Isabel dos Santos And Her Business Ventures

Daughter of Angolan former President and the country of Africa’s wealthiest woman to date, Isabel dos Santos has officially been re-elected to the board of Unitel. This important decision came shortly after great speculation that Isabel dos Santos could have been expelled in a shareholder discourse at the company that leads Angola’s telecoms modern market. 

Complete ownership of the company of Unitel is solely split equally between this successful businesswoman, the Brazilian telecoms company called Oi, and the Angolan former government official Mr. Propulsion so Nascimento. Surprisingly enough, the Angolan owners had formerly almost always voted as a block, but the Sonangol had actually hinted that it really was looking to sell its stake soon and so they wanted to lower the influence of Isabel (Cnn). 

Today, it is really somewhat unclear if whether or not Dos Santos can stay in as the official Unitel chairwoman when they have their very first business meeting in May. Isabel has eventually ended up with various stakes in different Angolan companies while her father was president of Angola. Isabel dos Santos also owns different shares in different Portuguese companies which include both telecom and TV business firm Nos SGPS. A professional spokesperson for she has recently told Forbes that Isabel dos Santos “is a independent businesswoman and a private investor representing solely her own interests.”

This strong activist is more than a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Isabel is also a living wife to get husband and a woman who treats others the way she would want to be treated. Today, it is her diligence to get work, her passion for what she does, and her love for others that has truly got Isabel dos Santos where she is now. Isabel has truly been blessed to be a blessing to other businessmen and women around the world.

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