Whitney Wolfe Has Been Behind Two Of The Most Popular Dating Platforms To Date

There are few women that have found as much success as Whitney Wolfe in the business sector for app development. At just 28 years old, Whitney has earned hundreds of millions for her role in the work of dating platforms.

In the past, Whitney Wolfe worked as an executive for Tinder, a company which she also co-founded. The position didn’t last forever due to some serious harassment issues that Whitney was facing with a fellow employee. This is a tough thing to deal with in any environment, but it made Whitney realize something that she had known at the back of her mind for a long time, harassment happens every day on dating platforms.

Not only has Whitney Wolfe gone on to found one of the top competitors to Tinder in the dating market, but she is also on a mission to empower millions of women around the world through her message. Coming from Tinder, Whitney Wolfe has extensive experience working in the dating industry, which made it slightly easier for her to start up Bumble, one of the leading competitors to Tinder today. Bumble’s focus is just like any other dating app, bring people together that are like-minded to potentially build romantic relationships. This time around, Whitney decided to put the emphasis on women rather than the men using her dating platform. On Bumble, only women are capable of initiating a conversation, which eliminates that majority of harassment that women face when dealing with dozens of men constantly messaging them.

Whitney is trying to innovate and bring new ideas to her platform to keep it friendly and safe for all users. This is one of the biggest reasons she is trying to make it illegal to send nude pics to other users since it is still common on all dating platforms today. Weapons and other harmful substances are also not permitted to be in any users profile image.

Source: https://tim.blog/2018/05/25/whitney-wolfe-herd/