Richard Liu Goes From Successful Dentist To Successful Businessman


Richard Liu is an ex dentist turned businessman.

An article with Digital Mode entitled “Changing Careers: Richard Liu’s Interdisciplinary Successes”, discusses exceptional thinker such as Richard Liu find it necessary to pursue a new field of professional employment, with the belief that this endeavor will bring long-term occupational success, meaningful employment, and a personal fulfillment only attainable by finding one’s true professional passion.

After working years as a dentist Richard Liu was making small business investments. This is when he decided to take his business career full-time. He then went on to attend Boston College and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in finance. After graduation Richard Liu worked for a few different banking and technology firms.

Shortly after graduating from Boston College, he received his first job as a financial analyst at a company called CRT Capital. Eventually he left CRT Capital and accepted a position in investment banking analyst for a company called Stifel and Thomas Weisel Partners. After working a few years with Stifel and Thomas Weisel Partners he left the company and accepted a position as a senior associate with a company by the name of Technology Crossover Ventures.

At Technology Crossover Ventures Richard Liu gained experience in the areas of sourcing, executing, and evaluating investments. Richard Liu’s current position is with a company by the name of FTV Capital and his position at this company is principal of enterprise technology & services. See This Article to learn more.

Richard Liu really is a diverse businessman with a resume that he can present that covers the medical field and the financial industry. The reason why Richard Liu was driven to the medical field straight out of high school was because both of his parents were doctors. His father was an otolaryngology specialist and his mother was a dentist. So both his parents we’re a big influence on his initial career choice.

Richard Liu was able to execute this transition from being a successful dentist to becoming successful in the field of finance. This just goes to show how truly exceptional and smart Liu is in accomplishing this transition. Richard Liu is an example for anyone who is looking to change careers. He has shown that all you have to do is be willing to put in the hard work.


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