Marc Beer Continues To Be A Major Player In Today’s Rapidly Growing Fields Of Biotechnology And Biomedicine:

Renovia is the company known as the maker of Leva. The product is a revolutionary solution to the treatment of women’s pelvic floor disorders. A big part of the reason why Renovia has become so successful in a short time is due to its excellent leadership team that is headed up by co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Marc Beer. Marc is joined on his expert leadership staff by Chief Commercial Officer William Dull, Chief Science Officer Jose Bohorquez, Chief Medical Officer Samantha Pulliam, and Jessica McKinney who serves at Renovia as its VP of Medical Affairs. The success is also due to the collaboration between Marc Beer and his two fellow co-founders Yolanda Lori and Ray Iglesias. These individuals have come together under the guidance of expert entrepreneur Marc Beer to form a company that is making a big difference in the world of women’s health. The recent Series B funding found that was spearheaded by Marc Beer is another factor that is helping with the growth at Renovia. This large amount of funding has gone toward several business needs such as operating costs and product development. 


The career trajectory that Marc Beer has enjoyed since the mid-1980s is what has allowed him to build up the experience and the knowledge that was necessary to successfully launch Renovia. He graduated from the University of Miami in 1987 after completing a course of study in business. Having this knowledge, plus a skill at entrepreneurship that he seems to be born with has made for a great combination and it has led Marc Beer to consistent success. After he graduated, Marc Beer cut his teeth in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry with the Genzyme firm. He had a successful run with the company that led to him being named as the Vice President for Global Marketing. This gave Marc Beer a great chance to show his full skill set. He took advantage of this and the result was the fact that millions of individuals had access to products that helped in their medical treatment. This success also inspired Marc Beer to found his own company known as ViaCell. Learn more:


Marc Beer created his ViaCell business in 2000 with a goal of doing important research on umbilical cord stem cells. The dedication that he put into the business led to rapid growth and Marc was able to go public with the operation in 2005. Two years later, in 2007, he was able to sell ViaCell for a massive profit. 


After some time away from the world of running companies, Marc Beer launched Renovia as his latest project. He continues to have a commitment to growing the business and helping countless women around the world with new and innovative products. He also recently received his approval as the new Chairman at the biomedical firm LumeNXT. Being awarded this position is a result of the massive amount of experience and success that Marc Beer has in leading firms in the biomedical and biotech spheres of business.

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Eric Lefkofsky Jumps Ahead With Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is seeking to bring the medical industry into a whole new level of profitability with the use of big data. So far, over half a billion dollars has been raised to analyse information from cancer patients, in order to understand more about their biology. In the future, it’s expected that Eric Lefkofsky’s company, named Tempus, will reach over $3 billion in value. Tempus uses cutting-edge technology to analyse samples taken from cancer patients. Some of this technology includes a genomic sequencer that is priced at around $1 million. Much faith is being put into the idea that more data on patients will allow medical professionals to perform their job more efficiently. The investments that have gone in to connecting doctors with patient data has given entrepreneurs an opportunity to woo the market with ideations of an interconnected future in medicine. An issue that Tempus faces is the overall cost of conducting analysis of Cancer samples. These operations can cost up to $5,000 for every analysis. Eric Lefkofsky believes that the initial financial strain of this business will be worth the pay-off. The quest for data has led Tempus to reach a licencing deal with the American Society of Clinical Oncology to organize a chunk of their data. Along with this trove of information, there is also the fact that many oncologists in the United States send their patient information to Tempus as well. This all supports the increasing network of information that Tempus enjoys in order to sell its data to researchers medical corporations. Lefkofsky is also co-founder of Groupon, yet Tempus is the business that has brought him the most pride and pleasure. Perhaps a solid reason that Lefkofsky has entered this field is due to the fact that in 2014 his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was startled by how little data there was to aid his wife, who is still striving to make it through each day living with the disease. There are some competitors that work in the same industry, however Tempus is one of the most creative and well-funded players in the medical data market. Read more about Eric Lefkofsky:

Seymour Segnit Draws On Inspiring Material for Success


Seymour Segnit has advice for anyone interested in launching a new business. He feels you must put 80% of your available time into the venture. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time. Seymour Segnit made his company MAGFAST a crowdfunding sensation by selling nearly 70,000 units within 15 minutes of the open. He knows more than a little bit about success.

Segnit also knows innovation sells. MAGFAST sells smartphone chargers that don’t rely on all those easy-to-tangle cords. The chargers the company sells utilize magnets to keep everything orderly. They also connect decoratively. The cool decorations add some style to whatever environment they appear.

Long before becoming the kingpin at MAGFAST, Seymour Segnit made a name for himself in Silicon Valley with other endeavors. For a Silicon Valley startup, he raised millions of dollars. The experience likely factored into his ability to succeed in his approach to raising money for MAGFAST. Before revealing the MAGFAST charger line, Segnit developed a USB charger on a previous job. Success at earlier endeavors often creates a course for future achievement.

Where did this brilliant entrepreneur garner his influences? He didn’t pick up some esoteric book only a handful of people read. Seymore Segnit is a huge fan of the classic works by Dale Carnegie and a modern book about Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo. Visit This Page for related information.

The reading list is somewhat eye-opening. Successful people maintain a desire to learn. Reading serves as the easiest way someone can gain insights into a path towards success. Segnit feels time invested in learning how to communicate played a role in his ability to move $250,000 in initial crowdfunding startup capital. Who can argue with him? He likely knows best where his skills and inspirations derive. See Related Link for additional information.

Perhaps those wishing to mimic his success might find reading Segnit’s favorites to be worthwhile.


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Seymour Segnit Is Addressing Problems With Charging Electronics With New Invention

The world moves fast and you need your electronic devices to charge quickly with as little complications as possible. Today, one of the main problems that people are facing when it comes to charges is that there are just too many of them and it seems like every device that we have requires something different for it to get the power that it needs. This is something that Seymour Segnit and MAGFAST are addressing.

Everything seems to be going wireless and this also rings true for the chargers that power all of our devices that we use every day. Some of the main things that are being focused on when it comes to chargers are compatibility with multiple devices, magnetic cords, and rapid charging. All of these aspects are important to consumers who just want their devices to work when they want them to.

Seymour Segnit was able to raise money for his MAGFAST invention through the use of crowdfunding. The startup was first founded by Seymour Segnit in 2018 and it has gained a considerable amount of interest on the internet from people who want to try the product to charge their own devices.

Seymour Segnit got the idea for his invention after spending too much time trying to find the chargers for all of his family’s different electronic devices. He just knew that there had to be a better way and he set out to design it.

A few different products are being offered by Seymour Senit and MAGFAST and they all have their own uses during different parts of your life. Whether you need to charge your products at home or on the go, there are options available for you. Go To This Page for related information.

The products are expected to ship near the end of 2019 and the people that helped to fund the startup will be receiving a free gift as well as having a tree planted in their name to help the planet. With the potential positive impact that the MAGFAST system has on our life, you may want to consider checking out their site so you can charge fast and save the planet. View More Information Here.


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The Remarkable Accomplishments Of James Reese And TigerSwan

Since 2006, combat security agents operating in conflict zones have been essential in supporting relief operations throughout the world. Stalwart private operators have enabled relief efforts in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Sri Lanka, and many other countries in transition. TigerSwan personnel have aided the protection of human rights, constitutional, and human dignity standards.

 Private security firms benefit local governments, providing them with the support they need to meet their human rights obligations. Security companies also aid law enforcement development and community-based security partnerships with NGOs. TigerSwan is one of the most prestigious security firms helping fight clear threats to civil society and the way of life modern people prefer. The training TigerSwan facilitates in conflict-affected zones is the same as in non-conflicted areas in the world. Security agents should not be restricted to their set areas of operations because they lack the tactical training necessary to guarantee the safety of their clients.

TigerSwan believes that a properly trained security operator will have the flexibility to provide total security in any part of the world. Though conditions on the ground may change, TigerSwan trains operators in how to quickly, smartly respond to changing conditions. Tigerswan is a global security firm set up by counter-terrorism expert James Reese.

Without question, TigerSwan is one of the most advanced security training companies in the world. This company is certainly doing its part to train people in proper security procedures. Over the course of the past few years, TigerSwan has built a formidable reputation in the security industry. Still, it is likely that this company will only gain further accolades in the course of the next decade.

Before founding TigerSwan, CEO James Reese had a long and prestigious career in the U.S. military. Reese served over 20 years in America’s famous Delta Force. By the time he retired, Reese had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Over the course of his career, Reese has demonstrated a willingness to innovate in security methodology and tactics. During the next decade or so, it is virtually certain that Reese will further increase his profile in his industry. To date, TigerSwan has served clients across five continents and well over 110 nations. Only time will tell how may remarkable things James Reese will yet achieve.

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Smita Shah Succeeded in a Male Dominated Industry and Empowers Other Women to Do the Same

Smita Shaah is one of the most popular engineers and entrepreneurs around the world, and she isn’t bashful about giving tips on how to excel in these male dominated industries. Before women empowerment and feminism even became concepts, Smitah Shaah had already been practicing these movements by kicking butt during her elementary years. Even when she was in pigtails, she already dabbled in math contests, where here primary competitors were all boys.


Since she just loved math and science, she took up engineering and business education in these impressive and prestigious universities: Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University. She moved on to establish SPAA Tech, Inc., in 1998, which to this very day still remains as one of the most in demand and fastest growing engineering companies in the country. This multi-awarded business proves to be a reliable firm that can tackle complex technical problems and scientific issues with ease and grace.


Ms Shah has strongly committed herself to her advocacy of empowering women by cheering them on to get their education, promoting the value of innovation, and encouraging them to dabble in entrepreneurship. She is a strong supporter of small business growth in emergent industries and she strongly believes in the value of promoting community enterprise. Every chance she gets, she is ready to mentor you girls, young professionals, and aspiring future leaders. Learn more:


Shah would like remind everyone that there are over one hundred million businesses owned by females around the globe. This figure may still be outnumbered by men, but it is concrete enough to prove that women can do it if they want to. According to her, all it takes is dedication, hard work, and belief in one’s self. It is true that not every woman will succeed in business, but the same applies to men too.


According to Smita Shah, if women look forward to succeeding they must keep in mind to imbibe and do these things: 

  • It is critical for women to believe in themselves, so they can move with confidence and inspire others to do the same.
  • They must thoroughly assess and examine their abilities and talents, so they are clear on what they can offer the world.
  • They must exert a strong presence in a male dominated world, and they must push forth even if they afraid.
  • It is critical for women to never let anyone else take credit for their work
  • They have to focus on short-term goals to slowly achieve the bigger goals.
  • They must learn to quash feminine stereotypes.
  • Women must never be ashamed to factor in their cultural customs.
  • They must learn to make others respect their position in the company hierarchy.
  • Women must compartmentalize by keeping private and professional lives separate.
  • They must continue to manage their time efficiently.

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New Essays and Paper Available Addressing Constitution-Making Process by Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry along with George Anderson have recently released a series of essays that addresses constitutional processes that are specifically relevant in the areas of Libya, Myanmar and Yemen. The essays named “Territory and Power in constitutional Transitions,” includes a wide range of case studies that feature territorial politics and policies from Cyprus, Iraq, Nepal, Nigeria, Spain and others. These essays are considered to be key reading for those studying federalism, constitution design and other power-sharing topics.

In addition to the essays, Sujit Choudhry was responsible for authoring a companion piece on the same subject and shines light on territorial claims and how those claims relate to the constitution and the entire constitution-making process.

These essays are now available on Amazon for those that have an interest in building the constitutional process.

About Sujit Choudhry:

Sujit Choudhry has been a trusted advisor in governess and rules of the legal processes for over 20 years. He is international speaker, author and editor of numerous legal, political and constitutional articles and is an expert on intricate constitutional policies. He has advised numerous countries on the topics of multi-party dialogue and security sector reform. In 2013, he was named to an international group of experts to review a draft of a new Egyptian constitution.

Choudhry founded the Center of Constitutional Transitions and has received numerous accolades including being named Practitioner of the Year by the South Asian Bar Association in Toronto Canada in 2015 among others. He also sits of the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law.

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Dick DeVos Presses Forward By Continuing To Do Everything In His Power To Improve Michigan

Dick DeVos has always been the kind of working professional to dedicate himself fully to whatever endeavour he is involved with. A lot of his focus during his career has been on helping to make Michigan a better state. While he has improved many cities in the state, Grand Rapids has always had a special place in his heart. DeVos was born in the city, and he continues to call it his home, today. It was his idea to build The West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a public school that operates on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


The Academy started out with under 100 students in attendance who all had a passion for aviation. Dick DeVos has worked hard to help the school expand, and it now instructs 600 students every year. While it started out in a little office within the grounds of the airport, the school now has its own building. Every year, excited students sign up to take part in a lottery, of sorts, which decides who will be able to attend the following year. The school has become so popular that this is the only way to make it fair for everyone who has a desire to receive their education there.


Close to a few decades ago, Dick DeVos heard about a plan to construct a multi-purpose convention center and arena north of the downtown region in Grand Rapids. Back then, he was on his way to becoming the chief executive officer for Amway but found the time to begin a lobbying effort to strike the idea down. The reason for his concern had to do with a similar event that had taken place in another city many years before. That city was Detroit, and it had moved ahead with plans to construct its own sports arena just before its sports teams decided to leave the city.


In usual Dick DeVos fashion, he not only helped shut down the idea, but was also able to put together a group of business leaders who only wanted the best for Grand Rapids. The group is still doing everything it can today tom help the city, and it is known as Grand Action. If it wasn’t for Grand Action, many of the buildings in Grand Rapids might have never been built. One of these buildings is Van Andel Arena, which has become one of the city’s greatest places for concerts, sports events, and more.


Dick DeVos grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is known for his determination and dedication in the business world. He studied at Northwood University and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration there. DeVos is also the man who changed Michigan from a state where people had to join a union to work into a right-to-work state where anyone can secure a job.


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Marc Beer Cultivates Success With Each Professional Stop That He Makes:

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, the name Marc Beer has been closely tied to excellence and entrepreneurship in the biotechnology field. This is because the businessman and executive have a consistent track record of building businesses into success stories. He has shown the ability to do this again and again. Perhaps the best explanation for why Marc Beer has been able to consistently repeat his successes across numerous businesses is because he is an expert at developing strong business plans and coming up with solutions for any problem or obstacle that presents itself. Marc Beer has been achieving these types of successes since obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business in 1987 from Miami University. He obtained a great basis of education through his college studies but the reality is that Marc Beer is simply an individual with a natural talent for business and the motivation to put that talent to use.


It was only a short time after wrapping up his college courses that Marc Beer started working professionally in the pharmaceutical field. He quickly distinguished himself by way of his work in the marketing field within that industry and caught the attention of the leadership at Genzyme. He rose through the ranks at the pharmaceutical firm and became its VP in the Global Marketing department. It was as a direct result of the work that Marc Beer did in this position that Genzyme was able to grow its market share significantly and reach a much larger customer base. This accomplishment helped Marc Beer to stand out amongst his peers as a true innovator. Learn more:


By 2000 Marc Beer made a big career move that would help to solidify his reputation within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. It was during that year that he launched the ViaCell company. The firm grew rapidly and had already put out its IPO in 2005. When Marc Beer sold the firm in 2007, it was an employer of more than three hundred people and was at the forefront of working on treatment solutions for a variety of different conditions. This was yet another impressive chapter that showcased Marc Beer’s uncanny ability to cultivate success in every endeavor that he pursues.


Marc Beer has not slowed down even though he has been working hard for the past twenty-five years. His latest venture was kicked off in 2016 and it is a company called Renovia. This unique and innovative firm is working towards treatment solutions for pelvic floor disorders that women suffer from. The rapidly growing operation was created by Marc Beer along with his two co-founders. The firm has already received some impressive recognition since its beginnings in 2016. This includes the FDA approval for the first product offering from Renovia that is known as Leva.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong takes a Realistic Approach to doing Business

Richard Liu Qiandong has been in business for himself since the early 90s. He has had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Richard’s first ventures was a restaurant and it failed. He started this business shortly after graduating from college. When it did not work out, Richard continued to try his hand at business. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him on to succeed. Eventually, he started and he now is considered one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Richard Liu Qiangdong worked hard and established some very important principals that govern his organization. He believes in being totally committed to his organization. He is up and working before most of his employees and he puts in more hours as the CEO of his company. The insightful CEO will even take a day from his busy schedule to personally deliver packages to his clients. He knows his business from every last angle possible.

The employees who work for Richard are given many resources they need to be successful. The primary resource that they need is encouragement and support from their leadership. Richard Liu Qiangdong provides his people with this kind of assistance. He provides continuous education about the job and the positions that employees work. He also rewards his workers and does everything in his power to keep worker morale high.

Money isn’t the motivator for Richard Liu Qiangdong. While his net worth is 11 billion U.S. dollars, that does not mean he just lives for wealth. Liu Qiangdong also lives for success. He realizes that success doesn’t come just because a person desires it. Over the years, he learned that success is the result of strategic planning, careful consideration of operations and strong customer service. continues to do these things so that it will maintain its position in the Chinese market as the number online retailer.

The employees at are happy to work for this company. The workers value the leadership that their employer has to offer. They are committed to the process of making sells and deliveries for the business. Richard Liu Qiandong knows that his company’s future is headed in the right direction. His realistic approach helps him to be very successful at what he does.

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