Promoting Multistep Approach to Wellness with Dr. Dov Rand

Doctor Rand uses a multistep approach to improve the overall health status and well being of his patients that come to his healthy aging medical centers of which he is the president and founder. Doctor Rand sometimes is able through fighting the aging process to reverse his client’s symptoms and improve overall well being giving a more youthful feel.


The focus for Doctor Rand is to balance hormone levels in his patients so that the hormone system will operate optimally. As the hormones balance themselves out the good hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and HGH put the body in a state of healthy operation. In the aging process these good hormones will decrease and bad hormones such as cortisol will increase. This increase of bad hormone is causing an inflammatory response throughout the bottom body causing mischief in several diseases. Reducing inflammation and body fat is extremely good for maintenance of the body over time. As muscle increases and fat decreases the ability of the body to move with more fluidity puts less strain and stress on the joints and ligaments.


One component of the multistep approach is to exercise. It’s so important, but people look for that magic pill and there is no magic pill, there’s no magic solution to this, this comprehensive approach involves and promotes an exercise. When he educates patients about exercise he make sure that they’re doing not all the weighted exercises, but definitely a cardio or aerobics type of program which improves their cardiac capacity or lung capacity. Older patients really benefit from the program by increasing lean body mass and decreasing body fat which will prevent many of the diseases associated with aging such as diabetes.


Another step is the focus of our programs have in addressing any type of a heavy metals within the body and detoxing it out. Pesticides that may have effected the body also are helped through the detox program which account for fatigue and headaches in some. Many more steps are discussed for a myriad other reasons to promote general wellness.


Overall Doctor Rand has continued to help people not just achieve better health, but maintain a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable and refreshing.

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