Greg Blatt Learned his Trade From the Master Before Him

Greg Blatt’s storied career is one big learning curve. The successful CEO who changed the game for Tinder, Match, and IAC began humbly as an associate pulling double-duty for two New York law firms. Blatt joined Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz, and Grubman, Indursky, & Schindler after graduating from Columbia Law School. He learned much during his four-year tenure and decided that he wanted to take the principle reins rather than sit back as an advisor. His life changed when Martha Stewart became his client. 

Martha Stewart met him while he was as first-year associate and remained his client for the next three. She was so impressed with his ability that she offered him a position in her public company. That is when Blatt worked for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. During his tenure as EVP of business affairs he got to apply his legal skills in a business perspective. He was able to learn from Stewart how to cultivate and grow a company. This learning experience became practical application when Blatt moved to IAC. At first his position was exactly the same, EVP of Business affairs, but eventually the position grew.

Once again Blatt was able to learn to much as he worked closely with IAC’s CEO Barry Diller. Blatt got to experience how strategic operating decisions were made and Diller was a fine mentor. Before long Greg Blatt was a significant part of running the business, so much so that Diller decided to pass the torch. Once he become CEO he got to learn just what his management style and work ethic was. This was a lesson he would carry on to his future companies.

According to Greg Blatt there is no secret to become successful. You just learn all you can from those that came before you. You absorb their talents and skills and then add your own unique style to the mix. Blatt has certainly been successful in his endeavors. Now, he serves as an example for many budding entrepreneurs who follow his example much as he did with Stewart and Diller.

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