A Background of Serge Belamant and some of his Career Achievements

Most people know him as the patent holder of several blockchain technologies. He is a professional software developer, and his skills have been instrumental in developing several blockchain technologies. He is one of the pioneers of digital currencies. Most of his work has had a significant impact on the banking sector and has facilitated transactions such as depositing, investments, and withdraws between different parties. Serge Belamant was born in France in the year 1953. However, he later relocated to South Africa where he acquired his high school and university education.

Serge Belamant learned how to speak in English in his new country of residence. He enrolled at The Highlands North School and was one of the best athletes during his time. He was appointed as the institution’s head prefect in 1972. Serge was also a house captain. The software developer went to Witwatersrand University and The University of South Africa to advance his education. He got his first job at a company called Matrix. The engineering firm hired Mr. Belamant as he had studied engineering during his university education. Learn more about Serge Belamant at Prabook.

The blockchain technologies expert worked on different sizes of IBM computers earlier in his career. He displayed his skills in developing applications after introducing applications that were useful in measuring water levels in reservoirs throughout the country. Relevant government agencies used the applications to determine the possibility of drought in future. He was hired by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to develop customized computer models. Some of his inventions while working at the body introduced new mapping technologies. Serge Belamant joined engineers at Control Data during a benchmarking exercise against different computer manufacturers and that earned him some extra income.

Serge Belamant was later hired by the company to become part of the application support team. Some of his work at the firm included debugging code and operating different scientific packages. He impressed his employers and was named the analyst of the year in 1980. Serge also worked for the RSA military using his knowledge in linear and non-linear programming. He was also awarded as a system’s analyst of the year in 1982 due to his outstanding skills.

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