Ashley Brasier And Her Venture Capital Empire

Ashley Brasier is an expert in venture capital who started her own company called Lightspeed Venture Partners. She wants people to get the funding that they need when they are trying to start a business, and they also need to learn how they can use that money when they get it. Because of this, it is a very good thing that Ashley has a plan for all her clients. Read more about how she offers people Ashley Lightspeed service that will make their companies better.

How Do Companies Grow?

Companies grow very fast when they have the money that they need, and that is because they can work with Ashley on how to use that money. She talks to people about how they can use the money they got, how much more money they can get, and how to make their company grow faster. She even talks to her clients about prototyping because she knows that that is a big deal for all her new clients.

Why Is Prototyping Important?

Prototyping is a major part of how people can change the face of their business because they can use the prototypes to get an idea of how their products will work in the real world. It is very nice for people to think about how they can change their business by looking at many samples of the same product. You might have had a very good idea for your company, but that does not mean that you know what it will look like when it is finished. You can change that by asking Ashley how she prefers to do single prototypes very quickly.

Getting More Money

Ashley has a network of people around the country who can partner with her and you on capital projects. She travels to the east coast often to meet with new clients, and she forges relationships that make it easier for her clients to find the money they need. She has people in her stable who can offer money for projects that cover a wide range of industries, and she also wants to ensure that the people who are asking for more money get the money they need for specific projects. See also on Forbes.

Customer Care

Ashley offers a high level of customer care that other companies in her industry do not offer. She communicates very well, and she will give progress reports on the work that she is doing on the client’s behalf. She also knows that customer care matters when people have never done this before. She wants to show her clients how she can help them more than other companies, and the Ashley Lightspeed experience ensures that customers feel safe when looking for their next round of funding.


The best part of what happens with Ashley is that she takes a personal interest in your company. You do not need to worry about getting the money that you need all by yourself when you can ask Ashley and her team to do it for you. Connect:

Isabel dos Santos And Her Business Ventures

Daughter of Angolan former President and the country of Africa’s wealthiest woman to date, Isabel dos Santos has officially been re-elected to the board of Unitel. This important decision came shortly after great speculation that Isabel dos Santos could have been expelled in a shareholder discourse at the company that leads Angola’s telecoms modern market. 

Complete ownership of the company of Unitel is solely split equally between this successful businesswoman, the Brazilian telecoms company called Oi, and the Angolan former government official Mr. Propulsion so Nascimento. Surprisingly enough, the Angolan owners had formerly almost always voted as a block, but the Sonangol had actually hinted that it really was looking to sell its stake soon and so they wanted to lower the influence of Isabel (Cnn). 

Today, it is really somewhat unclear if whether or not Dos Santos can stay in as the official Unitel chairwoman when they have their very first business meeting in May. Isabel has eventually ended up with various stakes in different Angolan companies while her father was president of Angola. Isabel dos Santos also owns different shares in different Portuguese companies which include both telecom and TV business firm Nos SGPS. A professional spokesperson for she has recently told Forbes that Isabel dos Santos “is a independent businesswoman and a private investor representing solely her own interests.”

This strong activist is more than a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Isabel is also a living wife to get husband and a woman who treats others the way she would want to be treated. Today, it is her diligence to get work, her passion for what she does, and her love for others that has truly got Isabel dos Santos where she is now. Isabel has truly been blessed to be a blessing to other businessmen and women around the world.

Read more on Dos Santos´ life and career at

Jana Lightspeed And Investment Potential

Jana Lightspeed makes certain to play different roles as she is working on her different startups. See, Jana Lightspeed makes certain that she is finding different issues in situations that may occur from innovation.

Such as the different one’s that can be seen in India. See, merchants need a way to create products, sell it and communicate it with customers.

But this creates a disconnect between them and their target market across a plethora of aspects. For instance, they are not able to showcase their products in a way that provides potential customers with access to the whole slew of offerings that are on the table. Managing payments and introducing new products remains a completely different yet equally painful process on their own.

By addressing these problems specifically, Meesho provides a resolution to each one of them, and allows business owners to effectively showcase and sell their products through a vast network of resellers.

Meesho Has Gained Quite Some Traction in the Region

Founded in 2015, Meesho has gained significant traction over the past few years. It currently boasts of a network comprising of over 2 million resellers, which have been using its services actively.

Due to its simple to use solutions that also remain affordable to small business owners in India, Meesho has become the primary solution for many to sell products online.

The company estimates that over 80 percent of its user base comprises of women, who have been able to become resellers with “zero investment” due to the ease of use that Meesho brings to the table.

With Facebook having over 250 million users in the country, its investment in Meesho seems quite logical.

Since the social media giant has been finding ways to set WhatsApp apart from other communication, this seems like a step that would help the firm see the communication app transform into a powerhouse business solution – even if that ability currently remains tied to India.