GPB Global Resources: A Community-Serving Corporation

GPB Global Resources does not believe that there is a single dream in the world too ambitious to be chased after. If you are willing to pour your entire heart into a study, it is almost certainly worthy of your time. This is the paradox of time investment that people tend to forget. When we look back and regret the past, we do not consider that it is our past struggles that have made us into the people we are today. It is through recognition of this fact that GPB Global Resources is able to feel somewhat content. More Business News at World Oil

When it comes to being content with your accomplishments, they are one of the most reliable sources to come by. They are some of the most proud businesspeople in the world, and it is because they are so willing to exercise business that has integrity that they have been able to make such a significant amount of contributions to other peoples’ lives. For as long as they can remember, they have seen corruption in the world around them, and they could only put up with this level of wrongness for so long before they felt that they had to do something about it. Action has given them the hope that there truly can be a better future for us if we put our heads together. GPB Global Resources relies on the abilities of teamwork to complete their jobs, and they are perfectly okay with this reality. Through teamwork, there is nothing that they are unable to accomplish, and this is bluntly apparent to them.

Because they have always approached the industry with such an optimistic mindset, people cannot help but look at them with a sense of awe. For many people it can be difficult to even figure out what it is you want to pursue, but for the people at GPB Global Resources, this was not only blindingly apparent to them, but they were also certain of the positive impact they wanted to have. It is the mark they leave behind that they focus on the most, as they want to go down as a corporation that truly cared for the people around it.

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Dallas Bank Reissues Senior Unsecured Notes


A Dallas based financial services company called Nexbank Capital, Inc. completed a project for senior unsecured notes they issued. They raised an additional 80 million dollars after they reissued an initial offering. The new total came to 155 million dollars. These notes have an interest rate of 5.5 percent for five years.

After this the rate may vary. This program is popular and demonstrates the amount of positive attitude investors have with NexBank. Many like the Bank’s long term outlook and business strategy. NexBank is becoming financially stable and strong. NexBank is very selective when they approach the issue of financial growth. The bank has a BBB rating from the company Kroll Bond Rating Agency. This helps to validate the banks excellent performance.

The Bank is ongoing in its pursuit to attract capital from institutional investors. This will allow NexBank to profit on the strategic opportunities that the present and future will hold. NexBank Capital Inc. has had record levels of loans and deposits along with assets and earnings.

NexBank has stated assets of 8.3 billion as of December 31 2018. They are involved in commercial and mortgage banking. They offer services to institutional clients and large corporations. They also work with real estate investors and companies that are middle market. They have an executive management team that combines expertise in the industry and a strong focus on providing clients with good service. Read This Article for more information.

Their chairman is James Dondero. He is also the president of Highland Capital Management. The directors of NexBank bring excellent management and leadership skills and this helps with the success of the company. NexBank believes in trying to help the community it is located in. They offer financial education, loan programs, financial education, community service and economic development.

NexBank wants to make the overall community of Dallas stronger. They are an industry leader in their field. They make strong commitments to their clients. They also provide their clients unique solutions to their needs and they are delivered by professionals with successful track records. NexBank’s business is Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services and of course helping the Dallas area.


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