OSI Group Continues to Pursue Higher Heights of Success

OSI Group has been named one of the largest private companies in America by Forbes in recognition of its efforts to increase its presence across the world. The company started over a century ago in 1909 and it was guided throughout multiple growth phases by Otto Kolschowsky before his sons joined in. Starting as a neighborhood butcher in Chicago, Kolschowsky worked on the company to grow into a wholesale business in Maywood. Started as a family business, the company used the approach to get into an alliance with McDonalds’ Ray Roc marking the beginning of OSI Group McDonalds business relationship.

After lengthy discussions, Otto Kolschowsky and Ray Roc agreed the then called Otto & Sons to collaborate with McDonalds restaurants. In this case, Otto & Sons supplied meat products to ever-growing McDonalds restaurants. Otto & Sons was renamed into OSI Group in 1975 after a decision was made to increase efforts of taking the company global. As a result of various expansion efforts, OSI Group McDonalds thrived to expand into new regions. Technological breakthroughs strengthened the OSI Group McDonald relationship further.

Today, OSI records annual sales of $6.1 billion, earning it a position in Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Companies 2018. The success of the company can be attributed partly to its partnerships and franchising strategies that made it possible for it to expand into China, Austria, Mexico and more than 10 other countries. It now boasts more than 70 facilities which produces quality diversified food products. OSI Group McDonalds combined efforts to extend their operations to Germany.

As a testament to the company’s success, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council, a recognition for the OSI Group’s affiliate’s environmental efforts. This came at a time sustainable growth strategies put in place by the company’s corporate leadership team led by Sheldon Lavin were starting to bear fruits. OSI Group McDonalds are deeply concerned about how their operations are affecting the environment and as a result, they are incorporating environmental-friendly practices in their operations. That was determined as one of the many pillars that will propel the companies forward. Besides sustainable growth strategies, OSI Group also leverages acquisitions of food processing leaders to expand and diversify its product portfolio. Among its most recent acquisitions include purchasing a controlling stake at Baho Foods, acquisition of Tyson Foods plant in Chicago as well as acquisition of UK-based Flagship Europe.

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Facing the Challenge of Mental Health Care with Oren Frank

Mental health is a global crisis. It seems like every day, there’s another news story highlighting the mental health difficulties caused by modern life. Whether that’s a violent outburst, a statistic about PTSD, or an announcement of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s newest charity, discussions of mental health are everywhere.

One of the most pressing issues about mental health care is access. Even in places like Canada and the UK, where mental health treatment is covered, there are long wait lists. In the US, people in rural communities may have difficulty finding a provider. Waiting lists for in-network providers can be long. And for chronic conditions, office visits can get very expensive. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren Frank knows all of this. In fact, this unique set of circumstances inspired him to find a solution. Out of this desire, Talkspace was born. Oren Frank and his wife, Roni, have understood the pressure on the system and need for more services. That’s part of why they founded Talkspace in 2012.

The simplest way to explain their philosophy is “therapy for all.” Oren and Rani Frank harnessed the power of technology to eliminate many of the traditional barriers to therapy. Talkspace offers therapy via text and online. Texting plans are available for adults, teens and couples. Online therapy may involve video calls or voice chats.

Talkspace also has other advantages. This service makes it easy for people to access the services they need, when they need them. For example, a text plan makes it possible for someone with PTSD to reach out to his or her counselor at the time they feel triggered. They don’t have to wait for their appointment to roll around, and they don’t have to worry their therapist is in session all day.

Oren Frank’s work as co-founder of Talkspace has truly been revolutionary. Talkspace is making mental health care available to more people than ever before. This increased access is changing the mental health landscape. Learn More: https://www.talkspace.com/online-therapy/reshaping-behavioral-health-2017/oren-frank-intro-presentation/

Maurício Mendonça Godoy’s Gratitude Towards Brazil

Maurício Mendonça Godoy has been making waves in the Brazilian business industry for many years now, and the fact that he continues to work even after so long is incredible. If e wanted to, he could easily retire his job and live out the rest of his life enjoying his wealth and fortune. Many of us think that this is how life is meant to be lived, but Maurício Mendonça Godoy has quite the different viewpoint on the matter. To him, financial success is just a stepping stone onto the path of greatness, and it was only the first step towards the massive change he wanted to create on a global scale. Of course, before he wants to influence the world, he wants to influence his country. Brazil is his home, and the fact that he has shown that he cares for it so much is nothing short of incredible. In fact, one might argue that the primary reason he has been able to succeed within business is due to the fact that he loves his country so much.

Because of all the passion he has devoted to the place he lives, it is safe to say that Maurício Mendonça Godoy is a patriot through and through. This helps for his public appeal in addition to his moral standing; people love to support someone who supports the country they live in. It only makes sense to, after all; these are the individuals who will be benefiting the state of their country, so they will, of course, support them. They want their country to do well not only because they want to be more financially independent but because they want Maurício Mendonça Godoy to be given a proper vehicle to accomplish all that he dreams of.

To them, it would seem as though he is only being held back by the country he comes from, but he does not care about any of that. All that matters to him is helping out the people who raised him and made him into the man he is today. He is incredibly grateful for all his country has given to him.

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Igor Cornelsen Offers Free Advice to the Young Investors

Igor Cornelsen has dedicated his precious time to offer free advice to the Young First Time Investors. Investing, when done in the correct way, can bring about good yields. It is obvious that when most of the people make investments, they are impressed when they witness the growth of their capital. After some period of time, good results can clearly be achieved. What they earn from the investment gives them the ability to cater for some basic necessities in life, such as educating their kids and paying for a house. The only difficult part of putting up investments is mastery. Mastery is termed to be so much difficult for some first-time investors. This clearly explains the reason as to why most of the investors require the assistance of the professionals in this particular field.

Igor Cornelsen advises that it is very advantageous to work with an adviser. This is because the various financial advisers enable the investors to have a life long financial comprehension. An adviser and a well-experienced investor such as Igor Cornelsen has so many years of expertise in the investment industry. He has been providing guidance to very many people, and the fruits of his good work are evident.

Igor Cornelsen also emphasizes on having a good understanding of what the markets are doing. This is imperative because, at times, the markets can create turmoil. It is therefore very easy for the investors to make mistakes due to this confusion. The other point of advice to the young investors is to risk money. Igor Cornelsen states that for one to become a good investor, they have to be good risk takers. The investors are advised to begin making investments early in life and also always put some of the savings aside in case things go haywire.

Richard Liu- Creating the largest e-commerce business

Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of JD.com, the largest direct retailer in China. It is under his management that this company has moved from the bottom to the top. Liu is part of the elite tech entrepreneurs in China who have for the past two decades made this country a hub of e-commerce, mobile technology, and internet businesses.

The success that he has brought in the Chinese market can be felt by many other business organizations which are now enjoying the business solutions offered by JD.com. With over 300 million customers visiting the website, it is clear that this is by far the best retail business. You can find literally anything you want from a company.

Richard Liu identified that there was a huge pool of business opportunities in the e-commerce industry and it was untapped since many businesses that were doing e-commerce before JD.com came in were doing a shoddy work that ended up giving the e-commerce business in China a bad name.

Richard Liu decided that he would make a difference that would last for a long time. He decided to give the sector a new way of doing business. JD.com was involved only with genuine products that came with the right price. With this change, Richard Liu had captured the needs of the customers and JD.com would attain unprecedented growth over the next few years.

Richard Liu also believes that every business has a role to play in making the world a better place. JD.com has not been left behind in trying to give back to the people who have supported them a lot. Today, JD.com has numerous ongoing initiatives that are supposed to help the less fortunate in society. The JD Logistics department has embraced the idea of philanthropy by making it possible for people to give their donations to the poor. They also have many other initiatives such as the chicken program started in 2016 in Wuyi Province to reduce poverty in the region. Richard Liu is now ready to be counted among the businesses that have touched the lives of thousands of people positively.

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What to Take from 21-hours of Shervin Pishevar on Twitter

To summarize Shervin Pishevar 21-hour Twitter rant, you could say it was a mix of impending doom for some markets, one ray of light, and a new world order. Shervin Pishevar is a long-time investor who has made several brilliant calls. He invested in the startups Airbnb and Uber as well as Warbly Parker and Dollar Shave Club, so let’s take it that he understands the market and what makes it move.

One of Shervin Pishevar’s gloomier prediction is that the stock market will fall and fall big. He tweets how all of the growth of the current year have been lost, and fasten your seatbelts because all of the profit from the following year is next on the chopping block. Those were not his exact words from Twitter, but I take it that is what he meant. For his exact phrasing, check out the second tweet when he first began the 21-hour economic breakdown. The only break he took from posting was for dinner, but before and after that was a barrage of fact-filled and thought-provoking tweets.

Pishevar feels there are very few places to hide because most assets are overvalued. The overvaluation is coupled with high credit and higher interest rates. If you think the federal government can bring down the interest rates, Pishevar may have you thinking again. He tweets that the way the feds correct the market with bond manipulation is a dead technique because they overused it. It is a useless move.

What is the ray of hope? Shervin Pishevar points to the sky and calls out companies like Hyperloop and Space X, which are both involved in different forms of outer space research, travel, and exploration. Another safety net maybe gold, which Pishevar thinks will rise.

If you are looking for a long-term investment, Shervin Pishevar might recommend Bitcoin. It will have its peaks and valleys for a while, but Pishevar guesses it will become steady, and it will climb once stabilized. A brief take away from the long Twitter rant from Shervin Pishevar is out with the old and in with the new.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Biggest Accomplishment is What He Gives Away

Sometimes success can be measured in more ways than in dollar amounts. Serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkovsky experienced wild success as the CEO of the ever popular website, Groupon, with the company being worth over $1 billion only 16 months after it began. After also introducing Lightbank, an investment organization that provides guidance and funding for groundbreaking technology companies, he realized that monetary success did not have to be his only goal in life. Blessed with more wealth than he could ever need in a lifetime, Lefkovsky used his knowledge for the greater good of humanity.

After a loved one of Lefkovsky’s went through the grueling experience of cancer treatment, Lefkovsky realized just how many gaps there are in our healthcare system when it comes to treating patients. He soon discovered that even the most esteemed treatment centers were not sharing their patients’ data. Treatment options therefore were more generalized based on patients’ type of cancer rather than individual circumstance. Eric Lefkovsky created Tempus Labs in response, which aimed to gather an enormous database of information regarding different types of tumors and cancers and comparing them with patients’ individual DNA. Tempus gives physicians the tools to analyze and edit each individual patient’s data and treatment plan. Tempus has recently partnered up with CancerLinQ, a non-profit heath information platform.

Eric and Liz Lefkovsky also founded the Lefkovsky Family Foundation, which supports many other organizations that do work to better their communities. This foundation donated over $1 million to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University in Chicago to help further research of oncology treatments. The Lefkovsky family foundation also provided a grant that would give free admission to all youth who visit Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The lefkovskys are among the group of the world’s billionaires who have made the pledge through the Bill Gates/Warren Buffet initiative to share at least half of their wealth with other people in need and important causes around the world. They believe that this is their greatest lifetime accomplishment.

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Jojo Hedaya Describes How He Got Unroll Me Off The Ground

Jojo Hedaya is a co-founder of Unroll Me and its chief executive officer. His company created Unroll.Me which is a website that organizes email. Most people’s email accounts are overflowing with tons of subscriptions and newsletters. This website collects all of these together into one email which gets rid of a lot of the clutter. It makes it a lot easier to find important emails and have all the deals and junk in just a single daily email.

This single email is called “The Rollup“. You can decide at what time of the day this email will be sent to your inbox. Jojo Hedaya says that the first version of Unroll.Me took two months to develop. It wasn’t the slickest thing and didn’t work terribly well. They still had thousands of people signing up, however, and used the resulting resources to make a ton of improvements.

Jojo Hedaya is from New York. It was when he went to Israel to study that he met his future friend and business partner, Josh Rosenwald. They came up with the concept of Unroll.Me because the emails they sent to one another were often overlooked. They couldn’t find these emails amidst all newsletters, marketing, and updates. They were just 24-years-old when they launched Unroll Me.

He says that building a high-performing team is critical to the success of his company. They hired the best talent available. Jojo Hedaya says that it paid off to find job candidates who had been overlooked by other companies. One person he hired was an engineer who had little professional experience. He really wanted to learn, though, which made all the difference. He ended up becoming one of the top engineers at Unroll Me.

Jojo Hedaya also looks for people who are self-motivated. He says that this is a characteristic that is absolutely critical in a startup environment. There isn’t a full management team in place at a startup to everyone needs to learn while on the job and be able to self-manage themselves. He promoted one person with this characteristic all the way from being an intern to the position of product manager.


The Work of Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong has built an impressive career as a business man. Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of one of China’s most successful companies JD.com. Richard Qiangdong is known for savviness and intuitiveness. Many people view him as an entrepreneurial genius. Today he has a net worth of more than twelve billion dollars. His company serves more than one hundred million shoppers across the globe.

Richard Qiangdong is a native of China. He grew up in the China’s Jiangsu province, in the town of Suqian. From a young age Qiangdong learned the value of hard work from watching his parents run their family business. Qiangdong would use this knowledge to help him when he went off to attend college at The Peoples’ University of China in Beijing. Qiangdong earned a degree in sociology but also took time to teach himself computer coding. This skill would become very valuable as he entered the working world.

Richard Qiangdong’s first experience as an entrepreneur came while still college. Qiangdong decided to open his own restaurant while still taking classes in college. Although the business quickly crashed, the experience taught Qiangdong many lessons. He would use this knowledge when he start his next business. Richard Qiangdong opened his own tech store in Beijing. The store sold computers and computer parts. It was very successful and Qiangdong eventually opened as many as twelve different physical stores.

Challenges soon hit Richard’s business. In 2003 China was hit by a massive SARS epidemic. Richard chose to close his stores in an effort to protect employees. Despite this setback, Qiangdong did not give up. He made the decision to take his business online. He soon started the company JD.com. JD.com would soon take China by storm.

JD.com was very successful because the website earned the trust of its customers. They refused to sell counterfeit items and provided invoices for customers. Over a period of just a few years the website exploded. Today the value of the company is more than sixty billion dollars. They even have the world’s largest fleet of drones that help provide same day delivery service.

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Why Oren Frank is Achieving Massive Success

Millions of Americans have been in need of therapy and some form of counseling. The challenging part for those who need therapy is not only finding the right therapist, but it is also about a patient finding the time outside of other commitments of daily life and the demands of family. Thankfully, Oren Frank has come up with something that he believes could change history and the way mental health is being treated.

Mental health is something we all must have all of the time. However, life circumstances and stress can change how we view our lives and the people in them. This is why therapy is essential for a healthy mindset. It is for this reason that Oren Frank drew up the blueprint for Talkspace, a therapy app that can be used on mobile and online.

Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Talkspace has experienced tremendous growth since it’s launch in 2012, but furthermore, they hired a Chief Medical Officer in 2018 so that prescriptions could be written by licensed therapists when necessary. The company is brilliant and it shows with that they have been able to generate in revenue.

Since their launch, they have now grown to 1 million active users, and they are now serving those users through video chat, instant messaging, and even via email when necessary. The Chief Medical Officer was a strong move for Talkspace. Neil Leibowitz, the CMO, worked previously with United Health.

The video tool is the key to prescribing medications via the app. The prescribing therapist or physician must be able to communicate directly with the individual in order to make a proper assessment. This app is much like the app “Ask a Doctor” used for accessing a doctor around the clock.

Although this one is specifically for the purpose of mental health, it helps to have Leibowitz on board from an insurance perspective as well. Aiding in bringing some extra structure to the corporate side of Talkspace, there is most certainly an element of trust that having licensed professionals adds to the mix.

Read more: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/author/oren-frank/