Marc Beer Continues To Be A Major Player In Today’s Rapidly Growing Fields Of Biotechnology And Biomedicine:

Renovia is the company known as the maker of Leva. The product is a revolutionary solution to the treatment of women’s pelvic floor disorders. A big part of the reason why Renovia has become so successful in a short time is due to its excellent leadership team that is headed up by co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Marc Beer. Marc is joined on his expert leadership staff by Chief Commercial Officer William Dull, Chief Science Officer Jose Bohorquez, Chief Medical Officer Samantha Pulliam, and Jessica McKinney who serves at Renovia as its VP of Medical Affairs. The success is also due to the collaboration between Marc Beer and his two fellow co-founders Yolanda Lori and Ray Iglesias. These individuals have come together under the guidance of expert entrepreneur Marc Beer to form a company that is making a big difference in the world of women’s health. The recent Series B funding found that was spearheaded by Marc Beer is another factor that is helping with the growth at Renovia. This large amount of funding has gone toward several business needs such as operating costs and product development. 


The career trajectory that Marc Beer has enjoyed since the mid-1980s is what has allowed him to build up the experience and the knowledge that was necessary to successfully launch Renovia. He graduated from the University of Miami in 1987 after completing a course of study in business. Having this knowledge, plus a skill at entrepreneurship that he seems to be born with has made for a great combination and it has led Marc Beer to consistent success. After he graduated, Marc Beer cut his teeth in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry with the Genzyme firm. He had a successful run with the company that led to him being named as the Vice President for Global Marketing. This gave Marc Beer a great chance to show his full skill set. He took advantage of this and the result was the fact that millions of individuals had access to products that helped in their medical treatment. This success also inspired Marc Beer to found his own company known as ViaCell. Learn more:


Marc Beer created his ViaCell business in 2000 with a goal of doing important research on umbilical cord stem cells. The dedication that he put into the business led to rapid growth and Marc was able to go public with the operation in 2005. Two years later, in 2007, he was able to sell ViaCell for a massive profit. 


After some time away from the world of running companies, Marc Beer launched Renovia as his latest project. He continues to have a commitment to growing the business and helping countless women around the world with new and innovative products. He also recently received his approval as the new Chairman at the biomedical firm LumeNXT. Being awarded this position is a result of the massive amount of experience and success that Marc Beer has in leading firms in the biomedical and biotech spheres of business.

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The Success of Marc Beer

While he has done pretty well for himself throughout a career that spans three decades, Marc Beer has said he doesn’t take any of this success for granted and he certainly doesn’t let it go to his head. So how has he managed to stay grounded all these years? It helped that he learn the ins and outs of the business world while serving as a student at Miami University and working in various companies over the course of twelve years. Once he had completed his education, he knew he was ready to take on the world as the founder and CEO of a business that would later come to be known as Viacell. First established in May of 2000 and based out of Cambridge, the primary mission of the company is to uncover numerous vaccines and cures for a wide variety of diseases.
They attempt to do this by extracting a few blood stem cells from a navel string and then analyzing the genetic makeup of these cells to see if there are any biomarkers. It’s not clear whether this method has ever actually panned out but it didn’t last long as they decided to close up shop in 2007 and sell it for a significant profit. After the sale was completed, he had to deal with a family
tragedy before moving on to the next phase of his career. It seems his wife contracted a pulmonary embolism and passed away as a result. Before long, he found himself trading in his briefcase for a backpack as he stepped up to become more present in the lives of his three children.
After about two years of parent teacher conferences, his daughter told him they wanted him to resume his philanthropic endeavors in the business world. As such, in August of 2016, he assumed his rightful place as the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Renova, a company dedicated to developing and perfecting medical equipment and ensuring it is available to the patients who need
it the most. Despite its young age, the company has already taken off with a $42 million grant for its research and development department and a seal of approval from the FDA on their first medical product. In a recent statement, he provided advice to future aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to follow in his footsteps. Learn more:
He advised them to always give back to the community at large as much as you possibly can, focus on the success of the company as much as possible and always ensure you have a solid financial strategy. Pelvic floor disorders affect a large portion of the population, especially females, which is why they are currently attempting to treat it.

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How Marc Beer Has Thrived In His Career

A lot of businessmen have faced adversity throughout their career but Marc Beer has had to bounce back quite a few times. So how has he managed to maintain his success over the course of a career that spans over thirty years? He recently sat down for a chat about how he got to where he is and where he hopes to go in the future of his career. In the fall of 1983, he began his academic career as a freshman at Miami University where he decided he wanted to go into the business world. So in the spring of 1987, he received his business degree and got his first job offer to work as one of the members of the sales team at a company called Abbott. After six years in the role, he decided to move to a different job after being offered the position of a corporate officer.
He worked for Biostar Inc in that role for over two years before deciding to accept another position as the vice president of global marketing at a company known as Genzyme. After four years with the company, he finally decided he wanted to strike out on his own by opening his own company called Viacell. First established in May of 2000, the company is dedicated to gathering blood stem cells from the umbilical cords of new mothers so they can analyze them and attempt to synthesize vaccines and cures for various illnesses and diseases. He decided to go public with the company in 2005 but he ended up selling it two years later to Perkin Elmer for a significant profit.

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Afterward, he was ready to continue his business career but, before he could, his wife tragically passed away from a pulmonary embolism at the age of 42. Before he knew it, he found himself trading in his briefcase for a backpack as he helped his three children get to school, finish their homework and help them with whatever they may need. After about two years, however, his daughter helped him realize it was time to get back into the business world and resume his plans to help the community at large. So a short while later, he collaborated with a few colleagues to cofound Renovia, a company dedicated to developing and producing medical products for various patients who suffer from a wide range of illnesses.
Despite being a new business, the company has already had much success. In fact, they just recently had their first product approved by the FDA and they received a $32 million grant for their research along with $10 million for their financial department. So we wish him the best of luck in
the future.

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Marc Beer Cultivates Success With Each Professional Stop That He Makes:

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, the name Marc Beer has been closely tied to excellence and entrepreneurship in the biotechnology field. This is because the businessman and executive have a consistent track record of building businesses into success stories. He has shown the ability to do this again and again. Perhaps the best explanation for why Marc Beer has been able to consistently repeat his successes across numerous businesses is because he is an expert at developing strong business plans and coming up with solutions for any problem or obstacle that presents itself. Marc Beer has been achieving these types of successes since obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business in 1987 from Miami University. He obtained a great basis of education through his college studies but the reality is that Marc Beer is simply an individual with a natural talent for business and the motivation to put that talent to use.


It was only a short time after wrapping up his college courses that Marc Beer started working professionally in the pharmaceutical field. He quickly distinguished himself by way of his work in the marketing field within that industry and caught the attention of the leadership at Genzyme. He rose through the ranks at the pharmaceutical firm and became its VP in the Global Marketing department. It was as a direct result of the work that Marc Beer did in this position that Genzyme was able to grow its market share significantly and reach a much larger customer base. This accomplishment helped Marc Beer to stand out amongst his peers as a true innovator. Learn more:


By 2000 Marc Beer made a big career move that would help to solidify his reputation within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. It was during that year that he launched the ViaCell company. The firm grew rapidly and had already put out its IPO in 2005. When Marc Beer sold the firm in 2007, it was an employer of more than three hundred people and was at the forefront of working on treatment solutions for a variety of different conditions. This was yet another impressive chapter that showcased Marc Beer’s uncanny ability to cultivate success in every endeavor that he pursues.


Marc Beer has not slowed down even though he has been working hard for the past twenty-five years. His latest venture was kicked off in 2016 and it is a company called Renovia. This unique and innovative firm is working towards treatment solutions for pelvic floor disorders that women suffer from. The rapidly growing operation was created by Marc Beer along with his two co-founders. The firm has already received some impressive recognition since its beginnings in 2016. This includes the FDA approval for the first product offering from Renovia that is known as Leva.

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Carsten Thiel Impacts The World Through Medicine


Throughout his career in biotechnology, Carsten Thiel has always placed a lot of importance on the concept of ethics in medicine and business. He is currently serving EUSA Pharma as its European President.

Over the years, Carsten Thiel has played a part in the launch of important medications and products like Prolia, Neulasta, Strensiq, and more.

Through the work that he has done, Carsten Thiel has improved the lives of patients suffering from different conditions around the globe. Many of the treatments created by the companies that he was working with are considered medical breakthroughs and many of them treat illnesses in which there had previously been no other options.

In the case of one of the treatments spearheaded by Carsten Thiel, the population that it was designed to help were young children who were dealing with a degenerative bone disease known as hypophosphatasia. While the medication could make a huge difference in the lives of the children being treated, it needed to be given by injection.

Many children are very phobic of needles and Carsten Thiel knew that something had to be done to counter this as it was important the injections be delivered several times a week. They used creative solutions such as the “buddy system” to help these children alleviate some of their fears. See This Page for additional information.

Carsten is dedicated to being able to help people through his work and strives to create humane solutions to problems while showing empathy. He is a native of Berlin Germany and has always done well throughout his education.

He attended the University of Bristol where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in organic chemistry before eventually earning a Molecular Biology Ph.D. from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. After graduating, he took a position with the biotechnology firm Hoffman la-Roche and has been moving up in the industry ever since.


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Appointment of New Leaders at EUSA Pharma to Strengthen Management Team


EUSA Pharma (EUSA), is a global biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the treatment of oncology and other rare infections. The company was launched in March 2015. With many years of prosperity in delivering world-class products, the company has developed extensive commercial networks in the United States and around Europe, as well as the establishment of direct presence in other selected markets in the world.


EUSA Pharma is managed by a team of focused leaders who have many years of experience as well as recommendable records in developing successful pharmaceutical companies. The company also receives significant financial support from one of the leading life science investor, EW Healthcare Partners.


With the aims of improving the efficiency of service delivery, the company created new positions. It was on 15th May, when the company made the official announcement that it had appointed Dr. Carsten Thiel to fill the position of President in charge of the company’s affair in Europe and Dr. Darrel p. Cohen to take over the new post as the Head of Clinical Development.


Carsten Thiel is a well-known figure in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical professions. Dr. Carsten Thiel, a Ph.D. holder, brings extensive experience of over 27 years gained serving in a variety of international roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to this post, he was serving as the CEO of a US-based company, Abeona Therapeutics, as a gene therapy specialist. He also worked for several years at Alexion Pharmaceutical as the CEO where he led the company’s EMEA, Asia, Pacific, and Australasia organizations.


Carsten Thiel is an authority in biotechnology having spent a good number of years in the industry. He believes that the field has entered its golden age and the future holds a lot of promise. Answers to pertinent human concerns like living disease-free lives are sure to be addressed during this period. See This Page for additional information.


On the other hand, Dr. Darrel P. Cohen is a qualified oncologist specialist with two decades of clinical development experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Before joining EUSA, Dr. Cohen was a Vice President of Pfizer’s International Oncology firm where he led the company with remarkable achievements. He also worked at Duke University in the department of medicine where he served as an Associate Tutor and Oncology Fellow.


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Marc Beer Named Chairman of the Board at LumeN XT

Marc Beer has recently been named as Chairman of the Board at a leading healthcare company known as LumeN XT. Beer will be joining a leading company that specializes in developing surgical illumination products. These products will help surgeons and other healthcare professionals more efficiently perform surgical procedures that are minimally invasive. Since being named as the Chairman of the Board at LumeN XT, Marc will bring nearly three decades of experience and expertise to the company. He has spent many years providing solid leadership for healthcare companies as well as participating in the development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment for making diagnostics.


As soon as he was named as Chairman of the Board at LumeN XT, Marc Beer expressed his outlook on his new position. Beer said that he is very proud to be joining a very well run organization. He has said that he will be honored to work with a group of dedicated surgeons and engineers who have established themselves as leading professionals. With their experience in surgical illumination, they will be able to make valuable contributions to the healthcare industry. Along with expressing his satisfaction in being named as the Chairman of LumeN XT, Marc has also said that the company will help increase the number of surgical procedures that are minimally invasive.


With the recent addition of Marc Beer, the co founder of LumeN XT Paul Rhyne also made a statement. He mentioned that Marc is someone who has been able to demonstrate his expertise with healthcare companies. Marc has been able to lead healthcare companies that were in the growth phase. Under his leadership, these companies were able to become more profitable and expand globally. They were also able to introduce valuable solutions to a number of different health issues as well. With Marc’s accomplishments in mind, LumeN XT will be in position to continue to remain as an innovative company in the healthcare sector.


Marc Beer has had a long and successful career in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. Before he was named as the Chairman of the Board at LumeN XT, Beer was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of another successful company called Renovia Incorporated. While he was leading Renovia, Marc helped develop diagnostic devices for women who were suffering from pelvic floor disorders. He was also the founder and chairman of the company known as Minerva Neurosciences. While working at this company, Marc helped develop treatments for the nervous system. This included developing treatments for psychological conditions such as depression, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s Disease.


Throughout his career, Marc Beer has been involved in helping many companies become leading enterprises in the healthcare industry. He has held high level executive positions at other healthcare companies. As well as being involved in managing and directing healthcare companies, Marc Beer has also held key positions in governing boards as he was a member of the Biotechnology Industry Organization Emerging Companies Section Governing Board.

“Chairman of the LumeNXT board, Marc beer “


Marc beer is an entrepreneur with experience in pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and diagnostic markets. He holds a bachelor of science from the Miami University in Ohio. He is also the co-founder of Renovia group. He serves as a member of the Notre Dame Research and commercialization advisory board. He is also a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council and the University’s Graduate Studies Research and Advisory committee.


His excellent leadership qualities and innovations enable him to practice business deals that assist people as he is committed to excelling in these businesses. He has created jobs to more than 300 people. He has guided companies that have since been listed in NASDAQ as well as going public.


Just recently Marc Beer was appointed as the chairman of the LumeNXT board. LumeNXT is a private company doing business with the aim of developing proprietary surgical lighting artifacts for simple persistent surgeries. He has over twenty-five years of experience in this industry thus suited for the new appointment as a chairman. LumeNXT boasts of engineers and surgeons that are experienced in the area of surgical illumination. Illumination increases precision, visibility, and flexibility during the surgical operation thus making the innovation helpful in comparison to customary techniques.


The technology offers a platform where illumination is used as a temperature reduction method to enhance surgical accuracy at an affordable cost and ensuring there is enough safety. Marc Beer is tasked with the duty of guiding the LumeNXT Company into positive growth and leading it to worldwide commercial rollout. His also tasked to make sure the company goes into big profits as it grows steadily.


LumeNXT original outlook protects tissues against damage to any high temperatures by incessantly eradicating the heat from the light giving elements. This technology has been of great help to the surgeons as it is more efficient. The company is dedicated to coming up with modified and individualized solutions that are based on values that the customer upholds.


He has also been at the helm of Minerva Neurosciences Company as the chairman of the board. It is a biopharmaceutical company developing products that treat diseases associated with the central nervous system. Before joining Minerva he held positions in the biopharmaceutical industry where he was tasked with launches which were commercial in nature looking into rare diseases in the world, worldwide growth, acquisitions, and IPOs.


Some of Marc Beer such position as a top executive includes the board o Good Start Genetics as its founding chairman, The CEO of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, CEO of ViaCell, Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme as well as the Biotechnology Industry Organization Governing committee. Learn more:

Marc Beer, innovative and dynamic leader

The chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Renovia Inc. has obtained a total of $32 million in a Series B round and a further $10 million for his medical technology startup venture debt. His leadership in this organization is attributed to his experience in the development and commercialization of enterprises in biotechnology and pharmaceutical devices, and diagnostics Marc Beer focuses on developing products that diagnose and treat urinary incontinence, which is a pelvic floor disorder with a potential to affect more than 250 million women.

Leaders in innovation

The FDA approved Leva in April, which is Renovia’s first product. The obtained funding included the participation of the Longwood Fund. This group deals with the healthcare issues that supported Renovia is early in the funding. Perceptive Adviser of New York and Ascension Ventures of Missouri funded the Series B Round. The funding will assist the development and testing of four products for Renovia. Marc Beer intends to come up with a new generation of Leva.

Marc Beer appreciates the funding and says it is an opportunity to share a vision for better diagnosis and treatment for women facing pelvic floor disorders. He hopes to lead the development of the company into combining its innovative and proprietary sensor technologies with digital health platform. The combination of digital health platforms with technological advancements will provide the customers with valuable data and will produce new options for treatment

Marc Beer opines that if there is an increased understanding of the pelvic floor disorder, there is a chance to lower the long-term health care costs.

Dynamic leadership

Marc Beer’s style of dynamic leadership demonstrates his ability to provide workable solutions that satisfy urgent issues. Together with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, they cofounded Renovia in 2016. His energy and vision make his style of leadership ready to take on ventures that benefit their customers. Marc sees a need for a company that addresses urgent issues, which is a reason why he decided to create Renovia.

His interest in the pharmaceutical field focused on sales and marketing, and this was before he went to work at Genzyme. Marc desires to give back to the society, which is why he was at the Mass Life Science Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and chairman of Renovia Inc. he attended Miami University to study a Bachelor of Science in Business and graduated in 1987. Marc has excellent leadership skills in business as well as public areas of responsibility. He worked at OvaScience as a Strategic Consultant. He is also a member of the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation, which provides financial aid to alleviate the economic and emotional stress experienced by cancer patients and their families. Marc Beer is a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council. Learn more: