James Reese Talks Combat-Ready Vehicles

At the “Chevy Event”, which is held at The Range Complex (TRC), a United States military facility in North Carolina, journalists and other civilians are given the opportunity to participate in the kind of high-stakes training that elite commandos go through, if only for a few days. Special Forces officers and trainers put the guests through live ammunition drills, simulated firefights and hostage rescue situation and much more.

Many of the activities involve the actual SUV’s used by the United States military, mostly customized Chevy Tahoe and Suburban models. The vehicles have special suspension systems for driving at high speeds over all types of terrain and are armor-plated for the protection of both the vehicles themselves and the soldiers inside.


A former Delta Force officer, James Reese is among the military people who help run the event. He explains that the Chevy vehicles are popular among soldiers because they are durable, dependable and no-frills, much like elite United States military personnel themselves.

Reese says that military depends on these vehicles because they can get hit by bullets and keep on running; as a combat veteran, he’s seen it happen, and he knows the values of these vehicles in battle. Personally, he was under fire in Iraq, and he and his men had to rely on their Chevy vehicle to survive the fight. While most Tahoe Suburban vehicles sold aren’t going to be used this way, the point is that they could.

About James Reese

James Reese spent 25 years in the United States Military until retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel from the famous Delta Force. He went on to found Tigerswan, a highly trustworthy and effective security company. Tigerswan is made up almost entirely of military veterans and operates out of Apex, North Carolina.

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Jeremy Goldstein: An Attorney With A More Personal Approach

When it comes to issues of executive compensation, corporate lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is considered among the best by Chambers USA and The Legal 500. He and his boutique law firm in New York, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, have a lot of experience in that field of expertise and have helped some of the largest companies in the United States deal with important questions related to how they do business. One of the reasons why Jeremy Goldstein has seen such great results in corporate law is due to the relationships that he has built with his clients and the people on his team. He makes the effort to truly get to know them on a social level as well as a personal level in order to further open up communication between them.


After graduating from Cornell University with a Juris Doctorate, Jeremy Goldstein began working with a large law firm that is based in New York City. While working for this firm, he found himself doing a great deal in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, and other issues related to corporate governance. He knew that consultants from other professions were branching off to deal with just these types of clients and realized that there was likely a market when it came to legal specialists as well. This is how his firm was born and they were quickly able to find profitability within half a decade of the firm’s founding.


Jeremy Goldstein has always been under the belief that he can serve the needs of his clients better if he is able to get to know them. This personal touch is something that his team and their clients enjoy and they value the relationships that they have built over the years. A lot of the legal work that his firm does is based on relationships in different contexts so being able to develop close ones with clients seems like a natural thing. While other firms take a colder, more impersonal approach, he still manages to maintain a sense of professionalism while getting to know his clients on a more personal basis.


One of the areas outside of business that Jeremy Goldstein is passionate about is philanthropy. Among the many causes that he has supported over the years, one of the ones that he cares deeply about is known as the Fountain House. This organization helps men and women who are living with mental illness live better lives through different initiatives. Jeremy Goldstein finds the charity to be inspirational with the way that it cares for the people that a lot of society doesn’t understand. They focus on including them in their communities and protecting their rights as individuals.


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The Fountain House” Was Once Again The Focus Of Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein, known for heading the law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, is an expert in advising clients about executive compensation and corporate governance matters. He is a lawyer who spends time writing and speaking about his expertise. Another thing he likes to do during his free time is to give back to the community. Goldstein organizes wine dinners in order to raise fund for The Fountain House, a local charity that he has been supporting a couple of years ago.


Although The Fountain House became a group in 1944, it was until four years later they will become an official organization when they bought a building in 1948 as a base of their operations. After more than 50 years later, the charity is still going strong, with over 1,6000 members contributing their talents and skills to the community. In 2014, the organization has been recognized by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation because of its efficacy in method, which won the company the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize.


With the partnership of a lot of supporters such as Attorney Jeremy Goldstein, The Foutain House has been transforming the lives of its members. Their operation has been able to give employment to a lot of people with mental illnesses, which enables them to provide for themselves and contribute to society. In addition, if a member would want help for furthering up his or her education, the organization will find opportunities to help the member. With employment and education, as well as the friendships and times built with other people, members will have improved overall health. In addition to this, there is also an increased fulfillment, sense of purpose, and stability


One of the foundation’s biggest goal is to lessen or remove the stigma that is being associated with mental health. Although they have been active for decades, the stigma is rooted in the culture, which makes it hard to overcome. Because they rely on supporters who offer help financially through donations, each amount is helpful and important to them to further their cause. One of the main drivers that help them in their cause is Jeremy Goldstein’s wine dinners.


Last year, the dinner that Goldstein organized managed to get $56,000 from the proceeds of two dinners. This year, Goldstein once again organized an event which is titled “Mental Illness” You Are Not ‘A Rhone“. Although there is a $5,000 entrance fee, the dinner-goers will have an excellent time because of the fancy menu offered in the venue, which is on the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck. In addition, guests were able to enjoy the wine in E. Guigal’s vintage collections which includes La Mouline, La Turque, and La Landonne, which are some of the most prestigious wines around.


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Jeremy Goldstein & JLG Associates

Becoming successful in law is one of the longest processes in any industry. Not only does someone have to go to school a very long time for it, but, it’s also extremely competitive in this industry. Put frankly, hard work and dedication will not guarantee success. Having said that, there are some individuals who manage to go through this process and make it look easy. Apart from those people, there are professionals such as Jeremy Goldstein who not only makes his job look easy, he also serves as a model for others to follow. Currently serving as a leader in his own law firm, Jeremy Goldstein has accomplished so much more accolades that only back up his expertise in law. With all of that said, here is more on Jeremy Goldstein, his law firm, and what brought him success in this industry.


JLG Associates

It’s safe to say that if you have your own law firm that bears your namesake, you are regarded as a master of your craft. Well, this is definitely the case for Jeremy Goldstein. At his law firm, JLG Associates, Jeremy has found success by focusing on providing trust and compensation with its clients. In fact, an article on Jeremy & his law firm goes into detail as to how he has found success. As a whole, the article discusses how much Jeremy’s academic background and prior experience prepared him for his role at his law firm.


Prepared By His Past

As a graduate of New York University School Of Law, Jeremy was well-equipped with the knowledge of how to implement what he has learned. In the same breath, the article goes on to explain how nothing prepared him like being able to build strong habits as an attorney at work. By making mistakes along the way, Jeremy was able to learn and adapt to the lifestyle of a successful professional in law. His past, preparing him in becoming as successful as he is now, is one of the main reasons why he is sought after for advice in his profession. Getting to hear from Jeremy Goldstein is definitely a privilege in his industry considering what he has been able to accomplish.


Jeremy Goldstein & The Future

When we take a look at the career of Jeremy, it’s truly impressive. As we’ve seen, it takes a lot to get to a place where Jeremy is now. Because of this, it’s safe to say that Jeremy Goldstein and his law firm will continue to be a model of success in the law industry.


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