The Work of Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong has built an impressive career as a business man. Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of one of China’s most successful companies Richard Qiangdong is known for savviness and intuitiveness. Many people view him as an entrepreneurial genius. Today he has a net worth of more than twelve billion dollars. His company serves more than one hundred million shoppers across the globe.

Richard Qiangdong is a native of China. He grew up in the China’s Jiangsu province, in the town of Suqian. From a young age Qiangdong learned the value of hard work from watching his parents run their family business. Qiangdong would use this knowledge to help him when he went off to attend college at The Peoples’ University of China in Beijing. Qiangdong earned a degree in sociology but also took time to teach himself computer coding. This skill would become very valuable as he entered the working world.

Richard Qiangdong’s first experience as an entrepreneur came while still college. Qiangdong decided to open his own restaurant while still taking classes in college. Although the business quickly crashed, the experience taught Qiangdong many lessons. He would use this knowledge when he start his next business. Richard Qiangdong opened his own tech store in Beijing. The store sold computers and computer parts. It was very successful and Qiangdong eventually opened as many as twelve different physical stores.

Challenges soon hit Richard’s business. In 2003 China was hit by a massive SARS epidemic. Richard chose to close his stores in an effort to protect employees. Despite this setback, Qiangdong did not give up. He made the decision to take his business online. He soon started the company would soon take China by storm. was very successful because the website earned the trust of its customers. They refused to sell counterfeit items and provided invoices for customers. Over a period of just a few years the website exploded. Today the value of the company is more than sixty billion dollars. They even have the world’s largest fleet of drones that help provide same day delivery service.

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Why Oren Frank is Achieving Massive Success

Millions of Americans have been in need of therapy and some form of counseling. The challenging part for those who need therapy is not only finding the right therapist, but it is also about a patient finding the time outside of other commitments of daily life and the demands of family. Thankfully, Oren Frank has come up with something that he believes could change history and the way mental health is being treated.

Mental health is something we all must have all of the time. However, life circumstances and stress can change how we view our lives and the people in them. This is why therapy is essential for a healthy mindset. It is for this reason that Oren Frank drew up the blueprint for Talkspace, a therapy app that can be used on mobile and online.

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Talkspace has experienced tremendous growth since it’s launch in 2012, but furthermore, they hired a Chief Medical Officer in 2018 so that prescriptions could be written by licensed therapists when necessary. The company is brilliant and it shows with that they have been able to generate in revenue.

Since their launch, they have now grown to 1 million active users, and they are now serving those users through video chat, instant messaging, and even via email when necessary. The Chief Medical Officer was a strong move for Talkspace. Neil Leibowitz, the CMO, worked previously with United Health.

The video tool is the key to prescribing medications via the app. The prescribing therapist or physician must be able to communicate directly with the individual in order to make a proper assessment. This app is much like the app “Ask a Doctor” used for accessing a doctor around the clock.

Although this one is specifically for the purpose of mental health, it helps to have Leibowitz on board from an insurance perspective as well. Aiding in bringing some extra structure to the corporate side of Talkspace, there is most certainly an element of trust that having licensed professionals adds to the mix.

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Marketing Strategies, Seemingly Irrelevant Methods Still Have Tremendous Potential According To Krishen Iyer

Written Content and Email

Classic written marketing content and email marketing may seem like an old way of doing things and on the brink of extinction, but according to Krishen Iyer, a Carlsbad based entrepreneur and Marketing CEO, it still has huge potential. Data limitation and slow internet speeds drive many people to turn their searches towards written content as it uploads faster and uses fewer internet data compared to visual content. Visual content may have a more obvious or immediate impact on viewers, but one cannot ignore the fact that there are still many people who prefer to seek out information on the internet which uploads faster. Krishen Iyer also suggests that if you don’t have a Blog tab on your website, you should consider creating one since blog posts enhance your visibility on Google search engine which results in a higher amount of organic traffic to your site. Another marketing method that is often considered to be irrelevant by many people is email marketing. However, according to Krishen Iyer, you can take advantage of this marketing technique and make it work over the long term if you adjust your strategies to current trends. According to Iyer, the key to email marketing success is to make it as personal as possible. See more highlights about marketing by Iyer


Although many marketing experts have moved away from Facebook marketing, claiming it is losing its relevance. Krishen Iyer lists several reasons why it can still be an excellent marketing strategy. Marketing with Facebook is much less expensive than any other social media platform. According to Krishen Iyer, you can target the age which best fits your target audience and bypasses all other ages which will save a lot of time and money as you can more accurately reach the audience that fits your particular marketing strategy. You can also customize your strategies by watching the results you are getting and can pause or stop the ad service with just one click. Krishen Iyer pointed out these strategies, highlighting the new potential for classic marketing strategies.

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Nitin Khanna, a Friend to Small Business

Nitin Khanna seeks to bolster the small business atmosphere of Portland, Oregon. The former co-founder of Saber Corp, which sold for $420 million in 2007 to Electronic Data Systems, is now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MergerTech.

MergerTech is an investment firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions of technology companies with a valuation of between $10 million and $200 million. To put it simply, MergerTech matches sellers with buyers across a global network of technology companies.

Nitin Khanna began the company with his brother and Chief Operations Officer (COO), Karan Khanna, after spinning the company off from Martin Wolf Securities, which was previously simply a subsidiary. Recognizing the unique niche to fill, Nitin Khanna has been extremely successful in its short existence, matching seven sellers with buyers in its first seven months of independent operation. This is further elaborated in this link.

According to Nitin Khanna, MergerTech’s success begins with its people. MergerTech thrives from hiring highly qualified and competent persons to manage and perform the different aspects of MergerTech’s complex business. Because MergerTech signs the majority of potential clients to contracts, for their merger or acquisition, Nitin Khanna likes to know the right people are handling the job beyond his initial duties.

Nitin Khanna is not only a successful businessman, but a supporter of the Portland Oregon business community. MergerTech is a testament to that. The goal of MergerTech is to bolster the business community by attracting, first, angel investors and then, second, venture capitalists. If MergerTech can bring more investment to the community through mergers and acquisitions, then angel investors and venture capitalists are likely to follow. You can find out more about the new ventures of this successful business man here

According to Nitin Khanna, Angel investors must come first in any investment. A regular supply of wealthy individuals seeking to invest in Portland startups precedes larger venture capitalist firms, which could bring greater prosperity to the community.

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Dr. Brian Torchin: The Basics

Founder of HRC/HCRC Staffing (Health Care Recruitment Counselors), Dr.Brian Torchin, has spent several years studying and implementing the skills needed to understand what it takes to be an exemplary employee for any healthcare institution. Based out of the Philadelphia, PA area, HCRC offers both providers and perspective medical professionals the perfect liason into each different opportunity. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

HRC/Health Care Recruitment Counselors

Based on the goal of combining medical experience/expertise and staffing insight, HCRC Staffing offers both potential employers and potential medical personnel out of the Philadelphia area. A big draw to employing the talents of the staff at HCRC is the fact that they not only offer regular business-hours help, they also assist weekends and after hour schedules.

There are several different types of medical jobs that filter through the HCRC Staffing offices, including:

*Physician Assistant

*Physical Therapy


*Nurse Practitioner

With over 18 years of combined experience in the staffing field, the very best in medical care provider jobs procured through HCRC Staffing are found across the board, including at: Urgent Care Centers, Private Practices and Hospitals. HCRC is able to work in every state. Additionally, HCRC has representatives in Asia, Canada, Europe and Australia.

There are no fees associated with the consultations offered to clients.

Dr. Brian Torchin

After studying at both the University of Delaware and New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Brian Torchin established HCRC Staffing. His staffing center has very quickly become a one of a kind in the United States.

Dr. Torchin not only has a degree in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, but he is also a fully Licensed Chiropractitioner. Both his training and on the job skills, such as career counselling/coaching and recruiting has made him one of the industry’s leading experts in the Healthcare/Recruiting markets.

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OSI Group Expands Into More Territories Under the Leadership of David McDonald OSI Group

Recently, OSI group acquired a controlling stake in a private Dutch company called Baho Food making it one of the largest food suppliers in the world. As a result of its acquisition, OSI Group now has operations in Germany, Netherlands and on other five subsidiary companies in Europe. David McDonald OSI Group plan is to ad Baho Food to the OSI Europe business without changing the company’s portfolio of products. With this approach, David McDonald OSI Group seeks to broaden the capabilities of OSI Group into the European market.

Everything Remains as It Is

David McDonald OSI Group is planning to retain everything as it is in Baho Food company including the managing director, John Balvers and the entire team. Together they will work to ensure they combine efforts for mass production of quality products. This act will accelerate the growth of OSI and Baho.

Doubling of Chicken Production

The Baho Acquisition makes it easier for OSI Group to double the production of chicken in the European region. OSI Group has currently invested at least $20 million into the creation of processed chicken production of around 15,000 tons. Now, the total volume of chicken production is around 4,5000 tons annually and has added 20 new jobs to the existing 140 employees. The provision of employment opportunities has also pushed OSI Group to collaborate with Spain’s government to develop agriculture in the region. The region government gave OSI Group the local Chamber of Commerce award and granted it $1.77 million to OSI Group’s project.

The Appointment of the New Chief Sustainability Officer

In light of the recent events, OSI Group through the leadership of David McDonald OSI  Group has sought to appoint a new Chief Sustainability officer, Nicole Johnson Hoffman. The CSO’s role is to expand OSI Group to different regions while sustaining the company’s reputation. Also, Johnson Hoofman will collaborate with OSI’s suppliers and employees to ensure they achieve OSI Group’s vision. The CSO will report directly to the COO, David McDonald OSI Group.

Nicole Hoffman is a firm believer that OSI group will achieve all its goals by improving its supply chains to better its customers. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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Things you need to know about Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is an icon to many people that are passionate about venturing into the field of entrepreneurship. As a successful leader, he has brought growth to the Fortress Investment Group. He took part in the founding of the company in 1998. He has always had a great passion towards being of relevance in the entrepreneurship field. His excellent reputation is as a result of his impeccable communication skills. As an executive of the company, Nardone encourages leaders to speak up about issues that affect the operations of their firm as well as those that bring positive impacts to the company. He insists that communication is a crucial issue when it comes to leadership and that it is the only way that firm executives can effectively handle the issues challenges that their firms go through. Learn more about Randal at Bloomberg.

Randal Nardone is still the chief executive officer of the Fortress Investment group, and he overlooks the operations of the firm to ensure that everything is on the right track. Besides being supportive of his employees, he also puts effort towards enhancing unity among them. He believes that a company that brings its team together moves fast towards meeting its goals. He has also played a significant role in handling the numerous challenges that the company has been going through since its establishment and there with other executives of the company, they have enabled the firm to achieve a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Additionally, Randal Nardone is also an icon for many entrepreneurs. He is a man full of life and kindness. He also holds a huge stake in the Fortress Investment group, and as a serious and committed investor, he is today among the highly paid executives, earning compensation of $100,000,000. Besides, he was also recently listed in the Forbes list of the worlds billionaires, and he appeared at number 557. Randal Nardone does not settle for less, and he always takes calculated risks before taking a step into venturing in any deals. His cautious nature has favored him for years, and he continues to follow all his set principles to ensure that he emerges to be the best.

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Deirdre Baggot Knows How to Use Hospital Experience

For nearly her entire career, Deirdre Baggot has worked on making things better for the people she serves. When she started out as a nurse, she worked to help make patients have a better experience while they were at The Camden Group. She learned the right way to treat patients and what she needed to do to help them have a better experience even when they struggled with their health. She also learned the right way to be compassionate while dealing with difficult situations. It took a lot of hard work for Deirdre Baggot to make things better for all her patients, but she knew what she needed to do to make a difference. She also knew things would get better if she continued learning how to help more patients in ways other people might not know how to do. There were times when she pushed to make things easier for patients even when other nurses might not know what to do to make things better for them. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

The time Deirdre Baggot spent as a nurse prepared her for her future in administration with The Camden Group. Even though she didn’t know that was the path she was on from the beginning, she did know she had a lot of experience doing things that could help her adjust to the administrative options. It’s her goal to always let people know what they can do on their own with hospital administration. It’s also her goal to keep providing people with positive experiences no matter what issues they face in the hospital industry.

After taking on the role of a hospital administrator, Deirdre Baggot knew she had a lot of work to do. While she was one of the best nurses the hospital had, she didn’t have the same kind of experience in administrative settings. She quickly learned the things expected of her in those roles and that allowed her the chance to make the most. Now, her role in the administration is helping her cater to the needs of both patients and providers. She’s using her experience in nursing to guide her through her administrative career.

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Felipe Montoro Jens report on IDB’s stance of leveraging private investments

On the 24th of March 2018, the Inter-American Development Bank had a special meeting with its governors and expert Felipe Montoro Jens was there to report and came up with the following.

The IDB, just like the rest of the world, is changing to be better suited to meet its objectives across Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB, first and foremost is a development bank that seeks to attain development in the areas mentioned in a sustainable way through providing loans, grants  Minister of Planning, Development, and Management, Dyogo Oliveira, that the bank itself was not capable of meeting all the needs of these countries and that private investment was paramount. For more updates, follow Felipe on twitter.

IDB’s president, Luis Alberto Moreno shared the same view as according to him, the investment from outside were minimal to what is required to be able to meet the challenges ahead of the bank. The major challenges were the connectivity through the Latin American countries and it was believed that private investments would really help in meeting these challenges.

The potential for growth is definitely there as Felipe Montoro Jens reports, given that Spain through its secretary of state for Economy and Business, Mr. Garrido, has prioritized Brazil as an integral country for Spanish investment.

Mr. Oliveira proposed that the IDB promote studies that incorporate the leveraging of private investments and also seek out efficient solutions for tackling risk management across the region. He also pointed out how his country Brazil has profited from Public-Private Partnerships or PPPs as they are known and insisted that the strategy itself was in line with what IDB stands for and what other countries in the region, not just Brazil, are also striving for as well.

IDB President Moreno was glad that as they strive to increase more private investment, the bank itself had made strides to incorporate policies that encouraged gender equality and diversity which is essential to development, while also factoring in climate change and environmental stability which are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Felipe Montoro’s report on the recent IDB corporate meeting

Special Boards of Governors sit down to talk when something big is in the oven. In Argentina, such a meeting occurred recently, and the Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) were there to discuss private investments of the infrastructure department of Brazil. In the house was, DyogoOliviera, in charge of the Ministry of Planning and development. Dyogo was quick to point out that what the country needed was financial security. For infrastructure to be at the desired level in Brazil, he was confident that private firms’ investments needed to be in play as they alone would help provide the financial security that Brazil was in dire need of at during that period.

Private firms were also backed up by the Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo, who urged the banking and finance sector to consider working with the private sector if progress was to be noted. Sentiments shared by Dyogo too. Felipe Montoro Jens was in the meeting, and the fact that he is an infrastructure specialist made him the best person to report on the matters arising. Brazil is a country with the most potential in Latin America and investing in it is a worthy venture, thought the Secretary of State for Economy of Spain. Visit to learn more.

The infrastructure industry of Brazil is aiming at a 4.0 revolution. In respect to that it requires support from the private sector, the banks, and any other financier if it is to measure up to the standards. Good infrastructure is part of the big picture towards Brazil attaining the fourth industrial revolution.

Brazil faces challenges such as poor infrastructure, low investments, water supply problems and proper sanitation. The governors thought that the problems need addressing too. Brazil is looking to partner with other countries to work on higher investments for their dreams.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist of Brazilian origin. He is responsible for reporting on meetings about infrastructure in the country, such as the one above. He currently works on lighting and infrastructure developments in Brazil. His reports help the business world to understand their country’s progress steps in the present and where the country is headed in future. He is a force to reckon in Brazil and his contributions are easily notable wherever he goes. View: