What You Need To Know About The Fortress Investment Group And Company

If you own stock in Softbank, then you might own a sliver of value in the Fortress Investment Group. Softbank recently acquired the Fortress Investment Group. The Fortress Investment Group is one firm that quite likely employs a risk-averse strategy, and it makes perfect sense too.It makes sense for the company to work with Softbank because it is one that pursues investments regularly. For instance, Softbank has allocated capital to Uber, to WeWork, and other companies that many people know, use, and love.

Other companies that Softbank has invested in include companies such as Brandless, Coupang, Fanatics, Oyo, and Wag.

Healthcare companies like Guardian and Gympass are at various stages of growth within the Softbank unicorn stable.

There’s surely a lot of pressure for Masa and his fellow leaders to continue to make the best decisions each day or they may not meet the necessary numbers to surpass their respective valuations.

Softbank started off as a simple publication firm before transforming itself many times over before coming a telecommunications giant. Now it is turning itself into an investment management firm quickly as it invests in more companies and raises its next Vision Fund.

The Japanese giant aims to bring about a more compelling and harmonious world as it invests and gains returns from its many technologies and real estate investments.

Acquiring the Fortress Investment Group is a key part of the Softbank equation as it progresses from becoming a telecom giant to an investment management company. Having a compelling and experienced group of professionals like Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and others as part of the Softbank fold allows it to have potential synergies that produce great returns. The firm will have information, human capital, financial capital, and the ability to understand how to restructure and present itself to companies and investors.

Both companies have been through a lot and have the know how and the expertise to do more with their resources. A fun fact is that these resources might likely continue to grow each day as they focus on the aspects that move their particular mountains.

Overcoming hurdles is a part of the job.

Check more about Fortress Investment Group: https://www.inc.com/profile/fortress-investment-group

David Mcdonald Leads OSI Group’s Continued Expansion In China With Two New Plants Scheduled To Open Soon

OSI Group is an American company with its state of the art manufacturing plants located all around the world. The headquarters of the organization are in Aurora, IL, and it operates numerous worldwide offices. As a leader in the food processing industry, OSI has the capacity, technology and the manpower to expertly manage the enormously diversified consumer demands.

David McDonald is responsible for the company-wide operations at OSI Group. He is the president and chief operating officer Of the firm. David began his career with the company upon his graduation from Iowa State University in the 1980s. David Mcdonald came to the company with a degree in animal science, and he was initially hired as a project manager working in the company’s Aurora office. David McDonald has been an innovative force and strategist in the expansion efforts ever since.  View David McDonald’s profile at Linkedin.

OSI has witnessed tremendous growth in China over the last 20 years. Its presence in the country began with the opening of one food processing facility in Beijing in 1998. OSI now has eight processing plants in China, and plans are underway to open two more facilities soon. The company’s operations in China have broadly expanded along with the expansion of the Chinese economy over the two decades.

The company supplies food service and retail organizations in over 17 countries, and this does at times create a challenging task to meet the evolving food preferences of each country’s population. David Mcdonald and his team stay ahead of such trends, and they seamlessly accommodate the tastes of their customers. For instance, the amount of consumption of poultry in China is higher than in some other locations. OSI will shortly be the country’s largest source for poultry production.

The primary products manufactured by OSI are mainly meat-based, but the organization also produces pizza dough, fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and more. It offers a large range of prepared food solutions to the hamburger giants McDonald’s and Burger King Corporations. Other industry leaders, including Yums, Papa Johns, Subway, Starbucks and Saizeriya are also clients of OSI Group. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

The Planning and Action Phases of Building Abroad Under Maarten de Jeu

A business leader from the last century and a current leader might seem similar on the surface, but there are key differences that give them both fundamentally different approaches. An individual from the 20th century would focus on the local market and gain trust with the consumers step-by-step. There would be no drive to grow a business beyond its regional center of operations. However, an economy under the influence of Maarten de Jeu has become geared towards globalization. A current business leader is oftentimes overseeing the production in several countries and holding on to a piece of the global market. An article published by Premiere Gazette expands on how a single individual started a global trend.


Maarten de Jeu is most known as the individual whom most of the Fortune 500 companies like to hire for their projects. He started on the right foot by mastering several languages right out of the gate. An internationally driven businessman will have trouble advancing if they can’t speak the local language on a moment’s notice. Maarten de Jeu increased his position by obtaining a degree at the University of Oxford, and in 2012 creating the SVM Business Advisory. This gave him all the tools he needed to attract clients and open up their doors to the endless potential of the overseas market.


The process of creating a new facility from idea to successful venture takes years. It is a slow process that often has to be re-evaluated at each point to ensure no oversight from either party. Maarten de Jeu begins the journey by providing information about his client’s country of choice. The consultation phase consists of drafting an outline of how the expansion will go, in addition to an in-depth review of the region’s economic history. An assessment of the global affairs in relation to the target country must be taken into account. Once everything has been given the green-light, then Maarten de Jeu puts the plan into action. Learn more: https://maartendejeu.weebly.com/


In a matter of months or a few years, his client will have their new facility ready for operations. However, a new set of hurdles will present themselves at this point in the process. A business that does not show any respect towards local customs and beliefs, will likely not be acknowledged by the residents. Maarten de Jeu does his best to cover the presentation aspect as it relates to these issues, but a business can strengthen their local hand by using locals to operate the facility. The number one rule for an overseas operation is ensuring there is no weakening of a product’s quality. Consumers should expect to be treated fairly by a company. A positive consumer and company relationship is essential.

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GPB Global Resources: A Community-Serving Corporation

GPB Global Resources does not believe that there is a single dream in the world too ambitious to be chased after. If you are willing to pour your entire heart into a study, it is almost certainly worthy of your time. This is the paradox of time investment that people tend to forget. When we look back and regret the past, we do not consider that it is our past struggles that have made us into the people we are today. It is through recognition of this fact that GPB Global Resources is able to feel somewhat content. More Business News at World Oil

When it comes to being content with your accomplishments, they are one of the most reliable sources to come by. They are some of the most proud businesspeople in the world, and it is because they are so willing to exercise business that has integrity that they have been able to make such a significant amount of contributions to other peoples’ lives. For as long as they can remember, they have seen corruption in the world around them, and they could only put up with this level of wrongness for so long before they felt that they had to do something about it. Action has given them the hope that there truly can be a better future for us if we put our heads together. GPB Global Resources relies on the abilities of teamwork to complete their jobs, and they are perfectly okay with this reality. Through teamwork, there is nothing that they are unable to accomplish, and this is bluntly apparent to them.

Because they have always approached the industry with such an optimistic mindset, people cannot help but look at them with a sense of awe. For many people it can be difficult to even figure out what it is you want to pursue, but for the people at GPB Global Resources, this was not only blindingly apparent to them, but they were also certain of the positive impact they wanted to have. It is the mark they leave behind that they focus on the most, as they want to go down as a corporation that truly cared for the people around it.

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Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group was founded and launched by Wesley R. Edens as a private equity firm in the year 1998. Wesley R. Edens served at the BlackRock Financial Management as a partner to several investors like Randal Nardone and Robb Kauffman.

The company applies its skilled expertise and the vast experience in numerous investment strategies like liquid markets, credit, traditional asset management, and private equity. The Fortress Investment organization does this on behalf of a high number of individual customers and average 1500 institutional investors worldwide. Later on, the Fortress firm expanded rapidly.

It enlarged into hedge funds and became a real estate investment company. It also dealt with debt securities. After the expansion of the company, it was managed by Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz who were partners in the Goldman Sachs firm.
The Fortress Investment Group is ranked as the most performing and a highly diversified global investment management firm. In the year 2007, February 9, the firm launched on NYSE with Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs underwriting the IPO.

It was then ranked as the leading private equity company in the united states that was publicly traded. The Institutional Investor and the HFMWeek named the Fortress investment company as a Hedge Fund Manager and management firm of the year respectively in the year 2004.

The SoftBank group agreed that in few years’ time it would purchase the Fortress Investment Organization for $3.3 billion. In the year 2010, the Fortress Investment Group was recognized as the leading lender to the Millennium Development Group. The group built the athletes village for hosting the winter Olympics that cost them $875 million that took place in the year 2010.

The company hired Jeff Feig who was the former global head of Foreign Exchange at Citigroup. They appointed him to serve as the co-CIO of the Fortress macro fund by collaborating with Novogratz who was the CIO.

In the year 2016, June 30, the firm had four main businesses that were approximated to $70.2 billion of assets under the management. The core businesses included traditional asset management, credit, liquid markets, and private equity.

The Fortress managed funds obtained the Canadian ski resort operator. This ski resort is ranked as the most prominent ski operator. The resort had also operated on numerous adventure travel brands like the Kent and Abercrombie. The brand was sold in the year 2016, August.

The investment company has several private portfolios like the Area group holdings, Florida East Coast Railway, and the CW Financial Services.

Check more about Fortress Investment Group: http://careers.fortress.com/

A True Partner in Colbeck Capital Management

Every business has a time when the need arises to revaluate its financial position and possibly restructure in order to sustain the company in the long term. Whether the firm finds itself confronted with needing capital to expand in an extremely specialized niche or is facing bankruptcy, being able to work with an investment company that provides advice and solutions as a partner allows a much more open line of communication. The team at Colbeck Capital Management have been able to use this partnership approach towards their clients to find unique and specifically tailored solutions for each problem that comes its way.

A company’s financial future is dependent upon its executive team having the ability to make calculated and well informed decisions regarding the use of the firm’s assets and capital. When involved in a financial hardship, these decisions can become even more critical to the overall success or failure of the business. The team at Colbeck Capital Management have extensive experience with these situations and are well versed in all the options available to the client. The company specializes in providing solutions to those companies who find themselves in undercapitalized market niches and/or are unable to obtain corporate loans through traditional means such as a bank or other common financial institution. Colbeck has a focus on providing advice and assistance to those companies that several other investment firms would consider too risky to partner with. This approach allows Colbeck as well as its clients to find unique opportunities for growth and profit that may not have been available to either party otherwise.

The team at Colbeck Capital offer solutions for a broad spectrum of issues that a company may be facing. The firm provides secured corporate loans that are based on a business’s assets; even if those assets are from a non-traditional source. Capital also supplies letters of credit for those commitments made by a company that have become underfunded in some way. In addition, the Colbeck Capital team members are specialized in aiding those companies that are involved in Debtor in Possession or Management Buyout situations. Colbeck understands their client’s positions and how more often than not how these areas can be the most difficult for a company’s executive team to navigate through. The founders of Colbeck Capital have created a culture and body of employees that are trained to help to facilitate each step and guide the company’s journey. This partnership approach enables each of their clients to feel comfortable and more at ease with each decision it makes.

Colbeck Capital Management was founded in 2008 by Jason Beckman and Jason Colodne. Each having experience working in the financial investment industry, both founders have specialized knowledge of working specifically with distressed companies or those firms that find themselves in a difficult financial situation; such as bankruptcy. Each founder holds a position of managing director with Colbeck Capital and both continue to be heavily involved with the daily activities and challenges that their clients are working through.

David McDonald Has Been One Of The Secret Weapons Helping To Make OSI Group Great For Over Thirty Years:

OSI Group is a food processing firm with a long and distinguished history of excellence in customer service and quality food production and distribution. The past thirty-plus years of the firm’s history have included an individual named David McDonald who has made a massive impact on helping the firm to continue it is long-established traditions while also helping it to grown and to establish new standards of excellence. OSI has also journeyed into much new ground, both geographically and business model-wise during the time that David has been a major player within the firm’s leadership. The fact is, he has a total commitment to the company and to seeing it achieve its fullest potential. This dedication has led to him being able to move up the company’s ranks and achieve his current position. He is currently the President at OSI Group and also holds a seat on the global food processing giant’s Board of Directors alongside Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman Sheldon Lavin.

See also on Forbes.

The educational and work background that David McDonald has is impressive and demonstrates a strong insight into why he has been so successful. His college education was attained at Iowa State University where he undertook a course of study in the animal science major. After wrapping up his studies, he was grabbed up by OSI Group for a project manager position. This was in 1987 and he has been with the company since that time. This thirty-plus period has seen David rise all the way through the corporate ranks at OSI to become one of the food company’s leading executives.

David McDonald has always been passionate about growing the business at OSI. The years that he has been with the firm have seen a lot of this and expansion has included growth in many different markets around the world. David has been diligently involved in the firm’s recent efforts at the expansion of its presence in the European market and one of the major points of expansion was the acquisition of Baho Food. Concerning being able to pick this company up and add it to the portfolio, David has noted that it is a firm that presents a complementary addition to the strengths that the company already possesses and adds great value to the work that OSI has already been doing in that market. Read: https://gazetteday.com/2018/04/century-innovation-osi-group/

Ashley Brasier And Her Venture Capital Empire

Ashley Brasier is an expert in venture capital who started her own company called Lightspeed Venture Partners. She wants people to get the funding that they need when they are trying to start a business, and they also need to learn how they can use that money when they get it. Because of this, it is a very good thing that Ashley has a plan for all her clients. Read more about how she offers people Ashley Lightspeed service that will make their companies better.

How Do Companies Grow?

Companies grow very fast when they have the money that they need, and that is because they can work with Ashley on how to use that money. She talks to people about how they can use the money they got, how much more money they can get, and how to make their company grow faster. She even talks to her clients about prototyping because she knows that that is a big deal for all her new clients.

Why Is Prototyping Important?

Prototyping is a major part of how people can change the face of their business because they can use the prototypes to get an idea of how their products will work in the real world. It is very nice for people to think about how they can change their business by looking at many samples of the same product. You might have had a very good idea for your company, but that does not mean that you know what it will look like when it is finished. You can change that by asking Ashley how she prefers to do single prototypes very quickly.

Getting More Money

Ashley has a network of people around the country who can partner with her and you on capital projects. She travels to the east coast often to meet with new clients, and she forges relationships that make it easier for her clients to find the money they need. She has people in her stable who can offer money for projects that cover a wide range of industries, and she also wants to ensure that the people who are asking for more money get the money they need for specific projects. See also on Forbes.

Customer Care

Ashley offers a high level of customer care that other companies in her industry do not offer. She communicates very well, and she will give progress reports on the work that she is doing on the client’s behalf. She also knows that customer care matters when people have never done this before. She wants to show her clients how she can help them more than other companies, and the Ashley Lightspeed experience ensures that customers feel safe when looking for their next round of funding.


The best part of what happens with Ashley is that she takes a personal interest in your company. You do not need to worry about getting the money that you need all by yourself when you can ask Ashley and her team to do it for you. Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleybrasier/

The Remarkable Accomplishments Of James Reese And TigerSwan

Since 2006, combat security agents operating in conflict zones have been essential in supporting relief operations throughout the world. Stalwart private operators have enabled relief efforts in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Sri Lanka, and many other countries in transition. TigerSwan personnel have aided the protection of human rights, constitutional, and human dignity standards.

 Private security firms benefit local governments, providing them with the support they need to meet their human rights obligations. Security companies also aid law enforcement development and community-based security partnerships with NGOs. TigerSwan is one of the most prestigious security firms helping fight clear threats to civil society and the way of life modern people prefer. The training TigerSwan facilitates in conflict-affected zones is the same as in non-conflicted areas in the world. Security agents should not be restricted to their set areas of operations because they lack the tactical training necessary to guarantee the safety of their clients.

TigerSwan believes that a properly trained security operator will have the flexibility to provide total security in any part of the world. Though conditions on the ground may change, TigerSwan trains operators in how to quickly, smartly respond to changing conditions. Tigerswan is a global security firm set up by counter-terrorism expert James Reese.

Without question, TigerSwan is one of the most advanced security training companies in the world. This company is certainly doing its part to train people in proper security procedures. Over the course of the past few years, TigerSwan has built a formidable reputation in the security industry. Still, it is likely that this company will only gain further accolades in the course of the next decade.

Before founding TigerSwan, CEO James Reese had a long and prestigious career in the U.S. military. Reese served over 20 years in America’s famous Delta Force. By the time he retired, Reese had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Over the course of his career, Reese has demonstrated a willingness to innovate in security methodology and tactics. During the next decade or so, it is virtually certain that Reese will further increase his profile in his industry. To date, TigerSwan has served clients across five continents and well over 110 nations. Only time will tell how may remarkable things James Reese will yet achieve.

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Smita Shah Succeeded in a Male Dominated Industry and Empowers Other Women to Do the Same

Smita Shaah is one of the most popular engineers and entrepreneurs around the world, and she isn’t bashful about giving tips on how to excel in these male dominated industries. Before women empowerment and feminism even became concepts, Smitah Shaah had already been practicing these movements by kicking butt during her elementary years. Even when she was in pigtails, she already dabbled in math contests, where here primary competitors were all boys.


Since she just loved math and science, she took up engineering and business education in these impressive and prestigious universities: Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University. She moved on to establish SPAA Tech, Inc., in 1998, which to this very day still remains as one of the most in demand and fastest growing engineering companies in the country. This multi-awarded business proves to be a reliable firm that can tackle complex technical problems and scientific issues with ease and grace.


Ms Shah has strongly committed herself to her advocacy of empowering women by cheering them on to get their education, promoting the value of innovation, and encouraging them to dabble in entrepreneurship. She is a strong supporter of small business growth in emergent industries and she strongly believes in the value of promoting community enterprise. Every chance she gets, she is ready to mentor you girls, young professionals, and aspiring future leaders. Learn more: https://cee.mit.edu/tag/smita-shah/


Shah would like remind everyone that there are over one hundred million businesses owned by females around the globe. This figure may still be outnumbered by men, but it is concrete enough to prove that women can do it if they want to. According to her, all it takes is dedication, hard work, and belief in one’s self. It is true that not every woman will succeed in business, but the same applies to men too.


According to Smita Shah, if women look forward to succeeding they must keep in mind to imbibe and do these things: 

  • It is critical for women to believe in themselves, so they can move with confidence and inspire others to do the same.
  • They must thoroughly assess and examine their abilities and talents, so they are clear on what they can offer the world.
  • They must exert a strong presence in a male dominated world, and they must push forth even if they afraid.
  • It is critical for women to never let anyone else take credit for their work
  • They have to focus on short-term goals to slowly achieve the bigger goals.
  • They must learn to quash feminine stereotypes.
  • Women must never be ashamed to factor in their cultural customs.
  • They must learn to make others respect their position in the company hierarchy.
  • Women must compartmentalize by keeping private and professional lives separate.
  • They must continue to manage their time efficiently.

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