Will Betsy DeVos Resign Over New Problems with Education Reform Policies

For the longest time, America has had an education problem. While it was unknown to anyone before the 1980s, a report published under Reagan outlined all of the issues with America’s public school system and tried to implement a way to resolve the problems. However, standardized testing hasn’t help students much.


Many in education believe that standardized testing has only hurt schools who need resources to survive, but they are denied resources when students don’t perform well on standardized tests. This cycle can go on for years, and schools may never receive the appropriate funding because students are not able to pass the exams. These issues continue to cause problems for parents, who don’t want to send their students to a failing school simply because of where they live.


With educational choice, parents and students had a choice on where to go to school. This new student’s choice was always available starting in the 1990s, but it has grown in prominence as it has received both praise and criticism in the public eye.


So what is educational choice?


Betsy DeVos supports educational choice because she believes that it puts students’ needs first. In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” DeVos talked about what it means to be the education secretary and why she wants to put students first above anything else. She even told Stahl that she didn’t believe many of her critics understood how the program worked.


DeVos said that those who don’t like educational choice simply don’t understand it. However, she won’t be able to say that much longer. In 2020, she may not be the education secretary, but will her programs have been successful? DeVos states that she believes Florida and Louisiana have proven that there can be success with educational choice. Florida has an abundance of school options for students now.


If you are student in Florida, you are able to take advantage of every education option available. There are magnet programs for students who want to go to a school that has a performing arts program or a center for international studies. These programs were made for students to explore different interests.


DeVos believes that students should have a choice no matter what, but many say that this leads to public funding for private schools. Are they right? DeVos says that philanthropy has been the major supporter of educational choice all along. In fact, the DeVos Family Foundation has donated over $35 million to education organizations and charter schools in order to help these programs.


For the next year, DeVos will be working with state leaders to bring more educational choice programs to more school districts, but it’s been a slow process. She has stated that many don’t understand what it would mean to have educational choice, but that it would indicate less funding. Still, DeVos says that this is just to provide students with an outlet when they don’t want to go to the school where they are zoned.


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Bhanud Chuoudrie Is A Legendary Entrepreneur

In the list of London’s leading businessmen, investors, and philanthropists, the name of Bhanu Choudhrie is definitely included. In the year 2008, he was declared as the Entrepreneur of the Year. He is a graduate of the prestigious Ivy League school, Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. And since then, his personal investments have grown remarkably keeping him ahead of the pack.

His path to success was fraught with hard work and determination. His heritage is Indian, and coming from immigrant descent, his desire to succeed in a foreign country was immense. After finishing his bachelors of degree In International Business and Marketing, he secured a internship in JP Morgan in New York City. He eventually relocated back to London and he co-founded a family operated private equity firm called C&C Alpha Group. Bhanu Choudhrie has since grown the company to greater heights.

From a mere firm focused on investment, Bhanu Choudhrie diversified C&C Alpha Group into hotels, restaurants, health industry, and real estate. He is especially successful with the setting up of aviation schools because he himself is passionate aviator. The Alpha Aviation Group is now considered one of the best global providers of pilot training with their headquarters set up in the Philippines.

The Alpha Aviation Group is comprise of high-quality experts, modern facilities, and state of the art equipment. More importantly, they have highly comprehensive training programs that have resulted in top-notch graduates. Bhanu Choudhrie ensures that these training programs are not just for newbie pilots but for seasoned veterans. He proudly declares that they have a high graduate success rate, who have now turned their aviation dreams into full fledged careers.

Bhanu Choudhrie also been responsible for several acquisitions, the first being a small airline in India named Air Deccan in India. At the company he purchased the struggling company in 2003, the low budget airline was operating just one aircraft in India. After 5 years of Bhanu Choudrie at the helm, the Air Deccan team grew with 200 flights a day, carrying seven million passengers annually. This proves that this man is a legendary visionary that can get nothing but amazing results.

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Kisling Nestico & Redick, The Ohio Law Firm Super-Power

Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick, a highly-reputable Law Firm, founded in 2005 out of Akron Ohio, is well known for offering the services throughout the entire Ohio State’s. Their attorneys specialties include personal injury including car accident, wrongful death, and medical malpractice.

With the combined 400 years of legal experience in handling over 10,000 cases, Kisling Nestico & Redick Law Firm may very well be one of the most renowned law firms in the Mid-East. With that being said, eight of their lawyers were named Super Lawyers in 2019 by Super Lawyer Magazine, an amazing accolade for the tireless efforts.

While eight of the lawyers from Kisling Nestico & Redick law firm were names Super Lawyers, don’t let that deter you away from their large faculty of more than 20 lawyers and 11 locations across the Ohio State.

Kisling Nestico & Redick

They hold strong and well experienced team of trial lawyers who are members and holders of some of the most prestigious lawyer conglomerates and honors such as, The Ohio State Bar Foundation, Top 50 lawyers in Cleveland, and The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Their achievements, honors, and philanthropic efforts are unending and speak for themselves.

However, at the Kisling Nestico & Redick law firm, their service is to the client, which is to ensure you are taken care of at the highest level with the greatest regard your benefit and well-being. This means, as the client you have peace knowing you have competent attorneys working hard for you. Call Kisling Nestico & Redick today.

Bernado Chua Story in the Medical Profession

Traditional methods of healing are still very common in the modern times. People had abandoned these methods when modern ways of treatment were introduced. With the technology, there are numerous advancements that have been brought in the medical world. Dangerous conditions have been treated and the patients have lived long lives just because of the modern forms of treatment. However, the traditional medication has its benefits too, and some personalities in the world still believe in using herbs so that they can live long lives. One of the professionals who advocate for the use of herbs for treatment is Bernardo Chua. The renowned medical professional has shown the global community that a simple Chinese herb can cure the most common diseases people suffer.

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When he was a young man, Bernado Chua was exposed to natural herbs by his grandfather who was a traditional healer. When the grandfather was collecting herbs in the forest, Bernado Chua would accompany him, and this is how his love for the options grew. Bernado Chua grew up and then started a company named Organo Gold so that he could encourage the use of Chinese herbs in consumers from all over the world. The company has been doing well, and it has incorporated its herbs in the coffee and tea products it has been manufacturing. Bernado Chua is an expert in direct marketing. When he founded his organization many years ago, he decided that he was going to use the direct selling option so that he could create working opportunities for men and women who prefer to work from home. Organo Gold products are supplied from one region to the other by independent company associates who are highly trained to handle the complex selling processes. The company has conquered the global market in the recent years, earning Bernardo Chua numerous awards. Learn More: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Bernardo-Chua/676218748

Dick DeVos Once Made A Difficult Decision That Saved Grand Rapids, Michigan A Lot Of Money

Dick DeVos continues to serve the people of the United States by doing everything in his power to make life better for them. While he could easily settle down and enjoy the billions of dollars he has worked hard for, he stays busy with his work. DeVos is a businessman, politician, philanthropist, and aviation enthusiast who loves to put a smile on people’s faces. When he created the West Michigan Aviation Academy, he definitely made a lot of younger students very happy.


The school is located in a building within the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The building is much larger than the original small office it was located in, and Dick DeVos has put in a lot of time to ensure the school’s success. As a pilot, himself, he understands the need for a school that helps to fan the flames of students’ passions who hope to serve in the aviation industry some day. Some of the students who attend the school are willing to take multiple buses just to be able to take part in what is offered there. The school was founded in 2010 and started out with less than one hundred students. There are now 600 students who attend the school.


In the past, Dick DeVos has been forced to make some very tough decisions that would benefit the city of Grand Rapids. He was born in the city, and he continues to call it his hometown to this day. In 1991, he saw the writing on the wall when there was a plan being considered by the public to construct a multi-use convention center and arena in the city. The plan was to build it near the city’s downtown region, and he immediately knew this would be a grave mistake.


Dick DeVos had been around when Detroit had made a similar error in judgment, and he made the decision to fight back against the construction of the arena and convention center in his hometown. He knew what many others didn’t, and this was that Detroit had built the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills right before the city’s sports teams the Lions and Pistons left. This took place in the 1970s, and he learned a lot from the mistakes that the city made back then. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, he put together a lobbying effort that shut down the plans in Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos is a man who serves the causes he believes in. He grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been a positive influence on the city for all of his life. In the past, he served as the CEO for Amway, and he also helped to pass the law that made Michigan a right to work state.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick Give Back to Southeast Ohio

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a Southeast Ohio personal injury law firm. The experienced award-winning firm has helped clients recover thousands upon thousands of dollars in compensation after enduring personal injuries from accidents like car wrecks and on-the-job injuries. If you’re injured and need justice, this is the firm to call. They fight diligently for their clients’ rights and ensure the highest possible award amount.

It’s easy to work with the lawyers at Kisling Nestico & Redick because they have big hearts and a genuine interest in helping the Southeast Ohio community. The law firm has several programs that give back to the local community, including the Big Boys, Big Girls Shopping Spree, Lunch for Schools program, and the Don’t Text and Drive Initiative program.

Each program founded by the Kisling Nestico & Redick firm is designed to help the ‘littles’ of Southeast Ohio -the children -and offer various types of support and financial aid. Recently, the shopping spree program took 12 children to a local department store where they all chose new clothes and shoes. Kisling Nestico & Redick spent more than $3,000 to make the lives of these children just a little bit happier because it’s those amazing smiles that make these lawyers feel warm and cozy inside.

Many law firms exist in Southeast Ohio, but only Kisling Nestico & Redick has the heart of gold that makes a difference in your case. The programs above are just a few of the many the lawyers enjoy participating in. They work just as diligently to help their injured clients. If you’ve been injured, call a lawyer to set up a free consultation and get what u deserve after another person’s negligence causes you to suffer. It is the least that you deserve after this difficult time.

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Adam Milstein Devotes His Life To Business And Israel

Adam Milstein has a lot of responsibilities in his personal and professional life as a successful businessman and an active philanthropist. As the chairman of the Israeli-American Council in which he co-founded, he is working tirelessly to improve relations between Israel and the United States. With his wife as a partner, he leads many efforts with his philanthropical organization the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation.

In the Jewish community in the United States, Adam Milstein has proven himself to be a leader. He is on the board of many other organizations that support the nation of Israel and its people whether they are living in the country or not. In the business world, he is known as a real estate investor. He is located in Los Angeles and acts as a managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties. Hager Pacific Properties is valued at more than $1 billion and owns at least 100 properties in the United States.

Adam Milstein came from rather humble beginnings as a native of Israel. He was born in Haifa in 1952, a city on the coast of the Mediterranean around 50 miles to the north of Tel Aviv. While his father worked in real estate development, his mother acted as a housewife in order to take care of his family. When Adam Milstein was 19 years old, he made the decision to join the Israeli Defense Forces so he could protect the country that he cared so deeply about.

After his time in the service during the Yom Kippur War, he was able to marry his wife Gila who has worked with him in his charitable efforts from the start. The pair both share a sense of pride and love for the nation of Israel and strive to protect and strengthen the nation and its people. The two have proven themselves to be an impressive power couple whose goals and aspirations align perfectly. Adam Milstein and Gila moved to the United State in 1981 after graduation from the Israel Institute of Technology with a Business Management degree in 1978. Upon reaching the United States, he attended the University of Southern California.


Role of Billionaire Peter Briger in Fortress Investment

Peter Briger is among the key executives at the Fortress Investment Group LLC. He is the co-chairman and the principal of the company and hence he is among the key decision makers. He has held the position of the co-chairmanship of the group since 2009. Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest and a leading global investment manager which provides alternative management options to other companies. The Company manages assets which are approximated to be worth over $43 billion. Briger has served as the member of the board of directors of the Fortress Group since 2016. He has also been a member of the Management Committee of the company since 2002. His key responsibility is to manage credit and real estate business at the company.

Peter Briger had a rich experience with other companies prior to joining the Fortress Investment Group. He worked for over sixteen years with the Goldman Sachs & company. in 1996, he became officially the partner of Goldman. He also worked with the Tipping Point which was a nonprofit organization which was based in San Francisco. Briger has also worked with the Caliber Schools as a board member. His rich work experience in the past has therefore played a big role in his status in the Fortress Investment Group. Briger has been working for many years in his career. As a result, the Forbes magazine has ranked him among the billionaires in the business world. He is in position 962 among the World’s billionaires and he is worth $ 1.2 billion. He is among the top 400 business professionals across the globe. At just 44, he has achieved so much.

Peter Briger attended the University of Princeton where he graduated with a degree in Associate Arts. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business for his MBA. Bridger is also a great philanthropist. He has dedicated most of his funds and time to many philanthropic activities across the world. He is a board member of various organizations which are running philanthropic activities. For instance, he is a board member of the Princeton University Investment Company, Hospital for Special Surgery, Global Fund for Children and the Central Park Conservancy. Peter Berger is a great fanatic of mother nature and has spent over $600 millions of his cash in renovation and maintenance of the Central Park in New York. He has also worked with various organizations across the world towards the provision of education and poverty eradication.

How George Soros is Changing the Political Climate Once Again

George Soros is a man who has many reputations, depending on who you approach. Born and raised in Nazi-occupied Hungary, George Soros learned the hard way that life can be difficult when people in power subjugate the people below them. Soros made it his mission to survive, get educated, and make a difference for people around the world. Soros is a passionate progressive, a world renowned philanthropist, and one of the most successful investors in the history of the United States. Soros is also enemy #1 to most people who sit on the right wing in the political world. Perhaps, that is why so many people are taking notice with Soros returning to politics.

The 2016 Presidential Election was potentially the most contentious one we’ve seen in generations. Nominee Donald Trump brought vitriol and populism to the forefront of political discourse, all while promising to destroy the progressive values that George Soros spent his entire life cultivating. So it should surprise nobody that Soros decided to jump into the arena in order to try and stop Trump from gaining ground. George Soros threw in with Hillary Clinton as well as the rest of the Democrats as he started to bring in cash to raise for the campaigns. Soros would end up donating almost $25 million in order to get the Clinton and Democratic arm of politics into full swing. Michael Vachon, adviser to George Soros, said: “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high. They were high even before Trump became the nominee because of the hostility on the other side.”

Bringing George Soros back into politics shouldn’t be much of a surprise in an election season that was, remarkably, highly difficult to project. Soros would donate to several high profile and important Super PACs along the way: ‘Immigrant Voters Win, Voting Rights Trust, and Clinton’s own Priorities USA Action. With these donations in tow the Democrats were able to shore up their ability in several key areas. Still, Donald Trump won the Presidency but it may have cost him his base of support along the way. Read this story about George at politico.com

Outside of politics, George Soros is beholden to pushing progressive values and helping people everywhere. Soros most notably helped to fund the Ferguson Protests, albeit indirectly, that was held back in 2015. The Ferguson Protests took over national attention for weeks as people took to the stage to voice their displeasure at the slaying of Michael Brown by Officer Wilson. These protests were made possible by Soros and his direct support for grassroots campaigns all across the nation. Read his profile at Washington Times.

The Open Society Foundations is Soros’ most important project as it is a philanthropic arm that seeks to help bring progressive values around the world and at home. Soros would go on to donate more than $30 million to grassroots activists in Ferguson and that money would be integral in keeping the protests in national attention. As a result we are now having a more important dialogue than ever regarding social inequality, racial profiling, and true justice.

Huge Levels Of Philanthropy Finally Revealed By Dick DeVos

I have known about the former President of the AmWay Group, Dick DeVos for a number of years because of his impressive business record that has allowed the business founded by his father, Richard, to flourish in the 21st century. What I was less aware of has been the level of philanthropic giving I read about in an article from MLive that revealed Dick and his Secretary of Education wife, Betsy have given around $139 million to various good causes across the course of their lifetime to become some of the biggest individual philanthropists in the U.S.


I believe it is also impressive that the entire DeVos family have been involved in creating a successful group of philanthropists who have rarely given such a detailed glimpse into their often secretive philanthropic work; I do not know why the DeVos family chooses to keep their philanthropic giving a secret as they have become some of the biggest donors in the world. From a family fortune estimated at $5.3 billion the family as a whole have provided donations totaling an estimated $1.33 billion across their lives. I believe family plays an important role in the philanthropy of the DeVos family and I was happy to read Dick and Betsy have been including their own children in the decision about where the funds provided should be donated; in many ways, Dick DeVos is looking to make sure his philanthropy remains relevant in the 21st century and seeking to encourage his own children to give something back to the people of the world who remain in need.


Most of us were already aware of the work Betsy DeVos has completed as an educational specialist who has pushed for the cause of education reform to become a major part of the international discussion. Within the MLive article I was pleased to read that in 2015 alone Dick and Betsy DeVos had given around $3 million to educational causes to help as many children in the U.S. to get the best possible education available to them. I find myself in agreement with Dick DeVos as he talks about the problems individual family’s face in seeing their children’s educational opportunities limited by their zip code, which can limit access to even the idea of achieving the American dream.