Unroll Me Supplies Solutions to Clogged Email Inbox Problems

Utilizing the power of the Rollup to clean user inboxes Unroll Me continues to fight the good fight for email organization. The company came to be in 2011. It was a start-up founded by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. Unroll Me condenses hundreds of subscription email into one convenient folder. It is one of many products that serves as a disruption for email marketing. However, Unroll Me does not rid inboxes of troublesome subscriptions, it allows consumers to choose what they want.

The Problem

Email marketing began its tenure in the late 2000s. Companies realized they could keep tabs on consumers by sending them periodic emails touching base. The emails contain everything from promotions, advertisements, and coupons to general notifications. Although there is nothing wrong with online advertising, too many subscriptions began to clog up user inboxes. As consumers do not realize how many subscriptions they are signing up for the daily influx of subscription emails can get unmanageable. This is what happened to Rosenwald. The problem eventually prevented him from email correspondence with Hedaya as he could not find his partner’s emails. This is when the duo hit upon the idea for their company. Software that could manage a user inbox for them and get rid of subscription clutter.

The Solution

Unroll Me is not the only organization software on the market. It is one of the most popular choices because it is easy to use and free. The software works by gathering all emails flagged as subscription-based into a folder called the Rollup. The Rollup holds the clutter and leaves important messages behind. This allows use inboxes to be easier to navigate and keep track of actual pertinent emails. The factor that really sets Unroll Me apart is exactly what its name describes. User can use the software to unroll from subscriptions so the emails are no longer sent to them. Hedaya and Rosenwald decided to make the software easy to navigate as they observed many other companies falter over complexity. Users simply have to click a box to mass unsubscribe from hundreds of subscriptions. They can also take out subscriptions they would like to keep so only what they want to see pops up in their account.


Talkspace – Therapy Made Easy for People with Mental Problems

Depression is much more common than one can imagine. The problem is that not everyone gets help for it. Depression can completely change a person, and one will stop enjoying the things that they earlier used to. It will also affect its personal and professional relationships with others. If you have been long-suffering, and you think that you might be depressed, you should have it medically diagnosed. If you are depressed or are unable to understand the odd feeling that you might be getting, it is time to seek therapy. Therapy goes a long way in ensuring that one is able to live a healthy life. Those who do not want to go to a therapist but still want to get help should look at online therapy app Talkspace.

Talkspace is one of the top online therapy apps that has made therapy affordable and reachable to people. It has long been seen that therapy is mostly used by wealthy people as they have the money for it. Therapy does not come cheap, and not everyone has that amount of money. But, therapy is useful for mental health problems, including depression. It allows people to understand their feelings and know what to do about it. Thus, Talkspace wanted to bring therapy to the people’s smartphone and talk to a therapist when they want to. Talkspace also has a variety of different plans for their clients to choose from.

Talkspace is a revolutionary app that has brings about a major change in the therapy industry. People are becoming more open to getting therapy and are not limited by cost. The best thing about them is that the therapists are licensed and spread all across the country. But, it does not matter since the clients can text or video call them when they need to.

Visit: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/2015/10/how-to-find-a-therapist-online/talkspace-reviews-screenshot_275h_jr/

From The Stone Age to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum A Brief History Orthopedics

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum received his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery for the Bronxcare Health System Dr. Kirschenbaum is renowned as a surgeon and medical innovator. Having performed thousands of joint replacement surgeries Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has designed special instruments for use during unicompartmental knee replacements. He has also developed a method of hip replacement that doesn’t require cement. Dr. Kirschenbaum is also a medical educator and entrepreneur. He created and sold the online medical journal Medscape.

Part Of An Ancient Tradition

When Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum sets broken limbs he is practicing a skill that was developed in the Stone Age. The first known medical text to address orthopedic injuries was written by the Ancient Egyptian physician Imhotep. The writings of Hippocrates discuss fractures and their treatment in depth. The “Father of Sports Medicine” was the Roman Galen of Pergamon who treated gladiators.

The Middle Ages Through the Renaissance

During the Middle Ages advancements in medicine all but ceased. Guy de Chauliac did, however, develop a way of managing femur fractures that Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and his colleagues still use today. The original Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci’s contribution to orthopedics was his detailed renderings of human anatomy.

The Birth of Modern Orthopedic Surgery

Facilities devoted specifically to orthopedics began springing up in the late 19th and early 20th century. During the 1960s Sir John Charnley developed the joint replacement surgery that physicians like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum routinely perform today. Russel Hibbs conceiving a way to fuse bone during spinal surgery moved orthopedics farther forward. The advent of X-rays was a boon to the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic conditions. As imaging methods ie; CT Scans and MRIs improve orthopedic surgery will improve with them.

Find out more here https://www.linkedin.com/in/ira-kirschenbaum-5132001a

Sheldon Lavin Leads One Of The Largest Global Corporations In Meat And Food Processing

As far as profiles go, it doesn’t get much higher than Sheldon Lavin in the food processing industry as he operates one of the giants in the field. Sheldon is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board at OSI Group, and he also manages OSI International Foods as President.

Sheldon Lavin started off his career in finances and had no expectancy of becoming a permanent and knowledgable member of a food processing company. In the 1970s, when Sheldon Lavin was hired at Otto & Sons to help with financing as the company expanded, he started building experience in the industry as he became a regular help to the company founders. Sheldon took over the company years later, and Otto & Sons became OSI Group. Sheldon’s commitment and leadership over the past four decades have turned OSI into an international leader in food processing with locations in more than 60 countries.

In February of 2016, Sheldon Lavin was recognized by India’s Vision World Academy and presented with the Global Visionary Award for his accomplishments through OSI Group. Not only was Sheldon able to turn OSI into a global leader, but he has created jobs in communities all over the world, and today, OSI employs more than 20 thousand dedicated workers in more than 65 locations globally.

Turning OSI into one of the most prominent companies in the market is a big achievement, but Sheldon has also taken big steps to spark substantial changes in the industry through accountability and environmental sustainability. Environmental safety is a big concern for Sheldon, and he is an advocate for sustainable approaches to food processing. Through his own efforts to give OSI Group a lighter footprint on the map, Sheldon hopes the next generation of leaders follows in his footsteps to prioritize sustainable practices.

At 87 years old, one might expect Sheldon to retire, but instead, he remains heavily focused on the progress of OSI Group. He is also a dedicated philanthropist and supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

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Aim For A Holistic Schedule Like Michael Nierenberg

If you have your own business like Michael Nierenberg, then determine its worth. If you are employed by an organization as Michael Nierenberg was within the past decades, then analyze the value of yourself and your skills.

From there, you would be able to choose a line of work that may help you pay the bills while also making you feel fulfilled at your job.

When you feel content at what you do for a living such as financiers similar to Michael Nierenberg, it automatically translates to a better mindset towards achieving your professional goals.

Your happiness and motivation is bound to convert to a better work performance, and with higher productivity, you could achieve more than you did while working as just another cog in a machine.

Michael Nierenberg and other professionals who are at the top of their game see that this type of mentality really pays off. Why does it pay off? Because they are not just looking at their roles as if it something that will pay the bills, they are not looking at it as something that is just a small part of their life. They are looking at it as if it is a key component. Click here to learn more

HGGC Is A Reputable Private Equity Firm

Every day many people search for information about money management, investments and wealth building. There are many resources and firms that can guide people who want to get into the industry.

Getting involved in any type of investment is not a simple issue. It is highly recommended that you enlist the services of an experienced and reliable team. You’ll want to get guidance from a firm that has an established history of rendering outstanding service to its clients.

HGGC is a reputable firm and is fully equipped to address the needs of both beginners and veterans in the investment field. This firm has been around for years and it has clients and partners all over the world.

Do you need advice or assistance from one of the leading investment firms? Perhaps you are aware that HGGC has a team of highly experienced private equity investment professionals and are wondering how to get started in this field.

Whether you’re interested in buyouts or acquisition, or you want to get involved in any other area of private equity investing, it is always advisable to turn to a knowledgeable team. You’ll want to consult professionals that have systems in place to meet the needs of their clients.

Private equity investment firms evaluate several crucial factors prior to deciding how to approach a deal or transaction. They perform the necessary research in order to determine whether a project or investment they’re considering is a good one. They have the resources to enable them to spot lucrative investment opportunities and determine which ones are appropriate for their firm.

They take the necessary steps to understand the target company’s financial situation, market position, and industry trends. They also look into debt financing and other pertinent issues.

As a well-established private equity firm, HGGC is continually searching for profitable investment opportunities. This renowned firm and its professionals look for companies that have the potential for growth. They take appropriate steps to ensure that their target companies are well-positioned to benefit from appealing industry trends.

HGGC is a great choice for ambitious individuals and organizations that are serious about reaching their goals.


Give Back Like Stream Energy

Stream Energy knows that it doesn’t necessarily produce a Veblen service or good. A Veblen service or good is one that increases in demand as the price increases. No one wants to pay sky high prices for their electricity use, this would not be good in any residential unit or commercial unit.

While Veblen goods and services are interesting concepts, Stream Energy must focus on other aspects of the picture. Stream energy must focus on service, on distribution and also on price as well.

Unlike a bottle of wine, where one might see an increase in demand if the price increases and a decrease in demand if the price decreases, Stream Energy must provide their service in an efficient manner overall. If they don’t they lost their competitive advantage.

Stream energy realizes this. The Stream company knows what makes it valuable, how they are able to reach people and exactly why they matter.

Stream will aim to generate high returns on capital by doing what they do best, serving their people. While stream may not be able to command pricing levels that a brand like Apple or Ferrari might be able to charge, Stream will be able to have the correct distribution strategy to increase their customer base and their revenues.

Stream sees growth by investing in people and by investing in their communities. Every person is a potential customer for Stream, all they have to do is show their value proposition and why they are different from others within the marketplace.

The company through Stream Cares and other initiatives will play a large part in helping communities recover from natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. Stream was there to help when Hurricane Harvey rolled through and devastated Houston. Stream didn’t hesitate, it stepped in and used their profits to do good in their communities.

Stream didn’t sit idly by, they acted and they made a difference. One can expect more from stream over the coming years. The company is leading the way and showing other companies how to be generous in more ways than one. Stream is bound to see more success as they grow and expand with each day.


Max Salk Conducts Proper Financial Analysis

Max Salk is an investment analyst in the great city of commerce that is New York. He went to school in Illinois and he graduated in 2011. He focused his studies in Finance and added on a minor in the subject of History.

Max would jump straight into the finance sector and utilize his new knowledge. Max Salk would go to Chicago and work at Morningstar. It made sense for Max Salk to work in Chicago as he had gone to school in Illinois and he didn’t have to make a big move going from one city to the next. Going to school in Illinois was also a great call because it would allow Max Salk to stay within a region that has some of the best-specialized firms within the financial sector.

Max Salk and Morningstar

As noted above, Morningstar would be a great place to go work for a person interested in finance such as Max Salk. Morningstar is considered as a global financial services firm that is based within Chicago. It was formed in 1984 and is known for providing compelling research and investment management services to its many different clients. Many in the financial world pay close attention to the commentary, information, and overall research provided by Morningstar. The firm is respected in such a manner that recommendations from the firm can lead to significant inflows or outflows of money into a variety of funds.

The firm has expanded and provided more services to capture more revenues.

Max would leave Morningstar after close to a year and then progress to joining PPM America, Inc. PPM America, Inc is a company based within the United States that has conducted research and allocates capital toward different investments.

The firm had $9.7 billion assets in 1990 and grew the assets under management to $106 billion by 2014. The firm is part of the Prudential Corporation. Max Salk would have the opportunity to do more at this firm and dive deeper into investment analysis. He was able to do well within this role and found himself moving on to a different role with a different company just three years later. Max Salk would join Blackstone Group.


Jojo Hedaya Describes How He Got Unroll Me Off The Ground

Jojo Hedaya is a co-founder of Unroll Me and its chief executive officer. His company created Unroll.Me which is a website that organizes email. Most people’s email accounts are overflowing with tons of subscriptions and newsletters. This website collects all of these together into one email which gets rid of a lot of the clutter. It makes it a lot easier to find important emails and have all the deals and junk in just a single daily email.

This single email is called “The Rollup“. You can decide at what time of the day this email will be sent to your inbox. Jojo Hedaya says that the first version of Unroll.Me took two months to develop. It wasn’t the slickest thing and didn’t work terribly well. They still had thousands of people signing up, however, and used the resulting resources to make a ton of improvements.

Jojo Hedaya is from New York. It was when he went to Israel to study that he met his future friend and business partner, Josh Rosenwald. They came up with the concept of Unroll.Me because the emails they sent to one another were often overlooked. They couldn’t find these emails amidst all newsletters, marketing, and updates. They were just 24-years-old when they launched Unroll Me.

He says that building a high-performing team is critical to the success of his company. They hired the best talent available. Jojo Hedaya says that it paid off to find job candidates who had been overlooked by other companies. One person he hired was an engineer who had little professional experience. He really wanted to learn, though, which made all the difference. He ended up becoming one of the top engineers at Unroll Me.

Jojo Hedaya also looks for people who are self-motivated. He says that this is a characteristic that is absolutely critical in a startup environment. There isn’t a full management team in place at a startup to everyone needs to learn while on the job and be able to self-manage themselves. He promoted one person with this characteristic all the way from being an intern to the position of product manager.


Article Title: Agera Energy And The Job Opportunities

Agera Energy was founded in 2014 and is determined to stay dedicated to assisting the national footprint by offering their clients very effective and efficient enrollment processes, simple contracts, and easy to use products. The Agera Energy company wants to set high standards for the many other amazing retail energy suppliers who are coming into the market soon. Agera Energy creates various long-term job opportunities and professional internships for people as well. Some of the smart career opportunities this retail energy company provides extend from several different senior positions to general subordinate level positions.

Agera offers quality training material and tools to help their employees succeed at the business. Agera is a quality supplier of natural gas and electricity and have some of the finest trained sales and customer service staff on their team. Agera Energy enjoys powering your business or home with top-notch customized electricty and natural gas plans, flexible contract terms, LED lighting options, personalized retail energy products, a proffesional sales support team, and various billing options. Click here to learn more