Oren Frank: Breaking the Stigma Against Mental Health

Mental health is an important issue, and in the United States, more than 46 million people are diagnosed with a mental condition. However, the stigma attributed to mental health prevents others from seeing a doctor talk about the state of their mind. This changed with the introduction of Talkspace – an application that makes it easier for people to talk to therapists. This app was created by Oren Frank in 2012 and his goal when creating Talkspace was to provide an avenue for the people where they can share what they feel and what goes on inside their mind.

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Oren Frank said that the idea behind Talkspace was conceived after he spoke to a therapist about the status of his married life. He and his wife are always having problems, and he thought that speaking with a therapist might help. In the end, the therapist provided him with tips on how he can overcome the problems that he is experiencing, and it worked well. Then, an idea came to his mind – he should create an app where the people and the therapists can contact each other to encourage conversation. He launched Talkspace, and it became an instant hit.

The app now caters to more than one million people around the world, and everyone is using the application to contact their therapist and initiate a conversation. The therapists who signed up for Talkspace are happy knowing about so many patients, and they loved talking to people who have different issues. Talkspace has become a bridge that makes it possible for the people and the therapists to speak to one another, even without leaving their homes. This saved a lot of time and money, and the experience is still the same. The feedback from the public that uses Talkspace is also positive – they loved the way that the app works.

Since the app’s launch in 2012, Oren Frank introduced new features that make the conversation more fun. He said that more developments are still planned for the app, and he hopes that these changes will be deployed sooner. He is also planning of promoting the app even more to stop the stigma about mental health. Learn More: https://www.huffpost.com/author/oren-frank

James Reese Talks Combat-Ready Vehicles

At the “Chevy Event”, which is held at The Range Complex (TRC), a United States military facility in North Carolina, journalists and other civilians are given the opportunity to participate in the kind of high-stakes training that elite commandos go through, if only for a few days. Special Forces officers and trainers put the guests through live ammunition drills, simulated firefights and hostage rescue situation and much more.

Many of the activities involve the actual SUV’s used by the United States military, mostly customized Chevy Tahoe and Suburban models. The vehicles have special suspension systems for driving at high speeds over all types of terrain and are armor-plated for the protection of both the vehicles themselves and the soldiers inside.


A former Delta Force officer, James Reese is among the military people who help run the event. He explains that the Chevy vehicles are popular among soldiers because they are durable, dependable and no-frills, much like elite United States military personnel themselves.

Reese says that military depends on these vehicles because they can get hit by bullets and keep on running; as a combat veteran, he’s seen it happen, and he knows the values of these vehicles in battle. Personally, he was under fire in Iraq, and he and his men had to rely on their Chevy vehicle to survive the fight. While most Tahoe Suburban vehicles sold aren’t going to be used this way, the point is that they could.

About James Reese

James Reese spent 25 years in the United States Military until retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel from the famous Delta Force. He went on to found Tigerswan, a highly trustworthy and effective security company. Tigerswan is made up almost entirely of military veterans and operates out of Apex, North Carolina.

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You Would Be Surprised to Know What Oren Frank Did for a Living Before Starting Talkspace

In the healthcare and digital solutions sector, Oren Frank is most popularly known as helming online behavioral therapy solutions Talkspace. As the company’s CEO, he has been front and center in developing the text, voice and video based therapy platform that currently stands as one of the most popular apps of its kind.

Offering a number of mental health solutions, Talkspace holds a certain distinction in the online therapy sector. With the promise of providing sessions with certified mental health professionals in affordable rates, the platform has grown to be popular among various segments under the leadership of Oren Frank. Those who cannot fit in regular visits to the therapist in their schedule or who are unable to afford the sky high cost of such sessions could easily turn to Talkspace for affordable therapy solutions. Watch Talkspace CEO Oren Frank interviewed on Youtube channel.

As the firm’s co-founder and CEO, Oren Frank is integral to the delivery of these services. Seeing this, those who have used Talkspace or who have started keeping tabs on the service are intrigued to learn about Frank’s background. If you are one such person, then you would be interested to learn that Frank wasn’t always connected to the psychotherapy segment.

Before he got settled in New York, Oren Frank was based in the U.K. and Israel and worked in advertising medium. In this sector, Frank had strong ties with global advertising firm McCann Erickson (now McCann) and its various associated companies.

Starting as a Regional Creative Director with the firm’s London branch in 2001, Oren Frank transferred to the company’s Tel Aviv operations in 2003. After serving his role as CEO for WorldGroup Israel as well as being the Chairman for McCann Digital till 2007, Frank took on the role as the Global Chief Creative Officer of MRM Worldwide.

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The Remarkable Accomplishments Of James Reese And TigerSwan

Since 2006, combat security agents operating in conflict zones have been essential in supporting relief operations throughout the world. Stalwart private operators have enabled relief efforts in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Sri Lanka, and many other countries in transition. TigerSwan personnel have aided the protection of human rights, constitutional, and human dignity standards.

 Private security firms benefit local governments, providing them with the support they need to meet their human rights obligations. Security companies also aid law enforcement development and community-based security partnerships with NGOs. TigerSwan is one of the most prestigious security firms helping fight clear threats to civil society and the way of life modern people prefer. The training TigerSwan facilitates in conflict-affected zones is the same as in non-conflicted areas in the world. Security agents should not be restricted to their set areas of operations because they lack the tactical training necessary to guarantee the safety of their clients.

TigerSwan believes that a properly trained security operator will have the flexibility to provide total security in any part of the world. Though conditions on the ground may change, TigerSwan trains operators in how to quickly, smartly respond to changing conditions. Tigerswan is a global security firm set up by counter-terrorism expert James Reese.

Without question, TigerSwan is one of the most advanced security training companies in the world. This company is certainly doing its part to train people in proper security procedures. Over the course of the past few years, TigerSwan has built a formidable reputation in the security industry. Still, it is likely that this company will only gain further accolades in the course of the next decade.

Before founding TigerSwan, CEO James Reese had a long and prestigious career in the U.S. military. Reese served over 20 years in America’s famous Delta Force. By the time he retired, Reese had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Over the course of his career, Reese has demonstrated a willingness to innovate in security methodology and tactics. During the next decade or so, it is virtually certain that Reese will further increase his profile in his industry. To date, TigerSwan has served clients across five continents and well over 110 nations. Only time will tell how may remarkable things James Reese will yet achieve.

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The career of Chief Operating Officer at JD.com Richard Liu

Richard Liu, otherwise known as Liu Qiangdong, is well-known as the founder of one of the largest and successful online retailers to China named JD.com.

The company is currently valued at 57.6 billion dollars with businessman Richard Liu sitting at a net worth of $11 billion. Even the United States has noticed the brands presence in the world since being traded on NASDAQ. Richard Liu has a sociology degree from the Renmin University of China and spent a lot of his youth sitting behind a computer screen picking up coding skills.

Although he pursued a degree in sociology, he figured out that he wanted to be a businessman and heavily pursued it. His first experience in the business world came working for a company named Japan Life that had both an online and physical presence.

He had worked his way to the director of the business. After some time, Richard Liu decided to become an entrepreneur and opened up his business shops labeled “Jingdong.” His business was slowly gaining traction but a recession had forced it to close its doors. JD.com would be his next venture that would become a hit amongst the public in China as they sold many online goods.

The online retailer would then work with Walmart and WeChat with the giant becoming a shareholder of the brand and WeChat purchasing a stake in the company. The retailer also chose to invest in a fashion company named Farfetch that has been successful. Although JD.com is available in only some countries in Europe, Richard Liu plans to expand the brands’ presence to the United States as he travels there for business meetings and other accommodations.

The online retailer also made strides in its delivery system that is quick and reliable as they use drones and other electronic cars to deliver items to customers. The biography credits that JD.com has been so successful by being innovative and being all about consumers.

JD.com biography on founder and president Richard Liu

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New Essays and Paper Available Addressing Constitution-Making Process by Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry along with George Anderson have recently released a series of essays that addresses constitutional processes that are specifically relevant in the areas of Libya, Myanmar and Yemen. The essays named “Territory and Power in constitutional Transitions,” includes a wide range of case studies that feature territorial politics and policies from Cyprus, Iraq, Nepal, Nigeria, Spain and others. These essays are considered to be key reading for those studying federalism, constitution design and other power-sharing topics.

In addition to the essays, Sujit Choudhry was responsible for authoring a companion piece on the same subject and shines light on territorial claims and how those claims relate to the constitution and the entire constitution-making process.

These essays are now available on Amazon for those that have an interest in building the constitutional process.

About Sujit Choudhry:

Sujit Choudhry has been a trusted advisor in governess and rules of the legal processes for over 20 years. He is international speaker, author and editor of numerous legal, political and constitutional articles and is an expert on intricate constitutional policies. He has advised numerous countries on the topics of multi-party dialogue and security sector reform. In 2013, he was named to an international group of experts to review a draft of a new Egyptian constitution.

Choudhry founded the Center of Constitutional Transitions and has received numerous accolades including being named Practitioner of the Year by the South Asian Bar Association in Toronto Canada in 2015 among others. He also sits of the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law.

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Why Blake Mallen was Appointed President of ViSalus

The role of president is paramount in all companies, regardless of their speciality. Professionals who get this role should be experienced so that they can grow the business and impact more lives. Companies with success stories in the competitive market have very capable professionals who can handle the challenges that arise in leadership. Weak people can never handle the pressure and responsibilities that come with the position of president. Apart from showing others the way, this is a post that brings unity in organizations. ViSalus story in the market is a great one. Since the first time the company started to offer its nutrition and healthy living services, everyone was impressed. The success of the numerous procedures in the company is because of the co-founders who work closely. Blake Mallen and Ryan Blair came together to change lives, and this is what they have done over the years. The company has made some significant changes to its employees. One of the co-founders of the company will now become the president of ViSalus. Blake Mallen takes office in a few days, and he will have more duties than before. The change in leadership is a sign that the company wants to expand. See more on Twitter.

Blake Mallen has embraced his new executive role. Ryan Blair says that his company will be in the right hands. According to him, Mallen is among the most creative personalities working in ViSalus. When the investor joined forces to start the nutrition company several years ago, he brought many excellent ideas that have helped in expansion. The board promoted him after long consultations. The teams, led by Ryan Blair, are optimistic that Blake Mallen will handle the many new responsibilities just fine. In many occasions in the past, the experienced executive has shown all the stakeholders that he is hard working and honest. The businessperson will have to deal with more duties in the global market after taking the new position. Ryan Blair states that the new president will take care of the expansion activities in the Europe market. The leadership of the company has assured everyone that the expansion duties are in the ideal hands.

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The Professional and Personal Approach of Bhanu Choudhrie

Just a few decades ago, the oceans divided up the world and there was no method to getting information around the globe in an efficient manner. However now in the 21st century, technology has connected the globe in ways few would have ever dreamed. This has helped to establish international business leaders who lead the transactions between their home country and the greater world abroad. Bhanu Choudhrie grew up in a environment that taught him the importance of globalization. His parents were avid importers and exports of Television. He views his current business as a means of carrying on that legacy, as Bhanu Choudhrie described in a recent Ideamensch interview.

Bhanu Choudhrie could have never achieved such a high level of success without first talking a major first step with his education. He attended Boston University to obtain a degree in International Business & Marketing. This was immendiently followed up by entering Harvard University’s prestigious Owner Management Program program. All combined, this gave him the tools to found his own business named C&C Alpha Group. His role at this company has turned him into a industry superstar over his high reward investments in several regions of the world.

While Bhanu Choudhrie’s professional accomplishments are noteworthy in their on right, his true success steams from how he balances his personal life. There are two core components that he maintains each and every day. The first is exercising whenever he gets a chance. A strong body and a strong mind are interconnected, and essential for long sustained success. Secondly, he has a daily routine to maximize performance at work and client requests. There is time set aside for everything from checking the news, eating, and devoting himself solely to the needs of clients. He has mastered the skill of time management over the years.

In a industry where there are countless external factors that can flip everything on their head, Bhanu Choudhrie encourages perspective business leaders to always read new material. An individual can never have too much knowledge, and you never know where it can be applied later down the road.

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An overview of the success of Sujit Choudhry

 Sujit Choudhry is well recognized internationally for being in politics and Constitutional Law. The skills that make him the best in what he does is that he has a broad knowledge, an understanding of the constitutional construction, and an extensive experience that has been the reason why he is an adviser at constitution building process in parts like Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, Libya, and Nepal. Upcoming entrepreneurs will look up to him because of his skills, and he has shared them on the 24 countries that he has lectured. The success that he has received over the years shows how good he is as an authoritative figure. The other good thing about Sujit is to give back to the community.

He will ensure that he gives back to the community by traveling to different countries to speak to people by offering constitutional advice. At a young age, while they lived in Delhi, India, his parents encouraged him to gain more intellectual skills. After that, they moved to Toronto, Canada, where he spent most of his time reading the newspaper. The mother was a teacher in nursing, and the father was an economics professor. The parents both inspired and motivated Sujit to gain the best for himself too.

One summer, he spent his time at bioethics center as an intern where he learned more about Law. That’s the reason why he chose to study Law at Oxford University in 1994, and it led to him attaining his bachelor’s degree in Law. After Oxford, he joined the University of Toronto where he gained yet another law degree. Then he entered Harvard Law School for yet another law degree. Because of how he has worked with so many people, he can adapt to any culture, and he ensures that he makes use of that skill to learn more about people.

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Isabel dos Santos Campaigns For Women Empowerment & Technology For Africans

As the world evolves and bears witness to the advances and innovations in technology, there are still some countries and continents that have not yet embraced technology. One of these is Africa, the largest continent in the world. Isabel dos Santos, a world-renowned name in the business world is slowly trying to change this for her country and for Africa.

Isabel dos Santos is a prominent name and a respected figure in the world of business because of her impressive success. Her name became more recognized when Forbes once listed her as the wealthiest woman in the world. She still retains her spot on Forbes list and up to this day, is still the richest woman in Africa.

But, instead of on resting on her laurels, Isabel dos Santos uses her influence to help improve the lives of her fellow African. As a staple speaker in various talking engagements, Isabel is very outspoken on her dreams for Africa. In fact, during her speech at the British parliament, she advocated for the introduction of technology in Africa.

Isabel believes that technology could help improve the lives of people in terms of farming and agriculture. She cited several scenarios where Africans can utilize the advances of technology like opening an online store to sell their products to the world. But, she also knows that Africa has a long way to go when it comes to technology advances and they need to double their effort to achieve it.

Isabel dos Santos is also an advocate of women empowerment particularly of women entrepreneurship in the world. In Africa, she has been very active helping organizations and foundations in their causes. One of her advocacies helped opened working and income opportunities to more than 50,000 Africans who can now confidently go home every day and enjoy a complete meal together with their families.

As the eldest daughter of one of the longest-reigning president in Angola, it is obvious that Isabel dos Santos has a big heart to her people. Her advocacies speak a lot about her beliefs and aspirations for her beloved Africa and for the welfare of women in general.

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