The Incredible Career of Mark Holyoake

The life of a professional gymnast is exciting on its own. When a gymnast retires and becomes a successful entrepreneur, the biography becomes even more intriguing. Mark Holyoake deserves special credit for moving beyond a distinguished career as a professional gymnast to become an incredibly successful fitness entrepreneur. Amazingly, he did not rest on his laurels when first starting out as a personal trainer. Even though his personal training endeavors were successful, he took things to the next level and founded a business built on an original concept.

Success for Holyoake came from hard work. And he started working hard at a very young age. The New Zealand-born Holyoake started gymnastics career at the age of nine. He quickly became a competitor and, by the age of 10, did well in youth competitions.

Mark Holyoake put significant effort into his educational studies while also training hard to be a gymnast. As an adult, he turned pro. His performance in competition for the New Zealand team stands out as exceptional. He even broke a world record, something most athletes can only realize in their dreams.

Of course, even the most celebrated sports careers come to an end at some point. Mark Holyoke was no different from so many other athletes who face retirement. Unlike his contemporaries, however, Mark Holyoke had an idea about where to go once his competition days ended. He became a personal trainer at a prestigious facility. Personal training is often about marketing. Clients want to train with the best, so they can see results. A former professional athlete instills confidence and potential clients, so Mark Holyoke was not going to have difficulties finding interested clients. He chose to challenge himself.

Mark Holyoake started learning about CrossFit and explored opportunities to become an instructor. He eventually entered CrossFit Games competitions and did well. Holyoake took his experience as a gymnast and CrossFit competitor to establish a unique training facility known as Carbon Method Crossfit. Today, he runs his facility and also helps clients and coaches reach their goals. He even runs a weekly gymnastics class to stay close to his roots.

About Mark Holyoake:

Mark Holyoake’s Carbon Method Crossfit Redefined Athletics and Gymnastics


Mark Holyoake was the 2005 gymnastic of the World Artistic Gymnastic tournaments. Mark was exceptional in various ways, but his level of competence was excellent. Mark Holyoake is among the few competitors who make the 2005 tournament memorable to date. Even though Mark was not in the list of the top ten athletics, the games prepared him for 2006 Commonwealth Championship. During the 2006 tournament, he portrayed not only an impressive personal development but also the incredible impact of one year time to a professional sportsperson.

Three years down the line, he was featured in the Guinness World Record Book for breaking the record of the highly competitive Pommel Horse. He became the first sportsman to make more than 50 rotations in just a minute. According to Mark, this was the highest level of success that Mark has ever made in the sports arena as pro-sportsman. Besides this achievement, he affirmed that Pommel Horse marked a lucrative lesson for him. It was an indication that with dedication and hard work, everything is possible in the world of sports.

Mark Holyoake is aware of how important it is to push self-limits. He believes that both personal and universal records represent the limits. Luckily, it’s possible to break the already set records with the best approach towards pushing self-limits. He affirmed that the main reason for combating the status quo is not necessary to win the medals but to ensure that there is consistency. The approach marks the main reason why Mark is identified with success.

Mark Holyoake then decided to take a different turn after acquiring tremendous success in sports. He chose to be a trainer due to his vast skills and experience. Mark believes that despite the many smart and impressive trainers, most of them have never participated in competitive games. Mark Holyoake is among the first members to combine his extensive experience with the newly acquired skills and knowledge in sports. Mark not only extend his expertise to his clients, but he also acknowledges that clients have different capabilities. As a result, it’s very critical to customize training.

Mark Holyoake is the man behind the establishment of Carbon Method CrossFit. The center offers him an opportunity to major in training as the other experts major with the administration.


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