Jeff Yastine Identifies Three Companies That Investors Should Look At In 2018


Banyan Hill Publishing’s Editorial Director Jeff Yastine thinks there are three stocks that investors should consider for 2018. He says that all three of these companies could strongly challenge Amazon when it comes to retail sales. He said it’s also possible these three companies could each be targets of acquisition by Amazon’s chief competitors.

At the end of 2017, Jeff Yastine had called 2018 the year of mergers and acquisitions. A month prior to this he had alerted his readers to Embraer, a huge Brazilian manufacturer of airplanes. Not long after these two events, The Boeing Company announced it was acquiring Embraer which caused its stock to shoot up in value.

Kroger Co. is a company that Jeff Yastine thinks would be a good time to buy their stocks. Their stock value dropped by about 1/3rd after Amazon entered the physical retail business. He says Kroger is a good value as it has 3,000 supermarkets and plans to install automated checkout systems this year. As they also offer organics, increasingly sought out by consumers, he thinks they make a great target for an even larger company to buy them.

eBay stock is another one he expects to do well in 2018. He thinks that one of Amazon’s rivals will likely buy eBay this year so that they will have a huge internet retailer presence. He thinks it is likely that Google will be the suitor in this case because they could use free advertising for eBay products. See Related Links for more info.

Finally, the stock of W.W. Grainger is the third company Jeff Yastine is recommending. He says this company offers a huge variety of products like safety equipment, janitorial supplies, and things used in offices. The big reason they could be acquired is that they have a national infrastructure in place that other companies could find very appealing. Anyone that wants to compete with Amazon needs to have this infrastructure so it makes sense for an Amazon rival to swoop in and make an offer.

Jeff Yastine writes Total Wealth Insider. He shares overlooked investment opportunities with his subscribers. He has been writing and talking about financial matters for over 30 years. For almost two decades he appeared on PBS’s Nightly Business Report as one of their Sr. Correspondents. After leaving this position in November 2010 he started writing about investing, first a The Oxford Club LLC. It was in 2015 that he took his current position.