ClassDojo Changes And Improves The Education Game

Wouldn’t it be great if someone invested as much time and energy into the educational system as much as the commercial fields of our country? It seems that the American culture as a whole has forgotten how about how important education is, not only for our children, but for the nation’s future as a whole. There are still people that know where to invest their time and energy, however. Those people are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. These two created and launched ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a platform for the facilitation of communication between teachers and parents.

Thanks to ClassDojo, non English speaking parents can now communicate with their children’s teachers more clearly and effectively. With the implementation of modern technology through this simple and effective app, parents can view and track their children’s progress that is available at any time. This can make for a closer connection between parents and teacher, while at the same time, easing the stress of both.

Facilitating clear and constant communication with parents and teachers is not only beneficial for them and the students, but for the community as a whole. Teamwork is most effective with communication and that is why ClassDojo is creating a more positive educational culture within our country for all. The impressive educational innovation has already been distributed to 180 countries worldwide, bringing families and education closer together.

Through the use of the ClassDojo communication platform, people can expect to see improvements in the closeness between parents, teachers, school leaders, and communities in general. With so many positive effects, ClassDojo is available in 35 languages and is already being used by 90% of the American school districts. The effective combination of technology, education, and the will to better mold our future, has caused a ripple effect on the classic classroom set up and forever changed its course.

The ClassDojo platform enables the parents to remotely view the classroom setting at any time they wish, easing many concerns that they might have previously had due to the lack of awareness. The inability to be more involved in children’s education has been erased and positive connection between student, teacher, and parent has been created.