Igor Cornelsen’s Success in Investment and Entrepreneurship

Igor Cornelsen is an investment guru and a passionate entrepreneur. His work in the investment sector is exceptional having helped various corporations succeed through his leadership and management skills. Igor was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil.

Biography and education

Igor Cornelsen excelled in his studies which enabled him to enroll at the Federal University of Parana to study an engineering course. His passion for the business prompted him to change the field and join in the Economics classes. He completed his studies, and after graduation, he was offered a job at Multibanco institution in Rio. Igor’s dedication and skills enabled him to fit in the company where he served as an investment professional.

Igor achieved massive growth within the organization and was promoted to attend board meetings. He was appointed as the company’s chief executive officer where he served passionately helping the company achieve remarkable growth. When Bank of America acquired Multibanco, he looked for employment opportunities in other organizations.

He has served in various organizations since leaving Multibanco and impacted positively through his expertise in the investment and banking sector. Cornelsen’s passion for helping people make informed decisions prompted him to create Bainbridge Inc. He brought his skills and knowledge in investment banking to help clients.

The formation of Bainbridge and investment advice

Bainbridge company has its headquarter in the Bahamas and oversees possible investment strategies and provides guidance on long term investment solutions. Igor Cornelsen has experience in the stock market and advises his clients to invest in damaged stocks. Igor states that broken shares in established companies are cheap to purchase and provide a way to earn profits when the stocks appreciate.

He also states that people make mistakes by investing mostly on one stock while expecting high returns. He advises investors to diversify their portfolio which increases their chance of reaping profits while lowering the risk of suffering huge losses.