The Professional and Personal Approach of Bhanu Choudhrie

Just a few decades ago, the oceans divided up the world and there was no method to getting information around the globe in an efficient manner. However now in the 21st century, technology has connected the globe in ways few would have ever dreamed. This has helped to establish international business leaders who lead the transactions between their home country and the greater world abroad. Bhanu Choudhrie grew up in a environment that taught him the importance of globalization. His parents were avid importers and exports of Television. He views his current business as a means of carrying on that legacy, as Bhanu Choudhrie described in a recent Ideamensch interview.

Bhanu Choudhrie could have never achieved such a high level of success without first talking a major first step with his education. He attended Boston University to obtain a degree in International Business & Marketing. This was immendiently followed up by entering Harvard University’s prestigious Owner Management Program program. All combined, this gave him the tools to found his own business named C&C Alpha Group. His role at this company has turned him into a industry superstar over his high reward investments in several regions of the world.

While Bhanu Choudhrie’s professional accomplishments are noteworthy in their on right, his true success steams from how he balances his personal life. There are two core components that he maintains each and every day. The first is exercising whenever he gets a chance. A strong body and a strong mind are interconnected, and essential for long sustained success. Secondly, he has a daily routine to maximize performance at work and client requests. There is time set aside for everything from checking the news, eating, and devoting himself solely to the needs of clients. He has mastered the skill of time management over the years.

In a industry where there are countless external factors that can flip everything on their head, Bhanu Choudhrie encourages perspective business leaders to always read new material. An individual can never have too much knowledge, and you never know where it can be applied later down the road.

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Mark Holyoake Has Become A Big Name For CrossFit


Mark Holyoake is a supporter of physical fitness and has had a passion for it from a very young age. When he was only nine, the athlete turned entrepreneur began training for gymnastics and was quickly able to show the world that he had a great deal of talent for it.

Many people who compete in gymnastics have one or two specialties that they spend most of their time training and competing for, but Mark Holyoake decided to try his hand at all of them and realized that his gymnastics talents were very broad. This led him to start competing in the sport and training alongside professional athletes in special programs when he was just ten years old.

While gymnastics may have been the sport that got him into physical fitness, he ended up falling in love with the CrossFit lifestyle a little later on in life after he retired from competitive gymnastics to pursue his dreams of owning gyms. Mark Holyoake had already run different programs focused on gymnastics and weightlifting along with being a personal trainer both part-time and full-time.

This experience alongside his B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science that he earned from Auckland University, he has been able to have a great deal of success in the industry. While he may not be working towards setting Guinness World Records anymore, Mark is helping clients achieve their physical fitness goals through personalized training.

Mark Holyoake began holding classes for gymnastics at various CrossFit gyms and was able to attract a wide group of participants. Eventually, he became a coach at their gyms instead of just an avid participant and from there he went to an entrepreneur who was opening up his own gyms focused on the different aspects of CrossFit.

He is now a partner at Carbon Method CrossFit with Tila Hamad. Hamad is also a personal trainer like Mark Holyoake and an avid follower of CrossFit. She has had more than seven years of experience in the industry that she has brought to the company and she believes that physical and mental health are all integrated and must be seen as a total wellness picture.


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Mike Nierenberg is A Leader to Learn From

Mike Nierenberg has a breadth of experience in the mortgage and finance sector and it seems as if he was made for the sector. Bright minds such as Mike Nierenberg and his coworkers were able to build up the adjustable rate mortgages at Lehman Brothers giving him a platform to boost career. It seems that Mike Nierenberg was able to learn a lot from his first place of employment at Lehman Brothers and he has been able to take that with him throughout his career.

When looking at leaders such as Mike Nierenberg, it is wise to understand where they came from and where they are going, who they were associated with and what the different backgrounds of those different firms looked like as well.

In the case of Mike Nierenberg, it would be best to look at his initial place of work in the financial industry. For Mike Nierenberg, the first place of work was Lehman Brothers, a prominent firm with a significant past history.

Let us dive into some of the significant events that led Lehman Brothers to attracting and providing pathways to success for future leaders such as Mike Nierenberg.

Simple to Complex

Lehman Brothers began as a store front in Alabama and then moved to New York City where it would seize different opportunities and play a major role in the cryptocurrency marketplace. It started with commodities and then moved on to adding new offerings such as becoming an advisory services business and becoming an underwriter for securities as well. It started underwriting securities for rising industrial era companies and then started to underwrite and issue securities in a more general fashion after it partnered with firm that would now be recognized as Goldman Sachs.

Did you know that it was Lehman Brothers which underwrote the security offering of the famous general merchandise store that is Sears?

Lehman Brothers would work with Goldman Sachs for many different offerings and would grow together to become stronger and relevant in the marketplace. They would attract a variety of companies to their doors to help them raise the capital and funding that they needed to succeed in their particular business.

It would be after about 60 to 70 years after they started issuing securities that Mike would join the firm and start adding value.

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Aloha Construction Advises Pet Owners On How to Keep Their Dogs Safe

If you own a dog and you plan on renovating your home, you have to take the right steps to make sure that your dog is safe. If you follow the instructions of Aloha Construction, your dog will be safe and happy.First, you might want to distract your dog, according to Aloha Construction. You can take your dog to the park and play some games there. Exercising together is a great way to bond with your dog. If you can not take your dog to the park, take it to a quiet room and play some games there. Brainy games are a great way to distract your dog and stimulate its mind at the same time.

Also, says Aloha Construction, you need to make sure that it does not get injured in any way. That is why you should keep it as far away from the construction site as possible. There are fumes, chemicals, dust, debris, and various sharp objects and tools that can cause injury to your dog or harm its health. Keep an eye on your dog at all times. Another reason you want to keep your dog away from the construction, according to Aloha Construction, is because all the noises and the strangers at the site will likely spook your dog.

It will not know what is going on and it will become very nervous and anxious.Aloha Construction has a lot of experience with working with pet owners. They know that dogs love routine. You want to keep your dog on its regular routine, or at least as much as possible, according to Aloha Construction. Obviously, some things will be different when you’re working on your home. However, you can still keep its meal times, play times, sleep times, and walking times on their regular schedule. You can play its usual games and give it its usual food.

Jose Auriemo Neto: the force behind JHSF Par’s success in Brazil’s real estate industry

Brazil boasts of a vibrant real estate sector that pumps millions of dollars into the economy annually. JHSF participacoes S. A is a leading investor in Brazil’s dynamic real estate industry. This publicly trading company has invested heavily in high-end commercial and domestic real estate developments. Founded in the year 1972 by Fabio and Jose Auriemo, JHSF has managed to carve a niche in the competitive Brazilian market through investments in shopping centers, airports, restaurants, hotels, and high-end residential developments. Within only four decades, the company has managed to expand its operations outside Sao Paulo where it was born into other major cities. It currently has domestic operations in major cities, including Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, and Manaus.

JHSF participacoes also has an international presence, with investments in Uruguay and America. The company has real estate stakes in Miami (USA), New York (USA), and Punta del Este (UR). As at the year 2014, it had a net worth of more than R $ 3.7 billion. It is expected that this net worth will double by the year 2030, with the continued rapid development. This is impressive for a company with such humble beginnings. The company operates under five distinct business units: JHSF Incorporation, Hotels JHSF, JHSF properties and retail, and JHSF shopping Malls. It has been publicly trading since the year 2007 with its shares listed on the highest corporate governance segment at Bovespa, s Novo Mercado. JHSF has more than 1000 employees on its payroll and is currently headed by José Auriemo Neto as CEO and executive chairman. It is headquartered in Sao Paulo’s Continental Tower.

Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian executive who is currently JHSF Participacoes’ Chairman and chief executive officer. At only 39 years of age and with his outstanding track record, Mr. Neto is considered to be an icon in Brazil’s real estate industry. JHSF owes much of its success to Jose Auriemo who joined the company in the year 1993. He founded the services department at JHSF, and he is considered to be the brains behind NHSF’s vibrant shopping centers.

His most notable achievements in the corporate management world include the creation of Parkbern, a parking lot management company, and Santa Cruz, JHSF’s largest shopping center. He has also served as an executive officer at YPO. MR. Neto is a respected alumnus of the eminent Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo where he studied engineering. He also holds a business administration certificate from FASE.