Q & A with businessman and donator to ocean preservation Clement Perrette


Clement Perrette works to restore the ocean and lessen the impact on the environment. He was the co-producer of a book called “Call of the Blue,” which was an effort to open people’s eyes to wishing to restore the ocean and contribute to various projects of preservation. Perrette and company are planning on creating more documentaries to raise awareness to these causes.

Perrette has a master’s in finance and has worked in the business world for over 25 years prior to dedicating his life to ocean preservation efforts. Clement Perrette and team work together to produce scientific evidence showing off the intelligence of many of the mammals and other animals in the world today with the beauty in all of it. Perrette answers that he had to learn how to balance between being a portfolio manager and other duties as a businessman to his other life of working in the ocean.

Clement Perrette answered some questions posted on Ideamensch about his career and outlook on life as is. He notes that he always had a passion for the sea as a kid. His day to day life comprises of researching capital markets, answering calls and emails on Ocean Souls and other projects to the ocean, time with a company named Uproar, and attending meetings to raise money for the projects.

Clement Perrette reflects that he always tries to challenge himself and work with others and when it comes to ocean work, traveling and meeting with scientists can be a big part of bringing ideas together. Aside from having an interest in sea life, he does enjoy trading and investing and making a difference in the community is equally satisfying to him. Some of Clément’s attributes that he credits to his success are being a good listener, being flexible to different ideas and topics, and making good decisions.

He recommends upcoming entrepreneurs to listen to others and form bonds with others while being patient as he would have wished to have been more patient back then. He confirms that watching other competitors can be a big help in being successful. Clement Perrette is also a fan of author Jared Diamond and attributes that the best money he has ever spent was donating to sea preservation. Visit This Page for additional information.


Additional reference: https://www.calloftheblue.org/


Clement Perrette’s Philanthropy ‘Ocean Souls’


Clement Perrette’s work on Ocean Souls is extraordinary. It brings out cetaceans in a whole new perception while making use of science and beauty. Clement Perrette dedicated his life to ocean conservation shortly after leaving his work in capital markets. Clement has not only worked on Ocean Souls but also Call of the Blue.

The philanthropic works mentioned about generally covers ocean conservation as well as cetaceans. Call of the Blue is a book on preservation of the sea and contains images of sea life. Ocean Souls is a series which talks about whales as intelligent creatures with feelings, families, and the ability to interact with people in a friendly manner.

Clement Perrette believes that it will be difficult for poachers and hunters to kills creatures with emotions and families. He, therefore, is making use of Ocean Souls to touch individuals and reduce the hunt of cetaceans, who generally have unique features such as the ability to communicate and interact with humans. They also have brilliant minds and large brains. Cetaceans pose no threat to humans since their most colossal enemies are land animals. They also have no harm to sea life regarding food resources; they majorly consume sea vegetation and tiny creatures.

Ocean Souls is a series of five episodes and a documentary. The documentary aims at the public and is designed to touch their lives, especially the Japanese that are everyday hunters of cetaceans. The series will make use of a variety of images and videos to bring out the uniqueness of whales. As mentioned earlier cetaceans can express feelings, interact, and communicate. The film will expound on each of these traits; for instance, it will show emotions such as happiness, pain, sadness, and playfulness. Cetacean’s mode of communication is through singing, clicking, and whistling. They are intellectual in that they can easily understand predators and come up with methods to kill.

Clement Perrette is a nationally well-known businessman and philanthropist. Clément Perrette has been involved in the world of finance since the early 90s. He has already spent 25 years dedicated to work in the capital markets.

In an article entitled “RAM ACTIVE INVESTMENTS Grows Its Global Fixed Income With The Appointment Of Clement Perrette”, discusses how Perrette’s  appointment marks a further step towards strengthening the management capabilities of the existing team.

He now utilizes his time and efforts between the cause of ocean preservation and the management industry of the Fixed Income Fund. Clement has been an expert in finance since 1990 with 3 years of work in asset management and 2 years of work to set up a liquidity buffer team.


Visit: https://www.calloftheblue.org/