Passion For His Profession: Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is a man who has been interested in health and nutrition from a young age. He learned the proper way to play sports when he was young and take care of his body at the same time. His relentless pursuit of helping people gain the best out of life through proper nutrition and health habits have fueled his passion. Dr. Dov Rand is the CEO of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. In a couple of interviews, Dr. Dov Rand talked about his passion for his profession and what his life is really like.

Dr. Dov Rand says that his days are pretty busy and never the same. He says that he wakes up early to get a workout in before going to work for the day. When he gets to work he is talking with new patients about health plans and assisting current patients with visits and emails. He makes sure that patients understand exactly what kind of plan works best for them. After work, he goes home to his family and occasionally does more work into the evening hours. Before he retires for the evening he devotes an hour to read for his own enjoyment. It is the perfect way for him to wind down after a long day at work (Menundermicroscope).

When it comes to his business, Dr. Dov advises people to read everything in their chosen field that they can get their hands on. He says it is one of the big keys to success in the business world. Dr. Dov Rand says that being flexible when it comes to treatments for people is due to reading the latest reports or talking to colleagues about the latest technology when it comes to health. He thinks the internet is a good source as well but keeping an open mind when it comes to new studies is crucial to success.

Dr. Dov believes that working with people is the best way to get the most out of life. Helping them on a journey to wellness and setting goals to succeed is worth the time invested by Dr. Dov Rand.

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