Andrey Andreev, The Entrepreneur With Many Talents

Andrey Andreev is one of the most motivated and successful entrepreneurs. He stands today as a representative for using one’s own interests and gifts to the best of their ability. He’s a businessman, an artist, a food lover, a philanthropist. Andrey was born in Moscow, Russia to parents who were both scientists. His father was very fond of technology. He remembers his home being filled with technology-based toys. Maybe this is what caused him to have what it takes to build a radio at just the age of ten! 

Later in his life, he decided to attend the University of Moscow. This is when he later learned that he wanted to travel. Audrey Andreev dropped out of college and later found himself developing his own online business in 1995. He never forgot about his passion for technology (up to the date). The Company’s name was Virus. It sold computers and accompanying accessories (Forbes). 

He sold his company for an unknown price and later established his second online company “SpyLog”. SpyLog helped webmaster monitor the activities and habits of their users. Andrey Andreev later moved on to making more businesses. He continued until he found himself creating a goldmine. In 2004, he created Mamba. Mamba is his first online dating platform. This became on of the most popular online dating sites in the world. 

He later decided to make another company. Badoo was launched in 2006 and sweeped the markets! Both of his  online dating websites are still active and have millions of users. Andreev sees his online dating businesses as his way of creating a unique place for people to communicate. Andrey Andreev´s creation, Badoo, is currently undergoing change for better results! 

They have pronounced a new motto! It states, “date with honestly”. This is Badoo’s approach to encourage users to accept themselves for who they actually are when dating and not their fake representatives. Badoo has also changed their logo. It includes a heart with a smiling face so that it has a voice! We are excited to see how Andrey’s creations will continue to perform and connect real people!


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