Isabel Dos Santos and Her Knack for Empowering Women

46 year old Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa. Forbes puts the firstborn daughter of former Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos at a net worth of two billion US dollars. Investing in companies doing business in her home country helped her to grow her wealth. She is a smart businesswoman who doesn’t shy off from empowering other women. Isabel dos Santos is known to be one of the most influential women in the world. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan to Tatiana Kukanova whom herself was born in Russia.

Isabel went to school in Kent, Cobham Hall in an all-girls boarding school. She did her higher studies at King’s College in London where she studied engineering. It was in London that she met her husband, Sindika Dokolo. Over the years, Isabel dos Santos has been able to build great success in business. She invested in several companies within and beyond her country’s borders (Facebook).

She has investments in various industries including telecommunications, energy, and finance. She also partnered with Portugal Telecom to create a telecommunications company called Unitel. The company also invests in educating and training engineers, technicians, and managers in Angola with a focus on skills and job creation.Despite her achievements in business, Isabel had to overcome sexism in the world of business. She, however, encourages women to maintain their course towards building their success. Isabel is also known for her philanthropy. An example of this is her project in Humpata where she helped to create a strawberry field. This project provided 120 jobs for women giving them financial independence.

Isabel dos Santos believes that empowering women is vital in transforming any society. This belief was evident from her speech at a UN gathering in New York. She would like to instill more confidence in women in a world she believes tends to stigmatize on women. She believes that if more women get access to good education and better job opportunities, then more economic growth can be expected. She also believes that technology is crucial if Africa is to grow economically. She, therefore, encourages more women to make more use of artificial intelligence.

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