How Talkspace is Ramping up its Mental Health Services through Strategic Partnerships

How Talkspace is Ramping up its Mental Health Services through Strategic Partnerships

Dealing with mental diseases has remained a green topic, but professionals admit that the treatment modes of mental illnesses have changed. Most people suffering from these kinds of illness are unwilling to open up on their stories or get therapies. Thus, approaching the issue would require dynamic strategies. One example is the partnership between Talkspace and Michael Phelps to promote mental health therapy through a national television campaign.

The strategic approach of swimming champion Phelps and Talkspace will involve roles from both sides. Phelps shares his story of struggling with anxiety and depression, and how Talkspace has enabled him to connect with a licensed therapist. He reveals that his first step to treatment was speaking out, which gave him strength. Then, Phelps discovered he could talk with a therapist through text or website (without necessarily having to visit the expert physically). Consequently, he utilized Talkspace to get his therapy, and he encourages anyone undergoing the same challenges to follow these steps swiftly.

Indeed, Talkspace is dedicated to reaching a broader user base through partnerships with established figures. Barely a month after partnering with Phelps, the startup firm announced a deal with New Directions Behavioral Health. This deal, formalized on June 26, would see specific clients of New Directions access Talkspace platform. This is the starting point for New Directions as the two companies will set plans to ensure more behavioral health customers use the Talkspace platform.

The CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank, conveyed his excitement towards the partnership with the behavioral health company. He stated that his firm is proud to add a digital complement to New Directions’ health model. New Directions focuses on balanced and healthy lives for people, and Talkspace is excited to make these customers access therapies through apps or website.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a web and mobile app-based platform that helps people connect with therapists. These therapists have state and federal licenses and are experts in their fields. The 2012-founded company has redefined how treatments for mental health are done. One doesn’t have to visit a therapy center physically, which some people fear. Now, it is possible to chat with a therapist through a confidential platform of Talkspace.