Vijay Eswaran: Key Characteristics of a good leader

The people given leadership positions in any organization have a critical role to play in the success of any venture. QI Group is successful in almost all its operations because of the leadership offered by Vijay Eswaran. When starting the company, the executive did not have any skills. Over the years, however, he discovered various ways of increasing his profits and making customers happy. His excellent leadership has remained vital in the complex activities carried out by his company in the market. The best leaders will have these features;

Core values: Every professional in leadership should have strong values to guide them. These values, according to Vijay Eswaran, will define who you are as the leader and what you stand for. Core values make the DNA of any organization. After leading his businesses for many years, Vijay Eswaran realized that compassion, honesty, trust and acceptance are essential values for leaders. When you have a great commitment to your values, nothing will come your way.

Commitment to expansion and growth: as the leader of any team, the best and most valuable investment you can have is giving your juniors your time. When you are with the team, help them to grow their skills and in their personal lives. Always show genuine concern for your workers because they hold the success to your organization. When you help these professionals to become better, they will expand your business in all processes.

Willing to sacrifice; The most effective leaders are willing to sacrifice for the sake of their company. Sometime, you will give up some habits and characters so that your workers can be content. Every leader makes plans for the sake of the company to grow. In some few cases, these plans might not settle well with your employees. As the leader, Vijay Eswaran says that it is paramount to let go so that everyone is happy.

Jeunesse Global Product Review

Jeunesse has once again proven excellence in their field by being honored with 24 awards at the 25th Annual Communicator Competition which is an international competition that honors companies for their creative excellence in communications. This is the fourth year in a row where the company, Jeunesse, has continuously raised the bar in the way it communicates the Jeunesse story to the public about its youth enhancement products. 

Among their honored awards, Juenesse received 11 awards of Excellence which is the competition’s highest award that they honor companies with, and 13 awards of Distinction. These awards were in the divisions of print, video and digital work that included both written and visual communication categories.

One of their newest products, the RVL Advanced Hair Care System won awards for its packaging, both digital and print communications which included the product line’s video and brochure. Multiple product videos were given the honors of Excellence as well as Distinction. Several products including RevitaBlu won awards for their packaging.

The Communicator Awards look for the best in public relations, public identity, corporate communications, and advertising. For this year’s competition, the Communicator Awards drew more than 9,000 entries, so Jeunesse was up against some stiff competition, yet were still able to show all of the other competitors what real excellence is when it comes to innovative products and new ways to communicate their image to the world. 

With their goal being to empower people to feel young while looking great by using products that they want to use to make a positive impact on the world by creating multiple innovative and comprehensive skin care and nutritional systems, the way they market and package their products has a huge impact on the business has been able to perform. They also have a multilingual customer support system which includes a top of the line platform and global enrollment in 34 offices that directly market to over 145 countries.

Mark Holyoake’s Carbon Method Crossfit Redefined Athletics and Gymnastics


Mark Holyoake was the 2005 gymnastic of the World Artistic Gymnastic tournaments. Mark was exceptional in various ways, but his level of competence was excellent. Mark Holyoake is among the few competitors who make the 2005 tournament memorable to date. Even though Mark was not in the list of the top ten athletics, the games prepared him for 2006 Commonwealth Championship. During the 2006 tournament, he portrayed not only an impressive personal development but also the incredible impact of one year time to a professional sportsperson.

Three years down the line, he was featured in the Guinness World Record Book for breaking the record of the highly competitive Pommel Horse. He became the first sportsman to make more than 50 rotations in just a minute. According to Mark, this was the highest level of success that Mark has ever made in the sports arena as pro-sportsman. Besides this achievement, he affirmed that Pommel Horse marked a lucrative lesson for him. It was an indication that with dedication and hard work, everything is possible in the world of sports.

Mark Holyoake is aware of how important it is to push self-limits. He believes that both personal and universal records represent the limits. Luckily, it’s possible to break the already set records with the best approach towards pushing self-limits. He affirmed that the main reason for combating the status quo is not necessary to win the medals but to ensure that there is consistency. The approach marks the main reason why Mark is identified with success.

Mark Holyoake then decided to take a different turn after acquiring tremendous success in sports. He chose to be a trainer due to his vast skills and experience. Mark believes that despite the many smart and impressive trainers, most of them have never participated in competitive games. Mark Holyoake is among the first members to combine his extensive experience with the newly acquired skills and knowledge in sports. Mark not only extend his expertise to his clients, but he also acknowledges that clients have different capabilities. As a result, it’s very critical to customize training.

Mark Holyoake is the man behind the establishment of Carbon Method CrossFit. The center offers him an opportunity to major in training as the other experts major with the administration.


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Article Revels Sharon Prince’s Unique Approach to Social Change


A February 2019 story by Chronicle Week shed light onto the innovative and unique Grace Farms community center, which is an outreach of the Grace Farms Foundation. The foundation was co-founded in 2007 by businesswoman and philanthropist Sharon Prince.

The article highlighted the aesthetic splendor, community enrichment programs and goals of the foundation’s farm, as well as calling to attention Prince’s strategies and implementations for social change.

Grace Farms is situated on 80 acres in the town of New Canaan, Connecticut in Fairfield County. The award winning Japan based firm of SANAA designed the farm’s multi-service building, amidst garden plots, animal respites and other areas where people can take solace, gather their thoughts and pinpoint actions to take.

The SANAA designed building is called the River building. Floor to ceiling windows wrap around the building housing a library and a multi-purpose area for team sports and activities. A mural by acclaimed Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes decks the walls of a renovated barn. Studio rehearsal and performances spaces can be found onsite too. Over 100 nonprofits have gathered at the LEED Certified River building at Grace Farms to put strategies into place in hopes to foster social change.

Grace Farms Foundations spearheads it’s on initiatives there too. The organization has partnered with well-known organizations like the United Nations on issues like human trafficking and child exploitation. Currently the foundation partners with Unchain: Freedom Needs Fighters in partnership to combat modern slavery. The foundation anchors local community change at the farm as well, by inviting locals to meals and community enrichment programs onsite.

As Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundations since 2009, Sharon Prince is tasked with overseeing the vision of the organization in efforts to promote positive social change. Prince is former Tulsa University Golden Hurricane.

Sharon is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.


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An overview of the success of Sujit Choudhry

 Sujit Choudhry is well recognized internationally for being in politics and Constitutional Law. The skills that make him the best in what he does is that he has a broad knowledge, an understanding of the constitutional construction, and an extensive experience that has been the reason why he is an adviser at constitution building process in parts like Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, Libya, and Nepal. Upcoming entrepreneurs will look up to him because of his skills, and he has shared them on the 24 countries that he has lectured. The success that he has received over the years shows how good he is as an authoritative figure. The other good thing about Sujit is to give back to the community.

He will ensure that he gives back to the community by traveling to different countries to speak to people by offering constitutional advice. At a young age, while they lived in Delhi, India, his parents encouraged him to gain more intellectual skills. After that, they moved to Toronto, Canada, where he spent most of his time reading the newspaper. The mother was a teacher in nursing, and the father was an economics professor. The parents both inspired and motivated Sujit to gain the best for himself too.

One summer, he spent his time at bioethics center as an intern where he learned more about Law. That’s the reason why he chose to study Law at Oxford University in 1994, and it led to him attaining his bachelor’s degree in Law. After Oxford, he joined the University of Toronto where he gained yet another law degree. Then he entered Harvard Law School for yet another law degree. Because of how he has worked with so many people, he can adapt to any culture, and he ensures that he makes use of that skill to learn more about people.

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Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo Has Great Expertise In Property Development

Zeco Auriemo is one of the leading property developers in Brazil. For many years, Zeco Auriemo has provided outstanding service in the real estate field and is currently the CEO and Chairman of JHSF – a renowned property development firm. Based in Brazil, JHSF

specializes in the development and management of high-end properties, including commercial and residential properties.

Many people wonder how to get started in the lucrative field of real estate or how long it takes to create vast fortunes in the industry. When it comes to learning what works in this industry, it’s imperative to consult a reputable professional. That’s where Zeco Auriemo comes in – to give you tips and strategies that work effectively. He is passionate about guiding others to success and he addresses project issues promptly.

Getting a real estate development off the ground often requires building a team. Zeco

Auriemo is well versed in this field and has access to the resources and systems necessary to make the job easier.

Although property development is a complex field, involving many different steps, Zeco

Auriemo has a good understanding of how to simplify the process. He starts a project by bringing in a number of experts or consultants including lawyers, architects, and civil engineers. The role of these consultants is to ensure that proper steps are taken before construction or development process starts.

It is crucial that you have a good understanding of the real estate industry and how property development works. Aside from purchasing land, and getting financing, there are many other steps involved in developing real estate property.

Zeco Auriemo takes appropriate steps to ensure that development plans and other important issues are going to be handled properly. He works hard to ensure a successful outcome.

How Paul Herdsman Created A Positive Culture At NICE Global

Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Boca Raton, Florida. His latest venture is NICE Global which he co-founded in February 2014. This company, for which he is the chief operating officer, offers other companies a way to outsource some of their functions such as customer service. His company operates a call center in Jamaica which offers the advantages of being near the United States and having employees who fluently speak English.

He is a highly skilled executive who has deep knowledge of business areas like customer service, customer retention, marketing, sales, and human resources. One of the things that Paul Herdsman is known for is supporting his staff so that they are happy and able to do their jobs. He provides them with the resources they need and knows that team morale is critical to supporting the clients his company has.

At NICE Global, people who are good at their jobs and willing to learn have extensive opportunities to move up the ladder. Paul Herdsman makes it a point to promote great employees into positions of higher responsibility, and of course pay. Some people started at NICE Global who started out in the lowest positions are now managers of entire departments, for instance.

Something that Paul Herdsman has found important throughout his career is doing a self-assessment from time to time. He looks at what he’s good at and what other skills he needs to work on. He says that he has a questioning nature and uses it to identify how his time is best spent. What he is most fond of is creating an environment in which excellent customer service takes place. He also likes to streamline daily processes so that employees can concentrate on their work and not pointless activities.

Paul Herdsman’s: Facebook Page.

MOrnings Are Key To The Success Of Mark Holyoake Of Seavest Investments

The British investor, Mark Holyoake may not be a name well known around the world yet, but he is a very big fish in the world of seafood. Holyoake came to international prominence when he took control of one of the world’s leading seafood and fishing companies, Icelandic Seafood International. In January 2019, Holyoake relinquished his control of the company as he believed the role of Seavest Investments was complete in turning around a brand that was struggling simply to survive and returned it to profitability.

Mark Holyoake is a man who believes in starting his day early and getting down to business as quickly as possible. When discussing how he believes he achieves so much in his workday, Holyoake explains he has identified when he is at his best and how he can work during these times. The University of Reading graduate explains he is at his most productive during the early hours of the day and likes to begin his workday as early as six in the morning. Mark Holyoake explains the early morning is a time when there are few distractions and he can focus on complex matters.

By rising early and starting his day as soon as he can, Mark Holyoake believes he can make the most of this time to consider complex contract issues and emails detailing future plans. The international nature of the business of Seavest Investments means communications are coming into the offices of Mark Holypoake throughout the day and night with his example of arriving early to work being taken by many of his leading executives working alongside him each day.

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JD.Com and Mowi China Join Forces to Bring Fresh Salmon to The Chinese Market

Mowi China recently announced the launch of fresh salmon on for the first time to the China mainland market. While leveraging both firms’ extensive consumer insights concerning the market, Mowi China has loosely worked with the e-commerce platform in launching four related brand new salmon provisions during the firm’s 18th-anniversary sales festival era.

Following the launch, the products will be directly transported from the newly formed factory of Mowi China based in Shanghai, which stands as the first mainland firm. The move has been necessitated with the growing demand for fresh salmon in the Chinese market over the past years.

Based on the internal information, the sales of salmon on Jingdong in the previous years increased by tenfold compared to the earlier year. Based on the search engine of under the fish category, salmon was the most searched product. The formation of the mainland salmon factory by Mowi China will facilitate the delivery of fresh salmon the customers online.

The partnership between and Mowi China, which saw the launch of the new product, is mutually beneficial. From the use of data insights by the China market, has been able to develop four new salmon products which are tailored to meet the local tastes and preferences together with the consumption trends.

Using data of the consumer market in China from, Mowi China was able to establish a high level of demand for the ready-made products in China. To fill this gap in the market, the firm introduced the salmon products accompanied by sauces. The pairing of the salmon and sauce was aimed at the young generation in large towns that have a busy schedule with their careers.

In addition to the current launch, Mowi China is also adding to frozen salmon cubes for families with children. The move is according to data-driven insights from which show the more families purchase salmon for children.

The last product offering by Mowi China is the premium fresh salmon portion, which is farmed and delivered directly from the overseas farming operation based in Chile, Canada, Faroe Island, Norway and Scotland. Joining the sizeable cold chain logistics networks of and the integrated value chain of Mowi China, customers are set to benefit from fresh and quality products.

Jingdong’s: Facebook Page.

Grace Farms Foundation Spreading the Message of Carrie Mae Weems

Sharon Prince founded the Grace Farms Foundation in 2009 and continues to inspire hope in those she serves to this day. It is a private foundation with an emphasis on music, art, communion with nature, and deep and loving faith. Her accomplishments have proven to be a place of solitude and peace for anyone who is seeking a message of hope and inspiration. Sharon Prince Grace Farms finds the issues of violence against women, human trafficking and child exploitation on a national compass.

She is currently also on the Board of Next Generation Nepal, which is a charity which seeks to reunite children with their long-waiting parents. Sharon Prince holds an education at a Masters level from the University of Tulsa and puts it to good use by spreading hope and love through her foundation and in conglomeration with other organizations.

Recently, she invited Carrie Mae Weems, an activist and advocate for peace through music, arts, and many other creative outlets to raise awareness for the horrific violence in the world. She contends with a passion that there is hope for our future, and it is within our power to act accordingly to make concrete steps towards change. She seeks to strike those she speaks to at their core regarding violence in the world and dives deep into the topic to make sure people understand the severity of such issues.

Carrie Mae Weems puts an emphasis on the hope for change and continuous development towards peaceful goals and resolutions. Grace Farms has brought home yet another visionary who has shared he perceptive knowledge on the implications of violence, their effects on society and the possible solutions for our children’s future. Her work and performance were outstanding, giving us a breath of new life and the ability to perceive the issues with understanding.

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