of this act private companies now build most of the infrastructure across Brazil such as sanitation, roads, public schools, and libraries. The size of government shrank due to this act and private companies started to prosper. He doesn’t see any way of going back to the old ways of doing business in Brazil since privatization has worked out so well for the country. Learn More:

Facts Everyone Knows About Sharon Prince Grace Farms That You Dont

If you would like to have a unique experience in nature, visiting Grace Farms could be that place. Millions of people around the world visit this public space because of the architecture, environment, and core values communities share there.

About Sharon Prince

As a founder, Grace Farms is the most significant project Sharon Prince has involved. The unconventional design is subject to many awards related to architecture, environmental sustainability, ecological innovations, and technological development.

Sharon Prince created this spiritual space supported by Grace Farms Foundation, an organization that encourages connection with nature, family-friendly activities, and wilderness restoration.

This area situated in New Canaan becomes an important location during special events such as The Earth Day. The practices visitors do in Grace Farms are based on values such as nature engagement, art, justice, community, faith, among others.

About Grace Farms

Grace Farms is an architectonical project inspired by Japanese Aesthetics, as we can see in the River Building. There are various curiosities that make this place unique.

• Sense-Of-Motion Architecture: Unlike conventional structures, Grace Farms uses curvature to interact better with the surrounding nature. This design is an open-concept approach that catches the eye of every visitor that has come to Grace Farms.

• Open-Concept Design: Surprisingly, you will never find a single front door in the whole area. Glass panels separate some of the spaces to give a more artistic experience, and the designers removed any possible restrictions. The reason for these measures is to encourage community connection, giving a sense of freedom, and improve relaxation. Grace Farms is a harmonic space designed to inspire and bring peace to people’s lives.
The Conclusion

When asking guests about their experience, they mentioned most of the benefits that we have summarized in this article. Also, wilderness restoration activities are the main thing that makes Grace Farms different. Families come here to enjoy the day together while interacting with the ecosystem.

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James River Capital – article recap

Many people have had great ideas for businesses, but it’s not always easy to convince other people to fund them. Paul Saunders of James River Capital knows exactly how it is, and he wanted to let budding entrepreneurs know how they can find funding for their business ventures. If you follow his advice, you will make your entrepreneurial dreams come true in no time at all. 


The first method is “bootstrapping,” and this is when you use the money in your savings accounts and your credit cards. You can also ask your family and friends for loans. This is the best thing that you could do because it doesn’t require that you offer other people shares in your company. In addition to that, it will be easier to convince your friends and family members to contribute money to your cause if you are the first to do so. 


In turn, friends and family make it easier for strangers to invest in your business because if the friends and family members of an entrepreneur don’t believe in him or her, other people wonder why they should. Learn more:


The second option is crowdfunding. With crowdfunding, a large group of people pledges money to support an idea in which they believe. This option is great for an entrepreneur who is starting out with nothing because the investors do not expect you to pay them back. 


Paul Saunders also advises that you look into the more conventional forms of funding a business. The Small Business Administration is one option, but banks provide people with business loans as well. You can get a bank loan with a lower interest rate than an SBA loan, but a bank loan is harder to get. 


The Angel Capital Association helps you find angel investors. Angel investors are willing to invest as much as $10,000 in a great idea. 


Venture capitalists find financial vehicles for their clients’ money, and they choose investments for them that appear as if they will make the investors money in a short period of time. Specifically, these investors are expecting you to offer them three to 10 times their initial investment, and they expect to receive it in five to seven years.


The last option that Paul Saunders suggests entrepreneurs do is trade equity in your future company in exchange for the money that you need to get the business started. You might like this option because it doesn’t cause you to take out loans and start out with debt. Also, without any loans to repay, you won’t need to turn a profit so quickly. 


James River Capital became an independent investment firm in 1995 when Paul Saunders combined forces with Kevin Brandt and founded the firm. 

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Alastair Borthwick: Scotland’s Celebrated Writer And Man Of Action

Accomplishments have come in many ways throughout the life of Alastair Borthwick, dedicated writer and outdoorsman from Scotland. Being in the outdoors was what Alastair loved most, aside from writing, and he spent his entire life living in Scotland’s wide open pastures and rolling hills. 

Alastair was born in South Ayrshire and he eventually settled in Glasgow as a teenager, where he also dropped out of school early to become a full-time worker for the local news company. It’s hard to say turning down education is the right thing to do, but in Alastair’s case, it was. He enjoyed writing, and his first job at the Glasgow Herald, which opened many doors for him as a journalist and a writer.

Adventuring was a passion that developed early for Alastair, and as such, most of his writing took the form of outdoor journeys across Scotland. These adventurous tales of hiking and camping became Alastair’s most famous, but he also proved he was a multi-faceted writer after publishing Sans Peur. Sans Peur, which is known as Battalion in today’s generation, is a detailed war story accounting for Alastair’s battalion during the Second World War. 

Alastair spent years traveling throughout Scotland and neighboring countries during his stint as part of the Seaforth Highlanders as an intelligence officer. This was perfect for Alastair, being an outdoorsman, but he wasn’t absent to the realities of war either. He led several of his own expeditions and saw battle, which was translated into the darker parts of his story after the war. 

The life of Alastair Borthwick was eventful, but not without family. He met Anne when he was in his 20s, and in 1940, Alastair and Anne got married in Glasgow. Wherever Alastair traveled, so did Anne, from Jura to Ayrshire, Anne and Alastair spent their entire lives together traveling across Scotland until passing away just two years apart in 2001 and 2003.

LocationSmart on Their Passion for Business

LocationSmart is one of the key corporations in the Canadian businesses in the world. They are the world’s largest location as a service business, and it is clear that they have made a significant impact on the rest of the industry throughout the time they have spent within it.

It is truly a testament to how talented the team of developers is who founded the company that they have been able to come this far on what started to be a relatively small budget.

This is how a lot of great businesses begin, and LocationSmart is not an exception to that. In fact, they consider themselves to simply be a product of the times. The people who sit on the board of directors for LocationSmart are those who tend to be very humble towards their work.

They constantly maintain a working environment wherein everyone involved is treated with kindness and respect, as they believe that keeping these values at the center of any business is the best strategy you can have when it comes to staying consistent as a business.

LocationSmart has always viewed their business this way, and in the same light, they believe that it is necessary for them to seek out improvements to their business model on a daily basis. This comes from the belief that if they do not improve their system, they will fall behind within the industry at large. It is a fair fear to have, too.

They generally try to approach business with a cautious mindset, as you never know what is going to happen within it until it does, and because of this, it is very hard to predict the way it will turn out. That being said, it is basically a businessperson’s number one priority to try and determine what the future will look like for their industry. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

Predicting this is key in reacting to the anticipated changes in time. While predicting the future is not an easy thing to do, it is something that can be done in limited capacity when you have an extensive knowledge on the world of business like the employees at LocationSmart do.

They are one of many companies currently taking advantage of the business system in order to get their word out there, and it is just a coincidence that they happen to be one of the largest.

In fact, their level of success is solely determined by the amount of people who are willing to give them a shot, and they have acknowledged this in the past.

Regardless, however, the people who are involved with them would be working all the time within this industry whether it was paid or not. To them, business is more of a passion than anything else.

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