Review The EOS Lip Balm Flavors

If you are a fan of lip balms or crazy fun flavors then you may have heard of EOS. EOS makes some great lip balms. Their lip balms are healthy, all natural and made from wholesome ingredients. EOS can transform your lips into something smooth and healthy. Because of what these lip balms can do, so many consumers have begun to use EOS for their lip care routines.

The flavors of EOS lip balms are tasty and delicious. Summer fruit, sweet mint, lemon, blueberry and strawberry are a few different flavors offered by EOS. In addition, they even have a chocolate flavor. These flavors are inspired by fruit and summer. They taste like the actual fruit. These flavors were designed to give a nice flavor, tint and moisture barrier to the lips of consumers who use them.

Reviews online talk about how EOS lip balms are some of the best items to have as apart of your skincare routine. The lip balms add moisture and vitamins to your skin. They change the way your lips look and feel. They also add sunscreen protection. EOS lip balms can be purchased online and at many retailers. There are many scents and flavors to choose from.

Tim Ioannides Role In Eliminating Skin Cancer


Most people consider their skin to be an important part of their body. If you are keen, you will notice that people who get skin problems start having self-esteem issues. Your skin speaks so much about your health. When the body has any internal issues, you will notice that the skin begins getting its problems too.

Many companies are making products to make sure that they treat many skin problems among people in the world. Some of the products in the global community end up making people ugly because of the effects they have on the skin. You do not have to visit the shopping store without getting some advice from the dermatologist. This skin expert will guide you and recommend a product that will not fail you at the end of the day.

The US is popular for having all professionals. However, Tim Ioannides is one of the best skin experts living in this country. The doctor has a medical clinic where his patients can visit and get treatment for all skin issues.

Serving the Treasure Coast for over 15 years, he is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, a multi-location dermatology practice with a proactive approach to medical care.

Tim Ioannides advocates for diversity in health. He has noted that a diverse individual can fit in any profession. When they are passionate about their careers, it enables them to expound many ideas for development. Through diversity, a firm owner can introduce different services to its innovative clients.

Tim is an expert in Mohs micrographic surgery, a very effective technique that eliminates skin cancer. Ioannides specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin, and he performs cosmetic procedures that include the removal of hair cosmetic filler injections removing tattoos and phototherapy

Although Tim Ioannides has achieved a lot in his career life, he is popular because of handling cancer issues among thousands of patients in the world. Cancer is a dangerous disease. No one wants to get cancer in any part of the body. The disease affects any part, including the skin. Skin cancer can be a nightmare for the people affected. With the right care, you can treat this form of cancer and continue with your normal life.

Tim Ioannides is proud of all his accomplishments in healthcare, but he is content about the role he is playing when it comes to skin cancer patients. When a patient visits his facility, Tim Ioannides checks all the moles in the skin to determine their effect on the skin. Just like all forms of cancer, skin cancer can only heal its early stages.


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