Allied Wallet Understands How Merchants and Customers Can Interact Quickly and Safely

In today’s world, e-commerce continues to impact how customers interact with merchants. Allied Wallet provides security of transactions. A large percentage of internet users also purchase products online and need to feel their information is safe. Allied Wallet’s innovative ways of processing payments for online merchants allows businesses of all sizes to easily use payment solutions in state of the art ways in 196 countries and in 164 currencies. Making multi-currency transactions streamlines the process and has kept risk loses at a minimum of under 1%.

In 2018 Dr. Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied was recognized by FinTech as the CEO of the year. Khawaja talked about his company’s growth and success and the latest developments, as well as about how Allied Wallet does not rest on its success but rather is always innovating to offer more. Khawaja credits hard work and dedication to the company’s success as well as a vision of how building never stops. Allied Wallet’s steady growth will challenge many competitors for customer use, and there is even talk of a possible IPO.

Very recently Allied Wallet increased its window on the global market by offering Indonesians new options for payment. Indonesians regularly shop online for products from countries beyond their border, fashion being one of the main interests. Very few Indonesians have credit cards, but now there is a big opportunity for expanding Indonesia’s participation in credit card purchases as e-commerce continues to expand. Merchants will have access to an ever growing market, and through the use of Allied Wallet will be able to safely navigate their new sales areas (AlliedWallet).

Focusing on growth and success through expertise and talent have always been at the core of Allied Wallet’s vision, and making employees feel valued and part of a community is also another way that adds to successful outcomes.

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