Jana Lightspeed And Investment Potential

Jana Lightspeed makes certain to play different roles as she is working on her different startups. See, Jana Lightspeed makes certain that she is finding different issues in situations that may occur from innovation.

Such as the different one’s that can be seen in India. See, merchants need a way to create products, sell it and communicate it with customers.

But this creates a disconnect between them and their target market across a plethora of aspects. For instance, they are not able to showcase their products in a way that provides potential customers with access to the whole slew of offerings that are on the table. Managing payments and introducing new products remains a completely different yet equally painful process on their own.

By addressing these problems specifically, Meesho provides a resolution to each one of them, and allows business owners to effectively showcase and sell their products through a vast network of resellers.

Meesho Has Gained Quite Some Traction in the Region

Founded in 2015, Meesho has gained significant traction over the past few years. It currently boasts of a network comprising of over 2 million resellers, which have been using its services actively.

Due to its simple to use solutions that also remain affordable to small business owners in India, Meesho has become the primary solution for many to sell products online.

The company estimates that over 80 percent of its user base comprises of women, who have been able to become resellers with “zero investment” due to the ease of use that Meesho brings to the table.

With Facebook having over 250 million users in the country, its investment in Meesho seems quite logical.

Since the social media giant has been finding ways to set WhatsApp apart from other communication, this seems like a step that would help the firm see the communication app transform into a powerhouse business solution – even if that ability currently remains tied to India.

Paul Herdsman Builds A Successful Nearshore Customer Service Company


Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur and businessman who runs a successful customer service company with offices in Jamaica. Herdsman has played a vital role in maintaining the operations of this company on a path of success. For many years, he has been an employee in different business organizations. It is from this work experience that he garnered the necessary expertise and skills to create a successful customer service business.

Paul Herdsman believes that customer retention, marketing and sales, human resource, and customer satisfaction are key factors that make his company NICE Global as a leading customer service business in the world. Part of the reasons that make Paul Herdsman successful is the support he gets from his staff. He also understands the importance of staff retention, team morale, and staff expertise. These are all factors that contribute to the short-term and long-term growth of this company. Paul Herdsman has invested heavily in the training of employees in his company. He also goes ahead to retain his employees for much longer than other businesses.

In the article, “12 Success Tips”, with theBroTalk, Herdsman discussed these effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike, that they can use to be successful like himself.

NICE Global that offers customer service to other businesses that are looking to outsource these processes. However, they still give their clients a significant control over the outsourced operations.

Outsourcing of customer services is not a new thing. What is happening now is that many businesses are adopting nearshore outsourcing services as they realize its benefits. Businesses located in the United States that outsource nearshore customer services enjoy closer proximity to the customer service business. This means that the client can make physical visits and even have more extensive communications on how they would like the business operations to be arranged.

NICE Global has been around since 2014. For the past few years, it has demonstrated expertise in helping clients with customer acquisition, customer retention, and business growth. Paul Herdsman hopes to keep the business on the path of growth by delivering better services to his clients going into the future.


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