Unroll Me Supplies Solutions to Clogged Email Inbox Problems

Utilizing the power of the Rollup to clean user inboxes Unroll Me continues to fight the good fight for email organization. The company came to be in 2011. It was a start-up founded by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. Unroll Me condenses hundreds of subscription email into one convenient folder. It is one of many products that serves as a disruption for email marketing. However, Unroll Me does not rid inboxes of troublesome subscriptions, it allows consumers to choose what they want.

The Problem

Email marketing began its tenure in the late 2000s. Companies realized they could keep tabs on consumers by sending them periodic emails touching base. The emails contain everything from promotions, advertisements, and coupons to general notifications. Although there is nothing wrong with online advertising, too many subscriptions began to clog up user inboxes. As consumers do not realize how many subscriptions they are signing up for the daily influx of subscription emails can get unmanageable. This is what happened to Rosenwald. The problem eventually prevented him from email correspondence with Hedaya as he could not find his partner’s emails. This is when the duo hit upon the idea for their company. Software that could manage a user inbox for them and get rid of subscription clutter.

The Solution

Unroll Me is not the only organization software on the market. It is one of the most popular choices because it is easy to use and free. The software works by gathering all emails flagged as subscription-based into a folder called the Rollup. The Rollup holds the clutter and leaves important messages behind. This allows use inboxes to be easier to navigate and keep track of actual pertinent emails. The factor that really sets Unroll Me apart is exactly what its name describes. User can use the software to unroll from subscriptions so the emails are no longer sent to them. Hedaya and Rosenwald decided to make the software easy to navigate as they observed many other companies falter over complexity. Users simply have to click a box to mass unsubscribe from hundreds of subscriptions. They can also take out subscriptions they would like to keep so only what they want to see pops up in their account.