Mark Holyoake Has Become A Big Name For CrossFit


Mark Holyoake is a supporter of physical fitness and has had a passion for it from a very young age. When he was only nine, the athlete turned entrepreneur began training for gymnastics and was quickly able to show the world that he had a great deal of talent for it.

Many people who compete in gymnastics have one or two specialties that they spend most of their time training and competing for, but Mark Holyoake decided to try his hand at all of them and realized that his gymnastics talents were very broad. This led him to start competing in the sport and training alongside professional athletes in special programs when he was just ten years old.

While gymnastics may have been the sport that got him into physical fitness, he ended up falling in love with the CrossFit lifestyle a little later on in life after he retired from competitive gymnastics to pursue his dreams of owning gyms. Mark Holyoake had already run different programs focused on gymnastics and weightlifting along with being a personal trainer both part-time and full-time.

This experience alongside his B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science that he earned from Auckland University, he has been able to have a great deal of success in the industry. While he may not be working towards setting Guinness World Records anymore, Mark is helping clients achieve their physical fitness goals through personalized training.

Mark Holyoake began holding classes for gymnastics at various CrossFit gyms and was able to attract a wide group of participants. Eventually, he became a coach at their gyms instead of just an avid participant and from there he went to an entrepreneur who was opening up his own gyms focused on the different aspects of CrossFit.

He is now a partner at Carbon Method CrossFit with Tila Hamad. Hamad is also a personal trainer like Mark Holyoake and an avid follower of CrossFit. She has had more than seven years of experience in the industry that she has brought to the company and she believes that physical and mental health are all integrated and must be seen as a total wellness picture.


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