The Impact of Lee May

When you have a dynasty like the Cincinnati Red have had, it’s easy to have great players that people forget about. That is very much the case for Reds star Lee May. If remembered, Lee May is often known for a big trade in the early 1970’s. He baseball career however was one very productive and his success has led him to the Hall of Fame.


Lee May got started in the Reds farm league back in the early 1960’s. It took him more than five seasons to work his way up to the big leagues. When he finally arrived, the wait was clearly worth it. May quickly demonstrated he had the ability to hit with power while racking up rbi’s. May was named the rookie of the year by The Sporting News in 1967. He continued to be very productive over the next few seasons earning all-star selection and team MVP honors. He proved himself to be a leader in the club house and a house hold name with Reds fans. Despite the success however, ownerships desire for a championship eventually led May to be traded.


In a surprising move the Reds traded Lee May, Tommy Helms and Jimmy Stewart for second baseman Joe Morgan. Many thought the move was a bad one. Lee May went on to have several other productive seasons with the Astros and Royals. After his playing days he became a head coach for several seasons. In 2006 Lee May was invited back to Cincinnati where he was put into the teams Hall of Fame. It was an honor that May was not expecting but clearly enjoyed. May had put together a very productive career and his time in Cincinnati was Hall of Fame worthy. Although he passed away in 2017, his career is sure to be honored for many years to come.