Media Company Empiricus


The Brazilian media company Empiricus is actually a consulting firm and a media company. They specialize in creating and selling information. They mainly sell information through online media platforms and newsletters. Empricus is owned by the American holding company El Agora. The entrepreneurs who have worked to build Empiricus are Caio Mesquita, Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden. Over one hundred and eighty thousand people have subscribed to this newsletter.

Empiricus has become successful due to its creators defining strategies that has allowed the company to grow amongst readers and viewers of online media. They have used social media ads and search ads like Google to promote their content. Social media marketing and search engine marketing has allowed the company to prosper and gain these one hundred and eighty thousand subscribers. This website or media company is similar to Stansberry Research, an American media research company.

The company has strategically work to direct their ads at Facebook and Google, to attract the right audience who ere interested in the content and information they provide. They produce advertising pieces. They have produced and promoted advertising pieces during important time sin Brazil like during the election season.

The company has other newsletters that do not pertain to politics. Empiricus is known as a media company that produces content related to business, finance and investing. They are a reliable source for their subscribers who seek information and the about the business world. In addition, they also offer free newsletters and paid newsletters with different monthly subscription plans for subscribers.

Empiricus became a part of Agora, the Baltimore based shareholder of the company, decades ago in 1978. Agora operates several various online publication websites and companies. Agora is a grand media and online publication company of several individual websites like Empiricus. Empiricus is one of the these websites. All of their websites function as a whole gathering information and selling this information. They mainly monetize their content, companies and websites through running promotions and advertisements on their website. The parent company and Empricus has grown largely since its inception as a top media company. Read This Article to learn more.


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