Being a competitive dental practice is the dream of a majority of the dentists all over the world. It is for this reason that dentists should avoid all other chores in the course of practice so as to give the best services to their clients. In most practices it is absolutely necessary to outsource the secondary services so as to concentrate on the core activity of the dentist. MB2 Solutions comes in handy during situations where the dentists want to outsource dental management services so they can focus exclusively on dental activities. It is the best option for dentists outsourcing management services due to the fact that the organization is made up of dentists. This makes it easy for them to closely identify the needs of the dentists and their patients.

This management company is formed by a group of dentists lead by Dr Chris Stevens who is the CEO and his team Anna Phillips, the Marketing Director; Justin Caroll, the Chief Operating Officer and Justin Puckett, the President. With such a type of leadership, the company understands the hustle that it entails for the dentist to run their practice and handle their customers professionally. As many of the practicing doctors may agree, most of the time the roles in running the business takes up time that would otherwise be used to take care of their customers. The company is formed on the knowledge that many of the dentists are not adequately equipped to handle the office matters relating to human resource, marketing and costing or handling the accounts of the practice. In this light, the company helps the dentists concentrate on patient care while their team of other professionals handle the other matters relating to the practices.

The success attained by the company is mainly because of their keenness in matching associate doctors with potential opportunities. Their recruiting team does a thorough search of the potential associate to determine their goals, hopes, dreams and dental practice history in order to ascertain their needs. They then match them with opportunities that have the potential to fulfill all of them. Contrary to the common belief, having people aid in running one’s practice does not completely reduce their control over their business. MB2 ensures that none of their associate loses control of their practices by guaranteeing clinical independence before they begin their partnership with the company. The company also guarantees; growth, transparency and support from other colleagues.