Donata Meirelles Talks About Her Work With amfAR

Donata Meirelles is known around the globe for her contributions to the fashion world. She once held the title of style director for Vogue Brazil. Beyond being a stylist and consultant, she is a protagonist for the fight against AIDS.

Donata Meirelles The Advocate

Ms. Meirelles puts her money where her mouth is and donates to AIDS research. She constantly makes her presence felt at functions and events for support and education. She encourages all of her family, friends, and her half a million fans to support and contribute in the fight to end HIV and AIDS. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Enter AmfAR

Donata Meirelles works closely with amfAR, donating her time as well as funding. Formed in September 1985 AmfAR was known as the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Established by Dr. Mathilde Krim, Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, and Michael Callen. It was a nonprofit focused on buttressing HIV/AIDS education and research internationally. This newly founded organization had a lot of work ahead of them and wasted no time in jumping into action. Their economic aid enables amfAR to provide fellowships and grants to those fighting this disease in hopes of making this a thing of the past. To date, they have given out over 3,000 grants and have provided more than $400 million towards HIV and AIDS studies.

Beyond research is the need to treat and prevent this killer from spreading. It goes beyond needle exchange and clinical trials, we need to push for a streamlined system. It all begins with educating the public to arm them with the knowledge to avoid risky behaviors and the symptoms related.

Their most popular event is AmfAR’s Annual Cinema Against Aids where they have a plethora of activities such as auctions to earn capital for their fight. Celebrities donate items to the cause. AmfAR has made it known they want to cure AIDS by 2020. Whether that goal is met or not Donata Meirelles will not rest until there is a cure for AIDS. She is definitely one to keep your eyes on. Check out:

Article Title: Buying And Selling Luxury Products Through The RealReal

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The RealReal has approximately a decade in the fashion industry. They promoted a model where they make, buy, and resell luxury brands to create a positive effect on their consumers. The RealReal gives a clue of what is to be expected in the fashion industry years to come. It welcomes all companies in the fashion sector with a new and improved circular economy. The online platform is changing the game slowly according to The New York Times, Forbes, Netflix, and Fortune.

ThredUp’s research shows that individuals are nowadays considering the resale value of their clothing when they purchase. The RealReal was started in 2011 by Julie Wainwright with the aim of improving the resale value of luxury products. The company now has two storefronts in Los Angeles and New York and other nine drop-off points around the United States of America.

The online store deals with products from Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Gucci, Chanel, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen. Reports by ThreadUp shows that in ten years, the secondhand model acquisition model will be the trend. The online shop is planning on extending its operations by including luxury artwork and home furnishings. The RealReal is making a significant impact since they are aiming at meeting the customers’ taste and preferences in the highly competitive market.

According to a study done in 2018, it shows that the fashion industry is one of the globe’s top polluting sectors. The RealReal team has taken caution to this and are trying to empower a circular economy and encouraging for the use of quality items for the longest period possible. The RealReal is making it easy for the buyers and sellers to consume. The online store has a no-fake policy which has played a vital role in its growth.

Retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue have embraced the shift model to secondhand products and acquired consignments through offering The RealReal with gift cards. The RealReal has impacted the way in which people shop. Julie Wainwright appreciates his team of gemologists and horologists who ensure they are selling the right thing. The RealReal is committed to bringing the ultimate luxury experience to their consumers and to the business in general.

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