Julia Jackson Passion for Wine

Julia Jackson is one of the prominent figures in the wine making industry. She was born in the year 1988 in California. The businesswoman says that she has always had a particular interest in wine since childhood, and this is why she has become successful. Her family is considered to be one of the wine giants in the world. While growing up, Julia Jackson was surrounded by the wine making process, and this prepared her for the business. During the cold weather, her father would make her and her sisters pick and also sort grapes. Although this was difficult for her, it prepared her for the future.

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During the summer or when the schools were closed, Julia and her sisters worked at the family wineries in California. During these times, she was able to form strong and healthy bonds with other people. One of them was a French speaking girl who was employed by the family. The friendship allowed the businesswoman to spend quality time in Bordeaux where she learned French. Julia Jackson says that French remains her favorite language up to date.

According to Julia, French was a life passion. Going to France and being surrounded by vineyards was the biggest highlight of her successful career. She became very fluent in the language, and this enabled her to teach during her college years.

After completing her college education, the businesswoman traveled to France again, this time to learn about sales and distribution. During the wine harvesting season, Julia would work for more than fourteen hours a day. She did everything on the ground such as picking the grapes, sampling them, supervising the sorting table, punch downs and adding yeast. When the harvesting period was over, she went to Champagne where she specialized in wine production studies. Her studies ignited her great passion for wine.

Doe Deere’s Business Intrigues and her Involvement in Women Empowerment


Critics argue that cosmetics are applied by people who either want to cover up their imperfections or to acquire artificial beauty. But one cosmetics expert, Doe Deere, holds a different opinion: she believes that beauty is more of a feeling than a look. Through her firm, Lime Crime Cosmetics, Deere has been disproving that traditional theory for the last decade. Deere was born in Russia, but her family later relocated to the United States.


Women Empowerment


Deere is an ardent believer of women empowerment through entrepreneurship. Her entrepreneurial journey, starting from scratch to a guru in her sector, is by itself a motivation to many women. She has committed herself to mentoring and supporting women in business, especially through her social media accounts. Deere has also been part of several motivational forums for women, including Stardust Tour by Vegas Nay and PHAMExpo.


Chronology of Lime Crime


Doe Deere sat for an interview with Ideasmesch about two years ago where she discussed his glamorous career in length. Asked to explain the source of her idea to form Lime Crime Cosmetics, she gave the entire chronology of the company. She explained that she used to work as a seamstress and it’s during that time that she developed an undying liking of bright and colored beauty products. This liking metamorphosed with time into an inspiration to start a business in that line. She started her first beauty and fashion business in 2004 where she was the manager, owner, and model artist. Four years later, she got her breakthrough into the beauty and fashion industry by establishing Lime Crime Cosmetics. The name Lime Crime was derived from her Deere’s favorite lime color.


Pace-setting Doe Deere



Doe Deere and her company hit the ground running immediately after inception. In 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics became the pioneer fashion company to embrace e-commerce as a form of marketing. Traditionally, companies in the industry had thought it was impossible to market beauty products such as lipsticks online. The general argument was that clients must shop for lipsticks over the counter so that they can be able to try them on. Deere differed with them and led the revolution that has now led all companies in the industry to go online. This earned her a lot of respect within the industry for being bold enough to set the pace.


Deere’s Business Strategies


Deere holds her staff with high dignity and treats them right. That’s the main strategy that does the magic according to her. Besides being a great team leader, she succeeds for having the guts to try new things and to experiment.


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