Securus Technologies Investigator software helps fight crime

Richard Smith, the current CEO of Securus, recently mentioned how the company is happy to help improve safety. He mentioned that Securus Technologies is working diligently to come up with a technology piece that is going to be viable and critical for investigators. The latest product by the company, Investigator 4.0 has gone a long way in improving investigations. The product makes use of a biometric voice search to sample out a particular voice from thousands of phone calls. The kind of technology provided by the company has helped in identifying potential criminals simply through their voice.


According to an online source and news information, Securus has gone a long way in helping fight crime in correction facilities. By making available the perfect tools needed for criminal investigations, the company has improved public safety and investigations. Securus Technologies is a global leader in providing criminal justice and civil investigations facilities. Recent information and news from PRNews show that the above information is true.


In one occasion, a warden in one correction facilities that make use of Securus’ communication system noted how tools provided by the company has helped identify and fight crime. It has been a lot easier to fight crime since a suspect’s voice can be easily sampled out from multiple voices. Communications made by the suspect have then been monitored to find out if there is any related information. In many occasions, there has been related information between different phone calls. This has helped in conviction of criminals and gone a long way in improving crime-fighting policy in correction facilities.


Securus Technologies continually remains a leader in technology and communication solutions.

Securus Makes Video Visitation A Reality For Families

Securus video visitation is very easy for people to use when they are on a cell phone or tablet. Everything that is done with it is much easier than going to the jails or using another service, and that is why it is important for people to be sure that they have the resources that they need. I have been using Securus for a while now to check in with a cousin, and that makes my week much better. My cousin will be out soon, but I still have to check in every few days just to be sure.


There are many people who are going to be able to get help from Securus because they have made their app available for all the phones and tablets out there. I have it on my phone and tablet, and I have done the video visitation more than once on both of them. I like being able to see my cousin, and I know that a lot of other people will be able to get the same connections they need when they are using Securus.


Video visitation works just like any other video call out there, and it is important that people realize how easy it is to use this system over others. That is why I am using it often because they have it open to everyone. There are a lot of things that can be done to help people get in touch with family, and I know that it works because of the way that Securus has made their app so easy to use.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Video Visitations: Facilitating Hope

I’ve been in the legal field for over 30 years, and I’ve seen programs come and go. Some needed to be shelved, others we would have done well to hold tight to. That being said, I am excited and encouraged by Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation opportunity for my incarcerated clients. Jail, in general, is traumatic. That is true for every person who ends up there, no matter how many times it happens. There are not many comforts I have been able to offer over the years, but when I tell my charges that they have a video visitation option available to them, a little hope creeps into their faces. After a bit, once they’ve experienced a video visitation, they are generally beaming and tend to become even more resolute about doing what is required to get them on the road to returning to those they love. That ray of hope makes my job a tad easier. It’s really no surprise to me that Securus Technologies is the company that has provided the video visitation service. They provide telecommunication technologies thousands of law enforcement professionals, scores of us from civil and criminal law, and well over 1,000,000 incarcerated individuals in the U.S. and Mexico. Securus Technologies is the company that facilitates easier, more efficient filing of inmate paperwork and dependable surveillance. They even make educational pursuits from behind bars a reality. I read over some of the comments from my clients about family just before court, and the lot of them had very positive things to say about using Securus’s video visitation service. I shared what I could in court, illuminating the recurring points that the video visitation was ‘powerful’, ‘personal’, and a ‘real way to see what I’m working to get out for’. I have found that bringing people together in these challenging times, bridging the gap between the offender and those they love most, reduces stress and violence and acts as a reward for acceptable behavior. My clients and the lawyers from my firm have been impressed with the video visitation Securus provides. It will be fascinating to see just what they will do next to improve the lives of those behind bars, and those who have spent our lives serving them.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.