Dan Bethelmy-Rada, Never too Young to Make a Good Thing Better

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a man whose youthful outlook has made him a visionary in the world of cosmetics. For more than fifteen years, Dan Bethelmy- Rada has been associated with L’Oreal Paris and Garnier brands. At the age of forty, Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s business acumen and creativity have made him one of the youngest DMI General Managers appointed in the company, and today he has the esteemed title of Global Brand President in the L’Oreal Professional Products division.

Born in Venezuela, Dan Bethelmy-Rada moved to Paris at sixteen after having lived in the US. Living internationally has given him a global perspective about beauty. He has learned that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and that there is no singular or universal standard for what makes one beautiful. This global perspective has also helped Dan Bethelmy-Rada develop a unique and definitive approach to brand marketing and digital strategy. It has honed his skills and made him an ambitious, focused, and a determined leader who encourages team development and embraces diversity all of which contribute to the success of the brand.

The newest product developed under the Bethelmy-Rada guidance is R.A.W., the company’s answer to the current trend for all natural hair care products. The acronym R.A.W. describes this new line of products as Real Authentic and Wholesome. R.A.W. is an all-natural and sustainable option for hair care from Biolage. The product combines fair-trade, natural ingredients, sustainability, and even seminars on how to use the products efficiently. This new hair regime creates beautiful hair while being aware of the environment. It promises that your hair will feel good, look good, and be good for the environment. R.A.W. boasts a short list of ingredients that are plant and mineral based. They avoid sulfates, parabens, and silicon which been harsh. Even the packages are environmentally friendly. Made completely from recycled materials, ninety-eight percent are biodegradable.

Bethelmy-Rada and L’Oreal are fascinated and thrilled with beauty trends that deal with hair color and technique. Unnatural colors like light coral and deep purple are bringing fun and a “light-hearted moment” back to glamour making everything feel young and fresh.

Bernado Chua Story in the Medical Profession

Traditional methods of healing are still very common in the modern times. People had abandoned these methods when modern ways of treatment were introduced. With the technology, there are numerous advancements that have been brought in the medical world. Dangerous conditions have been treated and the patients have lived long lives just because of the modern forms of treatment. However, the traditional medication has its benefits too, and some personalities in the world still believe in using herbs so that they can live long lives. One of the professionals who advocate for the use of herbs for treatment is Bernardo Chua. The renowned medical professional has shown the global community that a simple Chinese herb can cure the most common diseases people suffer.

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When he was a young man, Bernado Chua was exposed to natural herbs by his grandfather who was a traditional healer. When the grandfather was collecting herbs in the forest, Bernado Chua would accompany him, and this is how his love for the options grew. Bernado Chua grew up and then started a company named Organo Gold so that he could encourage the use of Chinese herbs in consumers from all over the world. The company has been doing well, and it has incorporated its herbs in the coffee and tea products it has been manufacturing. Bernado Chua is an expert in direct marketing. When he founded his organization many years ago, he decided that he was going to use the direct selling option so that he could create working opportunities for men and women who prefer to work from home. Organo Gold products are supplied from one region to the other by independent company associates who are highly trained to handle the complex selling processes. The company has conquered the global market in the recent years, earning Bernardo Chua numerous awards. Learn More: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Bernardo-Chua/676218748

Igor Cornelsen Offers Free Advice to the Young Investors

Igor Cornelsen has dedicated his precious time to offer free advice to the Young First Time Investors. Investing, when done in the correct way, can bring about good yields. It is obvious that when most of the people make investments, they are impressed when they witness the growth of their capital. After some period of time, good results can clearly be achieved. What they earn from the investment gives them the ability to cater for some basic necessities in life, such as educating their kids and paying for a house. The only difficult part of putting up investments is mastery. Mastery is termed to be so much difficult for some first-time investors. This clearly explains the reason as to why most of the investors require the assistance of the professionals in this particular field.

Igor Cornelsen advises that it is very advantageous to work with an adviser. This is because the various financial advisers enable the investors to have a life long financial comprehension. An adviser and a well-experienced investor such as Igor Cornelsen has so many years of expertise in the investment industry. He has been providing guidance to very many people, and the fruits of his good work are evident.

Igor Cornelsen also emphasizes on having a good understanding of what the markets are doing. This is imperative because, at times, the markets can create turmoil. It is therefore very easy for the investors to make mistakes due to this confusion. The other point of advice to the young investors is to risk money. Igor Cornelsen states that for one to become a good investor, they have to be good risk takers. The investors are advised to begin making investments early in life and also always put some of the savings aside in case things go haywire.

What to Take from 21-hours of Shervin Pishevar on Twitter

To summarize Shervin Pishevar 21-hour Twitter rant, you could say it was a mix of impending doom for some markets, one ray of light, and a new world order. Shervin Pishevar is a long-time investor who has made several brilliant calls. He invested in the startups Airbnb and Uber as well as Warbly Parker and Dollar Shave Club, so let’s take it that he understands the market and what makes it move.

One of Shervin Pishevar’s gloomier prediction is that the stock market will fall and fall big. He tweets how all of the growth of the current year have been lost, and fasten your seatbelts because all of the profit from the following year is next on the chopping block. Those were not his exact words from Twitter, but I take it that is what he meant. For his exact phrasing, check out the second tweet when he first began the 21-hour economic breakdown. The only break he took from posting was for dinner, but before and after that was a barrage of fact-filled and thought-provoking tweets.

Pishevar feels there are very few places to hide because most assets are overvalued. The overvaluation is coupled with high credit and higher interest rates. If you think the federal government can bring down the interest rates, Pishevar may have you thinking again. He tweets that the way the feds correct the market with bond manipulation is a dead technique because they overused it. It is a useless move.

What is the ray of hope? Shervin Pishevar points to the sky and calls out companies like Hyperloop and Space X, which are both involved in different forms of outer space research, travel, and exploration. Another safety net maybe gold, which Pishevar thinks will rise.

If you are looking for a long-term investment, Shervin Pishevar might recommend Bitcoin. It will have its peaks and valleys for a while, but Pishevar guesses it will become steady, and it will climb once stabilized. A brief take away from the long Twitter rant from Shervin Pishevar is out with the old and in with the new.


Why Wes Edens chose to invest in Milwaukee Bucks

When you finally decide to start a business, you need to identify the niche that is likely to work for you. Anyone can start any company, but you have to be sure of what you choose. For Wes Edens, Milwaukee Bucks was the perfect choice for his investment. It is because, after a lot of research, he knew that he had found the right opportunity. Looking back at his journey, there is no doubt that he was right all along and therefore, we need to identify some of the factors that drove him to this choice.

There were undervalued assets

At the time when Wes Edens came on board, Milwaukee Bucks was a struggling team. It was at the bottom of the table, and things seemed like they would get worse. Therefore, nobody attached much value to the team. Everything about t was undervalued because there was almost no hope. However, being the entrepreneur that he has always been, Wes could see that there was an opportunity for the club to bounce back if a good strategy s followed. Therefore, he chose to put his money there and work on improving the club. Today, things have changed, and the club is flying high thanks to the strategy that the investors used. To know more about him click here.

He has a passion for NBA

Apart from identifying an undervalued asset, Wes Edens chose to invest in the Milwaukee Bucks because he loves the games. Since his days as a child, he always followed the best teams and admired the stars that made the game worth supporting. The passion did not fade when he became an adult, and that is how he began looking for investment opportunities in this industry. It was while he was watching one of the games that the idea of taking over this team came to mind. From there, he worked on how to become one of the owners.

If there is an entrepreneur that enjoys his work, it has to be Wes Edens. You will see him at the stadia watching the games not only because he is following his investment, but because he is having a good time too.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Biggest Accomplishment is What He Gives Away

Sometimes success can be measured in more ways than in dollar amounts. Serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkovsky experienced wild success as the CEO of the ever popular website, Groupon, with the company being worth over $1 billion only 16 months after it began. After also introducing Lightbank, an investment organization that provides guidance and funding for groundbreaking technology companies, he realized that monetary success did not have to be his only goal in life. Blessed with more wealth than he could ever need in a lifetime, Lefkovsky used his knowledge for the greater good of humanity.

After a loved one of Lefkovsky’s went through the grueling experience of cancer treatment, Lefkovsky realized just how many gaps there are in our healthcare system when it comes to treating patients. He soon discovered that even the most esteemed treatment centers were not sharing their patients’ data. Treatment options therefore were more generalized based on patients’ type of cancer rather than individual circumstance. Eric Lefkovsky created Tempus Labs in response, which aimed to gather an enormous database of information regarding different types of tumors and cancers and comparing them with patients’ individual DNA. Tempus gives physicians the tools to analyze and edit each individual patient’s data and treatment plan. Tempus has recently partnered up with CancerLinQ, a non-profit heath information platform.

Eric and Liz Lefkovsky also founded the Lefkovsky Family Foundation, which supports many other organizations that do work to better their communities. This foundation donated over $1 million to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University in Chicago to help further research of oncology treatments. The Lefkovsky family foundation also provided a grant that would give free admission to all youth who visit Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The lefkovskys are among the group of the world’s billionaires who have made the pledge through the Bill Gates/Warren Buffet initiative to share at least half of their wealth with other people in need and important causes around the world. They believe that this is their greatest lifetime accomplishment.

For more information visit: https://www.usnewshot.com/speakers/eric-lefkofsky/

Everything That Makes Perry Mandera a Man for the Books

When you hear Perry Mandera’s name, philanthropy, success, and dedication are what usually hit the mind of most people. He is the founder of a charitable organization called Custom Cares Charities. An organization that is dedicated to the transportation industry. Perry Mandera is a man that continually strives to help other people live better lives and the youths to have a better future. Mandera is also an entrepreneur, a family-loving man and God-fearing person who faithfully attends the church. Plus, he is a proud member of United States Marines Corps Reserves and an avid sports fan. Mandera serves as the Board of Directors on the Illinois Trucking Association as well.

Perry attended high school in Chicago where he graduated in 1975 and later assigned to the motor pool of the United States Marine Corps Reserves. While working in the motor pool, Perry Mandera learned to drive a truck and returned to civilian life and drove for a couple of transportation companies.

Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. A company he founded to help participate in charity work. In addition to giving, Mandera also encouraged other people to give to the needy in society. Mandera’s dream was to build a workplace culture at The Custom Companies Inc. where people would learn to give. The innovation and skills Perry Mandera exhibited are what helped him, and his company grow to become what it is today. Mandera has a passion for charity so much that he made a branch in his company specifically for this purpose. These are some of the roles that reflect on Mandera’s burning desire to effect change and make the world a better place for everybody.

His work has not gone unnoticed as Perry Mandera have, over the years, received numerous awards and distinctions for his work. His passion for helping disadvantaged children made him be a board member for the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. An organization that hosts numerous fundraisers, holiday giving programs, and events that touch on helping the disadvantaged in society.

Although much of his help is usually financial, Perry is excellent at mentoring children. Also, he even sponsors numerous youth sports teams and served in the children’s basketball as a volunteer coach. He is a man with all the qualities people need in our society today and is more helpful to others, a beacon of hope.

More interesting facts about Manderas´charity projects at https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=117851643&privcapId=6491324


Max Salk Conducts Proper Financial Analysis

Max Salk is an investment analyst in the great city of commerce that is New York. He went to school in Illinois and he graduated in 2011. He focused his studies in Finance and added on a minor in the subject of History.

Max would jump straight into the finance sector and utilize his new knowledge. Max Salk would go to Chicago and work at Morningstar. It made sense for Max Salk to work in Chicago as he had gone to school in Illinois and he didn’t have to make a big move going from one city to the next. Going to school in Illinois was also a great call because it would allow Max Salk to stay within a region that has some of the best-specialized firms within the financial sector.

Max Salk and Morningstar

As noted above, Morningstar would be a great place to go work for a person interested in finance such as Max Salk. Morningstar is considered as a global financial services firm that is based within Chicago. It was formed in 1984 and is known for providing compelling research and investment management services to its many different clients. Many in the financial world pay close attention to the commentary, information, and overall research provided by Morningstar. The firm is respected in such a manner that recommendations from the firm can lead to significant inflows or outflows of money into a variety of funds.

The firm has expanded and provided more services to capture more revenues.

Max would leave Morningstar after close to a year and then progress to joining PPM America, Inc. PPM America, Inc is a company based within the United States that has conducted research and allocates capital toward different investments.

The firm had $9.7 billion assets in 1990 and grew the assets under management to $106 billion by 2014. The firm is part of the Prudential Corporation. Max Salk would have the opportunity to do more at this firm and dive deeper into investment analysis. He was able to do well within this role and found himself moving on to a different role with a different company just three years later. Max Salk would join Blackstone Group.


Jojo Hedaya Describes How He Got Unroll Me Off The Ground

Jojo Hedaya is a co-founder of Unroll Me and its chief executive officer. His company created Unroll.Me which is a website that organizes email. Most people’s email accounts are overflowing with tons of subscriptions and newsletters. This website collects all of these together into one email which gets rid of a lot of the clutter. It makes it a lot easier to find important emails and have all the deals and junk in just a single daily email.

This single email is called “The Rollup“. You can decide at what time of the day this email will be sent to your inbox. Jojo Hedaya says that the first version of Unroll.Me took two months to develop. It wasn’t the slickest thing and didn’t work terribly well. They still had thousands of people signing up, however, and used the resulting resources to make a ton of improvements.

Jojo Hedaya is from New York. It was when he went to Israel to study that he met his future friend and business partner, Josh Rosenwald. They came up with the concept of Unroll.Me because the emails they sent to one another were often overlooked. They couldn’t find these emails amidst all newsletters, marketing, and updates. They were just 24-years-old when they launched Unroll Me.

He says that building a high-performing team is critical to the success of his company. They hired the best talent available. Jojo Hedaya says that it paid off to find job candidates who had been overlooked by other companies. One person he hired was an engineer who had little professional experience. He really wanted to learn, though, which made all the difference. He ended up becoming one of the top engineers at Unroll Me.

Jojo Hedaya also looks for people who are self-motivated. He says that this is a characteristic that is absolutely critical in a startup environment. There isn’t a full management team in place at a startup to everyone needs to learn while on the job and be able to self-manage themselves. He promoted one person with this characteristic all the way from being an intern to the position of product manager.


Paul Mampilly Shares some 2019 Business Projections

Paul Mampilly is excited about 2019. The master investor and guru recently made ten projections on what to expect in the new year. As a respected source of investment information, and one who truly understand the paces of the market, Mampilly is definitely someone to listen to. Here are few of his 2019 projections.

Big Data

Data plays a role in many of Paul Mampilly’s projections, but this is because it has changed the face of business. Companies always use consumer data to gauge sales. In the advent of social media such data has been in great supply. In fact, it has been in massive supply. One advantage bigger companies have had is access to this big data. They have the money and means to sift through it. Smaller companies have always been at a disadvantage because they lack the infrastructure. According to Mampilly this is about to change. New technology is making big data more accessible and affordable for smaller companies. This means that small companies will be able to advertise on the same level as bigger companies.


Paul Mampilly also sites that it is a good time to invest in business because of the political climate. Politics are more favorable towards business than ever before thanks to the current administration. This may not always be the case, which is why investing now is a good idea.


Finally, Mampilly spies a change in the way big business operates. As many large companies have shut down in the past few years those left behind have to change or die. This is due to the influx of online sales and the new modern market. Paul Mampilly believes that big companies are set to change their methods to adapt to the new way business is done. This means they will start acting like start-ups and offer the same interpersonal relationships.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a master investor whose niche is in stocks. A veteran of Wall Street Mampilly worked for many companies as a manager for hedge-funds, money markets, etc. He is an expert in the ebb and flow of the market and a trusted source of many mid-level investors looking to make good on stocks.