Clement Perrette- Embrace Technology and Big Data

Clement Perrette is the Senior Fund Manager at RAM Active Investments. He graduated from HEC Paris with a master degree in Finance. Clement is a business and a philanthropist. He has worked in various organizations and led them towards success. Clement contributed to the production of a book called Call of the Blue. He has excellent knowledge and a career in fixed income strategies.

Clement Perrette advocates for the use of Big Data in the fixed income management sector. This is propelled by the continued development of technology. In contemporary society, technology has evolved, and it is used in every field. Using technology in fixed income investment management will give financial professionals an opportunity to make the right decisions.
Technology has brought about a new financial culture. It has been easy to acquire data and analyze it. With the aid of the internet, data is easily extracted and used in measuring the success of business organizations.

Clement Perrette has been working with the finance sector, and he has embraced technology as a tool to make informed decisions and drive the growth of funds. It is through the use of technology that Clement became the president at Barclays Capital when he was managing trading rates. He was the Head of EUR rates. He used technology to improve the various systems of trading. His motive for enhanced data mining compelled him to hire a team of experts and built the automated marketing system which has been adopted by banks globally.

Currently, Clement is the senior fund manager at RAM, which is a systematic equity organization. In the firm, Clement has the opportunity to manage the global fixed income fund. He is working towards implementing data mining tools in the fixed income management sector. This aims at introducing macro-economics information in automating the investigation process. Data investments and technology will change the trading market.

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James Reese Talks Combat-Ready Vehicles

At the “Chevy Event”, which is held at The Range Complex (TRC), a United States military facility in North Carolina, journalists and other civilians are given the opportunity to participate in the kind of high-stakes training that elite commandos go through, if only for a few days. Special Forces officers and trainers put the guests through live ammunition drills, simulated firefights and hostage rescue situation and much more.

Many of the activities involve the actual SUV’s used by the United States military, mostly customized Chevy Tahoe and Suburban models. The vehicles have special suspension systems for driving at high speeds over all types of terrain and are armor-plated for the protection of both the vehicles themselves and the soldiers inside.


A former Delta Force officer, James Reese is among the military people who help run the event. He explains that the Chevy vehicles are popular among soldiers because they are durable, dependable and no-frills, much like elite United States military personnel themselves.

Reese says that military depends on these vehicles because they can get hit by bullets and keep on running; as a combat veteran, he’s seen it happen, and he knows the values of these vehicles in battle. Personally, he was under fire in Iraq, and he and his men had to rely on their Chevy vehicle to survive the fight. While most Tahoe Suburban vehicles sold aren’t going to be used this way, the point is that they could.

About James Reese

James Reese spent 25 years in the United States Military until retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel from the famous Delta Force. He went on to found Tigerswan, a highly trustworthy and effective security company. Tigerswan is made up almost entirely of military veterans and operates out of Apex, North Carolina.

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Entrepreneur Iskandar Safa Donates Marble To Notre-Dame Rebuilding Effort

Iskandar Safa is a Lebanese entrepreneur who co-founded and is the chief executive officer of Privinvest Group. His company builds ships at facilities in the Middle East and Europe. Privinvest builds naval ships, commercial vessels, and mega yachts. It also has businesses in the hospitality, media, and real estate industries.

Iskandar Safa earned a degree in civil engineering at the American University of Beirut in 1978. He also earned an MBA at France’s INSEAD in 1982. He first worked in America before moving to Saudi Arabia where he managed the construction of an airdrome. He co-founded Privinvest Group along with his brother Akram. Building ships became the main focus of his career with the establishment of this business.

Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie in France was the first shipyard they purchased. The shipyard, located in northwest France, was performing poorly before Iskandar Safa purchased it. He got it back on its feet by getting large orders from navies and private individuals.

His company is in the Marine Renewables Energies sector. Privinvest Group has three shipyards in Germany and one in Greece, France, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates each. Iskandar Safa established Privinvest Media in 2015. Visit This Page for additional information.

Iskandar Safa was one of the wealthy individuals that joined the cause of rebuilding Notre-Dame Cathedral after it suffered massive fire damage on April 19, 2019. He owns a marble quarry in southern France. The quarry will donate an unlimited amount of marble for the rebuilding effort. Marble is used in Notre-Dame alters, columns, and statues.

Iskandar Safa’s quarry is located in Saint-Pons-de-Thomières, Hérault. It has been used since the Romans discovered it. In recent times, marble from it has been used in the Vatican, Versailles, and Petit Trianon. Iskandar Safa comes from a Maronite Christian family and has built churches in France, the Dominican Republic, and Lebanon. Refer to This Article for more information.


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The Incredible Career of Mark Holyoake

The life of a professional gymnast is exciting on its own. When a gymnast retires and becomes a successful entrepreneur, the biography becomes even more intriguing. Mark Holyoake deserves special credit for moving beyond a distinguished career as a professional gymnast to become an incredibly successful fitness entrepreneur. Amazingly, he did not rest on his laurels when first starting out as a personal trainer. Even though his personal training endeavors were successful, he took things to the next level and founded a business built on an original concept.

Success for Holyoake came from hard work. And he started working hard at a very young age. The New Zealand-born Holyoake started gymnastics career at the age of nine. He quickly became a competitor and, by the age of 10, did well in youth competitions.

Mark Holyoake put significant effort into his educational studies while also training hard to be a gymnast. As an adult, he turned pro. His performance in competition for the New Zealand team stands out as exceptional. He even broke a world record, something most athletes can only realize in their dreams.

Of course, even the most celebrated sports careers come to an end at some point. Mark Holyoke was no different from so many other athletes who face retirement. Unlike his contemporaries, however, Mark Holyoke had an idea about where to go once his competition days ended. He became a personal trainer at a prestigious facility. Personal training is often about marketing. Clients want to train with the best, so they can see results. A former professional athlete instills confidence and potential clients, so Mark Holyoke was not going to have difficulties finding interested clients. He chose to challenge himself.

Mark Holyoake started learning about CrossFit and explored opportunities to become an instructor. He eventually entered CrossFit Games competitions and did well. Holyoake took his experience as a gymnast and CrossFit competitor to establish a unique training facility known as Carbon Method Crossfit. Today, he runs his facility and also helps clients and coaches reach their goals. He even runs a weekly gymnastics class to stay close to his roots.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: From Early Years to Current Entrepreneurship


It’s unclear of what Richard Liu Qiangdong birth date actually is, but it’s between March 1973 and February 1974. He grew up in Sugian, Jiangsu province, an impoverished region of China. His parents owned a small transport business and shipped coal.

When he enrolled at Renmin University, he focused on a degree in sociology. He worked toward that degree even after realizing he didn’t want to go into politics. After graduating, he enrolled at the China Europe International Business School and earned an EMBA. Around the same time, he started working for Japan Life, a Japanese company that manufactured health products.

At the same time, he worked as a freelance coder to earn extra money. Between all those duties, he also tried to run his own restaurant. After deciding to pursue a career in business, Liu Qiangdong wanted to take a shot at being an entrepreneur. The restaurant failed and landed him in debt. View Related Info Here.

He worked off his debt and left Japan Life in 1998. Two years after his restaurant failed, he gave entrepreneurship another shot. This time around, Richard Liu Qiangdong had a better plan. He planned to dedicate as much time as was needed to make his business succeed. In 1998, the first Jingdong location opened in Beijing’s Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park.

At the height of his business’s success, China had to deal with a SARS outbreak. The outbreak was devastating for many businesses; especially Richard Liu’s which lost over eight million yuan in one year. By 2004, Richard Liu had another plan and moved his company online. was launched later that year. With his company finding success on an e-commerce platform, Richard Liu closed all 12 of his brick-and-mortar. locations by 2005. Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to utilize cutting edge technology, which he says is the platform of the growing global economic environment.

Over the last 14 years, grew into a $60 billion company with more than 300 million customers in China alone; that’s nearly the entire population of the United States. Richard Liu is often compared to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, as they’re both self-made billionaires.

Because of Qiangdong’s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 “Most Influential Person In The Fashion Space”. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.

Steve Ritchie on the Opportunity to Create a Better Tomorrow

A man like Steve Ritchie cannot be convinced that there is no meaning to life, as he has noted throughout the course of his own that no matter how tough things get, he has always been able to cling to the idea of hope. Hoping for a better future, he believes, is paramount in surviving, especially in the modern climate of business where your future is entirely uncertain. He knows that there cannot be enough done in the way of building up our businesspeople so that they are truly capable of changing the world, and this is why he has devoted so many of his resources to give young, passionate figures within business the opportunity to succeed.

Opportunity, in his mind, is not made out of thin air, and while he realizes this, there is also a certain type of person that he is more willing to train than others. Steve Ritchie knows that, while anyone can be great, there is a certain archetype to the kind of person who will generally succeed within business, and it is this type of person that he is constantly seeking out. He knows, however, that he could find this person anywhere, and it is for that reason that he does not allow himself to judge anyone on the basis of their first appearance. He believes that anyone in the world could be the next big business figure, and because of this, we must be cautious about how we treat every single person we come across.

Not only that, but he has a level of integrity that simply cannot be tampered with. He knows that if he were to let that integrity drop for even a moment, it could have a catastrophic effect on the state of his business, so he has been certain to maintain his ethics and values. Particularly with his dealings with others, Steve Ritchie sees it as nothing but necessary to treat people with respect, and it is for that reason alone that he finds it so easy to be kind to those around him. While many other people in power struggle to maintain this simple feat, a man like him is built for respect, and this is what so many of his colleagues look up to him for.

In the role of providing guidance to your coworkers, you need to make sure that you are truly acting from a genuine place in your heart when you make business decisions. It is, after all, your presence at the head of the business that determines the way everyone else decides how to act, and if they see that they can get away with anything less than consistent and enduring respect for others, it becomes a slippery slope. When Steve Ritchie developed his plan to save Papa John’s a couple of years ago, he knew that there would have to be some serious changes made to the state of the workplace, and luckily, he has been able to introduce these changes with style and grace. He knows for a fact that there is more to be done in the way of this, however; while he has come so far already, he is simply the type of person who wants to make continuous and constant improvements to the state of his business.

After all, for him, there is no time to rest. Every moment the universe gives you is one you can spend changing the course of the future, and this has been his goal ever since the beginning. As long as he is given the opportunity to create a better tomorrow, he will use it to its full advantage.

Richard Liu Goes From Successful Dentist To Successful Businessman


Richard Liu is an ex dentist turned businessman.

An article with Digital Mode entitled “Changing Careers: Richard Liu’s Interdisciplinary Successes”, discusses exceptional thinker such as Richard Liu find it necessary to pursue a new field of professional employment, with the belief that this endeavor will bring long-term occupational success, meaningful employment, and a personal fulfillment only attainable by finding one’s true professional passion.

After working years as a dentist Richard Liu was making small business investments. This is when he decided to take his business career full-time. He then went on to attend Boston College and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in finance. After graduation Richard Liu worked for a few different banking and technology firms.

Shortly after graduating from Boston College, he received his first job as a financial analyst at a company called CRT Capital. Eventually he left CRT Capital and accepted a position in investment banking analyst for a company called Stifel and Thomas Weisel Partners. After working a few years with Stifel and Thomas Weisel Partners he left the company and accepted a position as a senior associate with a company by the name of Technology Crossover Ventures.

At Technology Crossover Ventures Richard Liu gained experience in the areas of sourcing, executing, and evaluating investments. Richard Liu’s current position is with a company by the name of FTV Capital and his position at this company is principal of enterprise technology & services. See This Article to learn more.

Richard Liu really is a diverse businessman with a resume that he can present that covers the medical field and the financial industry. The reason why Richard Liu was driven to the medical field straight out of high school was because both of his parents were doctors. His father was an otolaryngology specialist and his mother was a dentist. So both his parents we’re a big influence on his initial career choice.

Richard Liu was able to execute this transition from being a successful dentist to becoming successful in the field of finance. This just goes to show how truly exceptional and smart Liu is in accomplishing this transition. Richard Liu is an example for anyone who is looking to change careers. He has shown that all you have to do is be willing to put in the hard work.


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Steve Lesnard Gives Insights on Powerful Marketing Principles

Steve Lesnard is a renowned brand marketing guru with decades of experience in integrated marketing. Lesnard is regarded as one of the most influential brand marketers and has served in senior marketing positions in large marketing companies such as Wolford and many global sports companies. Lesnard is such an authority in the marketing world and has successfully been able to grow leading brands in diverse industries, including the world of sports. Lesnard, as an expert in the world of marketing, gives some insights on how companies can effectively run marketing campaigns in the digital and social platforms. Here are two successful marketing principles, according to Steve Lesnard.

Keep it Simple to make it memorable principle

It is one marketing principle that successful companies such as Walt Disney, Apple, and Peleton have utilized and have become successful. Getting the storyline right is crucial in marketing a product says Steve Lesnard. When launching a product into the market, some of the fundamental things companies must look at is the product benefits to a consumer. Once the benefits of the product are known, the next step is communicating them to consumers in a simple, clear, and memorable manner. Use phrases that blend with consumer needs and are memorable. Also, Lesnard says that during product launch companies should not make mistakes, and marketing teams should focus on communicating the most innovative and relevant product features.

Bring it to life to make it real principle

Successful marketing principle number two, according to Steve Lesnard, is the customer-centered approach that seeks to bring life to the consumer. Once the storyline is clear, Lesnard says that the next thing that marketing teams should focus on is addressing the product impacts on the customers’ lives. Some of the marketing tools that will help to bring life to products and make them appear real according to Lesnard include the use of Videos and consumer testimonies that outlines the best features in the product. Steve Lesnard gives an example of How Yeti a cooler selling company was able to position its product in the market by just showing the outdoor lifestyle of their product ambassador. Through the strategy, they were able to showcase consumers how their products can help keep consumer drinks warm or cold for longer periods in the wild.

Carsten Thiel Impacts The World Through Medicine


Throughout his career in biotechnology, Carsten Thiel has always placed a lot of importance on the concept of ethics in medicine and business. He is currently serving EUSA Pharma as its European President.

Over the years, Carsten Thiel has played a part in the launch of important medications and products like Prolia, Neulasta, Strensiq, and more.

Through the work that he has done, Carsten Thiel has improved the lives of patients suffering from different conditions around the globe. Many of the treatments created by the companies that he was working with are considered medical breakthroughs and many of them treat illnesses in which there had previously been no other options.

In the case of one of the treatments spearheaded by Carsten Thiel, the population that it was designed to help were young children who were dealing with a degenerative bone disease known as hypophosphatasia. While the medication could make a huge difference in the lives of the children being treated, it needed to be given by injection.

Many children are very phobic of needles and Carsten Thiel knew that something had to be done to counter this as it was important the injections be delivered several times a week. They used creative solutions such as the “buddy system” to help these children alleviate some of their fears. See This Page for additional information.

Carsten is dedicated to being able to help people through his work and strives to create humane solutions to problems while showing empathy. He is a native of Berlin Germany and has always done well throughout his education.

He attended the University of Bristol where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in organic chemistry before eventually earning a Molecular Biology Ph.D. from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. After graduating, he took a position with the biotechnology firm Hoffman la-Roche and has been moving up in the industry ever since.


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Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo Has Great Expertise In Property Development

Zeco Auriemo is one of the leading property developers in Brazil. For many years, Zeco Auriemo has provided outstanding service in the real estate field and is currently the CEO and Chairman of JHSF – a renowned property development firm. Based in Brazil, JHSF

specializes in the development and management of high-end properties, including commercial and residential properties.

Many people wonder how to get started in the lucrative field of real estate or how long it takes to create vast fortunes in the industry. When it comes to learning what works in this industry, it’s imperative to consult a reputable professional. That’s where Zeco Auriemo comes in – to give you tips and strategies that work effectively. He is passionate about guiding others to success and he addresses project issues promptly.

Getting a real estate development off the ground often requires building a team. Zeco

Auriemo is well versed in this field and has access to the resources and systems necessary to make the job easier.

Although property development is a complex field, involving many different steps, Zeco

Auriemo has a good understanding of how to simplify the process. He starts a project by bringing in a number of experts or consultants including lawyers, architects, and civil engineers. The role of these consultants is to ensure that proper steps are taken before construction or development process starts.

It is crucial that you have a good understanding of the real estate industry and how property development works. Aside from purchasing land, and getting financing, there are many other steps involved in developing real estate property.

Zeco Auriemo takes appropriate steps to ensure that development plans and other important issues are going to be handled properly. He works hard to ensure a successful outcome.