Fortress Investment Group, A Multinational Conglomerate

The Fortress Investment Group is a multinational investment conglomerate that has investments spanning across multiple fields in the world. The company was started in the year nineteen ninety-eight by three motivated individuals, namely; Wes Edens, Randall Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. The company was started as an assertive hedge fund but has snowballed over the years to become a global investor and financier.

The Fortress Investment Group has experienced rapid growth over the years to become a publicly traded company on the New York Stock exchange platform in the year two thousand and seven. The company deals in many investment business opportunities to sustain itself and allow for its growth. For instance, the company deals with asset-based investing, whereby the company acquires private equity and credit funds as well as real estate properties. The asset-based investment firm aims to create a hub through which long term cash flow can be generated for the company. Additionally, the company deals in operations management, whereby the company has come with efficient tools that are capable of extracting value from complex investments that the Fortress Investment group makes.

The Fortress investment has over the years conducted the business of managing mergers and acquisitions. The company has employees who have deep networks with board members, corporate professionals, and other stakeholders, which helps the company have a sense of big business decisions likely to take place in the business world. Moreover, the deep business connectio9ns help the company to be a key player in obtaining profits from capital markets.

The company has diversified over the years from investments in the business to span across other fields like energy. In the recent past, the company opened up a new branch of its own, New Fortress energy that seeks to provide natural gas and infrastructure solutions to the country of Jamaica. With the growth of the New Fortress energy, other new terminals have been formed in Ireland, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In a recent development, Fortress Investment group after two decades of operation has been acquired by Softbank. The move sees to it that all investment and assets belonging to the Fortress Investment group are redirected to the Softbank.


Childhood lessons that made Richard Liu Qiangdong a successful entrepreneur

When Richard Liu Qiangdong looks back at the journey that he has been through on his way to the top of the entrepreneurship chain, he remembers the lessons that emanated from his childhood. Many people think that he has always had it easy, but Liu says that he has been through some of the most challenging situations. His story started when he was growing up in a small town in the province of Jiangsu, China. During those days, he was dependent on his parents who were nothing more than ordinary workers in a coal company. They spent so many hours at work, but they did not miss an opportunity to spend time with their son.

It takes a lot of hard work

One of the lessons that Richard Liu took from his parents was the need for hard work. Just the same way they used to spend a lot of time trying to earn a living at the coal mine, they wanted their son to know that nothing in this world comes easy. He took their advice seriously and so; he worked hard in everything he did. Richard Liuremained focused both in and out of school and by the time he was joining the People’s University of China, he already knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Starting a career

Richard Liu Qiangdong began his career by working for a company from Japan which was selling health supplements and other products in China. This was after he had taken several courses in computer. At the company, he also worked at the computers department where he even became a manager. Therefore, he had gathered a lot of experience about the use of technology and therefore, when he finally ventured into business, he knew how to create an e-commerce website that would make it bigger.

After creating, Richard Liu became one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in China and therefore, he got a lot of offers from bigger companies. That is the way he ended up partnering with many of them to list their quality products on his website. Today, his business is valued at more than 12 billion dollars.

About Richard Liu:

What Lincolnshire Management Does to Prosper in the Sector

Lincolnshire Management is a private institution specializing in control investments in expanding middle market organizations. Over the past three decades, Lincolnshire Management has invested in numerous industries through the purchase of over 85 firms. Besides acquisitions, the firm engages in other essential corporate operations including recapitalizations, management buyout, and corporate divestitures among others. The company’s most relevant activity is ensuring equity between private and public enterprises. As such, Lincolnshire Management controls private equity money totaling to approximately $1.7 billion. This amount entails the current equity fund of $835 million, which Lincolnshire manages. Read more in this article

The growth of the organization originates from the skills and expertise of the employees. Usually, Lincolnshire Management employs experts with hands-on operational and managerial expertise permitting them to trade their experience. The customers of Lincolnshire rely on experienced and knowledgeable professionals to deliver portfolio resources, which help in realizing their objectives. The company’s advanced portfolio is diverse entailing prestigious firms such as Desch Plantpak, Allison Marine, True Temper Sports, and Nursery Supplies Inc. among others. See more in the article.

These corporations choose to associate with Lincolnshire because of a variety of reasons such as its operational criterion. The organization uses the creative approach investment criterion. This model involves the utilization of a creative and flexible transactions structure, which meet the demand of the lenders, management, and sponsors. The innovative model consists of the combination of the firm’s track record and investment charter that make the company responsive to challenges. Through this, the company comes up with fast ideas that solve problems by offering resources that boost the company’s financial achievements.

A group of excellent leaders spearheads the activities in the corporation resulting in its success. The company hosts a collaborative team consisting of twenty investment experts. The individuals in the group have affiliated with each other thus guaranteeing a sophisticated track record. The company excels through a partnership amongst themselves and other personnel including associates and analysts. Throughout its existence, the company has been recognized by CNN Money and Private Equity News. The appreciation of its excellent performance motivates Lincolnshire to retain its vision. As such, the organization engages in significant investments like Riddell, Wabash National Corporation and the Prince Sports.

A career to envy, the rise of Peter Briger

By the time Peter Briger left Goldman, Sachs & Co he had already spent 15 years with them. He had had a very successful career that had seen him rise to the position of partner in 1996 having been first employed in 1986 the same year he graduated from Princeton University with a B.A.

Peter Briger would be molded by his experience at Goldman, Sachs & Co especially in his later years when he became a partner as he was able to gain more prudent experience in more areas of leadership. His interest in distressed debt was sparked at this time when he went to work for the Asian Distressed debt fund within the bank. These distressed debts entail debts that seem to become gradually toxic for the bank, and as time goes by, they may need to be written off. At the time he became so good at managing them that he was called upon by the International Finance Corporation as an advisor considering his experience with the same in the country and outside.

Peter Briger would also gain a lot of experience in the Asian market. His rise within the ranks of Goldman, Sachs & Co had coincided with a time when that market was showing real potential. Its growth was being primarily driven by a renewed manufacturing base in Asian with countries like Japan and China becoming international manufacturing hubs. This meant that the bank created special investment vehicles to cater to these new-found opportunities. Peter Briger would familiarize himself with the market environment with something that he is very grateful today that he did.

In 2002 he moved to Fortress Investment Group. This opportunity presented him a chance to establish a new division from scratch and grow it into what it is today. His determination would see the Credit division at Fortress come to life and has continued to grow and is today one of the best performing within the group. Briger has been very instrumental in the growth of Fortress having overseen their Initial Public Offering and later becoming the Co-CEO. His rise tops the top had been driven by personal success as well as his ability to drive the group in the right direction.

He is also very passionate about entrepreneurship and is very keen on developing it. His contribution has been especially felt at Princeton, where he helped establish the Alumni Entrepreneurship fund. This fund is today a key pillar supporting entrepreneurs at the university.