LOVAGANZA: World Fair Inspired Cultural Event Coming in 2020

Lovaganza is an interactive cultural event that’s going to sweep across the whole world in 2020. We’re not kidding. All over the world, celebrations will be going on simultaneously between May and September of 2020. Those locations will take place in Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. The theme of the festivities is simply “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.” This is an event that will truly be unlike any other. All of the different cultures all across the world will be represented through exhibitions, live events, virtual reality attractions, motion pictures, and more. The aim of each attraction is to make those who attend Lovaganza feel as if they are actually in the country that they are being immersed into at the event.

Lovaganza was originally set for 2015, but the organizers felt that waiting an additional five years to premier the international event would mean that the latest and best interactive innovation around would be available to make this experience feel real.

Reminiscent of the days of World Fairs, Lovaganza’s promotional tour will kick off in 2017. This tour will be called the Traveling Show. Lovaganza is also a tour that will introduce attendees to the cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experience. After the Traveling Show tour, three major motion pictures will be released up until Lovaganza’s kickoff year of 2020. These motion pictures will be available for individuals to view in 3D and 2D theaters, as well as in traveling pavilions. All three films will feature the new glasses 3D technology experience. Shooting for these films has already taken place in the U.S., France, and Spain. Soon shooting will begin in India, Africa, and other areas that will be featured prominently at Lovaganza.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Immerscope screens on Facebook is what these films will be shown on. This is truly an event that will not only showcase cultures, but it will also be featuring the best in entertainment technology and innovation.

Lovaganza was designed to withstand two organizational structures. One is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. It is a for-profit global entertainment entity on Wikidot that shares all of the cultures and nations on Earth to audiences everywhere.


Crystal Hunt Has Proven She Belongs

It can be hard to not only survive but thrive in Hollywood. It is a very competitive field with a lot of talented actors and actresses. A lot of people are competing for the same jobs. However, one actress has stood out and made a positive impression on casting directors and agents. She did it at the age of 17. Crystal Hunt is someone that has always known what she wanted to do. It was her dream to be an actress and when she put her mind to and set out to do it, nothing was going to stop Crystal Hunt. That is one of the many bright spots about Hollywood: dreams do come true.

Her big break came when she appeared on 23 episodes of The Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding. This performance was so good and captivated audiences so well that it earned her an Emmy nomination. Again, one must keep in mind that she was only 17 when she got the part. She didn’t fall down the same pitfalls as other young actresses or actors. She stayed on the straight and narrow. She was a sponge on set and tried to absorb as much information as she could from her co-stars.

She also appeared in the film, The Derby Stallion, with Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron in addition to working alongside Amanda Bynes in Sydney White. These are both two very different mediums but she took on the challenge and embraced it to the fullest. Acting is what she lives for, what she loves, and the best is yet to come for her in the future. She has her head on straight, people remember her for talented acting, and she is fully committed to this. Crystal Hunt doesn’t want to do anything else but act. Her biggest role so far was in the Warner Brothers flick, Magic Mike XXL, which has quite a following of fans.