OSI Group Meets Impossible Foods

The world has made it known that they want a new alternative when it comes to eating a burger. That’s when Impossible Foods came up with their invention to create a plant-based burger. A non-meat patty that tastes similar, if not the same, as a regular hamburger patty. With the hype of the plant-based product, Impossible Foods saw a shift in their production. They were faced with a big dilemma of trying to meet a need for their product that seem unattainable. It didn’t take long for the start-up to find a distributor they knew they could count on.

OSI Group joined the team with Impossible Foods to help them with their overflowing capacity. The agreement outlines the duties OSI Group is ready to take on for the plant-based company. In addition to their distributions needs, OSI Group from Chicago will take part in creating further non-meat products for Impossible.

Sheetal Shah, senior vice-president of Impossible, has made it a point to state his company was in no rush to find a distributor without due diligence. They knew they needed a business that understood and could handle their type of volume. OSI Group out of Chicago was the best selection as far as Impossible is concerned.

OSI has stated they foresee the future of helping a company that’s making a significant mark in history. They are all in for assisting them with their expertise. To them, it’s an honor to be selected to help with a new type of product consumers are wanting within their communities. OSI has always stayed with their motto of creating sustainable food. They know what it’s like to face production demands. OSI has 65 facilities stretched out in 17 countries. They’ve made their mark on a global scale for decades. Now Impossible Foods has enjoyed a tripling of their production without worry.

They know they are on the right track with OSI and continue to forge a strong relationship with the distributor. OSI is ready with new equipment to grab hold of the distribution demand for consumer who are getting tired of real meat and seek a change.

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The rise of OSI Group

The meteoric rise of OSI Group is not because of the laziness and unscrupulous behavior of the team. It is because of their efforts and constant support for each other. The Impossible Food Company is a venture that as seen the hand of the OSI Group venture. The two companies deiced to enter into a partnership that will see the impossible burger enter into a large market of retailers. The deal targets to ensure that the burgers are sold in a variety of retail shops that OSI owns.

Besides, they will also attract clients that do not live near the retail ventures as they will also be sold in other food retail shops. The impossible burger is manufactured extraordinarily. First, the entire manufacturing process entails scrutiny by a vast number of scientists.

Food scientists always know what to detail in a product as its ingredient to differentiate it from other ordinary burgers. The rise of the impossible food venture is due to the fame of its burger. The burger has attracted numerous sales in cafes, colleges, restaurants, and hospitals, among other places you may never think of. The burger is a preference for many people. Everyone talks about it. No other company has ever manufactured such burgers and this point out the reason behind its high sales.

Impossible food venture has already returned its investments, and it is currently expanding to bring it to the feet of its clients. The strategy entails partnering with the OSI Group.

The marketing executive of the venture chose to take the collaboration with OSI Group due to its potential. OSI has proven to be a veteran in the food industry due to its long-lasting tenure in the sector. Since 1902 t has not felt any harm from competitors. The two ventures will ensure that people become happier with their best burgers. Besides, there are more plans underway from the two companies to establish another product that will kill most food industries that are not inventive. Firm owners have started to seek the collaboration of the two ventures so they can also acquire their status ad be like them.

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OSI Food Solutions’ Food Scale In Production

OSI Food Solutions is on top of its game in 2019 and for very good reasons. This exceptional food manufacturer is steadily expanding because company leaders have taken advantage of immediate opportunities. One of the opportunities has come in the form of acquiring stake in one of its competitors’ business. This competitor is Rose Packing, and it produces a variety of meat products, such as ethnic sausage, flavored sausage, beef patties, loins, ribs and other meats. “This acquisition perfectly compliments our platform,” said Kevin Scott, senior executive vice-president of OSI. OSI Food Solutions will retain the CEO and management team of Rose Packing.

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OSI Food Solutions is an extremely large food manufacturer that’s composed of test kitchens, warehouses, farms, culinary innovation centers and pilot plants. Though being headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, this particular food provider has plants on a number of continents, including Asia, South America, Australia and Europe. Some of the actual company locations can be found specifically in Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Ukraine, India and Hungary. More than 20,000 people earn a great living by working for this equal-opportunity employer.

The food industry is evolving yet again thanks to the demand for healthier products. Plant-based products are garnering plenty of attention now days. Meatless burgers are on the menu for millions of people thanks to their tasty and healthy benefits. One of the better meatless burgers of 2019 is the Impossible Burger. The company that developed this plant-based food solution is known as Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods will be using OSI Food Solutions as its meatless burger manufacturer. Over 3,000 restaurants have sold the Impossible Burger in select markets. By bringing OSI into the fold, this number is expected to reach 17,000 by the end of 2019. This is the power of OSI Food Solutions, and the company will make a huge statement in due time.

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OSI Group performance as a food production company

OSI Group is a company that has set the bar of leadership in any company so high for any other company to accomplish. In the food production industry, no other company is doing well like OSI. The company has managed to grow from a little known meat shop into one of the best companies in the world. OSI is now serving millions of customers in many countries around the world, although it was formed to serve a very small number of people at the beginning. Just like it happens with any business, growth is something that every business person wants to accomplish. OSI managed to grow from the small business it was into one of the leading in the world.

Early Stages

OSI Group is a company that has a very long history. It has been in existence for more than 100 years. Very few companies today enjoy such a long history. Many businesses that were created in this age were edged out by other companies or by technological advancements. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who settled in Chicago, created this company. He is the person who started the journey of building this business. He was only interested in running a small shop, but he received great reception and acceptability from the consumers that his business grew into a wholesale business in a very short time.


The success story for OSI Group can never be complete without mentioning the role of McDonald’s in this growth. When McDonald’s was founded in the 1950s in Des Plaines, Illinois, it hired the services of OSI, the known as Otto & Sons, to supply meat products to the chain restaurants that they were launching. This company did very well in the following years that all suppliers were required to up their game in the supply business. OSI Group is one of the companies who took this opportunity to improve their operations. They adopted the latest food preservation technologies then, to help them satisfy the demand that was coming from their client. As McDonald’s developed all over the world, OSI became one of the companies that took their operations as well.

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David McDonald Role in Moving OSI Grup Forward

OSI Group is the leading company in supplies of protein products such as beef patties, sausages, sandwiches, and pizza. The headquarters of OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois. This organization has more than 60 businesses in 17 states. OSI Group supplies its products to famous companies such as Starbucks, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Yum, and Subway. For the last two decades, OSI Group has been doing business in the Asian World, specifically China. Today the company is doing well in almost every part of the world. In China, OSI Group operates eight factories. It is predicted that OSI Group will become the largest producer of poultry in China. David McDonald says that the organization has made notable strides in the production of poultry in the Asian market. This includes the recent launch of DaOSI, which is a joint venture with DOYOO, in the OSI Group’s third poultry operation.

David McDonald says that OSI Group has made a significant improvement in its production and processing departments. This includes the recent launching of the beef processing firm in Poland which is a modern factory in Shandong Province and a frozen foods processing factory in India.

Under the leadership of McDonald as the Chief Executive Office, OSI Group is doing fantastic. Other new developments may include venturing and investing in different markets such as Hungary and Geneva. With its adequate experience and skills in consumer’ taste, cultural nuances, talent pool, and government regulations the OSI Group continuing to provide its customers with high-quality services and products. Recently, David McDonald who is the president of OSI group has established and he has come up with a worldwide network of firms and in-house teams across the world. He ensures that each office’s management in every region are familiar and understands the tastes and cultures of the local customers.

David McDonald acts as the president and the Chief operating officer in OSI Group, where he attends board of directors meetings. He is also the leader of North American Meat Institute. Initially, he was an independent director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A from 2008 when the organization acquired OSI’s Brazil and Europe’s plants. McDonald is also the Managing Director of the OSI International Foods limited in Australia.

In conclusion, McDonald, a corporate leader studied at the University of Lowa State where he came out with a degree in animal science. His belief that provision of more and high-quality services and products to customers is the key to success.

David McDonald Help OSI GROUP Expand In Spain

OSI Food Solution is operating in Toledo, Spain. In the recent days, it has increased in chicken processing. It has been able to add new capacity that is high in the production line and they are capable of producing the chickens at 24,000 tonnes per year. In a previous time, they could only manage 12,000 tonnes, and therefore, the line has increased the capacity of production.

Having the latest expansion they can be able to produce a yearly grand total of chicken, beef and pork products ranging from 45, 000 tons. It forced the company with 140 employees to increase them with 20 more. Among the positions, they required product development manager. So that to be hired in the positions, one was required to have the skills and leadership dedication in development of new products and also improvement of the current products.

The president and also the Chief Operating Officer of the OSI industries is called David McDonald. In a statement, David McDonald said that the expansion of the organization has brought possibilities to increase its portfolio which has also encouraged the growth of foodservice and its retail account services. David McDonald is happy to have been to hire more workers and has led to increased production. David McDonald used to be a chairman but he is the current board of directors in North American Meat Institute.

The important of the company’s people is to demonstrate the caring of the environment and what they get encouraged is to come up with products that are sustainable and productive. In an example is where the installation of new equipment in Toledo has taken place. It has been able to lower the company’s power consumption by 20%. in addition, the facility has cogeneration system and the refrigeration system which will be allowing the heat to recover and it will end up increasing the energy efficiency and even more.

OSI Food Solutions in Spain have been granted a sum of money so that they can complete their expansion project by European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. It happened after the government had realized the deep commitment to the sustainability, employment, and agricultural development. The company was awarded by Chamber of Commerce because it was pledged to increase the employment of people. OSI GROUP has been receiving many awards since the time Sheldon Lavin was given the chance to lead the company. They have also a British Safety Council award that was presented to them which is an international award. It was awarded to the United Kingdom OSI Food Solution.

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